The Road Less Traveled

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Chapter 7

“Good morning girls.” Ms. Ellie said to Leah, Maddie, Riley, and Bella. “Good morning Ms. Ellie. It was about eight in the morning Saturday. The girls thought it would be nice to enjoy each others company for awhile. “So tonights a big nigh for you Bellz. Think tonight would be the night you climb that man like a tree?” Leah asked everyone laughed. “I don’t know you know I kind of think if it happens it happens. I would like tonight to be but I’m a little nervous. I mean I been with one guy, one time and it sucked like when I was twenty-two I turn twenty-six in like a couple weeks. I’m nervous I won’t be up to his expectations.” Bella said looking at her drink.

“I don’t think Xavier has any expectations I think he might be just as wound up about the thought as you are. Just remember don’t put no pressure on it. However that doesn’t mean you can’t make the night a little special. Riley said. “I kind of already had something planned. I’ve been trying to build up courage to tell him I love him. I just I’m scared he’ll feel rushed so I thought I would just make him feel special. So I set up for a special couch that is huge like a bed but not it’s so comfortable its got that canopy poster bed set all over it, filled with blankets, and pillows. I got a projector getting setup up right now so we can watch movies with little fairy lights everywhere in a light blues and purples because white is to bright. Than I have a special table with our favorite Chinese food which I will grab later. I expect him around six pm tonight just for this reason. I even have some rose pedals tossed around the couch a little bit and the tables.” Bella said blushing brightly.

“I just wanted to do something romantic. I never got to do anything really romantic before until Xavier came around now it’s opened doors, and he wants to pay for everything which is weird and a first for me. It’s going on dates, spending time with each other. I just I don’t want this to end. So I decided once I know if he loves me back I will tell him everything.” Bella’s said the girls mouths dropped. “Like everything everything?” Maddie asked. “Yes. Everything, everything. It’s time to get it all out there soon. I need to know if he is truly different or if I’ll be stuck with a man like Jaxon the rest of my life.” Bella said sadly.

“Better Jaxon than Carter.” Leah whispered. The door bell jingled and in walked four devils themselves. “Good morning ladies.” Eli said as they all put on big smiles. “Well it does one’s heart a whole world of good to see something so beautiful first thing in the morning.” Nathan said looking at Leah. “DO you mind if we join you ladies for a spill?” Liam asked hopefully. “Well I don’t see why not sure.” Bella said shrugging not seeing a way out of it and not wanting to be rude.

The guys faces all lit up bright light in a dark room. Grabbing their coffees, and getting the girls another round of sweet teas to by them some time they sat and spoke happily with each other. “So are you ladies going to the medical gala coming up soon?” Liam asked. “No actually we are going to be throwing a birthday party for Bella the big twenty-six. She’s the baby of the group.” Leah said hugging her close into her side.

“Really? That sounds great you know every party got to have a great theme. So come on spill what is it?” Nathan asked Leah. “Well it’s going to be super fun it’s a Tim burton movie them everything is going to be in sections of Tim Burton movies, the caterers and other helping hands are going to be dressed as characters from all the movies. “ Maddie said smiling deeply. “SO like Edward Scissor Hands, Beetle Juice, Nightmare before Christmas kind of stuff. That sounds awesome.” Eli said. “Well it was either that or Disney Villains.” Bella shrugged everyone laughing at her childish themes.

“I think both of those sound cool. It’s not something that gets done. Original I like it. So when is you birthday.” Carter asked curious. “In three weeks from today actually.” Riley said hugging her into her proudly. “Do you think we will be upon your guest list Bells? I know we’re not your boyfriends favorite group of people.” Liam asked in a little bit of a sad voice. “Of course I would sent you guys an invite I’m inviting all my friends from town. I have to be in Bellbrook all day the Friday before dealing with all the city folk, but I plan to enjoy myself with my friends from Atheo.” She said lifting her drink up so did everyone else.

“Well I think it’s time we got out of here and did some actual work. We look forward to seeing you soon.” The guys getting up and getting ready to walk out the door. It looked like they had left when Natalie, Sara and three other of their friends approached the table. “You know I thought we had an understanding that you would keep your distance from the guys. Yet here you guys are flirting away with them. Looks kind of bad when a group of not single ladies flirting around with people who don’t belong to them.” Natalie said in a judging bitter tone.

“You know what Natalie. They are our friends, and if they ask to sit down and have a nice adult conversations we are allowed to have that. We are proudly taken women. We aint flirting with anyone. I think you only coming up to us because you are jealous they are not yours. I’m sorry that you are basically in love with Nathan and Carter and they are not showing you interest back; but you know what that has nothing to do with us. That’s something you need to take up with them, not us.” Bella said as she was done with stupid bullshit for the day.

