The Road Less Traveled

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Chapter 10

It was early Monday morning about five a.m the sun was rising and Bella couldn’t sleep. Torn between the feeling guilty and hurt for reliving her struggle of a life. Maybe it was the betrayal she thought she could always depend on could have been anything really. Making her sweet tea she made her way outside. She had a lot of paper work to go through Dimitri was going to read on his own for two days and than meet up with her Wednesday to go over things together and have everything done by Thursday so they could have a three day weekend. Sitting on her porch swing while Xavier was sleeping hard, at least she thought, she say the familiar car pulling up.

He got out looking like complete shit. “What part of leave wasn’t clear for you. You’re an educated man Jax, did basic English suddenly not become one of the five languages you speak, or maybe you just came to take the knife back you shoved in my back.” She said bitterly into her nightmare before Christmas mug Leah gave her last Christmas. Xavier was dressed and just walked into the living room where he could hear and see them in the window quietly making his way out the door. No one saw or heard him standing there. Jaxon looking like he got hit by a couple big rigs and a few buses red glossy eyes trying to make eye contact with her she wasn’t doing it.

“Bella, I just need you to know I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have come down here with Keith, I didn’t even really know he was coming I ran into him at the gas station down the way there. He came to my office and talked to me I just wanted to try to beat him I know how you feel about him. I shouldn’t have made that kind of deal with him. I’m sorry I should have told you a long time ago how I felt about you and not just exploded on you last night in front of a bunch of people. Especially since I know how you are with a bunch of people. I need you to know I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart I didn’t mean all that.” He tried to rush out but she cut him off.

“That’s just the thing though Jaxon, you did. You did mean it. You knew he didn’t know about everything and you know what pisses me off the most about this Jax is that he deserved to hear that from me. Only from me on my terms, on my own hearts pace. It’s not anyone else story to tell Jaxon IT’S MINE! Everyone whoever heard it has changed around me once they found out I’m nothing but a walking fucking money bag. Once they knew they either wanted to use me, or brain wash me, worse yet pitied me everytime they looked at me, or saw a marriage contract which now you know all about right since you tried to make ours. I always thought you were on my side. Eight years of friendship, you just threw in my face last night because you were jealous of him, and angry with me. You meant everything you said and did last night Jaxon.” She set her mug down on the little table next to her.

“You realized he didn’t know and than you took your anger out on me and told him. Told him something that for eight years you never told anyone. Hell I have a contract with you and your parents and your company with just so that sort of shit never came out of anyones mouth. I thought hell at least our friendship would have kept you from opening your mouth. I was going to hi Jax hell I almost did so many times. I was going to tell him this Sunday. What I did to him waiting this long after everything to tell him that was wrong. He deserved to know but for the first time someone was understanding me enough to let me be at my own pace and I never had that before. He knew I would tell him, he also knew what I needed. That’s what separates you two so much Jaxon. Deep down I believe he’s just my soul mate. He’s everything I need and want and he can read my heart like an open book and even on the darkest chapters he doesn’t just close it and walk away. I need a simple life style you can never be able to give me that.” She said taking a deep breath.

“You are a business first person. When I would have a panic or anxiety attack I would have to wait until you were done talking to someone to go and calm down. You would always be late to birthday or drag me to work on Christmas or holidays because you have to strive to be the best. That’s a good strong quality to have but you have no line no boundary to define work life to personal life. Can you even tell the difference anymore? If Xavier even gets a bad feeling in his gut he picks up that phone and calls me and if I need him to or even if I say I don’t he comes to me drops everything and stays with me. That’s what I want in a partner. That’s what everyone deserves. It’s been so long since I felt like a priority and not just an option. Jaxon you can’t do that. I pray someday you find someone who can for though I want you to have a lifetime of happiness, and love. Most of all right now I just want you to take the knife you shoved in my heart get back in your car and leave until I figure out how to clean my emotional mess you made. I don’t know if I’ll be back in the office.” She said flaty.

