The Road Less Traveled

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Chapter 5

It was about 6 in the morning as Bella was roaming around her house in her spaghetti strap tank top and her short shorts as PJs making her some sweet tea until she heard a knock on the door. With her drink in hand she made her way with her hair down falling all the way around her opening it up surprised to see Xavier standing there in a regular grey muscled t-shirt that hugged his muscles in all the right ways and some black cargo pants that could zip off at the knees. He sat and stared at her for a minute or two amazed at the sight before him. “Good morning Xavier.” Bella said to snap him back to reality. “Oh yeah, good morning. I know I should have called or talked this over with you last night but I was thinking it over and just.” Bella cut off his rambling worried he came to tell her he changed his mind. “Xavier is everything ok?” Bella asked you could her being a little nervous.

“Yeah everything is fine. I was thinking of what to do for our date today. I remembered you told Carter I was going to take you to some fishing spots and I thought, it actually sounded fun so I if your ok with it I got some bait some poles, and some snacks thought maybe we could go fishing I got a guest license because my pass is all year around in case you didn’t have one. So if you up for it how about we go fishing? I should have called.” He said thinking that this is probably weird now catching her off guard. “You packed us up to go fishing?” She asked flatly. “I can make some sandwiches, I just made a jug of sweet tea, and have extra water bottles I got some chicken liver we could probably use. I just need five minutes to get dressed.” She said with excitement as she ran off to her room like a kid rushing to get ready so they can go to the toy store. Making him smile deeply standing in the door frame.

“Xavier you better not have my door still open letting bugs in.” She hollered making him walk in and shut the door behind him looking around from where he was he started looking around at the house. She had all the best appliances and it smelt and looked at home, the walls covered with art looks like done by kids and signed. And pictures filled with happy people and moments. It was warm and welcoming. What stood out was the T.V. he’s mouth dropped. The TV covered almost the whole wall it had to atleast be about almost 80 inch flat screen where the length was taller the width. He sat there looking at it with his mouth opened. “Yeah, that caught the girls attention too, it was a gift. Makes my place the place to watch movies for girls nights.” She said with a giggle. “What do you guys watch?” HE asked curiously. “Football once in awhile or Aquaman or Game of Thrones.” She said listing a couple. “So Jason Momoa movies?” He asked laughing. “Only some if it’s not Gerald Butler.” She joked back.

He notice she was now wearing a swim suit top that looked like a halter tank top and some dark jean shorts, with a pair of thong sandals and a bag that had a couple of towels and water shoes, change of clothes, sunblock, and a ziplock bag full of crap. “What is that?” He asked. “Ok don’t judge me but I always take my emergency ziplock it’s a thing me and my dad did. It has pliers, gauze, bandaids, disinfectant, neospron, tweezers, nail clippers, cotton balls, qtips, rubbing alcohol and proxide in little labeled containers, markers, flashlights, extra batteries and some little things you may need in an emergency or by off chance.” She said looking down. “You got a thing there to squeeze snake venom out. What kind of spots have you fished? I got to say that’s one of the smartest things Ive seen in awhile. Infact I got like half of that in my tackle box. The guys usually make fun of me for a having a heavy medium sized one, but when we got out the freaking tools never stay out of it.” He said as they laughed.

“You wont need a tackle box what you got here is fine I got you on the rest.” He said. “That means a lot since I have yet to go get anything I would need for that yet. SO should I make sandwiches or something?” “No, I got snacks and drinks. I was going to take you to lunch or dinner whenever we got done.” “Oh that sounds awesome.” She gathered her things and they made their about thirty minute drive our to a river other side of a lake. It was a hidden little spot only the guys really knew about. Every local had a spot somewhere hidden down here. He’s just happen to be next to a spot that they could climb a little boulder that stuck out with a rope swing to toss them out in the water. Under a hidden rock spot he pulled out two camo colored pop up luxury chairs that looked like they could fit about two people each, than reached for a pop up table he clicked together so there things wouldn’t be left dirty on the ground.

“Wow this place is so great.” She spoke lowly. “Why are you whispering?” He chuckled. “Don’t want to scare the fish or anything else that maybe resting around here.” She said with a wink. “If you want we got a canopy I could pop up or the little umbrellas that come with the chairs?” He offered. “No this is more than what I need. Thank you so much I love this it is so beautiful here. Do you need any help?” She asked. “You can move the chairs to where it is you like us to sit, and I’ll bait these up.” He said with a smile. “Alrighty.” She looked at the water and walked down with it. “Here, this will be the spot.” She said placing the chairs down. “SO you think this is the magical spot?” He joked. “I know it is you wait and see.” She said with confidence. “My mama used to say this is my superpower.” She laughed. “It might be one of them, I think it’s your speaking skills, or people. You may not like them baby girl, but you can definitely work a room. Probably talk us out of war.” Xavier said with a chuckle but meant every word after seeing her work her skills the night before not once but four times.

