The Road Less Traveled

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Chapter 11

Xavier and Zain decided to go down to the bank, when they got there they realized his dad and uncles were already there waiting for him. “What are you guys doing here?” He asked hugging them all around. “Well son we started thinking about what you said about expanding and thought you might run into so trouble with that seeing as you still paying off the shop you don’t have any real collateral so maybe we could help with that.” Dante said. “You kids need the room, and the help your going to work yourself into the ground a lot earlier than we are if you don’t.” Uncle Isaiah said. “Don’t get your egss in our basket though son we may not have the creidit you going to need.” Uncle Roman said. Xavier nodded along smiling at Zain who was smiling back. It made their hearts happy to know they got help and support. “Just remember though son Damien can’t help you bank owns the whole plot side of you.” Uncle Lamar added as they made their way in the door.

They all got put into a special room. “Hey Xavier good to see you, what brings you into my slice of hell today?” Hank said shaking all their hand making them all laugh. Hank was a very upfront and straight to the point man but he had a great sense of humor to level him out. “Business is starting to get to much to keep up with I was wondering if we could but the lot next to us to expand but can only do that through you.” Xavier said scratching the back of his head. “You looking for a business loan on it to for starting up and fixing all the things and tools, and new hands too?” Hank asked. Looking into the lot than pulling up Xavier’s information. “Yeah I think so.” Xavier said.

“Ok, well the shops almost paid for, but since you pay it through us already can’t use it for collateral that’s be just basically double dipping in the funds for us there can’t do that. Bedside’s your vehicle do you own any other land or property? 401 K’s retirement plans, stock bonds anything like that?” Hank asked “Nope. Hell we were all renting now we just moved in with the girls.” Zain said. “So what about the girls do they own any properties or anything?” Hank asked trying to helpful. “Oh no, Hank not bringing them into this.” “Well we can’t use the Knight fan club back their credit is ok, but not enough in value there either. How about your credit cards let me get a look at them, sort through there standards there, maybe a work around we can get through.” Hank said looking up at him.

“Xavier took out his wallet, and took his two credit cards out which were paid up one was for the shop and one was his he would share with Cameron as an authorized user to help Cameron start building credit when he was sixteen. The black card Dimitri had fallen out. “Oh, could you hand me the black one back, that one isn’t getting in with all this.” Xavier said reaching out for it. Making Zain smirk. Hanks eyes widened. “Do you have any idea what type of card that is son? Having one of these is like walking in here ready to grab everything in the vaults and I would still be selling you short.” Hank said with his mouth open. “If you got that, why you trying for a loan? That is the I got my ass kissed card son.” Hank said reaching to hand it bank. Making everyone laugh deeply with him. “It’s not mine.” Xavier said.

“Oh it’s not yours. OK, “ Hank acted out dramatically.” “What is that thing son?” Dante asked. “Well dad Dimitri may have made me sign some stuff that demands me to hold a special card linked to Bella’s funds, who may have guilt tripped me into holding onto to use for our mutual spending of the bills or other joint payments only and if I don’t than I basically don’t see her as an equal in this relationship.” Xavier said like a sad kid telling a story about how he got into trouble. They guys all looked up at each other and laughed. “She made you compromise. That girl speaking and debating talents are no joke.” Lamar said. “That girl could bagged sand on a beach and make you think it was your idea.” Dante said making everyone nod and agree he sure as hell wasn’t wrong.

“Well On just our end with just what we got bank won’t let me do Xavier no matter how much I would like to knowing how much we could make off this deal. The boss is an ass.” Hank said with a shrug making everyone else laugh with him. “If you figure something out let me know no one else has figured out the lot yet. “Hank said shaking all there hands. “Welp let’s get back to the shop and start helping out thanks guys well see you Saturday back at the house.” Xavier said everyone was going to gather to make a party for Bella. Xavier feeling a let down but still was going to look for a work around.

Meanwhile on the other side of town Bella had just got all her paper work in, and was getting so much needed caffeine down at Ms. Ellies not sure how she wanted to go about the whole Jaxon issue. A part of her thinks nail his ass to the wall with Ryker let him see how that slap in the face feels in the one place that could truly hurt him he company. After realizing just how much emotionally she could have lost. However the voice of reason was winning the argument of Xavier needed to know and the only people who found out was those who should probably know they hopefully could be family someday for her too. The only thing that truly got her lost was the whole Keith thing. Keith and Bella had a similar thing in common they both hated spotlight they did not like the whole business world knowing their business. One of the few things they agree whole heartedly on.