“We are not jealous of you. Please honey look at the way you dress. It looks like target and Walmart had a clearance sale and you bought it out. We are not jealous I just can’t stand the thought of someone as amazing like Carter and Nathan being with people so beneath them as You girls.” Natalie said with her hand gesturing to Bella and her friends. “Yeah please we aint beneath shit you little bitch hell two of us save lives for living, one helps builds futures and one of us can put every single one of you jobless, homeless on the street black listed from any respectable firm. Honey you beneath us.” Leah said laughing at the set of girls in front of her. “Oh honey, I know you don’t think your tired ass words have any baring on us because that would mean would have to care what you think, I just don’t think we can bring our I.Q that low to do that.” Maddie said in a mocking voice.

“You see we can’t take you seriously wearing designer clothes into a café like who does that other than people who need to point on daily they think they far superior than everyone else. If you insist on wearing Prada you should really learn how not to cake up your face not appealing at all darling.” Bella added. “Let’s go ladies I’m not letting anything petty, or stupid throw my day off. “By the way don’t forget you need to be in the court’s mediation room in two weeks.” Bella and her friends walked off. As the door left Carter and the other officers came up to Natalie and the four others who stood there shocked to see them.

“What did I tell you Palmer?” He asked in an angry low voice. “Didn’t I tell you to leave them alone? Why do you keep telling everyone that we’re a couple when we’re not. WE ARE NOT TOGETHER NATALIE! Why do you keep doing stupid shit like this?” Carter asked her loudly. “Stay away from them. Stay away form us. I can’t handle this, and I won’t you need to back the fuck off Sara seriously. You’re in enough trouble as it is don’t you think?” Nathan asked looking at her as she lowered her head down in shame. “Why can’t you just give me a chance? Don’t we have fun together?” Sara asked in a sad voice that could make anyone’s heart break a little. “It’s not like that with us Sara and you know it.” Nathan said angrily and the rest of the guys walked out in anger. Leaving the group of friends to think about their embarrassing actions, rethink a new game plan.

It was six on the dot when Xavier got out nervously from his truck grabbing hid duffle bag to leave some of his things at her place from now on. He took a deep breath and walked in like she asked him to do on her texts earlier. She was walking in wiping her hands on her summer dress looking up to smile deeply at him. “Hey babe.” She said happily. His pants getting a little tight instantly by the way she not only looked but by the pet name that rolled out of her mouth. She came around hugging him tightly giving him a big welcoming kiss. “Why don’t we go put your things away in my room and you can tell me about your day?” She asked happily.

Smiling down at her he pecked her one more time and followed her and started to put her things away telling her about how difficult it was to get work down on a certain car because of the size openings he had. Showing her his scratched up hands. She surprised him by cleaning them and kissing them. “Ok so I wanted to do something sweet, and different and romantic for you like you always make me feel. So we’re going to be having dinner outside. I cheated to I ordered out.” She said making him laugh. “Sounds good to me baby.” He said laughing following her out the door. His eyes went wide. Their in front of him was a huge nicely wide couch with their favorite food on the table, flower pedals all around them fairy lights and a huge sheet like thing for the projector. “This is differently by far one of the coolest dates we have ever had. I can’t believe you did all this. Thank you baby.” He said lifting her chin to him kissing her deeply.

“So what movie do you want to watch? We got Why Him, The House, Bridesmaids, The expendables, or We’re the Millers.” She asked him setting up their drinks. “Let’s do Why him, and then We’re the Millers.” Xavier said in that deep chuckle that made her feel like she need to change her pants. The night went good laughing at each other feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries, tossing peanut M&Ms at each other. They we’re having the best time talking and getting lost in her eyes he was running his fingers through her hair listening to the a story about the funny things the kids in the burn unit did the hospital staff one time laughing softly and than it just jumped out of him before he could catch himself looking into her eyes. “I love you Bellz.”

They just stood their starring at each other neither one of them moving from the position their in. “What?” She asked softly. “I love you Bellz I was trying to hold off on telling you because I didn’t want to scare you off or make you feel pressured sense it’s been a few months of us. I just can’t hold back from you anymore Isabella. I just need you to know how much you mean to me.” He said back of his hand rubbing her cheek than cupping her face. “I.” She had to take a deep breath never breaking eye contact with him. “I love you to Xavier.” She said he pulled her to hi as they both on their sides smashing his lips greedily to his own. Reveling in the moment getting drunk on the emotions around them flowing through them. Things they never thought they would be able to feel for another person, just rolling through and off them in waves.