“My daddy said the same thing you just did.” She said laughing. “We use to do this all the time this time of year through the fall. We wasn’t a wealthy family we barley passed for middle class, but every summer felt like the richest people around when we would sneak off night fishing.” She said with a big smile casting her line out standing in the water with her water shoes, she shed her shorts off and was in her swim suit shorts. “My dad takes the guys, my brother and I night fishing in the summer too. Maybe you could come with this time. Nobody else likes to go.” He chuckled as he zipped off his cargo pants into some shorts with his water shoes and stood not to fat from her. “That would be amazing haven’t been in a long time.” She replied. “So you got a lot of work ahead of you this week?” Xavier asked in low voice. “Oh you one of them talkers when he fishes?” Bella joked making him laugh. “No I’m not actually a talker period I just like to get to know more about you. I mean we’ve been hanging around each other randomly for four years, I always was attracted to you, always to scared to make a move. Now that your actually living here and all I don’t want to miss a chance of getting to know you.” Xavier said turning red with his confession. “Wow are you blushing? You look all cute when your flustered there Knight.” She teased. “Whatever.” He smiled and mumbled out.

“Well if we going to start being so honest here. Besides my girls who I love more than life itself. One of the main reasons I would come is I knew, somehow I knew. Maybe it was just wishing, but I knew you would be there. Spending time with you would be one of the ways the girls would lure me here. I would get a little sad when Carter and his friends would be there and not you guys. You are a hard man not to think about Xavier.” She said looking him in the eyes. “I don’t think I ever met a man as handsome and humbly down to Earth as you. I enjoy our time together.” She said still starring at him. “You are nothing like I would have guessed.” HE said recasting his line. “You’re better.” He said looking at her. “I was kind of nervous planning this date out in my head, I really wanted it to go well. I don’t want to do something that would make you feel uncomfortable, or awkward.” He said. “Why would you think I would feel any of those things, like you said we’ve been knowing each other a little over four years hell even the last couple days have been great in my opinion why would you think I would feel awkward?” She asked curiously raising her eyebrow.

“Well you know neither one of us likes attention or people and there are some places we going to go to where some people like to stare.” He said point to his face. “Well like you said I have a way with words and can creatively tell people to fuck off in stylish forms. I think you look sexy as hell.” She said looking at him and he felt nothing but honesty in her words making him blush like crazy, as dark as his skin is his blush stood out like a beacon light. “I’m glad you think so.” He said chuckling back at her. “I think you nailed the perfect date. I haven’t been on a real date in a long time. I go to dinners and stuff with guy friends all the time. It’s been awhile since I have been on a real date. It’s never been this fun, or thought out. I honestly just love this.” She said recasting out her line. “

“I find that hard to believe I mean look at you. You’re funny, beautiful, sexy, warm personality and you’re probably the smartest person I’ve met in a long time. You going to tell me you haven’t gone on dates?” He asked looking at her like she crazy. “Well yeah I’ve gone on dates, but I don’t think they are real dates.” “What? How can you go on a date and it not be real?” He asked now curious. “Well like you said I’m smart with my job, so a lot of times guys asked me out and they would just talk about work and what I can do or who I know that can help them along in their business. So to me that’s work and not a real date. It’s not a secret I get job perks and a really good salary so a lot of times, a guy will ask me out and forget his wallet at an expensive restaurant that will be right next to the a sports event I ironically just got tickets for. I know a lot of successful people who have supermodel like daughters so they would ask me out to get a hold of them. The lovely guys who are looking for a sugar mama. The guys who see worthy because of what I do, or how much I make, or the contacts I have who think perfect wife who can further them along in business, and still eye candy so they and their parents want me to be attached to them. It’s not real in my eyes. That’s not what I want.” She said sadly.

Looking at her he felt bad now. He was worried for a while about the grand difference in their wages but because he felt like he wouldn’t make enough to keep her happy. She apparently will always have to worry about her wages, because she wasn’t. It hurt his heart to know she was used, emotionally abused even. He wanted nothing more than to hold her close and change all that. “I’m sorry you had to go through that bull shit. No one should ever get drug out like that.” Xavier said she felt the pain for her come out through his words, not pity, but her own pain. It was such a beautiful thing to hear and see. I knew he would be different let’s hope it stays that way She thought to her self. Not even two minutes they were reeling in fish after fish. Together they brought in about twenty- three fish she won by one.