“Do you mean for awhile, or like ever?” He asked tears rolling down his face. “I don’t know that yet either. Looking up to Xavier who was glaring eyes scary and dark. “How the hell you get here so fast?” Jaxon asked raising his eyebrows noticing no other car came in behind him. “I live here.” He said in the deep dark voice. “Are fucking kidding me Bells? Really I could never get you to spend one night even as friends with me, you shacking up with him? You know what Bells your wrong people are ever changing and I can to. You’ll see because I’ll show you. I can be change for you and be all you need you will see in time.” Jaxon said.

“My woman told you to leave, so get the fuck gone and don’t come back because next time I won’t be nice and she won’t be the one handling you.” He said with attitude pushing his shoulder back to get over to Bella. Jaxon mumbling to himself got in his car and left. Getting closer to her he could feel the anger in waves coming off her. Looking out into their open field. “Are you ok baby?” He asked sitting next to her on the swing.

“Xavier I’m just I’m so sorry for not telling you and than having to tell you the way I did. I don’t want you or no one else to see me differently but I guess it’s to be hard not to isn’t it? I don’t want anyone to look at me and I can feel the pity in there eyes. Worse look at me at see a liar.” She said looking down. He took his hand and raised her chin to look him in the eyes. “Bella you’re not a liar though, you never lied about one thing with or to me. You just never told me about your journey before all success you made all on your own. You put yourself through school, deals, you said it yourself you talked to people to help make their deals you’ve been helping people pretty much your whole life. Your life, Bells your story is not one that is pitied it’s one that can be envied or inspired it’s one to help make anyone strong. You are so strong bells.” He said scooting closer to her.

“I’m not mad at you. I’m sad for you. Sad even with all these people you still felt alone. Sad you lost family. Sad and mad your only family drags you through hell for his own self gain. Sad and mad one of your oldest friends thinks he can come take you away from me. I’m mostly proud and amazed baby, to have such an incredible strong woman that when life took everything from her she stood up and fought back even stronger. I love you Isabella. We will be fine. I’m just a little conflicted with some things right now and I know you are too so we’ll just work through them together. Alright?” He said resting his forehead to hers.

“I love you so much Xavier. You’re family must think I’m crazy. They probably want you to stay away from my drama filled ass.” She said wiping a tear threatening to fall. “Actually all my cousins except Damien have been texting me Christmas lists the fucking leeches.” He said making them both laugh. “Well I do love those kids. Except if they really wanted something they should have text Dimitri.” She said shrugging. “What you mean?” He asked confusedly. “He didn’t tell you did he?” “Tell me what?” Maybe he didn’t do it than. I don’t know half of what he does really. I guess it was just an inside joke. Well if we’re really ok than I need to go start working baby I love you but I have a bunch of papers and contracts and proposals to read through. Have a good day at work baby I’ll be in my office. You can tell the guys about me they should know too. I just I can’t tell it a second time, but you can tell them for me honey you’re going to need someone to talk about it to too.” She said. “Ok it’ll be an early day honey we finished up everything early.” He said kissing her deeply grabbing his keys.

“Damn man are serious is this guy crazy or just wants to get knocked the fuck out?” Zain asked getting mad for his best friend. “Dude man I’m so sorry that happened to her. What a freaking trip of a story though. Can you imagine winning that much on the lottery not once but twice. Like seriously what would you even do? I don’t think I could have been half as smart as she was with it.” Jayden said. “Hell I probably let all of our asses retired and just build cars from the ground up with your sorry asses.” Draven said making them all laugh. “I just can never get over how generous your girl is man. Like seriously all of our women are so damn selfless. “Man I understand now what she means when she says all of her designer clothes are gifts because I aint ever seen a school teacher with so much Dolce and Gabbana, vera wang, and Lui Vatton; or however you say all they fancy ass names clothes and bags and I know I can’t them. Hell there was one damn out fit she came home with from Prada that was like almost fifteen hundred bucks man. Bella had it dropped off to her.” Jayden said laughing.