The door jingled and the sound of high heels were made it wasn’t until two bodies sat down in front of her snapped her back to reality. Her eyes lit up as she jumped out of the chair to hug them both. “Mama Gracie, Papa Corban you are a sight for a sore heart. I thought you was out you know away?” She said tilting her head a little confused. “Well we got a call from a distraught Jaxon, and four very pist off women, and even two from three pist off men. The only call we didn’t get it is the only one that made us come down here in the first place. I am so sorry of what they said and tried to do to you baby girl. I swear to you we raised him so much better than that I think I chased that boy around that damn house for about four to five hours with my thinnest heel and got up to do it again everytime I thought about it.” Gracie said with steam practically coming out of her ears.

“You know we would never do that to you don’t you baby girl?” Corban asked with sad glossy eyes. “I keep telling that sorry son of a bitch you are not something to sell off, but the damn prick everything goes one in ear and out the damn other. I just hope we can put this ugly mess behind us and you can forgive us for everything on our end.” Corban said she knew he meant it she knew they loved her. “Honey we know how you feel about people who break contract with you and we want you to know we are ok with the consequences that are suppose to come with this. It’s ok if you wan tot push forward with Ryker.” Gracie said as she hand her hands over Bellas.

The door bell rang as Xavier’s mama and his aunts came walking in the door. Looking around the shop her eyes fell upon her and they all smiled. “Bella honey we didn’t know you was here.” Kayla said catching the attention of the other four smiling ladies. She got up to hug all them back. “Kayla, Kelly, Julian, Hailey, and Emma Knight Please my Mama Gracie, and Papa Corban these lovely people are my second parents, and Jaxon’s real parents. These lovely ladies are Xavier’s mother and aunts they all got to hear my glorious life’s tale thanks to Jaxon, because you know it would have been just plain silly not to have made a scene in front of my boyfriends entire family.” Bella said in self mockery trying to lighten the mood.

The women just turned to look at the very obvious wealthy couple in front of them. “For whatever it is worth we do strongly apologize for the actions of our son. You see he’s just what’s the good term for honey?” Gracie asked looking at Corban. “Stupid, dear, the boy’s an ass.” Corban said flatly stealing Bellas tea. “That’s it his socially retarded.” Gracie said. Making everyone laugh at the clever little term of endearment for their son. “Look honey you aint to be apologizing for your kids actions I know we all feel the need to even when they think they grown, but in reality honey, they actions are their own, you just got make sure and hope they can live up to them, and the responsibilities of them.” Kayla said “So true sweetie you can’t control what these crazy kids do you just got to sit back and let your bleeding bruised up skid praying knees get up and have hope and faith and know whatever they do in life they are never to old for that ass whooping.” Kelly said with spirit making everyone laugh with her.

“We going to let you y’all catch up honey. It was good seeing you, and nice meeting you.” Julian said as everyone waved everyone off. “Mama Gracie, I am not going to call Ryker. Besides the only people he outed me too ironically were the only people who deserved to know. I just can’t bring myself to do that to you guys, or Jaxon. If you want me to get rid of my shares I will, I understand if after everything. I am just going to do the right thing and be Elsa on the bridge. I am going to ‘Let it go’, and ‘get over it’. Move on I just can’t bring my self to go to the office for at least just a little while if nothing else a week.” She said looking down at her hands.

“You keep those shares you earned them, their yours and we want no one else but you to have them. We understand if you can’t see him for a while. That’s ok, because right now I can’t either.” Corban said in his own self anger. “I’m not going to lie we always wished you would have found something in him, we know how much he loves you, we know how much you love him, but we are not blind enough to not the see the difference in you the two loves there.” Gracie said taking Bellas hands in to her own. “Bells I know I am not your mother, I know no one will ever replace her. I just want you to know though for me your are my baby you are the daughter I never got to have and I am so sorry my boy put a hurting on you.” Gracie said with a little tear in her eye. “That goes for me to love bug. If he does anything else that crosses any type of line you call me immediately and I don’t care what were doing or were we at, meeting or not I will debelt and whoop his ass love bug.” He said getting up kissing her on the forehead. “These is for you we wont be in town for your birthday so here you go.” Gracie said giving her a gift bag.