“Told you that was our spot.” She said to him. “Do you mind if I keep them and take them home my family normally keeps and grills whatever we catch this would feed everybody.” Xavier asked with a laugh. “Yeah I’m ok with that. Normally I would two things I would either release them if I’m lazy or I would gut them myself and take them down to some people I would know who like to eat fish. I hate to cut this short but I am starving do you mind if we head back into town and get some food?” Bella asked. It was already about four p.m . “Wow we been out for about eight hours. I’m so sorry Bells I didn’t mean to keep you like this long without eating. Hell you probably didn’t even have breakfast yet.” Xavier said starting to feel bad. “Hey I had a great time. I wouldn’t change a thing. This was so awesome we got a lot of great pictures too.” She said proudly while they finished cleaning up.

They talked and had a great time all the way to the Chinese restaurant. He walked in towards the hostess booth looking over the menu on the wall, waiting for her to come back from the bathroom. Eight hours was a long time to hold it in. Looking at the wall he heard an annoying voice. “Xavier, thought I smelled something foul.” Carter said standing behind him wit a check bill in his hand. “Carter shocked you’re here sign on the front said no dogs allowed.” Xavier said not even looking a t him. “Dude, you’re the one who smells like damn river.” Carter said with bitterness in his voice. “Oh my god we do. Ugh wow. Do you mind if we just got food and went back to my place I would love to shower this smell off me.” Bella said smiling smelling herself making Xavier smile with her. “Bella, third night in a row.” Carter said smiling deep. “Yeah if I didn’t know any better I would say your stalking me Mr. Anderson. I apologize for the smell. Why don’t you go ahead and pay so you can get back to fresh air I didn’t think it would bother anyone.” She said apologetically.

“No that’s ok, I was just teasing Xavier here, it’s like a lifetime thing. Go ahead and order.” Carters said as Xavier and Bella placed an order. “Make all that to go please.” Xavier made sure to say to the hostess as he paid the bill, stopping Bella from going to her wallet. “We had a deal baby girl remember? I let you get the lunch last week if I could take you on the date today.” Xavier said lifting her chin to make her look him in the eyes. “Can I get the next one?” She asked stills starring into his eyes. “You can bet your ass they’ll be next one but I got to tell you, you paying for dates don’t sit to well with me let’s take it on case by case.” He offered. “Compromise?” She asked he nodding his head in agreement. “So how’s your day been so far?” Carter asked her pulling her out of the trance Xavier had her in. Earning himself a huge glare from Xavier who wrapped an arm around her waist just to piss him off.

“It was great, Xavier took me fishing and here for a date.” Bella said with so much enthusiasm and excitement. It brought both men to huge smiles watching her like that was cute. “It sounds like you had fun time. Did you catch anything good? If not I know a little spot down the ways I’d love to show you.” Carter said with a huge smile and trying to sound seductive. “Maybe another time, we had the best spot I caught twelve fish, while this guy got eleven.” She said playfully patting Xaviers chest. “Hey now, if I was to catch anymore we’d both still be going out there right now and starting to get hungry.” He joked. They heard the ding and grabbed their order. All walking outside. “So you going to call it a night than?” Carter asked curiously.

“Well I know you got spare clothes with you, if you want you can use one of the spare showers and we can have dinner and watch a movie at my place. Unless you have other things to do.” Bella said to Xavier. “Nope I think that sounds great. If your ok with that, I made sure to have the whole day free for you and I don’t think I’m ready to call it a night just yet.” Xavier said back in her ear in a low voice. “Ok sounds great Carter it was nice running into you. I swear when it comes to dinner were just like one mind. I would hug you but you know I smell like a river.” Bella said with a chuckle as Xavier helped lift her into his truck. Xavier and Carter stared each other down, as he got in and took Bella on her way.

“Ok so you can use the shower right down the hall there, there is bar soap and body wash right there, along with some rags and towels, and anything else you need in the closet cabinets inside the bathrooms. Hollar if you need anything.” Bella said as she placed plates and the food down on the coffee table for them to have ready when they got out of the shower. Fifteen minutes later they were dresses down into comfortable jogging pants and simple t-shirt for Xavier and another Spaghetti top for her. Both using chop sticks and digging in watching episodes of Raising Hope on the huge T.V. talking the whole time before he knew it, it was nine o’clock. “Oh my, I’m sorry I took your whole day I felt like I trapped you here for like four hours.” She said starting to feel bad. “Hey none of that I had a great time.” HE said as they started to clean up their mess and wash up a little. “I guess I better go, got to put up with my family tomorrow that always takes a long time to mentally prepare for.” He joked Scratching the back of his head as he grabbed his dirty clothes in the plastic bag she gave him.

Walking him outside to her porch. “It’s a little chilly, stay up here.” He said as he stopped her form going bare foot to his truck. Smiling at each other. “Thank you so much for today. It was just awesome I haven’t had good time like that in awhile. That place is now my favorite place besides the diner.” She laughed out. “Ya but Chinese is both our favorite.” He said nodding to her. “I got to be honest with you. This is my first real date.” Xavier said. “Are you serious? How can that be?” She asked confused. “Well I got this about sophomore year of high school, and I threw myself into working out and got built like a mountain. It apparently was a little intimidating for some girls. Plus no on ever really caught my eye. Plus some of the girls who would hit on me would be drunk or into some really crazy strange shit.” Xavier said laughing with Bella. “So, thank you for a great first date.” Xavier said taking a step closer to her. “Thank you for letting me be your first date.” She said taking a step to him.

