The Road Less Traveled

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Chapter 4

Early the next day the sun was still down there was barely light but you could see the blueish grey starting to illuminate everything around them. So she thought to herself what a great time to go for a run. Getting her yoga/jogging legging ants on that made it easy for her to move without making her chafe or rub too much together with her thick thigh problems she called it. Being very curvy and short made getting or finding clothes such a heart breaking chore where after words just left her binge eating Chinese on the couch. Thank god for designers or she would never have nothing to wear. She got on a spaghetti strap and placed a black tank top over it with a light jacket over both. Getting her wireless ear buds her cellphone in the wallet case, and a power bank with a small cord just in case she made her way out the door thinking it would be good to get a jog into town and treat herself to something from Ms. Ellie.

The fifteen minute drive was a twenty-five minute jog when your enjoying the scenery of the view from the huge farm like property to town. She was still just down the road going through downtown when she bumped into two men. Literally right into one of their chest before she could bump off him and hit the ground completely two hands reached out and pulled her close to him. “Whoa there you alright?” She heard the familiar voice ask. “Oh, geez I am so so sorry. Thank you for not letting me fall right on my ass.” She said laughing letting the other two men join in with her. “Well I can’t take you out with a hurt ass now can I?” Xavier teased playfully. Zain looked at both of them happily. He has never seen best friend act like this ever but he was really loving seeing this side of him. Guess you learn something new everyday Xain thought to himself, always something new to see.

“Good morning guys.” She said with an awkward wave to lighten the mood. “What brings you out this early? Are you one of those morning people?” Zain asked playfully. “Not really I just like jogging every now and than and the morning I find is the best time. I was motivating myself actually I’m going to jog to the café, get fat for a minute with my sugar fix and jog it off on my way back home. You know guilt free treat.” She smiled deeply. “Guess great minds think alike that’s what we doing. Would you like to join us?” Zain asked. “Are you sure I don’t want to interrupt whatever bromance you two got going on right now.” She joked. “Please we all know how much this tool loves me, nothing can break our bond right boo.” Zain said trying to snuggle up to Xavier. “Please join us don’t leave me with this.” Xavier said sadly.

“Well you know what company sounds great.” She said as they all just started walking over there. They made their orders of a couple of donuts and pastries and some sweet teas, coffee, and a smoothie. They sat there talking and enjoying each others company. “So Bellz, are you going to the charity thing too?” Zin asked. “I am are you?” She asked happily. “We never get personally invited by invitation, but we I am taking Leah.” Zain said no one missing the blush. “So what happens at these things anyways what is it should we expect?” Xavier asked curiously.

“Well everyone gets all dolled up and what they do is they try to invite either people who active in the community, like nurses, doctors, emt’s, firemen, and teachers, judges, and lawyers you know things like that. They have these silent auctions where you can compete to buy things. They have dinner, and they have dancing read the lists of winners and the evening is over. It’s mainly just like what half of what I do and not the good parts. You go socialize and network around trying to make better for yourself with connecting new contacts and new deals while spending a bit of money for a good cause they are going to tax write off anyway. For some women it’s mainly just an excuse to get dolled up get a nice date night with dinner and dancing while the men use it like a pissing contest, and trying to score new deals. I have to go because this is the part of the couple companies I help and work with it have me do.” She said shrugging taking another drink of her tea.

“Sounds like it could be a good night, if we just avoid the pissing egotists.” Xavier said chuckling to Zain knowing exactly who he was talking about. “No, I think it’s going to be fun great night with some good friends, I have to warn you thought or at least I need to be honest with you on a couple things though.” She said with a sigh looking at Xavier. “I will have to network the room, a couple times for certain people, and whatever I say or do I just kind of need you to roll with. Nothing weird or anything I just need you to basically run with the conversation. I want you to remember this is just how it works in my fucked up work world but later maybe later though I can show you the best part of what I do.” She said smiling at him. “Should I be worried? What’s the best part?” Xavier asked. “Ok first no don’t be worried. Just please don’t judge me either. Secondly, that’s my little secret. You got a lot further to go buddy before you wiggle that out of me.” She laughed.

