Calling Callan

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Callan, meet vase!

I stood in front of my dresser, with a horrified expression on my face.

I looked like absolute shit! My eyes were puffy and blood shot, my hair were a complete and utter mess, standing out in all directions and my face was red and swollen.

All the late night crying yesterday had turned me into a swamp monster. Apparently I fell asleep while crying last night, Apollo had to carry me to my room and put me to bed. I remember waking up and wondering who the fuck tucked me in..

I chuckled to myself and thought "he still thinks of me as his baby sister"

I heaved out a heavy sigh and got to fixing myself up so I looked like a human again.
After a steaming hot bath, soothing cleaners and a sheet mask I was ready to tackle school.

I picked up my bag from the foot of my dresser and made my way downstairs to the kitchen. I saw my mum already in there, cooking up a storm with my dad tailing behind her doing every task she handed him.

"Morning ma, morning papa" I said. My mum simply hummed back at me while papa came up to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. It made me feel calm as if my life hadn't just turned upside down.

"Morning Aani, did you sleep well, my love?" My dad asked, his voice instantly making me feel warm. I've always been a daddy's girl, he's always loved me so much, got me everything I wanted, played with me whenever I asked, read me books during bed time and countless other things. We're always attached at the hip!

"I slept great papa, it was nice being back in my own bed" I began with a smile on my face but by the end of that sentence my smile dropped.

Hearing my reply, my mami turned around while turning the stove off.

"Mija, your papa and I want to talk to you about that" she said while settling down on a seat infront of the counter and motioning for me to take a seat as well.

"Mum I know what you want to say but I don't want to hear it. Either that jerk apologizes or we're done." I said making my mother's eyes wide. "I'm done ma, I'm heading off to school. See you both at dinner" I said and marched off.

As I was walking down our driveway, I bumped into my brother who looked like he was coming back from a run.

"Aani! You okay now?" He asked me while inspecting my face closely for any signs of remaining distress of last night.

"I'll be okay if we could take a time machine back to 3 days ago" I said while rolling my eyes and thinking that this was what my life was going to be now. I would have to think about everybody else before I think about myself and if I do put myself first, I will face the scrutiny of others for it.

"Listen to me Aani, I do not care if he is my Alpha. You tell me if you want out and I will do everything in my power to get you away from him" Apollo said while grabbing my shoulders and looking in my eyes intently.

"I know Apollo, thanks. I knew I could always rely on you" I told him while going in for a hug. Now believe me Apollo and I bicker all the time but we do support each other in difficult times. My brother knew I was having a hard time coping with things and I was grateful for his support.

"Wait here for me, I'll bring my bike around and drop you to school" he said while ruffling my hair. He ran away towards the garage before I had the chance to retaliate.

Apollo brought out his bike and we were off to my school. He parked in the school parking lot, in his previously fixed parking space.

"Wow it's been a while since I came here" my brother breathed out. I'm sure being here ignited old memories in him.

"You reckon anything changed since you've been here?" I asked him. I knew that our school had some renovations done in the last year but I wondered if Apollo would notice em, especially since this used to be his kingdom a few years back.

"The building looks different but as I said it's been a while since I've been here so I don't remember" he said while smiling at me. I returned his smile, I was happy he was enjoying his time back home.

"Well how about you, me and sam grab some lunch after school? At Darlene's diner?" I asked him. That used to be the "it spot" for me and my brother. The dinner was right next to a privately owned library started by a pack member and Apollo and I used to spend entire days there. Reading books and filling our stomachs next door when we felt hungry.

"Yea that would be cool. We haven't done that in years" he said. I nodded and waved at him as he wore his helmet and rode off, back home most probably.

I was greeted by Sam at my locker. She was acting crazed asking me about Callan and whether we mated yet or not. Her questions saddened me and even though I had avoided this conversation with my parents, I couldn't keep things from Sam and so I told her everything.

"That asswipe!" Sam screamed as I finished telling her the events of the past two days.