Reaching out pulling her waist to him he held her to him and put one hand cupping her face and her jawline. Leaning in a little checking her face to see if she would pull away, closing her eyes she pulled him closer to him putting her hands wrapping around his neck and letting him press hi slips to hers. Lost in the slow sensual kissing they pulled apart to finally take a deep breath resting his forehead to hers. “I’ll text you when I get home. Call you later?” HE said looking at her more like it was a question. “You better.” She answer back placing a kiss on his nose. “Get inside and lock up baby.” He said letting her go. “Goodnight drive safe Xavier.” She said as she locked all three and turned her alarm on. “Night beautiful.” He said walking to his car. After letting her know he got home. They both laid down in bed, head still reeling in happiness. Finally after all this time, they got something to look forward to. Someone to look forward to.

The house was filled with laughter and conversations with his aunts, uncles, cousins, and a couple of other people there had to be at least fifteen people in the house today. “Wow you guys must have paid a lot look at all that fish the smallest one must weigh about nine pounds. They look good though where you get it?” His Uncle asked his dad. Who had one hand on the grill and one hand on his mama. “Ask Xavier he brought it all home.” He answered back. “Son where you get it?” He asked everyone was all kind of around tossing the football back to his brother. “Well, ugh I went fishing yesterday.” He said holding back a part. “That’s a lot of fish to catch by yourself son?” His dad asked. “I took a date out fishing yesterday. She loves to fish but she’s allergic to seafood and fish makes her sick, so whatever she catches she either tosses back, or gives away to friends. So I thought it would be nice to grill up today.” Xavier said scratching the back of his head while he’s family just stared at him like he told them he killed someone.

“You went a date?” His brother shrieked across the yard. “You took a woman fishing?” His mother asked shocked. “The same woman you been pining for four years for fishing?” His mother asked like he lost his mind. “Did you have a good time.” His dad asked like it was a normal conversation Xavier was thankful for that. “Yeah, we had blast, we gonna see each other again later.” Xavier said with a smile taking the soda form his dad. “You took her fishing and she’s going to see you again?” Damien asked mouth hung open. “Yup.” “What did you do after you too went fishing?” Cameron asked. “I took her to grab some Chinese food at our place down the road here, and went back to her place. She needed to shower, so we cleaned up and watched tv and ate dinner in her living room talked for a couple hours and I went home.” Xavier said as quietly as he could back to his brother and Damien. “You went and showered at the girls house?” His mama asked a little irritated. “Well she got like three bathrooms mama it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t like that I swear.” He said throwing his hands up in surrender. Turning back to look at Damien. “Although it was freaking awesome she invited me me over her place for dinner and to shower up in one of her bathrooms infront of Carter. Look on his face was priceless.” Xavier said all the guys around him laughed out, except his mama who was glaring at him. “You better not be nothing but respectful to this girl don’t make me get my belt boy you aint to old to get up over this knee you remember that.” His mama pointed to him. “Mama I waited so long to get right here, you think I would do anything to ffu… mess this up right now?” He said catching his words. With the grown men still laughing around him.

“You going to ever bring her by this girl you like so much?” His mama asked with a smile. Curiously to meet the woman to keep a smile like she’s never seen on her boy for the past couple years. “Eventually mama I just want to take it slow with her, she hasn’t exactly had a good track record with dating apparently. “ Xavier said looking a little sad. “What’s that supposed to mean? She aint a slut is she?” His Aunt asked. “NO! She aint no slut. It’s just with her job and stuff, a lot of people end up using her to get ahead or get connections or hell try to use her for money. A lot of people just use her and it’s pretty fucked up mama, I don’t want her to think I’m rushing or pushing her into anything. I want to show her I’m different that not all people are that way. She really is special mama.” Xavier said hugging his mama. “Well damn son, how rich is she?” His uncle asked. Earning glares from everyone. “Toss that ball back boy let’s work that arm out a little.” Xavier said to his brother and Damien.

“So Cam you ever get your questions answered?” Damien asked. “No I’m kind of scared to ask but she said she would be keeping in touch through emails or texting and such soon so I figured I would wait like two weeks and than reached out to her if she hadn’t reached out to me yet. I don’t want to be a burden or a bother and mess up a free ride man. Do you have any idea how much books, classes, housing, and all that other crap I have to have is she even told me she would give a special allowance for extra stuff like transportation expenses and stuff like that man I’ve been racking my brain about all this stuff and it honestly is helping in choosing a place not just me but the guys too. We realized she was right we work better as a team so were all doing research on all the schools and were trying to see if maybe we can get into one all together.” Cameron said.