Her phone started ringing. Looking down she looked at it. “I want this on record this goes against my best judgement.” Bella said before she pressed answer before she even she could even say hello she heard a voice in a louder than normal voice which could only be one person this early on a Monday. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me you got a meeting Thursday meeting?” “Good morning to you D.” Bella said holding the phone a little ways from her ear. “Don’t you hey D me missy ann now tell me why I am seeing a meeting on your schedule that I did not know about?” Dimitri asked. “Well see here’s the thing about my schedule I make changes to it sometimes so I can be where I am needed to be and once in a while I even make my schedule on my own. Crazy I know but honey sometimes it happens.” She said as she winked at the boys who were smiling at her enjoying the playful banter. “Now is not the time Bellz. Do you need me to get a car or do you wan tone of us to drive? Do you think we’ll be back by lunch or dinner? Should I make reservations at the.” Bella finally cut him off. “D!” She yelled making everyone in the shop look at her for a minute. “Listen Dimitri. I am going to drive up to the meeting in Bellbrooke, and I will be back before dinner. I am going to be reading and preparing for it later today and tomorrow I am going to be looking everything over. You are not going. I gave you time off this week to be with Leo and you will take it that is a direct order as your boss. You are to only show up only at the charity event that’s it. OK?” Bella asked him in a tone that left no room for argument.

“Are you sure you’re ok this week without me?” Dimitri asked. “Yes, my dear I am no get off this phone and enjoy that big beautiful man and give him a kiss from me. Love you bunches bye.” She said hanging up before he could say anything else. “Sorry about that.” She laughed off. “Never a boring moment with you is there boss?” Zain asked with a chuckle. “No that is true for Dimitri. She said with a smile. “So you’re going to Bellbrooke Thursday?” Xavier asked her. Taking a drink from his coffee. “Ya, got a meeting that should last until about almost lunch hopefully and than I will run to my office grab some mail, and those invite tickets for Friday, than run some paper work through and than should be back before dinner. Luckily the city is almost fourty-five minutes away. I think the only thing I’ll be dragged to s=is lunch with my friend Jaxon and his parents. They kind of like took me in, in their own way.” She said smiling.

“That sounds like something you should do if you’re in town. I’m sure if you guys are that close they must miss you already.” Xavier said looking at her softly. “You have no idea mama Grace has text me everyday at random times to remind me of random things and so has papa Corban. Almost everyday got to admit it does feel nice to have some type of family-ish feeling besides the girls you know.” She said with a deep smile. “The trick is being able to leave without getting dragged to dinner, because than that turns into oh it’s late you should just stay here in town for the night, than they are back to working on keeping you there.” She laughed. “That’s how it works most of the time.” Zain said with a deep chuckle. “Well I have a lot of boring paper work to start going through to prepare for this damn meeting. I’m sure you guys are going to have to get to work soon. Thank you so much for hanging out with me this morning.” Bella said standing up as the guys did too.

“Wow already seven a.m. man time flies don’t it. Have a good morning, I’ll see you in about an hour or so.” Zain said as he cleaned his area and left. “Hey my truck is actually just a couple of buildings down I can just give you a ride home? I got a bag of clothes in my car I can change into. Would you like a ride back?” Xavier asked hopefully trying to get a few more minutes alone with her. “You know what it’s a lot of work to go through so a ride would be great thanks the sooner I start this the sooner it could be over. Thank you so much, you sure it won’t be no trouble. I don’t want to be a burden or anything.” She asked looking at him to be sure. “Bellz, I like being around you. I think you’re an incredible person that I get to get to know. You are ever a burden. I will take any time I can get when it comes to you.” Xavier said looking her deep in the eye to make sure she heard what he meant in his deep husky voice. “Ok. Thank you Xavier. Really.” She said turning beat red. “You’re cute when you get all flustered.” He teased playfully. “Oh, shut it.” She said playfully pushing his chest making them both laugh a little.