“I know it’s crazy I don’t really know if it bothers me or not. Like I don’t care about all the money because I still feel like it’s my place to provide for her. It’s just like what could I possibly ever give to a woman who can literally get everything. Seriously she could probably buy out the counrty’s whole debt right now and her savings not even bat an eye dude.” Xavier said shaking his head. “You could give her a family. I could see it now man couple boys look like you and a girl with little curls beautiful little mixed raced babies you know they the cutest ones. Your skin tone her eyes and hair that child be beautiful.” Zain smacking the back of his shoulder making everyone smile deeply. “You laugh man but you know it’s true. You can give her your last name.” Dre’ said adding to it. “You guys can laugh and joke all you want but Xavier you know you the only one who can give what she can’t get, and you’ve already done you just to blind to see you did.” Jayden said in serious tone which was odd since he was never serious.

“What you talking about Jay?” Dre’ said throwing his rag at him as they just finished up the last car. “Dude you really don’t get do you guys?” “She came here to this town looking for peace. A fresh start. She is always smiling now. She goes out with her girls, Nacho and Dimitri even. Bella even opened up to us, she put us in her little family category a while back hell almost at the start. She finally got to experience a real date, with someone who has real feelings, and good intentions to her. She finally got to experience what it’s like to really be herself around people who just want her to be happy. We don’t question her about her job unless she needs help. Besides Dimitri she never had that. No extra hands trying to help lift her out of trouble. Remember guy’s she visited us every other month for four years longer each time. So when she went back home to the city what do you think was waiting there for her? Xavier you put so much damn time into her since she’s been here you shared the most important thing you had with her your family and us. How do you think that’s going to make her feel? She’s going to feel like she actually means something special to you for you to do that. You already given her things she can’t get for herself you just to blind to see that man.”

The guys looking at Jayden dumbfounded. Like their eyes just found an object they haven’t seen before. “Seriously we’ve all given her something of ourselves. Draven look at you, especially you. Whether she was aware of it or not she changed you and your family’s world in just like a few months. When you fell apart on her you gave her something she never had before either. You told her what was it you said you said something like you already thought of her as a great friend before or some thing like that right?” Draven nodded his head. “See this right here with us and our girls this is where she need to be. We what she need.” Jayden said proudly.”

“That’s funny we think the same thing.” Dimitri said with Leo coming up next to him. “How you doing D?” Xavier said getting up to hug them both. “I heard you got an ear full of Bellas magical tale, thought I come check on you and mainly thank you for not shagging so much ass to put a Xavier size shape through her door.” Dimitri said in an amused tone. “No seriously man thanks for not leaving or screaming or making it worse than it needed to be you be amazed at some of the people we thought was friends put her through.” Leo said sadly hugging the rest of the crew. “I came for another reason. I know you guys get kind of slow sometime on Mondays and I was hoping you would actually be willing to work with me and Bella we actually have day by day people we pay to help us with some paper work that is literally killing us and backing up. You just have to sign a paper saying you will not speak about to anyone but the people you are working with, which is each other.” Dimitri said happily.

The guy slooking around scratchinghte back of their heads. “Look D we would love to help y’all out but we don’t know that much about financing and all that other stuff?” Zain said with the rest of the guys nodding along with him. “Oh dear boy no, that’s not what you will be reading what you will be doing is something far worse but I am desperate and she has o idea I am begging you. The girls are caught up with work your my last chance unless I pack her up and take her, Leo and I to Bellbrooke until Friday evening. SO what’s it going to be?” Dimitri asked crossing his arms. “Are you sure we can handle what you need us to do, not a bunch of numbers and shit, because look man I aint that kind of smart.” Jayden said as everyone laughed with me either. “I know with out a doubt you can do this. It won’t be easy though and it will take a few hours. You will be paid by hour no getting out of that.” Dimitri said.