“Is that honestly what you want? It kind of feels like you settling just to be make sure you all get in?” Damien asked. “No we really thought this over and we would feel a lot better going somewhere where we at least know someone, and at least we could have study groups together and with others, most people bomb out hard and strong first couple months because they go at everything alone. If we all together than at least we got the support we need, with the people we trust.” Cameron said shrugging his shoulders. “I think that sounds smart, but what is it you guys plan on majoring in?” Xavier asked. “Well that’s the thing we all picked engineering or mechanics, and business. It’s crazy we all wrote a major and a minor and we all picked the same damn thing. We are still going for football players in college but we need to be realistic and smart with a back up and than another back up and than if we all fail at those we’ll just go to Vegas and be strippers.” Cameron and everyone else laughed.

Taking the chicken strips she just grilled on the stove, she shredded her chicken, diced up her cucumber, avocado, tomatoes, red onions, and croutons all on plates except hers. She hated tomatoes, and onions gave her heart burn. She than got the bread rolls. “Bella I can’t thank you enough for cooking you know how much I love your grilled chicken and I know she’s already called you to leave out my fried chicken.” He said sadly. “It’s my pleasure I feel so bad it’s been so long since I got to see you and I drag you out her for a year.” Bella said to Ignacio sadly. “It’s cool if you inivte me over for more home cooked meals your forgiven.” “You got it. How is she?” “She’s good, we got engaged, talking about having a baby hopefully within the next two years. She misses you and the girls by the way totally jealous I get you all to myself.” He laughed. “I figured she would be her within another two weeks.” He said with an amused smile. “Ya so do the girls and I did you get her access to the hospital?” Bella asked.

“Are you kidding when I ran the idea to ask if it would be ok to have her there hypothetically they acted as if I just cured cancer.” He said looking back at her. “Well you kinda do.” Bella said giggling back at him. “I can’t believe the girls are missing you right now. However we will be getting you together next Saturday to this one but the next one because that’s when we think she will be here.” “It’s all good I understand work comes first so speaking of are you coming in a few weeks to see your money hard at work?” He asked. “I’m going to see a special boy and his family getting the help they deserve.” She said flatly. “So what have you been up to lately?” Nacho asked as he finished his plate. “Well you know that guy I sometimes get to see and we would even hang out with when I and even you guys would come up here?” “Ya I swear you like fan girl over him.” He said shaking his head. “Well we’ve been seeing each other like we had lunch when I went to get you the house, he took me to the cop gala thing, and we went on our first date or third hang out yesterday. I really like him Nacho.” She said like a teenager trying to tell her father if she can date yet.

“You went out more than once with a guy that you actually like? Wow that’s big step for you. SO how did it go?” He asked stuttering out trying to be supportive. “It was amazing he took me fishing for like eight hours we caught a lot, and than came back and ate food here for another hours. We talk everyday, he calls and texts. Conversations just flow out of us, it’s just it’s so easy being with or around him. I feel like… me. I haven’t been able to feel like that in a long time Nacho you know that. It’s so different with him.” She said not being able to stop the smile on her face. “Damn that’s creepy it looks like you got a coat hanger stuck in your mouth. So does he know about…” Nacho asked waving his finger at her. “Well he knows I have a good job that makes a decent amount of money and about my parents little background but he doesn’t know about some other things that honestly aren’t that important in my opinion.” Bella said feeling a little offended. “Oh please Bellz that’s bullshit and you know it. When he finds out you have no idea how he’s going to take new like that. Hasn’t the past line of suitors shown you that? You should tell him before someone else does. What if he comes to a party in Bellbrooke and someone tells him or trying to scare him off calls him for being what they really are. He deserves to know what he’s getting himself into I remember him, and he’s a simple laid back guy. Don’t blind side him with that kind of news hearing it form someone else.” Nacho warned. “I need more time. Besides we’re not official or anything yet any way and I am not ready to tell him. It’s too soon.” “what are you really scared of Bellz.” Nacho asked being able to see right through her.

“What if after everything he is this great guy and than he finds out, and turns out like everyone else? I don’t think I would be able to survive that from someone like him. I’m getting older and I want so bad for someone exactly like him. I am so scared of having to settle for someone like Jaxon. Jaxon I mean is lovely and smart, and he likes me for me, as a person on his own, he is a good man, I know he would be great for me. I just don’t feel the stomach and heart drop like I do when I am around Xavier. What if he turns out not to be what I think he is?” Bella asked starring at Nacho for advice. “What if he is? You always say never let fear hold you back. Make it push you forward. You are smart and have been through so much crap, and heartache. You need to put yourself out there and take this chance with him, and be honest.” Nacho said. “Yeah I know your right. I’ll go get your check for the month and than you can leave me I know she’s waiting for you to call.” Bella said getting up going into her office.