Opening it up she found four different bathroom rug and curtain sets of different types of beautiful wolve backgrounds. “I love it. Thank you this is what we were looking at the other day this is so wonderful.” Bella said hugging them both. After walking them out. Xavier came in and told his mama all about what happened at the bank, since it was lunch time, not knowing that Bella was right behind him. “So I just got to keep looking for a way around.” Xavier said. “Why do you just use the card?” Bella asked making him jump a few feet catching him by surprise. “Holy shit babe! Damn we got to get you a bell.” He said grabbing his chest a little making the women laugh hard.

“Seriously just use the card and get the lot, we can get the permits and the contractor and everything and before you go throwing your damn caveman way of thinking you could always add money to the card to be paying it back if you need a lone so bad think of it like that., or just keep it do whatever you got to do with it just get this done. Let’s face it honey no matter how much you don’t want to use the damn evil bank card it’s not about you right now. Look at those guys, your brothers through everything can you really keep doing this to them, or will you finally just take one for the team and do this for them? Honey if it bugs you badly you can always add money back into once you have your grand opening and get some more help. Please baby just use our damn money like you said before what’s mine is yours, help those boys baby. You guys deserves this.” She said coming up and rubbing her hands on his chest, looking up at him.

“Honey pride is a sin, and a stubborn stressful one at that.” Emma said making them everyone giggle at him holding his head down in defeat. “It’s just weird babe. Ugh! It will be easier for me to pay you back than the bank. I will pay it back baby.” “I don’t care if you pay it back. I just want you happy and healthy and maybe even actually get wo whole days off with you. Hire help! The girls and I will love you deeply for it.” She said making everyone smile. Fine let’s go back to the bank.” Xavier said kissing her deeply.

“You can go baby, I am going to go decorate our bathrooms.” She said happily as he looked in the bag. “Those are nice, I like that. I want this one in ours though.” He said point at he one he liked back. Kissing her again he took back off to the bank to talk to Hank.

“Wow two visits in one day I knew you loved me.” Hank said rubbing his stomach in a sexy dance motion. “I’ll take the lot Hank.” Xavier said putting the card down. “Seriously?” He asked with a big smile. “Yes. Just the deed to the land man. I need to start to building as soon as I can.” He said exhaling a deep breath out. Walking out the bank his phone starting ringing, not knowing the number he picked up. “Hello, Mr. Knight?” “Yes this Mr. Knight.” Xavier said curiously. “My name is Trevor Thomas and I am a contractor, I got a call from a Ms. Alderman who said you were looking for a contractor, I was hoping we would be able to meet up and talk about what it is your looking for. If I may be so bold.” “Bella called you already man, that women don’t let no grass grow under her feet does she?” Xavier said shaking his head.

“I have built and done a lot of things with Ms. Alderman, let me tell you sir she is a woman who knows what she doing never met a younger woman with a better head on her shoulders. Trust me sir she’s the best and you will not find a better contractor around for hours. So would like to meet up tomorrow and go over some of the plans I got?” He asked hopefully. “You know what man yeah it couldn’t hurt. Do you get the permits and check the codes and all that fun stuff to with the city inspector?” “Yes sir I do. I will swing by your shop at tomorrow.” “See you than.” Xavier said he hung up the phone walking into the shop. “Alright guys let’s call it.” Xavier said rubbing the back of his head.

“So what happened did you get it?” Jayden asked. “Yeah couldn’t get it from the bank so my lovely wonderful girlfriend guilt tripped and a little bit of emotional black mail made me us that fucking card. Not only that she even got a damn contractor coming here in the morning with plans.” Xavier said shaking his head with a chuckle.” “Your woman could rule the world in like a week, it’s scary how on it she really is bro. Kind of hot.” Draven said. The other guys just nodded a little bit. “You got to watch out for them dominate females, they make crazy submissive’s.” Zain said elbowing Xavier. “I hate all of you. Let’s lock up girls are all waiting for us at home right?” Xavier said making all the guys get a kick in their step. “Hey before I forget my dad needs help moving some stuff around next weekend you guys down to help?” Jayden asked. “Yeah we down.” Dre’ said.