“Ok, so what do we do?” Xavier said “Ok first sign these papers these are papers stating that you are directing where to send funding from whatever companies names I insert in there later. This also says you will discuss any private issues from what you read with anyone who isn’t in Bella’s list of workers which you now are. This states you agree you are paid by hour thirty dollars an hour and have the right to walk away at any given point or time with no explantations. This one says you understand you will not sexually harass anyone on the clock without consent.” Dimitri said. “What do you mean without consent?” Dre’ asked. “Well I can’t slap Leo’s ass while he’s working with us if I never got a green light before he starts helping.” Dimitri said simply.” “Oh Xavier I know this will be awkward for you but I made a boyfriend contract for you I would like you to sign.” Dimitri said

“what the fuck is a boyfriend contract?” Zain said laughing. “You mean like on Big Bang Theory?” Dre’ laughed out. “Does Bella know about this?” Xavier asked a little mad. “She thought I was joking about so I’m going on a limb and say no. Oh she’ll be so mortified once she finds out. Anyway all this says is that you are with her and you have a right to change and alter her schedule at any given point and time with no questions from any one at any company she is working for. This one says you will be able and allowed to any room rented floor on behalf if she has to travel. This one says your entitled to know where here meetings are and allowed to wait if you wanted in a room near by. This one says you shall always be granted contact or communication with her no matter where she is or company she is at. This one says that as long as there is a relationship with you, no contracts of marriage can be made in Isabella Alderman’s name as long as relationship with Xavier Knight is current and active unless the offer from himself Xavier Knight.” Xavier looked at it than stared at him for a minute starting to smile.

“Babe you made him sound she’s a dog and he’s the owner. Why the hell would you even draft this up?” “You don’t get Leo he just made it illegal for any one like Keith to try to control Bella as long as I am with her. So I can have a worry free relationship with her and people like Jaxon can’t drag her across country or out of state and try to make a move while keeping me away because I legally can be with her. That’s the biggest most legal fuck you and fuck off I have ever seen Dimitri nice.” Xavier said laughing signing the bottom of all the pages. “I’m so glad you see it that way. Here’s your envelope than. You already have your house key and the spares to all her vehicles. You are already on her auto insurance, although your name now will be legally on the homeowners insurance. So that’s the only real change I have for you except this.” Dimtirti said holding out a black credit card.

“What’s this for?” He saw his name was already on it. “It’s a special debit and credit card you need to go to any ATM and set it up you just put it in and make up a pin number and it will be ready to use. Don’t worry she doesn’t know you have it. I will tell her though she won’t care I have one the girls all have one. These have no limits. You can charge whatever you want whenever you want keep ID on you though there suppose to check that if it’s credit.” “Why are you giving me this?” Boyfriend contract as long as your together or living together you are allowed access to her funds. Maybe they’ll be times she can’t run out and pay the cable or something or maybe you need to go out get house stuff. Maybe a vehicle breaks down and need parts in a place that’s not here maybe you want lunch or it’s someone’s birthday. I don’t know dude we don’t care what you spend it on. Just no there is no limit, so people are going to worship you when you whip it out.” Dimitri said.

“D, I can’t take this. I can’t just start taking her money like this it’s just not right.” “Why not you to good for her money? You know way over half that isn’t even money she worked for it’s stuff she won. It’s not this big of a deal Xavier. You don’t have to use it if it makes you uncomfortable. However you did just sign a contract with me that you legally have to activate it.” Dimitri said. “You’re the damn devil D. Why would you do this to me you know it’s weird.” Xavier asked. “WHY? HUH WHY is it weird? Do you guys not share certain funds right now anyway? Is it ok for you to pay for things for her, but sh ecan’t do that for you. This woman is just like you she has been paying her own way all her life now how weird do you think it is for to have you start stepping up and dropping them bills down? It makes her feel weird too bro. Yet she makes her self be ok with it for you. You said you would compromise this is the best compromise ever. You can’t let society and your own ego get in the way of this one. She’s not going to judge you if you use this. Hell you can buy your parents a new house a yacht and like ten new cars she still wont care man it’s not a big deal. She just wants you. So when it comes to money you have to be able to let it go. What if you get married are you going to be this uptight. You’ll be the richest man in basically the world you can’t be this uptight. You still work hard for everything you do this is not a pride thing.” Dimitri said flalty