The phone rang looking down and seeing Xavier’s name Nacho picked up. “Hello.” He said nicely. “Oh, ugh is Bella around?” Xavier asked curious on if he dialed the wrong number. “Yes, she is. She is actually in her office right now and will be out in a minute. Is this the same man who took her out yesterday?” Nacho asked with a smile on his face. “Ya that’s me.” “Well than I would like to personally to thank you and your cousin for hooking me up with a nice house my girlfriend is looking forward to coming down here. I have to say it’s beautiful. My bad man my name is Ignacio but please call me Nacho. I got home sick and Bella asked me to come to dinner, and pick up my check.” “Well call me Xavier. So you’re the college doctor friends Bella and the girls were talking about. We met before right?” “A couple times. I look forward to seeing you and the guys again they were pretty funny maybe we could a poker night or something the only people I know are the girls and all that female noise will drive me crazy.” Nacho said. “Sure man that sounds great we actually do have poker nights save my number and I’ll text you on the next one we only have them every so often.”

“That would be great. I hear you and your boys have been spending a lot of time with my girls lately?” Nacho asked curiously. “It took you guys long enough to strap on a pair enough to ask they’ve been crushing on you guys for like four years. Don’t tell them I said that though I would like my balls to stay connected to my body.” He could hear Xavier laughing hard on the other end of the line. “Look I know there is a group of cops who hang out with them I know Carter has been on Bellas freaking Jock for like four years too, I don’t want him near her like that. He’s just a tool in my own opinion so I think you need to know that with his uncle owning some business that Bellas companies helps every now and than he goes to most of these work events like she does, so whenever she goes to an event not a meeting but an event make sure you see her that same day or you call her. Put yourself in her mind. Although you’ve been there the last four years so maybe just keep doing what your doing. You’re the only date she’s had in four years anyway.” Nacho said loudly on the phone when he was trying to think to himself out loud.

“Are you serious the only one in four years?! Xavier asked. “Man total Hagrid moment from Harry Potter because I should not have said that.Please don’t tell her I told you man. I really like my balls right where they are.” Nacho laughed out loud. “Look I just want to make sure you actually like her, and I feel it in my gut when the girls talk about you guys that I think you guys all have something as special as I have in them. So I will text you my number save it and if you guys ever get caught up in a problem you need to call me. Give my number to the other guys, because what was it you guys call them last time I saw you. Oh yeah the officer douche squad. I don’t like those princesses with my girls like that these are my sisters from another mister and big brother aint having it.” Xaiver laughed hard. “Alright big brother I feel that. Thanks man we appreciate any help we can get.”

“Why do you have my phone what is with you men? You Jax everyone keeps answering my damn phone. Please take your money and give my phone who is it any way is it her?” Bella asked. “No it’s some guy named Xavier. He said he had a great time and can’t wait to see me again, but he won’t tell me where my panties went.” Nacho said laughing hard you can hear them running around fighting for the phone and all Xavier could do was wipe the tears from laughing so hard away. “Xavier are you there. I’m so sorry.” “You can try all you want but you aint got shit on me woman I can have that man like that. I saved his number anyway.” Nacho said laughing starting his car up. “You did not.” Bella asked. “Right sure I didn’t bye Bellz.” He said laughing.

“Xavier did he really save your number?” “Yup we got a new poker buddy baby it’s going to be great for all the guys to see him again.” Xavier said happily knowing she was probably blushing badly. “Well I got to say he has always like talking to you guys. It would be great to have some guys around him while he’s working close to here. SO thank you. He is like the brother I never got. So I really appreciate it.” “Ya he’s a cool guy we remember him. I think it’s been like what three or four months since he’s been here last.” “Yup so how was dinner with your family.” They talked for a few hours and drifted off to sleep. Bella praying things could stay this easy the whole time.

After a few weeks it was a Sunday and Bella and the girls had the guys over to swim in the pool and made them dinner the only people left were Zain, Xavier, and Draven. “Hey Bella do you have a place I can print out a return label?” Draven asked. “Yeah in my office just push the power button connect with Bluetooth. Or add device printer. She said. “Ok thanks.” Draven went into her office. “Guys could you please go make sure everything around the pool and hot tun are off and picked up please.” Bella asked. Zain and Xaiver happily walked out. She walkedinto her room. The door opened to her ffice she never heard him come through the front door. “Hey Bellz I just need ot grab my check real quick. Oh hey. Mr. Brooks good to see you again.” Nacho said shaking his hand. Catching Draven off guard he knocked over a file folder off her desk that had a check on top of it. “Nacho hey been long time the girls said you was in town what are you doing in here?” Draven asked a little curious picking up the file than a name caught his attention. “What is this?” Draven asked a little confused and a little mad. “Nacho what is this?” Draven asked looking at him holding his little brothers medical file in his hands.

