The Road Less Traveled

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Chapter 6

The next day Xavier met up with the rest of the guys got to the shop and made their way to the counter getting a couple of glares from the Carter and the boys. The only thing Xavier and his group could do was smile, there was no way that anyone could bring down their day. Walking up to Ms. Ellie they all greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning boys it does one heart good to see you this morning.” She said smiling deeply. “Morning Ms. Ellie. How you doing.” Jayden asked happily. “Apparently not as good as you boys. Look at you. You’re all practically glowing. Maybe that has something to do with the phone calls and texts I got this morning.” She said a little loudly with an amusing smirk. “What calls and texts?” Zain asked curiously.

“Well I four young women got ahold of me prepaid for a box of whatever pastries you four wanted, and whatever drinks you wanted. They said they wanted to treat their boyfriend, and his friends to a special morning treat. The also have a lunch delivery set up for you guys to get some special sandwiches and treats again for lunch time so just letting you know at twelve you better wash up, I’ll be swinging by.” She said as she already handed them a box and to go cups. “Hold up new boyfriends when the hell did that happen?” Liam asked angrily. “Well three of us asked officially three beautiful women who we have been dating for the past two months when they had us over to make us dinner last night.” Jayden shrugged like it was no big deal with a shit eating grin.

“That’s not true I asked Bella last night she said yes to me too. She actually invited me to stay over this weekend and she’s coming to mama’s house with me this Sunday.” Xavier said happily. His friends slapping him on the back happy for him knowing what a big step this meant for him. The other three have been physically active with the over girls for at least two almost three weeks. The bell jingled on the door to see Dimitri walking in. “Good morning fam.” He said loudly. Dimitri and the girls we’re hard not to love as they went out of their way to make everyone feel welcomed around them. Morning greetings from everyone in the café came out with smiles to him. “I hear you four got all snatched up last night.” Dimitri said with a smirk. “You hurt any of my girls, Nacho and I will personally castrate all of you. Other than that congrats on bagging yourself four wonderful women.” He said.

“Ms. Ellie can you get your fine ass to bring me Bellz and I drinks this morning we getting behind on some work and I can’t have that.” Dimitri said looking up the schedule on his phone. You would never thing he was a personal assistant you would think he was a professional body builder. He was almost as big as Xavier and the guys. “Thank you sweetness.” He winked kissing Ms. Ellie on the cheek making her blush hard. “Why you looking at me side ways don’t’ we have cars to fix, people to help let’s go y’all.” He barked when he realized people were starring at him. “Hey D does Bellz have any free time Wednesday or Friday?” “She booked solid boo. However now that you’re her man you get the special privileges. Feel special this has never happened before you get to know everyhthing I know whenever you wan tot know it, I can also schedule you in anywhere you want to be unless it’s an emergency meeting or a Bellbrook meeting. You will also need to be present at any events either here or the big city that you can make. We know you have other priorities but if you time when they happen we would appreciate your presence. So now that being said you are kind of like my sub boss. Does that make sense? Now what is it that I can do for you on those days you asked about?” “I was just curious just thought maybe if she had some spare time I could take her to lunch. I have to run up to Linden and get some more parts.” Xavier shrugged.

“IS that the place that had the decades thing?” Dimitri asked in a serious question?” “Yeah.” “Will Damien be available or in his office after lunch?” “He should be I could call him and ask if he got Wednesday free.” “Well now see man you just worked perfectly in the schedule. We need to rent a place to rent for a week. We have a friend coming in about a month and he is using some vacation time to come spend with Bella. I can’t wait for him to meet you.” “Which friend is it have we met him before like you and Nacho?” “No, I don’t think so. I think Xavier talk to him on the phone once. Jaxon was up tight about for like a month. So many people so possessive over my girl it’s scary.” Dimitri said shaking his head. “Well anyway I will meet you two at the restaurant after your done eating I will take her to see Damien and than we are swamped all week in a bunch of paper work. SO many things need to be sent back before this weekend or we will have to go back to Bellbrook a week earlier than we have too. Just FYI your girl got back to back meeting’s in Bellbrook all day Next Friday and she will be home about five-ish. I won’t be coming with her back though Leo got us a spar weekend at one of the hotels and I can’t wait. Catch you guys all later.” Dimitri waved at everyone carrying their drinks out the door.