Xavier came in through the door, to smell and see chicken broccoli alfredo pasta, salad, some fruit, and fresh garlic fluffy bread sticks waiting on the table. “Baby you home?” Xavier hollered grabbing some sodas from the fridge. “I’m switching the laundry. Be there in a minute go ahead and sit down serve yourself it’s all ready on the table honey.” She hollered back. Damn a man could get so used to this. This was the real dream right here, maybe some kids and dogs running around this would be heaven he thought to himself. He saw her phone light up on the kitchen bar. “Baby your phone ringing.” He yelled. “Than get it please. What you waiting for you know you can go through it.” She yelled.

Isabella Aldermans phone how may I help you.” He said in his best professional tone knowing it could literally be anyone for work or anything else. Only certain people had her cell number or it would go to a special work phone in her office that was usually on silent. When she wasn’t in there. “Hi, is this Dimitri? It’s me Carter I was actually hoping to catch Bella before it got to late.” Carter said trying to sound pleasant. “Well Anderson you’re kind of catching my woman and I at bad time were about to have us a late dinner and than head to bed. Is this something super important or maybe something I can help you with?” Xavier asked trying to be as civil as he could on the phone even though he just wanted to reach through the phone and pound him away.

“Since when did you start staying the night at there?” Carter asked not able to hide the jealousy. “Not that it’s any of your business man but I live here. So you going to get to a reason why you calling so late or can you call back tomorrow during a more appropriate time?” Xavier snapped back still trying to be civil. “Who is it baby?” Bella asked walking in the room. “It’s Carter.” HE mumbled out unhappily. “Seriously?” She asked confused. “Hello?” She asked. “Bella hey I’m sorry to catch you this late I was just hoping to catch you for a favor. My uncle is having one of his charity events and my parents and my uncle loved the one you did for that Hillman company awhile back and I was hoping if you would help me put it together. You know I have to be a silent partner soon, so he was hoping I would be able to handle this and you know the force is so demanding. I was really hoping you could be a friend and show me how it’s done. I really don’t want my family disappointed in me, I’m all he’s got Bells and I just cant let him down.” He said in a heart breaking voice. “Please Bells.” HE asked one more time. It was quiet as she was thinking about her schedule in her head.

“Ok, well it was worth a shot, Sorry for calling so late.” Carter said you could feel the sadness in his voice form there. “I’m free Thursday I can meet you than or Monday your choice.” She said out of no where. “Can I take both and probably another day, I really want this to be great.” Carter said, she remember that tone in his voice of wanting your family proud of you. Hell she even missed that feeling. He really knew where to shoot her where it counts. “OK so I’ll meet you lunch outside the diner. Oh Carter there’s one thing I need to know.” She asked. “Shoot.” HE said happily.

“How did you get this number?” She asked wondering just how her got it. Catching Xavier’s attention that was a good question. None of the girls every gave them their numbers. “Oh I called someone at one of your offices and the receptionist asked my a bunch of questions, next thing you knew some assissant of a dude named Jax gave it to me. Maybe he had me confused for Xavier or something. Anyway I really got to run, but thank you so much Bells so you Thursday at noon.” Carter said hanging up the phone.

“That was weird.” Xavier said looking at her filling her plate with the late dinner she made that smelled like heaven. “It should be. He was lying. No one would give away my number without Dimitri or my consent. Something is weird there, but I guess I’ll figure it out later. So Trevor, I swear baby you will love him. He is just so wonderful he really goes that extra mile and his eyes can just go places in that creative tunnel that I just can’t.” She said happily. “Sounds like maybe I should be worried about you fan girling over his work.” Xavier winked as he teased her. “No, you silly goose. I just know how much your going to love him, I just hope you have some room in your schedule to give me some of that love tonight?” Bella said as they were almost done. Xavier’s eyes darkening getting up to pick her up out of her chair and put her legs around his waist, he took her to their room where he showed her just how much his love could go a few times over.”

“Well is she going to help you?” Nathan asked. “Yup, took the bait, she’s a little on guard or alert though s I really couldn’t explain how I really got her number. So we just got to make sure that things go great for a little while than we can get the real pieces into play. Xavier will never see this coming. Bella will be mine before the end of the year, with someone who actually equal to her, not some barely middle ass scarred up fucking mechanic who should be batting in his own fucking league. “Carter spat out to his friends. “Yeah, he need to take his damn boys with him, too when he gets bounced aside.” Travis said darkly. “This will truly be our greatest work yet.” Liam said. “You don’t think we’ll cross a line working with this Keith guy right I don’t want o get caught.” Eli said flatly. “We haven’t yet don’t see how we could now.” Carter said as their eyes darkened and their laughs cackled into the evening.

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