The Road Less Traveled

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Chapter 2

Pulling up to her house. “Wow you live out here?” Xavier said looking around nothing near or around her for Fifteen minutes. The house alone is not fancy, it’s a couple years worn but still beautiful. “Yup second night. I got to say I’m actually excited to be out here. It’s such a nice place, peaceful out here.” Bella said as she was content looking out the window until she had a flash memory. “I was going to ask if you ever get lonely out here, but you just said it was your second night.” Xavier said with a small chuckle. “Yes.” “What he asked looking at her. “Yes, I got lonely, that’s why I came out here. I was in a city of good amount of people who cared for me, I worked in and out of companies filled with people I deal with people on a daily basis, and there was a lot of times I just felt alone.” Bella said with a smile looking back at him.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I get it though. I think we’ve all felt that way. I have anyway. Don’t worry being out here I promise that will change.” He said looking back at her in his deep husky voice. “That’d what I am going for.” He pulled up in front of her door, and he got out so quickly she almost didn’t see it happen. “Thank you so much for the ride. Are you just going to meet me here tomorrow or do you want me to meet you somewhere?” She asked as she unlocked her door. “You can put your number into my phone and I can shoot you a text when I’m on my way the part store and Damien office doesn’t open until 9a.m. anyway so I’ll just hit you up when I’m on my way here if that’s ok with you?” “Ya that sounds great. I really appreciate this.” She took his phone and as she was finishing she handed it back to him. “Look I just wanted to apologize again if I embarrassed you early today at the café.” She said looking down at her hands.

“No, hey don’t say that. You have nothing to apologize for, I actually took it as a compliment. Besides I think if anyone needs to be embarrassed it should Carter. I mean come on the guy was so full of himself until you slapped with that awesome burn it made not only mine but the rest of the guys morning. SO I should really thank you.” Xavier said laughing. “After all the times I have spent here with you guys. I have never heard or seen you be this talkative. I really like this. Thanks for the help today, and tomorrow and for making my night really fun. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I will see you tomorrow goodnight Xavier. I was going to go in for a hug but would that be too weird?” Bella said stepping back. “Not for me, no.” He said as he took her in for a quick hug. “Goodnight Bellz.” Xavier said walking back to his truck and turning it on. She let out a small wave. Shutting and locking locking the door. Hearing his phone go off he sees all the texts and jokes the guys have sent and how excited they are to finally score a dates with the girls they’ve been chasing for years. He looked up at the door, thinking back on her lonely comment; maybe they had more in common than he thought to himself. Turning back to town he headed over back to his place.

The next morning Bella went around her house getting ready in simple blue halter top sundress, and simple flip flops. Making sure she put her cellphone in it’s wallet case, sliding in a couple twenty’s, bank card drivers license, and one of the four spare keys she had copied for her friends to the house, placing her phone in her hidden pocket in her dress. She was adding on her anklet, as she fixed her necklace Xavier had sent her a text saying he would be there soon. Making sure she used the bathroom and smelled decent, febreezing the house to make sure everything was alright in the house. Whether anyone came in or not she wanted her home to look presentable.

“Hello.” The voice answered by the fourth ring. “Damien, are you in the house today?” “Xavier? Yeah I’m in the office today are you planning to drop by for lunch or something?” Damien smiled through the phone he enjoyed spending time with his cousin they were close only being six months apart. “Not today I actually got a friend who needs your help renting a place in Linden for about a year. We’re actually going to be heading up to see you soon.” Xavier said in the best normal voice he could. “A friend huh. You sound a little off would this friend happen to be a girl?” Damien teased. “Yes she is.” Xavier said in a sigh knowing his caught. “Do I know this girl already?” Damien asked in a sing song tone. “You know that one girl who sometimes hangs out with the girls?” Xavier asked trying to save some face. “You mean the one you’ve drooling over forever now. Yup.” Damien said laughing. “Well it’s her, she has a friend and possible his girlfriend coming to stay for a year and she promised to help set him up today.” Xavier said in a sigh knowing this is going to be a long morning with this man.