Going over paper work she was highlighting things that stood out to her, or things she need to ask questions on so she labeled everything and had separate sheets just for questions on some writing tablets. Before she knew it, it was already about seven p.m wow I can’t believe it go so late, how the hell did I get into this for twelve damn hours? Thinking to herself. Grabbing her keys she decided to head to the diner. She did take about an hour texting her friends about their dates from over the weekend, how happy they are. How good they went and how they were all excited to get all sexy up’d for Friday. This was going to be a good weekend she thought to herself. They all felt proud of her for getting to two days and a lunch with the hard to talk to Xavier. The girls were so lost and amazed at the complete turn around Xavier is when she is around they liked seeing him this way. Happy to see both of them coming out of their shells in their own way. It’s been a long time coming.

When she got to the diner it was dead. Except for maybe a handful of people spread out randomly. “Good evening darlin’ are you going to be for one?” A what looked to be a college girl waitress asked. “Ugh I don’t know if I’m staying or taking it home.” She said with a smile. “Bella? Bella that you?” She heard a male voice call over. “Hey Carter well two nights in a row aint that something guess our stomachs are of one mind huh?” She asked him with a wink trying to be friendly. “I guess so.” He laughed. “Look I just sat down why don’t you join me you look beat I’m sure a little down time would do you good.” Carter said. Bella thought it over for a minute. “Come on are you really going to make one of your new friends eat dinner all alone? Do you have anything better you have ot rush off to?” He asked curiously.

Thinking back to the paper work she still has a little bit left to finish tomorrow. “No, I do not. I don’t need a menu honey I would love a cherry coke no ice please, an avacodo burger with no mayo, no tomato, and please no onions, with a side of fries please. I’ll be joining my friend over here.” She said walking over to Carter who was smiling like a kid on Christmas. The young waitress looked to Carter to get his order. “I’ll take the bacon burger, fries, and strawberry lemonade please.” He said handing her the menu back. Still smiling. “It’ll be right out.” She said taking the order back and getting their drinks. It took almost two minutes for her to return placing their drinks down.

“It’s so quiet for Monday in here. Is it?” She asked curiously. “Sometimes, most people have supper earlier between seven and eight place starts to slow down that’s when it closes sometimes eight sometimes nine. You just getting off work?” He asked nicely. “You can say that. I work from home until I have to go to the meetings back in the city, or go in and deal with some of the work that has to be done in person it’s only a couple days of month I have to be there otherwise I can work right at home.” She answered back. “So is that why you moved here. We’re close enough to get back to the offices, yet far enough to get some freedom and quiet?” HE asked curiously. He’s family is form old money his uncle on his mother’s side actually is a V.P for one the companies she gives consulting to so he knows a little bit of what she does, and or has seen her round the parties in the city. Most of police force has to go up every so often for training, and helping out when the cities departments get to tight handed.

“Yup. Exactly why. How about you are you just getting off too or do you just wear that for fun?” She asked as he was still in uniform. “Ya I got off about seven. Starving I worked through lunch had court dates in Linden, and I had to come back for one in Alton. The guy tried to fight off a ticket about indecent exposure even though I got him on four camera’s peeing on a side of a building and trying to wrestle three damn racoons for cookies while he was wearing nothing but his birthday suit. The man sells health insurance guess he just cracked.” Carter said shaking his head putting his hand on it. Bella was laughing so hard she had a little soda come out of her nose.

