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The Girl in the Wheelchair and the Biker Boy

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a girl meets a boy at an event

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The Girl in the Wheelchair and the Biker Boy

Based on a True Story

Dedicated To Steve Sheibley

Once there was a girl named Allie and she went to a day program called CLASS. Every year CLASS had an event called The Ability Experience where college students on bikes visit the program from across the country. Now Allie had been going to this event for many years, but she had never really made any friends. Until the Experience event of 2016, now when it started, Allie wasn’t into it, but she decided to join the event anyway, and when she went into the room, she caught the eye of a nice and cute guy named Steve. They spent the entire rest of the event talking to each other, Steve telling her that he’s from Alabama and studying chemistry and also telling her that he wants to be a dentist, and Allie telling him that she wants to be a writer and write children’s books. They were both intrigued by each other and their interests and Allie was especially surprised that a cute guy like Steve was so into her and her career choice, especially knowing that he potentially had all of the other participants at the program to talk to, and she couldn’t help but feel special because out of everyone at the program, he chose her to talk to that day, when he could’ve just talked to her for a little bit and then left to meet another person in the crowd or he could’ve not talked to her at all. But Allie knew and hoped this was different from the past events and that she had finally met somebody she had a true connection with and she hoped he felt the same way about meeting her too. Not only did they start off the event well, but they also ended it well too by giving each other their email information and over the next few months, they would send friendly emails to each other, Allie’s emails packed with positive encouragement for him about studying chemistry and becoming a dentist and occasionally a story she had written, and Steve’s emails always full of positive encouragement for her about what a great person she was, her stories which he always loved, and becoming a writer. The two friends were even talking on facebook from time to time where the encouraging words between them continued, they loved hearing from each other, even when Allie would think the worse, that he was tired of hearing from her, Steve would always reassure her that that would never happen and that they would always be friends. Steve and Allie knew that when they met, their lives changed forever, and that in each other, they truly met and have a friend and a friendship that would last a lifetime.

Epilogue- Allie and Steve continue to be great friends, talking to each other and encouraging each other on their dreams. Allie continues to go to Class and write stories, and Steve is studying dentistry at the University of Alabama. Also at the 2017 Ability Experience event, Allie had the pleasure of meeting another member of the Sheibley family, Steve’s brother Greg, and they have become good friends as well, and just as Allie continues to encourage Steve on becoming a dentist, she also now encourages Greg on doing well in college, and she also hopes and knows that he will accomplish his dream of becoming a doctor as well.

The End

By Allie Williams

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