It was starting to get intensed as hands started to roam over each other, it wasn’t until he had his hand caressing the outside of her breast he stopped and looked at her. “IS this ok?” He asked in a shakey voice. “Anything you want to do tonight is ok Xavier I think we’ve waited long enough don’t you?” He stopped for a second looking at her he knew he had to tell her. “IS something wrong? I don’t want you to worry I swear I’m clean I only been with one person one time YEARs ago and I got checked. I’m on the shot.” She rushed out nervously. “It’s not that baby, I just feel like I got to tell you. It’s embarrassing for me to tell you this actually.” He said looking down. “Honesty no matter how awkward or uncomfortable right?” She asked him using his own words against him. “That’s just jacked up using my own words there babe. You right though, so Bells I’m a virgin. So I’m just a little nervous I will let you down.” He said nervously looking at her.

“That’s what your worried about Xavier theres no way you could ever let me down in this category. It wouldn’t matter if we were both virgins or major sluts. When two people get together for the first time it’s always going to be different and we’ll know each other in news ways. It’s something we will find out with together. I don’t want you to feel pressure or stress about something that’s supposed to be special between us. Alright. If you’re not ready we don’t have to do anything.” “What If I wanted to are you ok with it?” Xavier asked looking hungerly into her eyes. “Yes.” She said getting the same look back to him. “Like I said I think we’ve waited long enough why don’t you lie back a little she said propping him up and pulling down his joggers. He watched her eyes growing dark as she pulled him out completely freeing him from his boxers and pants in one motions they were dropped on the floor.

Lowering her body kissing him down his detailed washboard abs. Running her tongue down them she made eyes contact as she reached his raging erection. It almost looked painful, it was definitely not going to be able to fit her without some major stretching and not something she could fit into her mouth. She took her tongue and started like his shaft up and down his eyes widened and darkened at the same time not being able to look away at the sex goddess driving him wild in his lap. She took her hand and placed it at the base of his hard on and stroked him slowly a few times as the precum came tipping out the top, she her tongue and licked it all the way around the tip lapping it up. “Mmmm taste so sweet already baby.” She purred. Leaving him starting to pant already taking everything in him to stay in control of turning into a raging beast.

She started going up and down slowly on him hollowing her mouth using her tongue swirling it around as she was sucking hi hard and pumping and twisting with her hands whatever couldn’t fit. He threw his head back in growling noises as she started to go faster than he lost control his fingers wrapped in her hair as he controlled the pace he need as he got close to his release. “Baby, baby you need to move I’m bout to bust.” He tried to get out but she refused to move. “Let go daddy.” She purred out. That special name did it and pushed him over the edge. He came hard and fast and was to the point the was seeing stars. Trying to catch his breath looking down at her as she wiped off her mouth with her fingers it was the sexiest thing he ever saw.

Pulling her up to him kissing her wildly. He was already hard again. “You on the shot, but do you want me to get a condom?” He asked her in a dark voice that drove her wild kissing all over her neck. “Well better to be extra safe right? DO you have one I don’t have any of those here.” “I got in my pants just in case baby girl can you grab it?” She quickly went and took it a couple more fell out. Ripping it open and rolling I ton him. Which did not help try to keep any control he had left. She crawled on top of him and he rolled her over to be underneath him. Lifting one leg up to her side leaving his hand on her thigh, and the other to wrap around his waist. HE was still kissing her neck, licking and sucking. “You ready for me baby?” He growled to her. “Yes.” She moaned back softly but he heard it as he slowly entered her.

Both of them having to gasp a little bit as he pushed further. She was clutching on to his shoulders as they managed to get completely naked. “You’re so fucking tight for me baby, you feel so good.” He moaned out in breathes. After a few slow thrusts she was ready for more, and he was ready to oblige her. She felt the knot coming undone in her half. “Xavier.” Fuck daddy I’m so close.” “Say that again. “I’m close she cried out. “No, no, baby the other things call me that again he roared.” “Daddy.” She cried out as she came hard all around him. Still not getting enough of her. He sat back sitting up against the couch and placed her on his lap and took his hands up on her hips to keep her steady, as she rode him off into the moonlight. She was working him hard and slow driving him wild with need. He was about to get close when she beat him to it crying out his name for a second time. About to fall down on him he flipped her over on her hands and knees, and entered her from the back both of them moaning like crazy at how much more deeper he was getting slamming into he g-spot knowing he was close, he popped he up still thrusting inside her form behind with her chest arched a little ways on his back he was still sucking on her neck when he reached his hand around her and started to rub and pinch her clit as he pounding away making her feel like she could collapse any minute.