“Oh my god I am so sorry. I just I was picturing that story in my head and I couldn’t hold it in I’m sorry.” She said in between her laughter, trying to clean her mess with one hand and holding her stomach with another. “Well you know maybe he just thought he could get away with it because no one wants to tackle a naked guy.” She said still laughing. “I don’t know what it was but it was not something I want to ever do again you know I cleaned that car out nine times and got redetailed four times and it just still doesn’t feel enough. I don’t think anything will ever be enough.” Carter said his body making a shiver, making them both laugh harder. Their food came out and he got to know her a little better. It turned about fifteen minutes til eight and she gathered her things. “This was fun, you right dinner with a friend was better than going home eating alone. I’m drained though so I think I am going to head back and get some R&R before I have to finish up reading tomorrow. Thank you for a good night.” She said getting her wallet out. “Hey how about I get this as my welcome to the town treat? Or even a thank you for the company treat?” Carter asked. “No, that’s ok I am good. Thank you so much though.” She said as they both walked up to the cashier. “Oh Carter you left your phone over there.” Bella said as she pointed it out on the table. Looking back to the waitress she handed her a fifty to pay for both of them and keep whatever was left. Leaving the waitress to smile deeply and thank her. She left out the door quickly before Carter could come and protest. Getting into the car he was starring at her with a look of amusement as she drove away. Shaking his head he couldn’t believe she got a fast one on him. He was just happy to finally score sometime getting to know her.

Her phone rang as she was walking through the door clock reading about eight ten p.m. “Hello.” She asked not even looking at the caller I.D. “Hey Bellz.” She heard that husky voice that was starting to grow on her so much. “Hey Xavier what are you doing?” She asked happily. “I just got out of the shower from a very long day. Was hoping to talk to you for a few make it feel a little better?” He said as he blushed on the other end of the phone. “Are you blushing?” She asked. “Maybe, maybe not guess we’ll never know. What are you doing?” He asked with a small chuckle. “I’m just getting in from having dinner at the diner. I went through so much work, I started to get hungry. I headed over there and ended up having a nice meal with Carter it was the weirdest thing. This is the second time he’s popped up at the same place I was for dinner.” She said finding weird.

“A nice dinner with Carter, Those are five words I could never say. Where was the other place.” Xavier said still with a chuckle. “Yesterday he was with his guys and I meet two girls they were with Natalie and Sara. They seemed really nice, but it felt more like a front, but that’s probably just me or the feeling I got They were nothing but nice.” She said. “Oh no baby girl, the yare truly twisted as crap you got that feeling they were shady you stick with it because you are right on the money. That’s the same girl who’s been trying to get with Carter forever and a day. The other girl Sara she’s been chasing Nathan it’s a sad thing to watch man.” Xavier said honestly. “That actually make sense now, yesterday at the chinese food place Carter asked me to the charity thing and I thought one of the veins in her eye was going to just bust. After I told him I was going to ask you, it looked like she relaxed a bit. Is she really that bad where she scaring off dudes?” Bella asked. “You have no idea, it’s actually best to stay out of her radar if you can help it.” Xavier said. They talked for about another two hours time always slipping from them, until they both fell asleep.

Thursday came quick and she was getting out of the car and coming into the building wearing her badge and going through the doors. “Welcome to Dolton Industries. Oh hey Bellz it’s good to see you.” The receptionist called out as she was still walking her way to the elevator. “Morning Darla.” She waved as the doors closed. Everyone was greeting her happily. Everyone was always more cheerful when she was around especially their main bosses. Walking into the conference room she was the first one there, setting up everyones copies of reports, and setting up waters and other things anyone might need. People started flowing in greeting her with a hug and a kiss to her cheek and or forehead. “There’s my favorite girl.” Jaxon said hugging her and kissing her cheek. “It does a heart good, to see you.” He added. “It’s only been a week Jax, you know it’s only been a week I’ve been gone and only five minutes before the guilt trip to start.” She teased him.