Zain looked at him. “You know Xavier he got a point why is ok when a guy drop down all the time for his girl if he has it to spend, but it’s wrong if a woman wants to do the same? If you want to be real equals man you gotta be fine with it.” Zain said. “You don’t hav eot spend it Xavier but you know what if something does happen it’s like the emergency credit card you gave Cameron. Do you really care what he spending it on when he uses it on dates and stuff?” Dre’ asked. “Fine I’ll take it but I am still not cool with you about this.” Xavier said. “I can punish him later for you man.” Leo said making everyone laugh and Dimitri blush. “OK everyone to Bellas house.” Dimitri said as Xavier locked up the shop It was barely twelve.

Bella had her head in her hands still reading contracts over on her fifth cup of sweet tea. Hearing the door open she just kept reading. “Bella my love I hired reinforcements.” Dimitri said. “Thank you Jesus did you find some college kids looking for work again?” She said not even looking up. “Nope I brought and bought four sexy mechanics and Leo.” Dimitri said as she snapped her head up. “You are one sneaky son of a bitch you know that. You guys know you sold your soul to the devil.” She said making them laugh. “No seriously did you happen to actually read the papers he gave you guys as my independent helpers?” She asked looking at all them. They got a little worried looking around. “Do you guys have medical insurance with vision and dental plans?” Bella asked? “Hell no, we aint got any of that, girl you know the shop can’t afford to give that out.” Dre’ said in a huff. “Well you do know you guys signed those papers that last five years a piece to be on my wait staff, so if ever you have downtime you come check I give you a task, and you get thirty an hour with full time medical benefits. Sick pay, vacation, and two weeks with of personal time. Welcome to the Alderman free lance consultant business.” She said sadly. Their mouths open and satred at Dimitri.

“Damn babe left a few things out there did ya?” Leo said crossing his arms. “Hey you only have to come in here if you need work, or are bored. You still get paid personal, sick, and vacation pay whether you actually work or not you get two weeks for each category. You just can’t tell them how much your boss is worth or personal confidential information. You can’t quit but you can get fired.” Dimitri said. “I sign a waver and I’ll get you out of it. Otherwise it helps me out lot to have spare hands around Holidays and gives you some extra spending money the work its self is hell.” She said pushing her hair back. “No it’s ok we’ll stay in contract means you have to put up with us for five years.” Xavier said kissing her head. “What the fuck language is this?” Xavier asked looking down.

She laughed so hard she had to bend over. Well you guys are allowed to now legally go through everything in this office, this is a contract about building a new hotel and spa in another state and the problem is the contractor backed out because he was having to much difficulty with permits what he’s pot head ass didn’t know is he was using the wrong address for the blue prints and siting so I have got ahold of Mr. Wiltmen and he sent over this proposal and it’s flawless I just think it maybe close to pushing the budget which is fine as long as we can get it going before next summer. I just need to make sure all the licenses are correct, you know alcohol, the therapists like masseuses, gift shop food and all that. Than I can give the thumbs up and Mr. Wiltmen and Mr. Clover can have a deal.” She said like it was the easiest thing in the world.