“Nacho when you get here? Dre’ you need help there?” She asked. “Bella what the fuck is this.” Nacho and Bella looked at each other than back to him than back at each other. “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! Draven asked getting mad. “Hey why the hell you yelling at her?” Xavier came in pushing her back behind him a little. “Look at this bro.” Draven said giving the file to Xavier and Zain. “No don’t that’s confidential.” Bella said trying to take it away. All three held it up above her. She looked at Nacho for help. “Don’t look at me. Technically that is sibilings you signed the contract that said family like sibilings can know. You are not breaking any contract or law if you tell Draven.” Nacho said sitting back on the desk. “Tell Draven what Bella why do you even have this?” Draven asked all three getting a little mad this was important treatment information why would she have it.

“What did your parents say to you when you found out Nacho was your brothers cancer doctor for the rest of the year and treatment?” Bella asked. “YOU’RE MY BROTHERS CANCER DOCTOR?” Draven asked. “Yes I am.” “They only told me they got into some cancer treatment plan and that a special doctor was coming in for the year to work with him, apparently you’re the best.” Draven said. “Dre’ Leah and a bunch of doctors have sent Callens files and was hoping I could help him. See I told you guys what I do for companies right well I decide where to put most of their money and sometimes I can even find enough funds to help sick people get treatment they need. I do a lot of work with VETS for out soldiers who need help, and cancer or burned victims and they sent me all the files to try to get help because out of all the patients they knew Callen could beat this and after reading all that so did I so when I moved down here I made an appointment with Nacho and the doctor the Brooks currently had that since I had personal relationships with everyone who sent the work and petition that it was unethical for me to ask anyone I work for or with that wasn’t a personal friend to invest money into Callen it’s in the contracts I have with all the companies I have. Since I did not know or have any personal relationship with Callen before the medical officials sent in the request I can not ethically help him.

“So I called Nacho, rented him a home and I paid the treatment myself. The reason I have that file is to know where his progress is, and where to send money for him and your parents to get everything they need. The only way I would give them the treatment is to tell everyone he applied and got into a cancer program and no one can ever know I backed the entire thing.” Bella said playing with her fingers. “I didn’t know he was your brother Draven I swear.” She said with tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry I upset you. Or offended you. That is the reason Nacho is probably here he collects the checks and gives them to the hospital to pay for special room so Calen doesn’t have to share, and the treatment to use like the chemo machines and oxygen and stuff after.” Bella said with tears in her eyes. Draven eyes held so much unreadable emotions. “So you’re saying the ‘program’ my brother got into to help him get rid of the cancer he had. Is just you?” Draven asked still slowly walking to her. Making her get a little jumpy while Zain and Xavier mouth hanged open wide and stared lost into shock at the news.

Bella just nodded her head trying to take a small step back as Draven came closer to her. It happened so fast she didn’t see it coming. Draven reached and pulled her in hugging the life out of her face crying into her neck. All could be heard was the sounds of a grown man sobbing an heartbreaking cry, and trying to breath. Zain and Xavier with tears coming off them. Knowing he needed this bad. Just stayed quiet. “Tthhhannk you. Thhankkk you so much. He’s so young. Things like this shouldn’t happen to kiddss so young. Thank you Bellz. I don’t even know how to repay you for something like this.” “I don’t want or expect to get paid back I just really want Callen and your family to heal every way possible. I would love it if you told no one about this though.” She said hugging Draven back running her hands through his hair as he was now on his knees hugging her waist trying to calm down. “Well this seems like a personal thing I’m going to snatch this check up and see you guys later for poker. Melody’s actually waiting at home for me so take it easy guys.” Nacho said as he took the check and made his way out the door. Listening to Nacho’s truck drive off. Draven found himself getting up off the floor.

“So Do I give Leah like a gift basket or something?” He asked wiping his face. “Actually you can’t bring it up to her even though she knows she’s not supposed to. She just knew I would take him the second she gave me the file. She does this a lot to me. You can’t bring it up and you can’t talk to her about it unless it’s about how’s he doing and any info you give willing she can’t talk about her old patients there’s a whole law on that. So just go on like a normal everyday thing. You can tell her you know what she did with Callen and me but you can’t say nothing else and no one else can know or you breach contract I don’t wan the town knowing anything about any of this. I don’t need word of mouth going around and have to move back to Bellbrook from people wanting favors. Bella said flatly getting a little nervous of what could happen. “I swear I won’t tell anyone, I’m sorry for falling apart on you like that. It’s just you don’t know what this means to me. I see you as a great friend already and than to hear and see all this.” He started to get teary eyed again.