“You’re trying to tell me Bella said yes to being with you? I can’t believe that.? Carter said shaking his head in disbelief. “There’s no way the girls said yes to being with any of you. Not after all the time we had with them.” Nathan said with a smirk. “Yeah you mean would you guys crashed all their girl nights bowling or going to the movies or dinners, and than come to our house to spend the nights cuddled up to us. Yeah hate to break it you guys you got friend zoned hard.” Draven said with a fake sad face. The other guys grew angry glares. “Besides you can help thank Sara and Natalie for all the help with that.” Zain said. “What’s that suppose to mean?” Nathan asked. “Dude you seriously don’t know?” Jayden asked as he looked around at the room. “Ok this goes against everything I stand for but you have a right to know so we’ll tell you. Nat and Sara have been telling the girls how much special time you’ve been given them last couples weeks and would strongly appreciate if they could respect your guys relationship and not throw themselves at you so much. They came at them like psycho hoes last time you guys hung out with them like what last week? Yeah they came up to them right here next day and asked them to nicely back off. They played it all off and talked out the misunderstanding and now they all cool. So maybe you should take your issues up with dumb and dumber.” Xavier said looking at Carter.

“Dude are you just fucking with me or did they seriously say that to them?” Carter asked getting angry. “We do a lot of fucked up shit to each other Anderson but when have any of us actually lied to each other?” Xavier asked him honestly. “Well guess we have some things to work out, and some ladies to apologize too. Come on boys some of us have to get out there and make the big bucks.” He said looking at the guys with a glare. “Big bucks my ass, the dude can’t even change his fucking breaks.” Jayden said making them all laugh. “I remember when the girls came home that day man they were hella irritated with them chicks. Getting mad at them because they mans basically stalk them.” Zain said. “Let’s get to work and enjoy there treats before they get bad. They all laughed and went to work.

A few more days passed and it was Thursday. Bella made a special appointment with some very special men who would be at Atheo High School by the end of the day the coach had set up one as a practice as a personal favor to Bella. It was about to be fourth period at the school and she was getting a phone call from Corban. “Hey papa what’s up.” She asked happily. “I was hoping you would be able to tell me. I am at some damn High School in your new little town about some problems with the scholarships you set up with them can you come down here and help me figure this mess out I don’t know what the harlot in the tight skirt at the front office is yammering about.” She could hear the lady huff in anger. “We have already called the parents and stuff to meet us in a special emptied class room. “I’ll be right there.” D come on let’s walk faster something’s wrong with our scholarship boys.

Walking in the door she sees the young boy looking sad and almost in tears with their parents looking angry and confused. “Hey papa.” Bella said with a kiss to his cheek. “Now that She’s here what the mind telling me why I gave up three important meetings to drag my ass down an hour out of my way to get talked backwards by a caked up women working a school office with no modesty.” Corban asked angrily. The principle looked at Sara and shook his head. “Although I agree with you about her attire she has brought up a rather concerning issue with the boys scholarship. According to the contracts she skimmed over recently. “ The door opened with Xavier walking in to sit down next to his brother Xaiver and Bella looked confused as why the other was in the room, but choose to just stay were they were at. “What issues would that be?” Corban asked curiously. “See it has come to the attention that an ethical problem may have clouded judgement on the five choosen players as seen as Ms. Alderman is now currently dating one of the selectives brother. That could possible reach a breach in the contract she herself made up.” Sara said with bitterness in her tone.

“Bella do you have a boyfriend right now?” Corban asked a little shocked. “Well papa as last Saturday yes I do.” “OK well you will answer to me about this later. Alright everyone since you are wasting my time with pettyless crap I’m going to let my girl handle this. You boys watch and take notes. I read you wanted to minor in business. Well you got to be able to read and understand your own work. Show them how it’s done baby girl.” Corban said with a smile sitting next to Camerons dad.

“Ok Ms. Jones first things are first what made you go into and read the contracts that were only meant for the recipients, their guardians, their coach and myself anyway? What made you break the HIPPA Act that I have signed with the school, in the amendment that stated our contributions to the school will continue unless a breach in the violations of our part of contributing in any way shape or from to any student or students or the school it’s self is outed to more than the necessary people who need to know? Ms. Jones are you a certified teacher?” “Well now.” “Are you a guardian to any of these children?” “No.” She spat back. “Are you me?” “God no.” “Than you have breached the HIPPA part of our agreement with this school to hold this meeting correct Principle Andrews. She has no reason to even know any part of the contract seeing as her eyes were never meant to be on it to begin with correct?” Bella asked getting angry.