“No, no no guilt trip, I just. I miss ya Bellz.” Jaxon said as he came around to hold out her chair, he pushed her chair in sat right next to her. “Alright I think we’re all here let’s begin.” Jaxon said looking to the presenters who were here to purpose expanding certain business with some differences to what they were already doing and need a company to help be backers to get it off the ground. After the presentation the man called Edgar asked if anyone had any questions. He was truly gifted in talking backwards and circle around issues that maybe problem areas with alternate solutions that could or could not work. “That concludes our proposal.” Edgar took his seat. The men were all on the fence and you can tell. “Go ahead I know it’s probably killing you.” Jaxon said in a low voice and a smile towards Bella. “Well that was truly a great presentation minus all the flaws that came with your great speaking skills.” Bella said. “I’m sorry flaws? Which flaws?” “Well you danced around every area that could lead to a problem and you skipped over other concerns completely that should have been brought up or mention you left out entirely not just in your speech but here in this pages.” Bella said never taking her eyes off him. “I’m sure I can answer any concern you have Ms. Alderman.” Edgar said with confidence. “I would watch your tone boy, this is the lady you need to be buttering she is in complete control on where I and about sixty percent of it’s shares put the finances you asking for. Time to watch your ego.” Jaxon said in a voice that was frankly dark and scary.

“It just warms my heart about you ready to answer my questions because frankly I have many. For example in this little booklet the shares constantly change why is that? Not only the shares are the shares going up every year the expanses change yearly and not in the ways it should like the equipment, employees, health care, the bills, the taxes, the property taxes that change yearly those are fine I am willing to look over the over charge by ten percent I am, but what are these charges over here for?” “Oh well I will have to run that by the finance expert to see who put in for that.” He stuttered out. “NO need to you have one right here, this fluffy charges will pulled out because we this would propose you are trying to do dirty business and we don’t do that. Also some of the things in this buildings have no bearing on the building itself so this location is not needed as it would prove no importance it takes away from the target customer unless you are in fact trying to launder money or sell guns? I don’t understand why your people would be fighting so hard for this location it’s not where it needs to be, yet you refuse to place any other location.” “It was chosen to be the best location by the soul owner and sentimental value of my boss.” Edgar stuttered out. “I’m sure it is and tell me how many times has your boss been questioned and pulled by the police for his businesses?” Bella asked with her eyebrows furrowed together. “I think five.” Edgar answered with his head held high and starting to sweat. “I think I have heard enough. Thank you for you time Edgar but I think you know our answer. Have a good day.” Jaxon said as all the men shook their head.

“You know I have no problem supporting people in trouble with police you know getting fresh start and all but to keep getting in trouble for the same shit, is not a risk I am willing to take with millions of peoples jobs on the line.” Jaxon said flatly to everyone around the board table. “Good research Bellz. Hey how about I take you to lunch?” Jaxon said. “No can do I am going to my office to pick up some things sign some things and get home to keep pushing other things through. I have to check on certain other projects that we have going on.” Bella said. “I’m trying to make it home before dinner time I love sunset on my porch.” Bella said looking him in the eye being honest with him. “Ok how about lunch in your office.” Jaxon said. “There’s no way out of this is there?” “Nope.” He replied back instantly with a smile. “Fine.” Bella said as she sighed with a chuckle going to her office saying her greetings to everyone.

After Jaxon came in with two sub sandwiches and she signed a bunch of papers while they talked and laughed. She was discussing some things between the receptionist and his personal assistant, when her phone started to ring on her desk. Jaxon looked down to see Xavier on the screen, not even thinking about it he picked up. “Isabella Alderman’s phone how can I help you?” Jaxon asked kindly knowing how many people in businesses get ahold of her daily. “Oh huh, hi. Is Bella around?” Xavier asked confused. Not shocked that a guy answered her phone she did say assisstants and other people answer their phones all the time and that she maybe having lunch with friend. “She’s going over some things with my assistant right now, before she heads out to go home. Can I help you with anything?” “Oh no, I was just calling to check in with her about something, but it’s not that important could you just tell her Xavier called.” Xavier asked nicely. “Ok Jax, I am all set and I am heading home right now please vacat my office so your mother doesn’t see me and start water works I am in no way shape or form ready for that right now. Why do you have my phone?” She asked curiously. “It rang so I picked thought it might be important he’s actually still on the line I think Said his name is Xavier.” “Give me that you twat.” Bella said. Xavier and the guys could hear everything as she was on speaker as they were just starting lunch they clos ethe shop down for an hour to take lunch.

