Calling Callan

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A little bit of pasta with a side of evil

"Oh my god! Callan are you okay?!" I scrambled down to my knees, helping him up into a sitting position. I had whacked him right on his forehead making it bleed.

I cringed when I saw the blood but since Callan was an Alpha, the wound was already closing up.

"What the hell are you doing hitting people with a vase princess?!" Callan groaned out, still shocked from the attack.

"What am I doing?! What the fuck are you doing sneaking into my home?!!?" I screamed at him and smacked him on his shoulder. Thank gods I picked up a vase, what if it had been a knife?!?

"You couldn't tell it was me?!?" He asked but it just made me upset. Isis was not talking to me which means my werewolf ability were at their worst right now.

"Isis is not talking to me because of you. Fucking everyone is siding with you.." I mumbled and got up. I resumed my position on the couch becaue I knew if I stayed with Callan, we'd end up fighting and I did not want that.

Soon Callan composed himself and took a seat beside me on the couch. We sat in silence for sometime, both of us relishing our other half's presence.

"I'm sorry I screamed at you Anaïs. It's difficult and new for you too and I should've been more understanding" he said and his words instantly softened my heart. I knew how difficult it was for him to apologise, he never had to apologise since he was an Alpha not because he was arrogant but because Callan seldom made any mistakes but when he does, I guess he takes responsibility.

"I'm sorry too, I should've waited to be alone with you before bringing up the matter " I admitted with my hands crossed across my chest. I was not used to apologising to him and even though I said I was going to try and forgive him for all the crap he did to me, I still couldn't keep them out of my head.

"So what now? we need a solution to this. I can't stay away from you Anaïs. You're an Alpha's mate now, you're the future of our pack and people are going to make you a target now. I can't protect you if I'm not there with you" he said while sneaking his hand into mine.

"I can protect myself Callan, I have my dad and my mum and my brother. We can take care of ourselves." I said, annoyed that he was treating me like a damsel in distress again.

"I know you can fight Anaïs but I also know that I need you with me for my sanity. I can't stay away from you, last night was absolute shit for me, I could hardly sleep. All I could think about was you" he said making me look up at him. His eyes were red becaue of sleep deprivation and he had purple bags under his eyes.

Now I know why he didn't dodge my attack...he was hella tired.

"I- " I started but was interrupted by Callan.

"I know you don't want to share a room but what if you just stay in the pack house but in another room. One right next to mine preferably?" He looked at me with hopeful eyes as he proposed the idea to me.

I think I should meet him half way... atleast he is kind of listening to what I have to say.

"That seems like a good idea. Isis is very angry as well because I left you, it'll help smooth things over with her" I said making him smile. I returned his smile, happy to see a little colour return to his face.

Both of us fell into a comfortable silence, I started the movies from where I left off since there was nothing more to talk about.

"Is this why you attacked me? Because you were watching a scary movie and got spooked?" Callan said chuckling.

"Hey! This happens to be a very scary movie and I was home alone! I thought some burglar or worse a rouge had broken in" I said trying to defend myself even though what he said was true. I was NOT gonna admit that I was scared especially to Callan Baraed.

"A burglar? In our territory? In the middle of deep forest? And a rouge? Literally this deep into the community and noone caught their smell? Yea right" he said and ruffled my hair like I was a five year old.

I huffed and moved away from him. Asshat..

"Why weren't you in school today" I asked suddenly remembering about his absense from school.

"I was umm helping a pack member move into the pack house" he said but I knew he was lying. I've always known when this asswipe was lying, he'd avoid eye contact and feverishly look around while blinking furiously.

"Lier" I hissed at him. "And if somebody moves into the pack house, literally everybody knows about it, so spill" I said while scooting closer to him, suddenly interested as to what was so juicy that he'd lie to me.

"I'm not lying! Someone did move in the pack house" he said but huffed when I gave him another stink eye.

"I requested a member to empty the room besides mine so that you can move into it" he mumbled out. I nodded my head and started to back away but then...

"Wait how did you even know I was gonna agree to this?" I asked him. I mean it would've been a waste of energy and he would've troubled a pack member for no reason.

"I just knew, you're my mate" he said "you can't live without me" he said, his signature asswipe smirk gracing his stupid face.

"Yea annoy me enough and I'll change my mind" I said while giving him a smirk of my own.

I screeched when I suddenly felt Callan wrap his hands around my ankle and pull me into him. He lifted me up and sat me on his lap, with both my legs on either side of him.

"Callan!!" I screamed as I tried to get away from him. I pushed at his chest, punched him and everything but ofcourse nothing works on this big brute.

"Just stay here for a while, I need this" he said as he burried his head into my neck and took a huge whiff of my scent.

I stopped struggling suddenly feeling bad for him. His house burned down, he stayed awake all night and then spent all day helping someone move rooms for me. I think I could do this much for him.

Soon we switched positions, with me sitting on the sofa and Callan laying in my lap. I might've pestered him to let me go since my leg was falling asleep again and again in our previous position.

I was intently watching the Incredibles 2 which Callan made me put on since he knew I would sooner or later shit my pants if I continued watching that scary movie, when I heard soft snores coming from Callan.

He fell asleep, his mouth was slightly open and he was snoring lightly as he held onto my legs with one arm.

I chuckled and quickly extended my arm to grab my phone from the coffee table. I snapped a couple of pictures of him and couple of selfies of both of us.