“Look do you have time to help this morning or not?” Xavier exhausted out. “Yeah, I was actually going to leave earlier because there’s no appointments today and it’s Saturday and all. I’ll stay until you and your girlfriend.” Damien laughed out. “Please don’t say embarrassing shit like that when she’s around. I don’t want to her uncomfortable or awkward can you just for today just be cool?” Xavier begged connected his phone to his speaker in the car. “What do you mean just for today? Bitch I’m cool everyday you need to correct your tight ass self.” Damien said offended. “You over here calling my phone for help and favors, and insulting me, boy what the hell is wrong with you. Now I know my favorite auntie did not raise no boy like that am I going to have to pick up this phone in a three way call and tell her you acting up?” Damien asked in an amused tone. The line went quiet. “You call and start something with my mama, I will call my favorite auntie and tell her not only what happened to her favorite dress but what happened in her car and why you were late to her birthday party two years ago.” Xavier said flatly.

After a few minutes of silence. “I’ll try to be on best behavior that’s the best I can do.” Damien promised best he could. “We’ll see you soon. Please just please don’t blow this for me man I’ve waited a long time to get some openings with her and I don’t want to blow it.” I know. I know. I got to say though it’s nice to see you coming out of your comfort zone a bit. I like this side of you man.” Damien said. “Yeah, whatever we’re going to be seeing you soon, and I still have to pick up parts today man than I am free all day so there is no rush.” Xavier said. “I think you mean theres no rush for you what are trying to do man make this an all day event for her? Oh I get it you trying to squeeze as much time with her as you can today aren’t you because it’s the first time you got an excuse. Try to pave your way a little more right? I heard from Ellie yesterday on my way back her that Carter was trying to make a move on her, being to cocky got shot down. I would have paid anything to have seen that.” Damien laughed out. “This town needs more things to do. Anyway I’m on my way to get her right now see you in about twenty-thirty-ish minutes and please just keep it cool dial back the crazy just for today.” Xavier rushed out as he hung up.

Walking up to her door in his dark washed jeans and regular grey t-shirt that made everyone of his muscles on display and his blue eyes pop. He took a deep breath to try to help calm him down. Don’t fuck this up he told himself before knocking on the door. Looking around he really liked her place everything from the privacy, to the space, to the house itself. It made him smile looking at the porch swing on the wrap around porch wondering what it might be like watching the sun set on this with her in the peacefulness of the end of the day. He was brought back to reality when she opened up the door with her beautiful smile that went all the way to her eyes. “Good morning.” Came out of that angelic mouth. “Good morning, are you ready to go?” he said in his low raspy huskily voice. “Yup just got to lock the door.” She said locking it up behind her.

“You look nice. That dress makes your eyes stand out.” He said not realizing he said that out loud until he heard it. Mentally slapping himself. “Thank you. You know the best part it has a pocket!” She put her hand in to show the hidden pocket in an excited voice like it was the best thing in the world. Xavier laughed and smiled deeply at her happiness, and cuteness over a silly pocket. “You look nice with your pocket and all.” He said showing her the way to his truck once again remembering to open and shut the door. “You know I can’t think of a guy who wasn’t a paid driver open my door for me, it’s really nice. Thank you Xavier.” She said with genuine smile. “So is it a far drive?” She asked him. “No Linden is about twenty minutes maybe thirty with heavy traffic.” He answered back.

His voice amazed her it was deep and husky that it projected loudly but at the same time it was said in low manner but the deepness made it pop out loud. It was something she could listen to all day if he’s sexy ass would let her she thought to herself. He’s different. I just hope that stays true in the good ways. She thought lastly making herself start to feel a little sad she quickly changed the thought process to something more optimistic. Like how she gets to spend all day with an insanely hot guy. “So this guy is your cousin?” She asked curiously trying to make small talk while getting to know him a little bit while she has the opportunity. “Yeah, my dad and his dad are brothers were only six months apart, he is more like a brother than cousins. If you hang out with the girls a little more you’ll probably see him around a little more too.” Xavier said with a smile towards her. “Well that sound fun. It would be nice to make some more friends around town. I mean I have people who I am close to back in the cities but I just really want to make a good home here and be able to branch out, making some closer friends. Now I am rambling like an idiot.” Bella said shaking her head in her hands.