“Damn Bellz why you strong.” They heard and laughed even harder. “Xavier are you there?” She said a little out of breath. “Did you get a good work out there Bellz?” Xavier asked with a chuckle in his voice. “What’s the big deal about that damn call anyway, you act like it’s your secret lover or something come let me see you down.” Jaxon said to her as she shut and locked her door. “No thank you , Jax you march your ass to your office right now or so help me god I will tell your aunt who really broke that.” He cut her off. “Alright, alright fine but this conversation isn’t over. Don’t forget in a couple weeks I’m coming down to spend some time with you. You be able to hide anything from me than.” He whispered in seductive voice. “I aint hiding anything form you now you damn dork.” She said rolling her eyes pushing down on the elevator.

Xavier did not like his tone but than again it could all be in his head. “Was that the friend you were talking about?” “Ya that was Jaxon. He can be a real pain in the ass I’m sorry you had to hear all that. What’s up?” She asked remembering she had no idea why he called. She didn’t even care she looked forward to his random calls that made her stomach do flips. “I just wanted to ask you what color you dress is so I can match my tie. Unless you think that’s a little weird?” He asked now sounding nervous. “I think that is the sweetest smartest thing I have heard literally all day. Blue, a dark royalish blue. Thank you Xavier. This is not how I wanted our first date to be, so thank you.” She said honestly as she connected her phone to her car and started driving home. “Well it’s a good thing we got a second one all lined up. Besides it won’t be so bad, it could be like a first big ol double date. I have never don that before.” HE said laughing. They other guys joined in with him. “Are you coming home??” He asked. “YA I should be there about thirty minutes. You got big plans tonight?” She asked.

“Yes I have a special threesome planned between my mattress, my pillow and I. So if you hear any noises or things start getting crazy don’t be alarmed.” She started laughing hard. “Any ways get off the phone and drive safe. Could you do one thing for me?” HE asked nervously. “Sure what do you need Knight?” “Could you just shoot me a text when you home so I know you got there ok?” He asked in that deep beautiful voice. “I sure will. Have a good day Xavier.” She hung up turning a deep shade of red. It made her heart beat in an excited way to have someone worry about her. A tall dark handsome someone who with just one look in those beautiful eyes, or just the sound of that voice would make her need a napkin to dry her seat, and make her stomach flip. Maybe this could be something. Something big, they can’t all be they same right?”

The next day they were all dress up and at some grand banquet hall in a fancy hotel. Bella was in her blue dress, Leah in her red, Rylie in her black and Maddison in her purple, they were the definition of elegance and was definitely the best dressed there in the building. Natalie was very pist off looking at them. “How is it the got ahold of the dresses that aren’t even out to be released until this fall?” She asked looking at the small group of friends that surrounded them. “Let’s go say hello to our little friend.” Natalie said to Sara as she saw Carter and the guys approaching the group of girls. “You all look great ladies, I got to say everyone of us is a little jealous not to be about to show you off tonight. Liam said not looking away from Maddie as Draven hand around her waist pulls her closer. “We know how lucky we are don’t we guys?” Xavier said not looking away form Carter who was starring him down. Looks like Bella was right thi is one big pissing contest.

“Good to see you guys made it out. We appreciate all the support we can get. Cancer is something that is very active in the community and I’m glad we can help try to put some more funding to help those fighting.” Nathan said looking eyeing Leah up and down. With a low growl coming form all the guys as they pull the girls closer together. “Well you ladies look so lovely would honor us with just one dance. Come on one little spin on the floor.” Carter asked looking between the girls and his friends who’s eyes all lit up at the thought. Making Xavier and their friends eyes darken. “Don’t you ladies look fabulous.” Natalie said with a big smile. “Sara don’t they look great? You two look just amazing together hope you take pictures looking this great I’m sure a magazine could use it for one of those fancy perfume ads. You just scream beautiful couple.” Natalie said patting Bella on the arm. “Don’t’ you think Carter.” She asked Carter eyes snapped to her like she lost her damn mind. “What?” “I said don’t’ they just look like a beautiful couple.” Natalie said emphasizing the word couple. “Ya, sure.” Carter said boredly. “So about that dance?” Carter asked.