I carefully slid out from under him and quickly replaced my lap with the cushion I was holding.

I quietly pattered up to my room and grabbed a few coloured sharpies from my studytable drawers.

I let out an evil laugh in my head. This was going to be soo good, it was like Callan voluntarily stepped inside a trap for me.

I quickly came back downstairs and got to work on my masterpiece. I had to be very careful since he was an alpha which meant he had more enhanced senses than a normal werewolf.

He kept on stiring around which made my task all the more difficult but nevertheless I managed.

I clicked a whole lotta pictures of my masterpiece as well and when I was satisfied, I quickly grabbed a few wet tissues and earased any trace of my mischief.

By the time I put back the sharpies and threw away the dirty wet tissues, I was hungry! So I decided to make myself some pasta.

I went inside the kitchen and took out all the ingredients I needed. I put the pasta on the stove to boil and started chopping the vegetables I needed to fry.

20 minutes into cooking and I was greeted by a sleepy faced Callan.

"Holy hell fuck me!" My subconscious said.
Oh my gawd...

"Hey, did I wake you?" I asked. Our walls were barely soundproof and since the kitchen was right next to the living room, it is possible he woke up from the clatering of the dishes.

"Nah I just noticed you were gone" he said in his husky 'I just woke up' voice. I clenched my legs together and mentally scolded myself for having such unholy thoughts about Callan Baraed.

He's an asshole, he's an asshole I kept on chanting in head but it was not working. Oh gods help me!

"Watcha doin?" He asked, making me divert my attention from the inner battle I was having to him.

"Uhhh I am cooking want some?" I asked while trying to act casual as if his voice didn't just make me as wet as Niagara falls. I continued with chopping the veges, trying my best to control the sex crazed animal inside me.

"Yea I'd like some, thanks" he said and settled on one of the stools in front of the counter. I forced myself to focus on cooking instead of my mate who was sitting right behind me, staring at me as if his life depended on it.

I could feel his eyes following my every move and it was making it hard for me to function normally.

"Callan stop staring at me" I told him with my back still towards him.

"Why? I can't stare at my mate?" He asked, his voice sounded like he was pouting but I would never know since I was hell bent on not turning around. I was sure the bond would make me jump him if I saw his face right now.

"It's weird..either stop staring at me or risk me getting burned" I said. My words made him let out a sound of disapproval but nevertheless he stopped with his gawking.

Once I was done with the pasta, I served it in two bowls. I placed one in front of Callan and then took a seat in front of him with my bowl of pasta.

We ate in silence, the pasta was tasty enough to keep us both occupied with it. Once we were done, Callan offered to do the dishes.

As we completed stacking away the dishes, I heard the main door open and soon was greeted by my brother, Apollo.

He slightly bowed at Callan while giving him a very subtle stink eye.

"Down boy, he's good" I said to Apollo when he came and stood besides me, ready to protect me from Callan.

"So what it took you 24 hours to reconcile? You were bawling yesterday as if he'd murdered grandma" Apollo said smirking. I smacked him on the head but before I could do any further damage, he slipped away into his room.

I cleared my throat awkwadly. Dang it! Now Callan knows I cried becaue of him. Just kill me god..

"You cried?" Callan asked. I cleared my throat again, not knowing what to say. I simply gave him a small nod, already knowing that lying to him would be useless.

"So I made you cry?" Callan said.

"No the situation made me cry. Everything just happened to fast and I was frustrated. Don't blame yourself for it, you're new to this too and it isn't your fault." I said feeling bad for him. I was already giving him shit for his past behaviour with me, I don't need to make him feel completely worthless..

I looked at his face and he looked just miserable. I made my way to him and hugged him.

"Callan just forget it, it wasn't because of you. Listen to me and forget it. Go home and get some sleep, I'll move into the pack house tomorrow. We'll sort all this out and it'll be fine, just don't blame yourself, it's not your fault." I said unable to act like a bitch towards him anymore.

The old me would've loved to see him this way but now...Fuck the mate bond, I was supposed to stay angry for atleast 2 fucking days.

I can't believe I'm consoling Callan Baraed.

"I'll help you pack your stuff tomorrow after school" Callan said. I let him go and nodded my head.

"Thanks for the food princess, I'll see you in school tomorrow" he said while kissing me on my forehead. Callan took off towards the front door leaving me rooted to my spot in the kitchen.

He kissed me...again. my heart was beating so fast, I was scared it'll jump out of my chest. I was so sure my cheeks were flaming hot and red like a fucking Tomato.

"Yo. Anaïs? What happened to you?" my brother said while taping me on the shoulder, appearing out of nowhere. I took a deep breath in to calm myself down.

"Nothin" I said to which my brother just hmmmed and went to whatever he was in the kitchen for.

"Callan gone"? He asked to which I simply nodded.

I quietly backed out of the kitchen and beelined to my bedroom. I was going completely crazy! What the hell? Why am I acting this way? Don't I have any control over my own freaking body??? It's Callan Baraed for god's sake.

But I knew I was a goner, I knew however much I told myself I hated him, I had already forgiven him for literally everything.

I groaned and plopped down on my bed.
This is so weird and confusing. How can I just go from hating a guy to whatever this was so fast!??!

I just simply laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling thinking about the things tommorow had in store for me. As I was having an internal crisis, I suddenly remembered about my evil plan.

I whipped out my phone and scrolled to the pictures I had taken earlier..

Oh hell now I was REALLY looking forward to tomorrow.

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