“I don’t think that makes you sounds bad at all. I think it makes you brave to come down to a town you know some what about, and start a fresh life here. I think that makes you brave. I wouldn’t be able to be that far from my family, I don’t have that kind of strength you got.” Xavier said shaking his lightly with a chuckle. “Thank you. I do have a little habbit to ramble so feel free to shut me up if it starts to get on your nerves I’ll understand.” Bella said looking at him with a smile. “I don’t know what others told you , I think its cute when you ramble. I just meant.” “Thank you Xavier.” Bella said turning to look at the building they just pulled up to. Getting out of the car Xavier looked a little odd. “You ok?” She asked. “Uh no, I am fine. Come on in he knows we’re coming.” Xavier said holding the office door open for here.

Walking into the building Damien smiled deeply standing up. “Xavier, good to see you man.” Damien said giving him a handshake hug thing men do. “Hey man good to see you too. This Isabella I told you about.” Xavier said with a smile. “Please just call me Bella., or even Bellz.” She reached for his hand. “Damien Knight, it is nice to meet you Bellz I hear you are looking for something in this town?” Damien asked. “Yes and I need it ready like yesterday.” Bella said with a sorry nervous laugh. “No it’s ok I know I got just the place for you I actually have four that are even set up with furniture and move in ready. If you would like to sit down here I can show you them here on the computer. You only need it for a year or so?” HE asked as Xavier pushed her chair in for her; catching Damien’s attention and bringing a s huge smile to his face.

“Yes, only for a year.” Bella said with a smile. “Is this just for you or you and your boyfriend?” Damien asked with a smile, and looking between her and Xavier, who sat back and gave him a glare. “No, nothing like that I have a deal going with a doctor friend and he needs to be working at the hospital here in town, his girlfriend may come along with him probably in about two weeks top. There’s no way they’re going to be apart for that long.” Bella laughed off. “Well that sounds great ok so the first these are all houses and they are for rent water and garbage is included in all four of them. Do they have any pets they will bringing with them?” “No, they are both doctors no time to care for them.” “Are they smokers?” “No, neither one.” She answered back. “Will this be going under your name, or theirs or is this like an employer employee deal?” “Well it would be under my name I would like all responsibilities of the place.” Ok I can make that happen.” Damien said. “ Alright how many rooms were you looking for?” “One or two.” “Do you want he washing machine inside or outside the house?” Damien asked. “Inside would be nice.” “Alright how about this tow bedroom, two bath, laundry room inside right here, two car garage, central air and heat but still ahs ceiling fans in almost every room except kitchens and bathroom and it also has a separate dinning room.” “This is perfect I’ll take it.” “You sure you don’t wan tot see the other places?” “Nope this map shows it’s only ten minutes form the hospital and it is spaced just far enough from the neighbors where they’ll have their own privacy. It’s perfect you did great thank you.” Bella said happily.

“You are not a hard woman to please. This was by far the quickest easiest transaction I ever had.” Damien said looking at her a little confused. “It’s $1,200 a month and the date it will be due will be todays date every month until you sign off on it and are looking for a month to month or a lease?” “I think I will take a lease and I would like to pay for thirteen months today on card.” She said happily pulling it out. “I will need two sets of keys for him, and I will need two sets of these lease papers for Dr. Hernandez and myself and also the receipt for tax purposes.” She said in a very professional manner. “Do you do these thing kinds of things a lot?” Damien asked as he was grabbing the papers out of the printer. “Yes and no. I make a lot of deals for people it’s a very give and take job.” Bella said with a giggle. “So what is it that you do Bellz?” Damien asked curiously. “Well I work in investments. I help companies or even just regular people who are looking for money, or opportunities to further their company’s success or product, or even an idea and help them either find the way or needs to expand, or find money. I’m more of free lance consultant for their finances and help the bigger dog eat dog companies get tax write offs on specific certain things while furthering their success in the business world class society.” She said in a bored tone.

“That sounds hard, and busy, and like you are on a whole other level of math smart.” Damien said making all three of them laugh. “Not even close. I just happen to be a very good reader. I love reading so I took that love and made sure to transfer to read very carefully understanding, tax and or state laws along with contracts. What I do is very boring.” Bella said trying to change the topic. “I don’t think it’s boring I think it makes you smart. I like that you are humble, kind and smart. I like you missy.” Damien said. “You just have Dr. Hernandez give me a call and I will meet him at this address with his copy of the papers and the both sets of keys. Everything is all signed and done here, you are free from here. You know there a dinner Xavier and I love to eat at right down the road here. Xavier you should take her, I’m sure she would love it. Girl they got some of the best burgers in town besides your town that is.” Damien said trying to hide a smirk with his hand. “That actually sounds really good. Are you hungry Xavier?” Bella asked happily.