“MM that’s right baby, you take me so well, and deep baby. Let go, honey get us both there.” He growled into her ear all the dirty little things that shoved her off that cliff making her cry out hard. As he growled her name and for coming so hard and than some as he could feel her milking him for all he was worth. Letting her go lightly he disposed of the condom in the trash bun they had next to them. Grabbing a blanket and pulling her on to his chest as close to him as he could get her. “You’re incredible baby girl he said using one hand to run through her hair and one to rub her back, as she ran her hand all over lightly to his chest. Catching their breathes. “Well you make me that way.” She whispered out with a giggle. “Naw baby. You were amazing way before I came along. I’m just happy to be able to be apart of it now.” He said placing kisses all over her.

It was early and everything was light blue grey around them they were still wrapped up naked in blankets outside when Bella started to hear voices. “Bella where the hell are you?” She heard a mans voice yell for her. Xavier quick popping up as they heard the back door slam shut. “Dude. Oh come on! That’s like my sister.” Nacho hollered covering his eyes quickly turning around. “Not even sorry man.” Xavier said as he kissed Bella deeply. “Here baby you going to need this.” He said handing her his shirt which could fit down to her knees. “What happened to all my stuff.” She asked. He handed it to her. Her dress, bra, and panties were all ripped in halves. “Did you have to rip everything?” She laughed out.

“Too much information getting tossed around.” Nacho said laughing. “Come on inside, why you here so early?” Bella asked curiously as she went in and started to make herself a jug of sweet tea she loved to brew hers though. So she started the pot of water to start to boil. “GO get dressed baby I got this.” Xavier said placing another sweet kiss to her neck. She took off to her room and quickly found her bra, panties, and a sundress. With her flip flops. Coming back into the kitchen she found Xavier and Nacho laughing deeply. Nacho has really gotten close to the boy since the few months we have been here.

“Hey there gorgeous.” “Hey there my handsome men. So what brings you all the way out here.” She asked curiously. “That is the fun part. See I can do all I can with Callen at the hospital he is now free to only come in for chemo treatments every so often, all his scans are great and clear. He can officially leave the hospital granted he takes two weeks for resting period, and the days he has chemo treatment. He can go about this business like a normal twelve year kid in about two and half weeks. I wan you to be the one to tell the family while Melody and I take this week off to go look at Venues this place has grew on us I think we might actually stay.” Nacho said happily. Having Bella squeeze him into a tight hug. “Tell Mel I won’t wear.” He cut her off. “I know you won’t wear pink dress. I know pink is evil unless it’s blended with other colors. Do you see why I love you guys so much right now.” Nacho said sadly to Xavier who was laughing deeply.

“Anyway you can go get all that crap I know you bought that kid already and head over there hurry up sooner you get there sooner he can go home.” Nacho said as he waved by at everyone. “You got Callen some gifts baby that’s thoughtful.” Xavier said following her into her office. “I need your help can You take this bag, and this one, and this one, oh this one too.” They were huge gift bags. “What is all this?” “I got to know a lot about that kid we bonded ya know I bond with all my kids. Like your brother and his friends. Anyway he said his parents couldn’t get him an xbox because of all the doctors bills, and he would play on Dre’s all the time until he broke it when he passed out on it one day and still feels bad. I also got his clothes size in a size up and down so his weight can be comfortable in his favorite type of clothes. Special lotions and creams to help soothe skin after treatments some gift cards he can use door dash while on that special rest his appetite will come back with a vengeance. You know some of his favorite authors on a couple books he hasn’t got to read. You know little things.” She said as she was sorting through making sure she got everything. “Ah I need this envelope, and that little one.” She said as she grabbed. “What are these?” He asked curiously as he already changed for the day. “Job perks people are always giving e a bunch of crap. Some because they are getting divorced, some because they want me to stay working with them. Some to say sorry for whatever. I don’t know but I always get lot of stuff. SO I make sure to put it to great use.”

“Baby can I use your cell?” She asked putting hers in her little pocket in her sundress. “Sure here.” Xavier said grabbing all the bags and putting them into his truck. “What’s the password?” She asked trying to hand it back. “Just put your finger on it baby I scanned you in it couple weeks back you didn’t even notice.” He said with a laugh. “Oh ok thank you.” She pulled up his contacts and pushed call. “Man this better be good, it’s like almost seven a.m.” Draven groaned into the phone. “Good morning to you to my dear.” She sang to him. “Bells, sorry good morning hey Maddie ain’t here she went up to help her grandma last night.” He said rubbing his face. “I am actually calling you for a work call. I was hoping you could get your parents to meet me at the hospital as soon as you guys can get there?” She said.