"You don't mean that sam" I said with a knowing look on my face. She was trying to be supportive but I knew even she thought the same as everybody else, that I was the unreasonable one here.

"I mean yea but you're right in your place as well Anaïs. It's not right for him to force you to share a room with him and neither should you being his mate has to change everything in your life so drastically. I mean all you could talk about for the past year is how much you're looking forward to college and opening up your own practice" she said making me smile gratefully at her. She was one of the only two people in this pack of thousands of people who understood me.

"Thanks for being understanding Sam. I know it must be hard for you since I'm literally keeping your wolf from having a luna" I said to her as we made our way towards our first class.

"No worries Anais but you should also know that even though Callan has made plenty of mistakes, you have done some things wrong too. I mean running away from him? That must've hurt him so much! And your fight about the housing happened right after his house burned down, the house he built for you" she said making me feel guilty again. It's not like I'm saying I haven't done some things wrong, it's just I want Callan to stop acting like just because he's my mate, he gets to make all my life decisions.

"Just maybe try talking to him, make him understand your side." She asked hopefully. I knew the pack could feel the strain between their leaders.

I gave her a small smile and turned towards our teacher, trying to pay attention to the lesson.

School passed by in a blur, I was expecting to see Callan somewhere but he had not come in today. I was hoping it was pack work and not because of me...

My wolf kept on whimpering in my head. She was sad and hurting and I felt bad for her but I knew I couldn't let Callen off that easily. He needed to understand that I was a person and I deserve to be treated like one. He can't have a say in everything I do!

I quietly entered my house and focused on my hearing, looking out for any member of my family who might still be lurking around at home. Once I was sure I was home alone, I made my way towards my room.

I was in no mood to talk to anyone about Callan. All day in school, the kids kept bowing to me, the girls kept giving me the stink eye and everybody, even the freaking teachers had a sympathetic look permanently plastered on their faces whenever they looked at me.

I changed into a pair of overall jammies and settled on the couch in the living room, turning on the TV.

I looked for a movie and decided on watching something horror. I was usually a whimp when it came to horror movies but I think the stimulation would keep my mind off of Callan for atleast a few hours.

I paused the movie at the intro and got up to make myself popcorn and get some drinks and snacks from the pantry. After I had everything laid out on the small coffee table between the couch and the TV, I pressed play.

Half-way into the movie and I was already so close to pissing my jammies. I screamed once again for the nth time and hid my face behind one of the couch cushions.


I whipped my head around at the sound.
"What the fuck was that?" I wondered to myself. I tried to hear for any movement with my werewolf hearing but I picked up nothing, just eerie silence.

I cold shiver went down my spine. "Good job Anaïs, you've probably called a demon or something by playing this stupid ridiculous movie!" I screamed at myself. I slowly got up from the couch and gingerly made my way towards the front door.

I was preety sure I had locked the door after entering the house but I wasn't completely sure. So for protection, I picked up a vase on my way to the door, just in case there's something there that needs a smashing!

I moved towards the front door as quietly as I could so as to not alert whatever thing that was inside the house. I checked all the locks on the doors and everything was locked.

I heaved out a sigh, stupid nerves! I started going back into the living room when I suddenly remembered. Is the back door in the kitchen locked?!!

I quickly picked up the vase over my shoulder once again, in a "ready to swing" position.

I slowly and steadily made my way into the kitchen. I stopped for a moment, right infront of the kitchen door frame when I saw the backdoor whipped wide open.

My breathing increased and I was ready to bolt out of the front door and scream "intruder" at the top of my lungs to alerts my neighbours when I heard someone call my name from behind me.

"Anaïs" said the unknown voice and in my terrified state, I was sure it was a demon.

So I did the only practical thing there was to do, swung back at the bitch with all my might.

The vase met with a body and it went down with a huge cry of pain. Before I could swing again, I was met with those gorgeous black eyes I've been trying to avoid all day.

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