“That is so sweet of you gentlemen to ask, but we need to actually go and speak to some people, and I doubt I could do as much justice for you as Natalie could, Natalie I’m sure you could take a fun little spin with Carter here?” Bella asked happily. “Of course, come on Carter come show me what you got.” Natalie said in a seductive tone. “Ya Carter don’t keep your lovely lady waiting?” Xavier said with a smirk. “Maybe you should hop on that gentleman train there Nathan it would be just rude to keep some one as sweet as Sara on the sidelines.” Zain added in trying not to smirk to hard. “Of course, come on Sara let’s show these guys what their missing.” HE said trying to hold back his cringe, as Saras face lit up like firework. “The night is still young, we’ll com collect our dance before the nights in ya?” Nathan said in warning tone to the guys. “Ok friend let’s hurry up fan out and get the greetings ot of the way so we can try to enjoy this thing and they find us.” Rylie said to the girls, but the boys couldn’t help but here their discomfort in the last part looking at each other they nodded they were not going to let them be uncomfortable in any way tonight, not if they were around.

Looking around the room Bella saw the two main targets she was looking for tonight. “Ok, Xavier I have to do something work related right now and I just need you to just roll with the conversation please.” She asked with pleading eyes. “Oh I get to see the Ms. Alderman operate I can’t wait to see this.” He said with a smirk. “George? George Wiltmen is that you. It’s so good to see you. How have you been?” She asked happily hugging the man and kissing his cheek. “Oh my word Bella you look more beautiful everytime I see you I swear. Who’s this nice young man?” Mr. Wiltmen asked. “This is my wonderful date Xavier Knight. Xavier this sweet man is Mr. George Wiltmen he is the architect main firm in Bellbrook a couple of blocks away from my office.” “It’s nice to meet you sir.” Xavier shook the man who had to be at least fourty-five’s hand. “Please join us for a drink George and spare a little chat with me?” She asked kindly. “Any chance to steal you away from Corban, is a chance worth taking.” George said showing them to the open bar. “Bella, Bella you look amazing.” She heard a voice call form behind her at the bar. “Travis. Travis it’s so lovely to see you here. It’s been months. Here let me introduce you this is my wonderful date Xavier Knight and the sweet Mr. George Wiltmen. Boys I would like you to meet an old friend Travis Aldrich. Travis owns and operates a special web design company that helps make and install programs that help other companies do things like graphic design. Oh George weren’t you telling me the other day about how the contracts you had got put on hold for so many months, did those ever get fixed?” She said looking sad and placing her hand on his arm.

“No the damn program we got is faulting out with so many damn bugs it’s hard to get our designs we have drawn up to match and come up on the damn programs for the contractors it’s nothing but a mess and a head ache.” Mr. Wilmen said scratching his head. “Have you tried using a different coding server program?” Travis asked as this peaked his interest. “That sounds interesting what is that?” Bella asked. Xavier started looking at all three this was interesting he thought to himself. “Well if the system is running off a faulty program it will seep into throwing other things off, so if he just swaps out the bad program for one that relates more to his needs, than it should fix about fifty other problems he may not aware of that’s causing more errors than anyone has probably caught on.” Travis said. “Huh, you know I’ve been so caught up in this on big problem I haven’t even started to consider any other issues that might be creeping on me. Do you think you could set up an appointment with me and maybe swing by and tell me your opinion next week? We are on the look out for a new program designer.” George asked hoping Travis would say yes. “Ya I can definitely do that I would want you to be stuck with something that can be holding peoples jobs, the world is so bad right now I don’t think people can afford to wait and keep putting off the opening for more work. Any contracts that I make though got to warn you know they go through this wonderful woman she is actually in charge of the companies finances.” Travis said smiling down at her. “I can tell you right now with confidence whatever deal George gives you. Take it. He is one the most honest down to Earth won’t bullshit you man I ever had the pleasure to do business with.” Bella said with a kiss to each of their cheeks?