“Oh my god is Callen ok?” He rushed out. “He’s fine but I got some stuff I need to go over with you guys and you know the sooner the better. Don’t worry everything is fine. Just please get there I’ll meet you there.” Draven got dressed called his parents and hey rushed on over. They were there before Bella could walk through the door. With a cart with a blanket on it. “Good Morning friends.” She sang happily while kissing Callen and Draven on their cheeks making his parents smile. They gotten to know her an the girls real well during the last couple of months. “So I called you here because I have spoke to Nacho who will be gone for the rest of the week personal stuff. He told me he wanted me to show you the last scans you’ve been taking for a while, and the next step in the game plan is which is starting right as soon as I am done. Ok?” She asked looking around the room at the worried family.

“All you last six scans are clean. You have to come back and do your appointment rounds of chemo and you have to come in for your check ups. So I have been told you may leave this hospital and go home. Two weeks of not complete bed rest but close enough to it. You can start being a normal twelve year kid chasing girls, and hanging with your friends. You are a free kid minus some appointments on the side. I also have some bed rest gifts. She took the blanket off and showed him the four huge gift bags. “Did you know bout this?” Draven asked happily to Xaiver. “I knew nothing until Nacho came over this morning and she started pulling bags out of her closet like Houdini.” Xavier said back. “Oh my Bella honey this is too much.” Fallon said as both parents eyes were wide. “It’s just a couple gifts between friends right Cal?” Bella said as she winked at him. Callen was so happy he sat straight up taking them all. “You got me all of them.” He said happily. “They range to what your wearing now a size down which will happen you know that, and than a size up for once that period is over.” She said happily. He was hugging her tightly. “You got me two new Xboxes this aren’t suppose to come out until next November.” “Well actually one is for Draven to play with you when he’s at home and your on bed rest. I got a guy for everything. I think you might like some of the games they are coming out in a few months figured you can get use to them now and start the hustle on your friends.” She shrugged making everyone laugh around her.

“Dude you seriously got me a new Xbox?” Dre’ asked her with his mouth dropped. “well it broke my heart hearing what happened to the last one. This way you can be apart of the healing treatment. You know if he’s feeling down and you get off work you can just hop on and just be his annoying big brother from your place.” She said in a whisper loud enough for only the adults to hear and get teary eyed. “I actually received a gift that I am not going to be able to use. I got a couples gift certificate at the nice Hotel in Linden just twenty minutes away for a spa day for today and it’s only for a couple hours they pick you up they bring you home. You just drop my name on the reservation and they’ll take great care of you and you’ll be home to have a nice meal as a family. I’m sure Draven and Callen can survive a few hours away from you hard working parents.” Bella asked. Fallons eyes almost popped open. “Are you sure about this?” Victor asked. “I am booked for the day, plus I have an evening meeting the rest of the Knights.” Bella said happily wrapping an arm around Xavier and placing a hand on his chest as he looked happily at his extended family signing the discharge papers.

Callen, Victor, and Fallon wheeled Callen in his own wheel chair to Draven’s truck to so he can drive him to his parents house. So they can go relax for a few hours just the two of them getting massages, and facial treatments that makes them nap for at lest an hour as it hydrates your skin. While getting a lot of body TLC. Xavier and Draven were walking down the hall Bella had to walk a little a slower. “Bell you alright what’s up with you he asked her as they finally got to the sidewalk outside. “Uh it’s nothing, really.” “Don’t go lying to me now.” Dre’ asked in a serious tone. “Babe you what’s going on?” Xavier asked worried. “Imsore.” She mumbled out. The boys looked at each other and shrugged. “I’m just a little sore.” She said in I give up tone. It took a minute for it to sink in for Dre’ to bust out laughing. “I bet you are.” He said laughing his way to the truck waving them off. Finally sinking in to Xavier he started glowing a little bit pridefully. “Are you ok baby? Did I hurt you?” He asked in a deep dark sweet voice.

“I’m fine it’s going to happen. You’re ugh. You’re a big guy ya know it’s going to happen.” She said blushing beat red. “You want me to carry you to the truck?” “NO I’m ok really. So what do we do now?” She asked with a smile. “Well we don’t have to be at mama’s until about one it’s only eleven. How about we go pack some things of yours and you can go put them at my place?” He asked wrapping his arms around her looking down at her. “I think that sounds great.” They got to her house and packed up some of her clothes and some little things she may need while there likek hair brush and combs hair ties, small make-up bag that only contained an eyelash curler and eyeliner, with some of her favorite dark blue nail polish, nail clippers, and tweezers. Some shoes like two sets of flip flops one pair of heels, and a pair of shoes she can jog in.