“Yeah burger sounds like it would hit the spot I didn’t know it was noon already. Thanks for everything Damien.” Xavier said. “Yes thank you for everything.” Bella said shaking his hand, walking out the door Damien had held open for her, Xavier managed to smack him in the head smoothly on the way out. “always so violent, you wait until tomorrow man.” Damien hollered back. Opening the door opened for her in the truck. “What’s happening tomorrow?” She asked curiously. “My mama has family dinners on Sunday to anyone in the family wanting to come together.” Xavier said scratching the back of his head. “I think that’s incredible. You are a lucky man Xavier.” She said looking out the window. He looked at her now feeling bad. “Don’t you start giving me a pity look now Xavier. I expect a little more than that from you.” She smirked at the window. Making him smirk. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. So you ready for one of the juiciest burgers you ever had out here in country city towns?” Xavier said with a proud smile. “You bet.” She said getting happy. Who wouldn’t be excited for food, food is life. Like she always says what’s bad for the heart is good for the soul.

They walked into the cute dinner called Decades each section of the dinner was in a different decade starting in the fifties, all the way to the 2000’s. “This is so cool!” She said getting excited. “Well it’s a seat your self kind of place so what era catches your fancy?” Xavier asked showing her the dinner that only had a couple of people in it. “Well I wan tot say the sixties because of the beautiful cars like my charger, o the seventies or eighties for the music, or the nineties was a fun time. You know what we will never sit if you let me choose so just pick for s please.” She said in a pleading tone. “Well let’s go eighties. Good music, movies, and cars also.” Xavier said with a laugh. “Thank you.” The waitress came up. “Welcome to Decades. Oh, Xavier dear it’s so good to see you, who’s your friend she’s pretty.” The sweet woman asked kindly looking at her playing with her hair like a sweet grandma making Bella smile deeply turning a little red. Xavier just smiled deeply Wilma was right. In this moment she was so pretty.

“Wilma this is Bella, Bella wonderful woman is Wilma.” “It’s very nice to meet you. I LOVE the way you styled this place it is so original and fresh it’s like taking a deep breath of fresh air looking at the imagination coming alive in this place it is just soul capturing making you take leaps back into happy childhood days.” Bella said excitedly. “Well thank you dear I am so happy to hear that. YOU have quiet the eye for details. What can I get you two?” She asked sweetly loving the heart felt compliments. “Bellz?” Xavier asked. “Can I please have the avocado burger with no onions, no tomatoe, and please no mayo. With french fries and cherry coke or sweet tea which ever is fine. Thank you Wilma.” Bella said handing her back the menu. “I would like the bacon avocado burger with the works onion rings, and the drink whatever you bring her just please make it two. Thank you Wilma.” Xavier said. “It’ll be right out.” She said happily patting Xavier should sweetly on the way back to the kitchen. “She seems so sweet. I like her.” Bella said looking at Xavier, making him smile even deeper. This woman in front him, was so different than some of the other girls in town or the other towns around them. She is humble and nice. She doesn’t look at him in a scared way, or intimidating by him or his face.

“She’s a real gem that’s for sure.” Xavier said with a nod in agreement. “So tell me something about yourself.” He said looking at her. “What do you want to know?” Bellas asked taking her drink from Wilma. “Thank you Wilma.” They both said. “I like this one.” Wilma whispered in his ear walking away. Xavier looked back at her eyes soften looking at her. “Everything.” Xavier said in that voice that calls her in. “Everything, I’m really not that interesting of a person.” Bella laughed. “I highly doubt that.” Xavier said licking his lips with a side smile.

“Alright let’s start with some easy things like what somethings you like to do?” Xavier said. A young waiter came and brought them their burgers quickly and left. “Ok well I like to go jogging every now and than, reading I love reading. I like to go fishing every now and than. When it rains I like to leave a window open and watch old movies with sweet tea and popcorn or some other treat. I like spending time with the girls, and Dimitri every now and than even like to text some other friends back in the city. I love to cook and bake. I don’t know what else to say.” “What are some things you don’t like?” Xavier asked. “Honestly? I know my job makes me deal with lots of people and sometimes I have to go to certain gatherings, I just I don’t like being around a lot of people. I don’t care to be around clubs. I don’t like seafood, I think I have an allergy to actually. I don’t like rude or people who’s ego is higher than their IQ I deal with a lot of them too. I don’t like golf, unless it’s putt putt. I don’t know what about you what do you like.” She said taking another bite of her burger.