“Well yes that is correct seeing as we all are here to discuss it. The ethical questions still states an issue.” He said as he was trying to make a point. “What issue is that Mr. Andrews. “Are you dating one of the brothers of the selective?” He asked crossing his arms. “That is not the issue here. However I will play along.” James, Oliver, Cameron, Mason, and Lucas please stand up. Have We ever met in the four years that I have attended and watched all your games my friend your teacher Ms. Riley Boemein has invited me too randomly?” “No” was almost said in unison. “Do you all agree the first time you meet me was in the principle’s office when he himself introduced us all to each other.” “Yes.” They all answered back. I have dates of when I watched the reels submitted into me even with Mr. Dolton right here who personally help me hand select these boys. I have had no personal relation or communication with them or their families that I was aware of. Xavier is that your brother?” “Yes, baby he is.” Xavier said proudly making everyone’s mouths drop wide open. “Xavier did you ever say your brother’s name to me in any of the time we dated before we became officially together last week?” “No I did not. In fact she wasn’t aware who any of my friends and I brothers were.” Xavier said with a look of sadness, remembering the conversation about the Brooks family.

“You see I myself had some rather concerns about the way some of the other football players on the team were when Dimitri and I researched the rest of the team you want to know one of the biggest things that stood out to us about them besides they were not only the best players, not only do they all five have the top grades on the team and are on the honor roll for graduation in less than a week. It’s because of things like this. Dimtiri can you get the lights and set up the slide show? Now I am not one to judge because I know what it’s like to be a young kid wrapped up in a world of peer pressure except while my friends were out partying I was out working. Lights please Principle Andrews.” She asked nicely.

It was facebook pictures and status’s and Instagram and snap chat post’s on the other players. Who were drinking, smoking, doing some questionable things with girls. “Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the prom filled with teacher s and staff as the kids are getting plowed behind the bleachers in clear view? Isn’t the bleachers some of these kids are getting intimate with, with also what we hope aren’t underage girls mid you. At least they can’t get pregnant that right? These are all posted or even shared privately with group chats from the same players on their team. Now let’s look at their medias. Huh look at that. They went to state. They went to pizza parlors, they went on study group projects. Nothing illegal in any of their medias. Now boys I want you to be aware of this because this is a big source on how we and other hire you guys for jobs. Now since I have proven the ethical issue to be false as the times or even knowledge of the connections to me or any member of the Knight family don’t fit together.” Bellas said Papa Corbin I believe you know what I have to do now.” “As sad as it is yes I do. Sorry kiddos.” He said softly. “As they families all looked around. The boys getting scared. Xavier curious to know where his new woman was going with this he’s never seen her so mad before.

“I have no choice but to eliminate this future problem with this school from ever repeating the same mistakes so Dolton Industries and I have placed faith in a contract within this school and it has been broken and violated. Therefore Dolton Industries are are revoking the scholarships from all fifteen possible scholarships, and withdrawing all contributions from this school. Also sueing the school itself for the HIPPA violation condoned by Ms. Jones herself.” Bella said sadly. “Are you serious?” The Principle asked The parents and boys starting to get worked up and upset. I need to see the boys outside with your families. “ Bella said. “Mr. Andrews I am not sueing you I am suing Ms. Jones. If you fire her she will have no connection to your school and I will leave whatever we have invested already. Thank you for wasting my time. Everyone went outside. Corban saw the young teenage boys starting to cry and trying to hide it while the parents looked angry. “What’s with them?” Corban asked.

“What do you mean what’s wrong with them they just lost their scholar ship. For no reason.” Mason’s dad snapped at him. “No they didn’t.” Corban asked confused. “Did you pick the fifteen kids form my scholarship yet?” “No papa I did not. Boys you didn’t lose one thing. Do you remember how I told you that I could create fifteen other spots open for other students. Well that door just got shut because they broke contract now I can’t give that away. I have a copy of the letter I gave each of you. Now do any of you see Dolton Industries on any of the letter heads? Do you see any other company period on these letters?” “No Bella we don’t’.” Lucas said. “That’s because your scholarships came from me personally. I really meant what I said when I enjoyed watching you and your reels. Not only me, but your families, your coach and even your teachers see all the talent pouring out of you.” Bella said looking at all the proud parents nodding along with them.