“Let me go check my office and get my back up laptop. I’ll just leave it at your place if that’s ok?” She asked. “Yeah baby that’s fine.” “Oh and my spare tablet.” She said sliding that and all the charger for them and her phone. “You got a lot of spare electronics.” He said grabbing her bags. “I swear I mainly use it for work, so if I travel I take these, and I use the one right here when I go to the office or the tablet.” “Mostly use for work what else do you use for?” He teased. “Games.” She said laughing looking anywhere but at him. “You can play Xbox games on it through you Microsoft account.” She said in a blushing way. “You play with all those kids on your walls and stuff don’t you?” He asked proudly. “I might sometimes they just need someone to be with them even if they can’t be with them.” She said going through some papers. “Have I told how much I love you today?” He asked pulling her close to him going into her neck placing sweet kisses on to it. “No.” She moaned out. “You want to stay at mine tonight? That is if my family doesn’t scare you off so bad that you decide to chuck me.” He laughed out.

“Never you’re stuck with me until you tell me otherwise.” She said looking at him happily. “Is this all you think you’ll need?” He asked looking around. “Only thing left is this.” She said as she gave him a thin small box. “What’s this?” He asked as he opened it up looking down at a key. He looked up at her. “Every one I who is important has a key to my place. The girls, D, Nacho, and Melody. I want you to be one of those people too. I mean it just makes sense to me if I am making room for you here in my home I want you to feel welcomed at any point in my home.” She said looking at him. “Thank you baby. I know this is a big deal to both of us. Thank you for letting me in, in more ways than one.” He said kissing her one last time grabbing her duffel bag, her laptop bag and plastic bag of shoes. “Let me help you.” “No baby I got it just get the door please make sure you lock up.” “Should I grab one of my car keys? Do you think I need I’ll need my car?” She asked. “No you shouldn’t I live close to town walking distance to everything really. Unless you don’t think you can wait for me to get of work to bring you home. DO you have any meetings tomorrow, or are you working from the laptop?” He asked.

“I’m working from the laptop. You know what I can wait for you.” She said as she locked the door behind her. “Do you mind if I leave a car at you place you know a just in case car?” “How many cars do you have to have a just in case car?” Xavier asked. “I have my 1967 Charger, and my Lincoln Navigator.” She said like it was no big deal. As they were pulling up to his house. He had a two bedroom two bathroom one was in the master room. It wasn’t small but it wasn’t half as big as her home either. He had a garage that was a mechanics dream. A medium sized kitchen no dinning room but a big spacious living room. She loved coming over to spend time with him and watch movies on his run down couch.

Walking into his house he walked into his room to start putting some of her things way. He had a spacious closet, and huge dressers. Starting to hang some of her work meetings up in the closet so they don’t wrinkle. “Which one you want to leave here. I got space for you to park it up here on the drive way it fits both of us.” He said “I was hoping my charger. You can drive it whenever you want you know I added you to my insurance policy.” “When did you do that?” “Like two weeks ago. Oh where’s your wallet I want to put my road side card in your wallet.” “Who do you have?” “Triple A. They came out and will get us no matter what car were in or where we are. There’s no limitations on the help or miles. I made sure every and anything is fully covered. It’s habit to think to far ahead. You know after losing my parents and all.” She said sadly.

“Well that wasn’t necessary but I thank you for thinking ahead for us. Just slide it right on in there.” He gave her his wallet. She put it in and looked at deeply. He had a couple of pictures in there one of him and the guys, one of the guys all holding onto the girls. One was a family picture, on the back was one of him and his brother, and the last slot was a picture of both him and her and one on the back of just her. “When did you get these?” She asked flashing the pictures up. “Oh, ugh yeah about those. I got them just before we became official.” He said scratching the back of his head looking like he got caught trying to steal cookies. “Next time could you at least print me some bigger than this.” She teased. Giving his wallet back and putting her underwear away.

“We need to get going babe, it’s already about Twelve fifty.” He said looking at her. “Should we bring anything? Are you sure it’s ok me being there?” She said getting a little nervous. “What are you taking about? Why you getting so nervous you already my parents and my mama’s the toughest one to crack and let me tell you she and dad already think your great and my brother probably loves you as much as I do. You know Damien. What’s making you nervous?”