Wiping his mouth with his napkin and holding his burger a little ways from his mouth. “Well I’m a mechanic, and not to brag I’m a great one. That’s because I love building things, and putting things together fixing stuff I don’t know I really like it. I like to go fishing with the guys every now and than. I like spending time with my little brother and my cousin. My sister is the devil. I like my Sunday dinners my mama throws. I like to watch sports, and I like to work out it helps clear my head.” Xavier said not really sure what to say either. “What things do you not like?” She asked eating her fries. “I also hate being with a bunch of random people, I don’t care for clubs either. I hate golf. I strongly dislike my sister she hangs around these two other girls who are spawns of Satan. I hate pineapple, and coconuts.” Bella smiled. They talked about a lot of random fun things. Just as they were going to gather their things they were caught off guard by a familiar voice.

“Isabella, hi how are you doing?” Carter said walking up with Nathan. “Oh hi Carter, Hi Nathan.” “You can just call me Nate.” He said with a small laugh. “Thanks Nate. So… how are you?” “We’re good, just popping in for lunch our moms live over here just got down helping them move some furniture around. What brings you to Linden?” Carter asked with a big smile. “I had some business in town and Xavier was sweet enough to help me out.” Bella said smiling at Xavier who smiled softenly to her. “How helpful you are Xavier. Hey if you have other things to do I’d be happy to take to Bella here home on our way in.” Carter asked in a hopeful tone. “Actually we still have some errands to run, and I’m having a really good time. If that’s ok with you?” Bella asked Xavier. “I think we’re fine here Carter but you guys have a good lunch we’ll see you around town. I mean I know we all know how Natalie will be looking for you it being the weekend and all.” Xavier said with a big smile looking at everyone. “Oh, I didn’t know you have a girlfriend.” Bella said smiling brightly at him.

Xavier smiling at Carter, glaring at him. “I don’t have a girlfriend. Natalie is just a friend. She’s actually best friends with Xavier’s sister. We sometimes hang out like you know how we sometimes hangout with the girls. Which reminds me The guys and I was going to invite you guys out to the bowling alley next Saturday.” Carter asked. “Oh well I don’t think we can make that.” Bella said. “Oh you guys got something else going on?” Nathan asked with an amused smirk. “Well I can’t speak for the other girls but Xavier was going to show me the best places to go fishing around here.” Bella said with a hopeful look. Xavier couldn’t help but smile even more deeply. Wondering just how far he could push this he decided to try his luck. “Yeah that’s true thought it’d be a fun first date activity.” Xavier said looking down smiling at Bella who was caught off guard for sure but didn’t let it show.

“First date?” Carter sturttered out. “Well yeah you know what they say if you don’t make your move on a great woman someone else will. Well we’ll see you guys around.” Walking up to the cashier to pay for lunch they both reached for their wallets. “It’s ok Bellz I got this.” “No please let me. It’ll be my thank you for helping me with Damien and getting me out of that awkward situation back there. Which I will not hold you to by the way. I know that was just a nice gesture.” “Tell you what I will let you get this one and only one time if you actually let me take you out this next coming Saturday.” Xavier said. “Like a date for real?” She asked.

“Well yeah it’s not like we don’t really know each other and if I don’t ask you now I’ll probably chicken out later so what do you say do we have a deal?” He asked looking at her. She stared for a moment. Than handed her card over to the cashier. Please add a 50% tip on there.” She asked with a big smile. “Don’t we still have parts to pick up?” “Yes ma’am we do.” Xavier said smiling deeply. Thanking whatever god is looking out for him for this shot. He definitely was going to have to bring Damien some damn cookies. That was the family joke if someone did a good job or was right than they got the cookie. He’s going ot have but that damn fucker about a dozen of them. He said mentally shaking his head and laughing to himself. HE opened the door for her. Excited that she ducked out to leave with Carter just to spend more time with him. They made the whole day stretch as long a s they could until she realized she needed to go home. After dropping her off he realized the hardest thing about this weekend was getting through tomorrow’s family dinner with Damien’s big mouth.

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