“Now I wan you to know the scholarships are still yours everything is still set up for you, and you don’t have to use them for just football. However I did set up something with your coaches and had your whole team looked at by a few other friends I have met in my few short years of business and I have about thirty scouts here to meet with you and you, your families and a few other members of your football team they liked. So since school is now out they are on the field waiting for you guys along with your coach. I know how big of a choice this must be for you guys and just thought maybe if you got some better information you could have a smore solid choice. So hurry up man scouts are waiting.” Bella said happily as they five boys charged at her in hugs and thank yous.

The parents came up to her. “I want to personally apologize for everything that just happened I am unsure why it happened, but I am very glad to meet all you proud parents who made these incredible kids. I promise you they will have four years free ride nothing will change that, unless they breach the contract by receiving a one point five gpa at the end of the school year.” The parents all shook her hand and tears coming off some of them. The Knights were the last ones. “So you are dating my son?” “Yes Mr. Knight I am. Hopefully after this shit show I am sorry for the language I don’t; know what else to call it.” “You are sending my baby to school. Did you know you are the one who has kept a smile on both my sons faces. You have given them both opportunities I never thought either of them would ever take. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for taking care of my boys. I’m Kayla Knight, this is my husband Dante Knight it is such a pleasure to meet you. I hope you still plan on joining us on Sunday. Xavier warned us last Sunday not to scare you off, but honey we just saw you don’t scare easy. I can feel you aint the running type.” Kayla said with a deep laugh.

“No Mrs. Knight I don’t.” “Don’t go all formal with us, you can call us Kayla and Dante hell you could call us mom and dad all you’ve done for our kids.” Dante said with a smile. “Oh is this your father?” Kayla asked looking at Corban who snuck in next to her. “Well in matter of ways I guess he is. Everyone please meet Corban Dolton owner of Dolton Industries.” She said as their mouths dropped a little. “It’s nice to meet you Mr. Dolton.” They said shaking his hand. “Please anyone my special girl makes friends with can call me Corban.” He said smiling. “Papa Corban this is Xavier’s parents Kayla and Dante Knight they are what I hope is still my boyfriend’s parents.” Bella said looking down playing with her fingers.

“Well where is the Xaveir guy.” Corban asked curiously. “Right here sir, Xavier Knight. Bellz has told me so much about and a wonderful sounding woman named mama Gracie.” He said smiling proudly placing a hand around Bella’s waist. “She hasn’t mentioned you at all but than again she is coming to town in the first time in three weeks tomorrow and I have been busy. I guess we have lots to catch up on my dear child.” Corban said with a sweet smile. “So Xavier what do you do?” Corban asked taking his hand back form shaking it. “Xavier actually owns and operates the mechanic shop in town. He and his crew work is so very desired in fact people from hours away come to get into them.” Bellas said proudly wrapping her arm around him as well.

“Well that is something there is not enough jobs out there I get to see with people who know how to get their hands dirty with their team. That’s great to hear. So your brother is choosing a college and graduating this year. Man I remember that time when my son went off from a parents view it sucked. Longest six years of our life.” He said laughing with the Knights. “So do you have any other children?” Corban asked. “Yes we have a daughter who is twenty-five. She works in P.R and advertising firm in Alton actually about twenty minutes away going up North to you.” Dante said. “Really what agency?” “Blazing Phoenix.” Xavier said. “Oh really. You don’t say.” As Corban laughed. “What’s funny about that.” “Well you remember Travis I introduced you too awhile back?” Bella asked. “Ya he was a nice guy, he sucks at basketball though. Xavier said laughing hard. “Ok so two years ago this firm was starting to tank so I suggested that team up with Travis who bought them out of debt as long as they agreed to go with my business plan to add on the advertisement firm, so they could cover more P.R in more ground work. So Travis made them the all the software they would need and helps them still today, and I own all his shares along with the P.R shares.” Bellas said looking at them.

“Are you saying you own over half of my sisters company. All because you suggested a new business plan?” “The owner and operator really needed help and she gave me shares to keep a contract with me as long as no one knew I owned over half.” “Do you own any more business that I don’t know about?” Xavier asked getting a little blind sided. “HA, kid how much time you got? Hell she owns half of mine. Jaxon owns the rest.” Corban laughed out. “Papa don’t you have meeting’s to get too.” “Oh crap ya I do Gracie is going to kill me for being late. Love ya kiddo.” Corban said hugging and kissing the top of her head. “It was great meeting you all. I will be seeing you again soon son.” Corban said to Xavier. He left. “So is this how you invest in your own ways. People put so much trust into you they actually sign over half it to you, and you just keep it going as a silent partner? IS that how you paying five full rides to these colleges?” Xavier asked in shock. His parents just watching minds completely blown wondering just who was this girl, their son was basically in their eyes in love with.