“Well the way I met your parents wasn’t really ideal and it was so messy, and wrong. Are you sure it’s ok me coming to your family dinner I know how special it is to you and your family.” “That is true but than you should know how special you are to me and for me to have you there. It will all be alright baby. We don’t need to bring anything. Come on let’s go you got your phone?” “Yeah. Ok let’s go. They locked up and headed out the fifteen minute drive across town.

Walking up to the house you can hear everyone from the outside back yard from the front. “It’s easier to just go through the back way here.” Xavier said reaching over and opening the side gate for her to walk in. Walking up hand in hand. She could feel her tummy twist and turn a little bit. She couldn’t pin point what she was nervous for maybe it was because of the last time, or maybe it was because she deflowered their son the night before. Either way she was going to enjoy herself and get to know the people important in Xaviers life.

“Xavier’s finally here.” Cameron said running up hugging on his brother. “He brought Isabella.” He hollered after seeing her and hugging her tightly too. Everyone stopped talking and it was so silent you can hear the pin drop. They all sat there and stared there had to be at least twenty-five to thirty people here. They all came running up to her talking loudly about welcoming her and a bunch of other things she couldn’t really catch. Xavier was quickly pushed aside. “Everyone back the hell up and let that poor child breathe.” Dante yelled out. Kayla walked right up to her with Dante.

“How you doing baby girl it’s good to see you.” Dante said coming up and hugging her. “It’s so good to have you hear I hope you hungry we having grilled cheeseburgers and hotdogs, with a whole bunch of sides.” “I’m starving and that sounds great can I help you with anything? Thank you for having me.” She said smiling brightly. “No dear everything was prepped a long time ago we let these old men do the grilling. Only thing left to do anyway. “Why don’t you come around with me and meet some people.” “That sounds fun.” Bella said. “You say that now. Just you wait.” Kayla said laughing.

“You know Damien let me introduce you to his parents. This Lamar and Kelly Knight Lamar is Dante’s brother. This is Dante other brother and his wife Roman and Julian Knight. Their two kids. Enzo is ten, and Leon is eight. Than we got Dante’s other brother over here see he is one of five. Anyway this over is Dante’s other brother Isaiah and his wife Hailey Knight with their twin boys Sean and Hunter they are about sixteen. Than we have the baby of Dante’s brothers Dante is the eldest. This is the baby and his wife this is Noah and Emmaline or Emma Knight their strong boys. Ethan he is fourteen, Mathew who is thirteen, and the baby Colton or Colt who is twelve.” Kayla said as they all waved. Saying hello. “Seems you guys must have had your hands full with all these boys is Aria the only girl?” “Well only girl so far.” Kayla said with a wink.

“It’s good to see you again Bells.” Damien came up kissing her cheek and hugging her. “Hey by the way I got your friend set up with a house close to yours for the week he is here he’s coming around your birthday right?” Damien asked. “Oh when’s your birthday?” Kelly asked sweetly taking a drink from her cup. “Its actually in about three weeks from yesterday.” Bella said smiling. “How old are you going to be you look so young child.” Julian said again being sweet. “I’m turning twenty-six.” She said proudly. “You are only two years apart Xavier turned twenty-eight in January.” Roman said proudly. “So tell me what is it you do for work?” Isaiah asked. Handing her a sweet tea. “Thank you. I work in investments or also a free lance consultant, or financial consultant for major companies, or small corporations, or just really anyone looking for help to get funding for projects that are realistically backable. I also in return find them little loop holes to make them spend their money as a tax write off like helping charities and other things like that. It’s really boring, I don’t like to talk to much about it.” She said still smiling.

“So you’re like really smart.” Sean asked. “Not even a little bit. Honestly no. I just try to understand what it is someone needs and try to help make that happen for them.” She said honestly. Xavier was tossing the football around with all his cousins except Hunter and Sean the rest of the adults were busy getting to know her. He wanted to go up and make sure they weren’ t scaring her off. “Calm down there Xav, it aint nothing she can’t handle did you see the way she handled Principle Andrews and Sara that was awesome. Your girl is a boss.” Cameron said proudly. “Yeah she’s a real damn peach.” Aria said walking in the door. “I think the only reason you don’t like is because she put Sara in her place.” Xavier said with attitude back at her. “I never said I don’t like her, I don’t even know her. I’m not that damn mean Xavier. I’m not friends with them anymore anyways.” Aria said looking down.