“Hey don’t give me that look I get five million dollars to put into the charity funds for making this happen.” She said pointing at him. “Are kidding me, five million dollars for going over contract? Man we in the wrong line of work men.” Jayden said scratching his head. “Let me show you what you guys will be doing. Dimitri you need to start answering emails the rest of the time you’re here.” She said as Dimitri decided to start taking everything into the living room. “I will set you guys up out here so you can be comfortable you’ll be here for a little bit.” They all followed her. “So now this is what you will do. It is coming close to a six month mark and I need some answers on where to send some of the money for what they call charity, I have at least almost forty to fifty company’s sending me blanks checks so I can send them to the IRS for their write offs or the poor rich bastards on tax season have to pay a lot of money for having money. Can’t let that happen when this money can be put to better use. Each of you will pick two charity’s each to send funds too. SO than that would be eight chairty’s research them first pick what you like no double dipping can’t use the same one twice if one of you picks one someone else has than one of you pick again. So than I need each of you to pick five people out of these fifity letters each which we had narrowed down by the way from each of these categories which there are five so there should be twenty-five people picked by the time I feed you dinner. You can pick the category you only get to choose one and pick five from it. All others will be left in the pile for the next six month period. That’s it. That’s all you do.” She said happily.

“That doesn’t seem so hard. We can do that right guys?” Leo said as they all nodded and than grabbed a stack of envelopes. Dimitri and Bella smirked at each other. By four o’clock they guys were red glossy eyes, tear stained faces, hands running over their faces when Leo yelled out. “OH MY GOD THIS IS HELL!” “Yes!. They all agreed. “I don’t know how they can do this.” Jayden said knees coming up to his chest trying not to cry anymore. “I actually want to use that fucking card now on like over half of them.” Xavier said tear rolling down one side of his cheeks. “These people stories they help they need the damn medical record some of them don’t even have the time it’s too late.” Zain said tear rolling down his face. “I just really want to call my mama and tell her how much I love her.” Dre’ said. “You got the old people file with Alzheimer’s and early dementia trials huh? Yeah I cried like a bitch in the shower for two weeks reading thoughs.” Dimitri said coming out of the hall to get a drink.

’Xavier was right you are the devil!” Zain said as all the guys including Leo gave him hard glares. “What you guys should feel proud of yourselves for making a difference twenty-five people are going to get help they need. That’s amazing.” Dimitri said. “Ya but look at all the other people who won’t or won’t ever get the chance.” Jayden said sadly. “Hey the company’s only let us pick so may we go back next month and pick about fifty more. I know it’s not much when you’re looking at the bigger picture but in the end you need to remember you can’t save everyone. In reality were not supposed to. Just like in the hospitals in natural disaster you have to save realistically who you can any one on stage four for example is out we can’t do that to ourselves again and I won’t. Anyone with reoccurring conditions who can’t over better by at least forty percent out. You need to be realistic, and go with your gut. Anyone who has excessive relapses or is or are abusers with alcohol or drugs are out. It’s a waste of a wait for new organ they will not take care of. Once you take a deeper look those sixty letters turn into thirty real quick. Hate to be the one to put you guys through this the girls handled it a lot better hell honestly they would have been almost done by now.” Dimitri said shrugging.

The guys all looked up. “Has any gotten five yet?” Xavier asked. “I think we all only gotten to four. It’s too hard man.” Leo said rubbing both his hands n his face. “This is the worse job in the world, Bella was right.” Zain said. “I ordered Pizza for you guys I haven’t been able to get to the kitchen yet. Oh wow, are you guys ok?” Bella asked looking at them like they’ve been to a funeral. “NO! No were not ok have you actually rad some of these. This is the worse thing any one of has done to any one else and I use to cut those Listerine strips into circles and put them on Liam’s and Eli’s contacts.” Dre’ said loudly at her making everyone around them laugh. “Calm down there Satan. We’re ok baby it’s just this is kind of hard hitting home on some of this cases you know.” Xavier said to her standing up and hugging her.

“Can I ask you something Bella?” Draven choked out. “How did you pick Callen. I mean if Leah and the others didn’t push for him would he have made it this far in your little process which is honestly is well thought out. Would you have still picked him.” Draven asked and the room got tense. “It’s hard to say Dre’. You see you guys have to go by the list I gave you for these people, because their funding is coming form else where. Callen came from just me. I came across him by chance. Than as I put down his file Leah and some other doctor sent me the same one. It was crazy I believe it was fate to be honest. The files they sent me were up dated though without them that choice was hard. So I just took a shot. I called Nacho and told him pack up were going to Atheo and Alton for a year. SO honestly yes I think I would have still picked Callen because I was meant to.”