“I may have a few shares in some companies but it was never my idea. I just give them some ideas and they come to me for advice when they need it and I put money where it should go in view of our best opinions. It’s very much like putting a stock in the stock market you trust someone to put your money in a spot and hope it works it bites and you can come out even; except I may have done a little more than breaking even.” “A little more, babe every person I got to meet from you at past events so far is known all over the globe you do way more than break a little past even. Why didn’t you tell me any one this. This is incredible you should be proud of yourself look how far you have come on your own basically, in this short amount of time in your life your only twenty-five and your ruling the financial world. I’m so proud of you. You should have told me hell Bella we been seeing each other of almost three months I know we only been together a week but why wouldn’t you tell me this?” Xavier asked.

“I was scared honestly not a lot of people handle it to well. I guess I was nervous you know how I feel about knowing what I do I hate the attention, and I just wasn’t ready to tell you I guess. I also never thought about it I am silent partner so I when I say I have meetings to some of these places it’s still me doing the same work you have seen me do I only have shares in five companies and one of them is my in the free lance thing I have been doing. The other is Travis’s company, Dolton Industries, Blazing Phoenix, and the other one is the is actually the Rylon law offices.” She said looking down. “You could like seriously just rule the world.” Dante said lost in awe at the young woman in front of him. “Are we ok? I was going to tell you. I just wanted to wait and do it on my own terms not like this.” She said sadly. He took his finger lifted her chin to look at him.

“IS there any other secrets I should know about of you?” He asked in that voice she loves so much. “Yes, there is. Nothing bad or anything along those lines. I just I am not ready to talk about it yet. I will tell you later on. I just can’t right now. It’s not a trust thing. I just aint ready.” She said in hopes he would understand she was not ready for everything just starting with him to be put on the line just yet. “I won’t ever push you into anything. I believe you will tell me when we get there right? No secrets, no lies. Honesty whole way through no matter how painful, awkward or uncomfortable it maybe.” “I promise.” She said smiling at him as he kissed her forehead. Let’s go talk to the coach. He looks like a proud mama right now.” Xavier said laughing. Throwing his arm around Bellas shoulder. Walking up to the coach. “Half the scouts have taking half of my team away with them to colleges, on scholarships. Look at how happy these boys are. Apparently someone had told them I set this up. Any ideas on who that man was.” The coach asked. “Well you made quiet the impression on Dimitri.” She laughed. “I’ll take this bullet for you because of the looks on their faces and knowing they going to better things. Thanks Bella.” He said as some of the players running up to hug him saying he got into Notre Dame. “You are truly amazing.”

Friday came and went. The meetings were long and tedious but at least they were able to come to agreements. “Damn that was brutal.” Jaxon said taking off his tie in the elevator. “You can say that again.” Bella said shaking her hair down form her bun. “I always loved your hair this way. Looks more you.” Jaxon said adjusting it a little. She just smiled. “So dad said you got a boyfriend.” Jaxon asked looking down at he ground than back up to him. “So who is he? What’s he do?” Jaxon asked trying to hide the jealousy. “Well his name is Xavier you answered his call awhile back, and he runs Knight’s auto shop he is incredibly gifted when it comes to cars. He so damn smart it makes me feel intimidated. I could never be able to think that fast or do what he can the way he does.” She said honestly always impressed by how Xavier could literally fix anything he touches. “e sounds incredible I can’t wait to meet him soon. So dad said you didn’t tell him about some of the other titles you have in the business world. Makes me wonder if you told him about anything else?” Jaxon asked her in that tone she hated.

“What are getting at Jaxon?” “I’m just curious as to what else you haven’t told him. Based on some of our conversations I thought you liked this guy. Have you even told him how you met my family and I? Have you told him about.” She cut him off. “He knows everything he needs to know right now. I will tell him everything else as it comes along and I will do it on my own damn time Jaxon I sure as hell don’t need anyone else pressuring me into anything I am not ready for. I will tell him everything when I am good damn well and ready and not when you, Nacho, or your parents think I should.” Bella shouted at him in anger walking out of the elevator towards her car angry. Wanting nothing more than to go home and get ready for her first sleep over with Xavier the next day.