“I know I get it I know how scary it is to realize how close you are to losing something so important to you. Not every one gets a happy result but I swear Callen will.” “How could even afford something like this.” Draven asked. “Well I am great with money. I managed to make some very amazing deals in my time to put enough away for. Besides it is tax write off so I actually get a lot of it back because the government cant tax me for having so much. It’s a lot cheaper to put it into people than damn government.” She tried to joke off and all of them nodded in agreement. “Well other than breaking down like a little bitch in front of everyone I had a great time with you guys today thank you so much for having me over. We should do this again. I think I’m going to leave Zain you need ride?” “Sure do brother. Thanks for everything.” Zain said as he followed suit and hugged her and kissed her on the forehead. “Can I tell Jayden he’s a sibiling like.” Draven said. “I guess that will be ok if he can keep a secret just don’t let me know you did.”

Xavier was standing behind her as they waved them off. Than they sat there starring at each other for a few minutes in silence. “Ok, you got to say something.” Bella pleased the silence was killing her. “Was this it?” Xavier asked. “Was what, what?” “Was this what you meant by I would find out later what the best part s of your job were? Was it being able to help families like Draven’s?” “Yeah, that’s the best part. I know I say sometimes I hate my job, and what I have to do or act to get some of these men to play ball with each other so to speak. It’s just there’s so much good that comes out of it. Not just helping sick people, giving people their dreams sometimes on a silver platter. It’s the best part. It’s why I do what I do. I wanted to help people. So when I say I work investments, my favorite one is when I invest back in people. I just try to keep it quiet because than I don’t get no peace.” “I am so proud of you. I just. Everytime I think you can’t get no more amazing you prove me wrong everytime. I’m just in awe at you. Do you know how incredible you are. Other people would be out there trying to get publicity off of some of the things you have just done and the only thing you do is keep a family put together and out of spot lights. It’s amazing the work you do baby.” Xavier told her walking up to her putting a stray hair behind her ear, looking at her lost in awe.

“Thank you. I am so happy you’re not mad, or Dre didn’t throw a scene. I feel bad I really didn’t know that was his brother.” “It’s ok baby girl everything will be fine. He’s just thankful we all are it was surprising news just needed a minute to sit in honey that’s all no one would have let him throw a scene, he just really needed to fall apart Bellz its been a long time coming. Thank you for being so good to my family.” He said still looking intently into her eyes.

“Bella will you be mine officially mine. My girlfriend whatever you want label it just as long as the end of the day your only my woman? I’ve been wanting to ask fo ra little bit. I just couldn’t find the right time. Everyday goes by I don’t ask is another day I could lose you. I couldn’t be able to handle that. Please be mine.” He asked Looking nervous worried of her answer they have been talking everyday and seeing each other for almost two months. “Do you guys plan to do these things together? The guys asked the girls earlier too.” She teased. “No we don’t plan it all together he joked.” “Yes Xavier. I am so happy with you. I am myself with you. Almost even found with you. I want to be the only to hug you, kiss you, and hold you whenever I want.” She said smiling at him as he leaned in smiling smashing his lips to hers.

“Would I be scaring you off to ask you to come to next Sunday’s family dinner? They have been dying to meet you and I told them if I ever grew some balls to ask you officially than I would bring you.” He said lifting her chin to look at him. “I would love to meet your family.” “Ok.” He said as he pecked her lips. “So are you heading out?” “do you want me to leave?” HE teased. “No, but it’s getting late and I doubt you have a change of clothes in your truck right now.” She teased back running her finger on his chest. Xavier gulped deeply. Starring at her. “You know we have known each other for four years prior to now. We know a lot about each other. SO you know next Saturday if you wanted to stay over I would be ok with that? Unless you think it’s too soon.” She said playing with his shirt. Looking at his chest.

Making her look back at him with her chin again. “DO you wan time to stay with you Saturday Baby?” He asked in that deep husky voice that made her knees weak and her tummy flip. “Yes. Not if you not ready though.” “I’ll be here honey you just name the time.” He said in the same voice trying to hide the excitement he was feeling deep down, and his breathing under control. “Well I know you guys are working a half day how about anytime after you get off work. I’ll make some dinner, and we can just have a nice relaxing evening at home. Is that ok?” “Yeah. That sounds perfect but I know we both got early days tomorrow. So go ahead get in there and lock up baby. I’ll text you when I get home. “Thank you baby you made me so happy in so many ways.” He said taking her into another deep sensual kiss. Listening for the door to lock he got in his truck and text everyone to meet at Sweet Treat in the morning to grab some caffeine before they started work. They all agreed. He got home text his new girlfriend and he was so happy. Thinking of all the incredible things she has done for one brief second the question Dre’ asked her flowed through his head. How did she have all that money to pay for Callens treatment out of pocket. He brushed that aside more excited to finally have her as his. He was so excited to think bout everything that had happened and could happen. Feeling like he can finally breath he was able to sleep peacefully.

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