“If you excuse me gentlemen all this talk is starting to go straight over my head and the dance floor seems to be calling my name thank you so much for the chat and the drink.” “It was so nice to see you and meet you Mr. Knight you are one lucky man.” Travis said smiling. “Thank you pleasure to meet you both as well.” The two men went on talking and laughing business. Pulling Bella close to him on the floor. They were both ignoring the looks his face was getting. With the scar still over his left eye. “You are truly a genius. A true mastermind I see what you did back there. Your game is smooth my dear got to say didn’t think I would see that come out of you.” He said with a laugh looking around and than down to her eyes. “There you found out how I work at these parties. I go around to people I’ve met and see an opportunity to help them with another person who has a certain problem ask them a bunch of random questions like a typical women who doesn’t understand certain things and make them see how joining forces for a specific project could make them serious money than I find ways to make a portion of that money let’s say tax deductable.” She said looking back at him. “You are good at what you do. It’s not even a lie. You actually helped people build new things to make jobs for other people? Now I know that’s not what all happens but in the end when you help all these people expand or start or whatever it is they are doing you are actually helping people get work and right now that’s not an easy thing to do. I’m proud of you Bellz that is a cool thing to be able to do.” Xaiver said as he leaned down to kiss her cheek making her blush deeply.

“I never really looked at it like that before. Thank you Xavier. Ussually I feel so lame or hell sometimes a little dirty to pretend to be that dumb for even just a little bit but I never thought to see it from that way. It truly made my nights and future nights of these damn parties better. How do I thank you for that.” She asked looking at him. “You can start by only staying with me tonight. Let me be the only one to show you off in this room and on this dance floor.” He said pulling her closer. “Deal.” She said as they were all being called in for dinner before the silent auction began. “The night is still young, let’s make the most of it.” Xavier whispered to her ear walking over to her chair at their table as the guys all pulled out their chairs for the girls. Carter and the other guys were actually sitting in the same table.

As the dinner went on the silent auction on the officers were bidding on all kinds of things and being out bidded on some. Everything was suppose to be used for or to help the towns people so many things were gift baskets, trips, gift cards free meals. “I got to say I thought you guys would be in more of a donating spirit.” Carter asked the other guys at the table knowing that what they made was significantly greater than them. “Well see that’s thing theirs is nothing on the list we could really use or need.” Jayden said. “Ya so we decided to go a different way.” Xavier said. “Ok they last six packages are being donated by Knight auto shop. Mr. Knight and his crew have donated something truly different tonight. They have offered to have four free car fixes. Now what that means is they will run tests, and fix everything wrong on your car including one free tow. For whatever you pay here today. No labor cost, no part cost, no extra cost, and they will give you a free smog check. The will for four buyers tonight and ladies and gentlemen there is no one more worth than Knight I think we all know that. Also the men have put together a handy man call, all four will come to two people who need help fixing whatever you need help around the house with. They buy the parts, and materials and get the job done for you. Now we all know there are a lot of elderly people in the community who’s homes need help and that’s what great good this package can do. They starting offer they requested was $50 for the car fixng.” The auctioner called all the prices and the guys themselves made over eighteen thousand dollars.

They guys were feeling pretty good about themselves right now knowing how much they are going to be eating out of pocket for this was still a cheaper way to go. “I can’t believe you guys did that.” Maddie said. “This is just.” Riley couldn’t finish her sentence. “We didn’t do anything no one else could have offered.” Draven said looking at his beautiful date. “It’s really nothing.” Xavier said looking around the table. “Nothing? This is so much more than nothing you guys gave the one thing many people don’t have or even thought about and that is time. That is something money can’t buy you guys are going out of pocket giving up your time and hard work, just so people can help pay the costs for their sickness.” Bella said as all the girls got misty eyed looking at the guys beaming with pride. The officers and the mechanics got into a stare knowing at that moment things were about to start turning in a different way.

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