“So tomorrow’s the big night right your first official sleep over with Bella how do you feel?” Zain asked Xavier as the guys all stayed working late. Since they only work half days Saturday and closed Sunday. “ I’m good I guess. I just I don’t know do you think she maybe expecting anything to happen?” Xavier asked looking around at anything but them. “Well yeah, she expects to feed you, hang out and sleep.” Jayden answered not really understanding the question. Getting slapped in the back of the head by Draven. “Xavier I think we all know the answer to this question but just to clarify if anything special was to happen would this be your first time?” Draven asked. “With a face and body like this and my personality what do you think?” He answered back sarcastically. “It aint nothing to be ashamed of man. Hell I got more respect for you for it.” Zain said. “Besides according to the girls when they got drunk last time Bella said her first time sucked anyway. So maybe you both rectify your first times.” Jayden added. “Do you think she would be expecting anything to happen though?” Xavier asked a little nervous. “I think she maybe hoping a little but I think she’s more excited to be taking this step with you. We all know you guys, and how big of deal this is to both to you and how long you guys been waiting to do something like this with someone you care about. Don’t put any extra pressure on it. If it happened it happens that simple. If your not ready or anything she’ll understand man.” Zain said.

“It’s not that I am not ready or anything like that. It’s just all the time I have gotten with her. Finding out who she is and everything. I just I think. I think I’m in lve with her. I don’t know how to tell her, or if I even should it hadn’t been that long, but at the same time it’s been randomly together for about four years almost five. I am scared I will do something to scare her off. The last thing I want to do is say or do something to make her running for the hills. What did your girls say when you told them you loved them.” “They all took it pretty well.” Draven said. “My heart was beating like amillion miles a minute I though tit was going to come out of my body.” Jayden said. “I thought my heart split in half because I could feel it beating in my throat and my stomach.” Zain said. “I cried not going to lie. It was also the night I told her about Callen progress, which I am ok with now.” Draven said holding his hand in the air.

“Ok so I’ll figure out how to tell her after she meets my family Sunday than. She was able to confess some things to me I can man up and confess this to her. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep this to myself much longer anyway. I’m really scared my family will scare her off you all know what a bitch Aria can be.” Xavier said. “I heard Sara only did what she did because we told Nathan and Carter about what they said to the girls and apparently Nathan and Carter did not take it well when they brought it up to them. They called them out on a bunch of other things and have asked them to stay way from them for a little bit and that pist the girls off, so to get back at them by making problems with Bella’s job. I think they think she is a simple employee and if she gets into trouble with some of the companies bosses than she may have to move back and take the competition away from Natalie , because Carter still wanting her bad. Plus Nathan still got a hard on for Leah.” Zain said. “Yet Aria is still friends with these shady bitches.” Xavier said shaking his head.

“You know this actually helped me a lot thanks guys let’s call it al night. I need to get home and we need to get to our women.” Xavier said cleaning up. Picking up the phone calling the only person who can make or break his day. “Hello.” “Hey baby.” He said. “Hey you sexy beast what are you doing?” “ I am just getting into be wanted to check on you before I went to sleep.” “Well the meeting was dreadfully long but everything worked out in the end. So all in all it was boring.” She said with a little tone he learned to pick up on when someone irritated her. “Who pist my baby off?” Xavier asked darkly. “I swear that is your twisted super power.” She said with a small laugh. “It’s not a big deal it was just another stupid argument I get into with Jaxon it’s not a big deal I’m already getting over it.” She said truthfully. “As long as your ok baby. Well I got an early morning tomorrow are we still on for this weekend?” He asked. “Ya hey you know I don’t know how you feel about this but you can feel free to bring some stuff and leave it here you now like your own drawers and stuff for whenever you feel like you wan tot stay over in the future you will have stuff here already. I just I want you to feel welcomed and at home here. I really want us to work Xavier. I never thought I would be able to take these steps with anyone and I am just really happy I am with you.” She said turning red on the other end of the phone.

“I know you’re blushing for me baby. I really want this to work to Bells I know what you mean. I will make sure to pack some things to leave there. It makes so happy to hear you want me so comfortable in your home baby. Thank you. I can have a space cleared out for you if you feel like doing the same? I got plenty of space anyway.” Xavier said with a laugh. “Thank you Xavier anyways I’ll let you go to sleep I had long day and I can’t wait to get ahold of you and get some cuddles.” She laughed out. “Goodnight Xavier see you soon.” Goodnight babygirl. See you soon.” He said as he hung up he laid there waiting about what could happen tomorrow. Was she ready for all the things floating through his heart. He could only hope so.

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