Dre’ got up and gave her a big hug. “I can never thank you enough for Callen. This is the worse job I could ever imagine besides being president.” He said as everyone laughed out. “We’re done Bella we got them all.” “So anyone ready to make me sign that waver to free you from this?” She asked. Looking around they had a change of heart. “We’ll need time to think about it in the end maybe we’re meant to help someone too.” Leo said with a smile. “You just helped twenty-five people plus eight charity’s. That’s more than most people can say in a lifetime.” She said walking to get her purse for the pizza guy. They enjoyed a great evening and watched a movie while eating pizza and argued with her about the checks Dimitri made for them. Getting made when he said it seemed right they worked for five hours, so one hundred and fifty dollars was like fifty cents a tear they shed. Being as Dimitri bawls every time he has to do this he knows where they were coming from luckily it’s only twice a year.

When everyone left Xavier came into their room as they were changing for bed. “Xavier I’m sorry. D told me what he made you sign I’m so sorry. I don’t want you to think that’s how I see us as some damn contract I didn’t know well I thought he was joking I don’t even know what’s even hidden in that. I don’t know how to make it up to you. We can just shred it.” He leaned in and kissed her. “DO you think your grandfather will ever stop trying to force you on someone else?” She shook her head. “He won’t.” She said sadly. “Than we’re keeping it. All it says honey is just that he has to respect us and everyone who wants to do business with you and what we have. Nothing about is unreasonable, or out of the ordinary well except this.” He said as he showed her the card. “I don’t care to much for this.” He said. “what’s wrong with it does it not work we can call it in.” “Baby I’m old fashioned ok I just, it feels wrong to spend your money. “Whatever happened to what’s mine is yours? Why is ok for you but not for me?” It feels weird for me to have you pay for things too Xavier I thought we would compromise though you know on things that both of us are responsible for like bills, food, or gifts for people close to us we just use the card and dates or us you can pay? Can’t we just do that? We both know that we could retire tomorrow and not spend all of what’s in that bank. So can’t we just agree to all shared expenses goes on the card. You can cover anything else?” She begged. “I can agree to take it on case by case scenario.” Xavier said kissing her deeply. “Thank you so much that means a lot to me.” She said kissing back.

The next day he got to the shop and there were the regular twenty cars waiting to get in. “We will open in a few minutes please start a line and we will check you in as fast as we can.” Xavier said. “Damn man you ever think about expanding out we need more room man and we could use some more hands.” Zain said. “Last two and half years is killing us bro for real, can’t we just see about buying out the empty spot next two us and build on?” Jayden asked. “I’ll call the bank see what we can do. They the ones who own that anyway.” All the guy shave moved in with the girls so the shop would be the only thing he would have as collateral. He would have to go see what he could do the shop was doing great but he definitely need help, he couldn’t have his best friend slaving away like this anymore not if they all wanted families in the near future anyway. He pulled out his phone and made an appointment with the bank. Hopefully there was something he could do.

“You wanted to see me Uncle?” Carter said as he walked into the office room in his civilian clothes. “It’s good to see you my boy. You know how when I die all this comes into your name as you will be a silent partner share holder?” “Yes sir I know. You still have someone else to run it though until I can retire from the force though right because you promised.” “Relax son everything is as it’s suppose to be I just wanted you to meet an old friend of mine who may have a way to add on to the offer. I would like you to meet Keith Alderman. Keith this is my nephew and heir Carter Anderson.” “It’s nice to meet you sir, have I meet you before your face is so familiar.” Carter asked. Studying him for a moment. “It’s nice to meet you Carter I believe you and I have a young woman in common and one obstacle in common as well. I think I may have away to help us both get what we want. Do you think you can help me with that Carter?” Keith asked with an evil smirk. “I think I can try.” Carter said as he sat down getting ready to figure out what it is he could do for a guy like him.

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