“Why what happened?” Xavier asked a little sad for her. “We was raised family first right? I can’t be hanging with girls who try ot fuck up my little brothers future that he busted his ass for because another brother finally got a girl to date him. Like a real one.” Aria said still with attitude. “I don’t always show it but I do love you guys and I won’t let no body who isn’t in this house right now fuck with any of you.” Aria said looking at them. “That’s my now watch that mouth.” Dante said hugging his daughter close. “You need to tell her to watch them hands she beat the hell out of Natalie and Sara got they weave and everything.” Cameron said laughing hard with Xavier along with him. “I’ll be nice I swear. I aint got no friends anymore anyways it would be nice to make some with girls who actually nice. Hell at least smart even, who don’t dress like they working the street.” Aria said walking up to Bella.

“I’m Aria I know we never got to meet face to face but it is nice to meet you finally Xavier never shuts up about neither does Cam but for different reasons. You know he’s learned a lot off you. Maybe you can even show me a few tricks on how to work them events.” Aria said trying her best to be nice. “Maybe you could actually come with me and some of my friends. We go on girls night every now and than, Although none of us wear a weave or anything.” She mumbled into her drink smiling at Aria. Aria smiling back. “You already know.” “I already know. I know how shady Sara really is and a lot of things are not sitting well with me about all that but don’t you worry I got this handled. Girls and I would love to have you around though they speak good things about you.” “Really” She asked in a sad voice. “Really.”

They talked for a while getting to know each other she told them about her parents when they asked what they thought of her moving here. It was awkward for a minute but it passed quickly. The night flew by before either one of them knew it was already eight p.m. Xavier’s family loved her. She played and laughed with the board games, and kids. She had some good bonding time with what few females they had there saying how they had to stick together being so outnumbered. They were practically begging for her to come back next Sunday. “Oh I almost forgot. I have someone I know through work who caught her husband and her boyfriend, and no please don’t ask, cheating on her and she gave me something I would like you to have Dante.” Bella said reaching into her bag for the orange envelope. “I know it was your birthday last week so I just figured you would put them to better use than I can. Now remember she had a husband and boyfriend so it was like ten each kind of thing.” Bella said.

“You really didn’t have to do this.” Dante said. “Well I mean they are a free gift you could always sell them or go down to the box office and trade them in. Anything really.” Dante opened it and felt his heart stop for a moment. “Seriously you are just giving me these. Just like a stick of gum.” Dante asked. “What is dad?” Cameron asked. “It’s twenty season passes tickets to the next and up coming Bronco games We just got Broncos season passes for the whole start of the season coming up.” Dante said and everyone stopped and looked at her like she was crazy. “Well I love the Broncos and Xavier said you guys did too. I just thought you’d like them.” Bella said thinking nothing of it. “Child do you have any idea how much these are worth?” Noah asked still in shock.

“Well yeah but they were a gift so for me they were free. My job maybe boring but it has a lot of nice perks sometimes.” She said shrugging. All the guys starting trying to push and shove trying to see them. “Xavier never let her go.” Hunter said to his cousin lost in shock at the ticket in his hand. “Bells I could marry you right here right now.” Damien said. Getting slapped by his daddy. “Oh what?” Damien asked making everyone laugh at him. Xavier smacking him. “Back off my woman damn vulture.” “Baby this was an amazing thing to give thank you.” XAiver said kissing her deeply knowing how much this would mean to all the male members of is family. “Are you sure?” Dante asked. “Yup all for you Dante.” “I think you should start calling him dad now honey I think you just became the favorite child.” Kayla said laughing. “Hell she’s mine.” Lamar joked. “Not even sorry son.” He said laughing hugging Damien. “Well I had a lovely time meeting everyone thank you for having me. I will be seeing you all at the graduation ceremony Thursday than?” Everyone nodding along.

“Bella are you coming to my party?” I got a lot of letters form some of the colleges that I meet with last week thanks to you I’d like you to be there when I open them.” Cameron said wide eyed scratching the back of his head. “The other guys will be here too with theirs.” He added getting a little nervous. “You know I can’t think of anything that sounds better than that. We’ll be here with bells on. I even have three other friends who would love to come and happen to be great gifters.” She winked to him hugging Dante and Kayla one more time before Xavier walked out the door. “Son wait we got enough tickets for everyone. Give these to the boys and yourself.” Dante said shutting the door behind them.

Walking into Xavier’s house he was still in shock holing the season passes. Never did he think he would ever be holding one of these, and he always wanted to be able to give them to his dad. Bella was truly incredible. She was awfully quiet on the way home though. “Babe are you ok. You seem like you miles away from me.” He said as she changed and got ready for bed. He followed suit. “Xavier you know I love you right, well there are a couple of things I haven’t been ready to tell you yet; but tonight you shared something so special to you with me your family. I feel like I need to be more open with you because it feels like it’s just weighing down on me and my heart. So I feel ready to tell you at least one thing. I think you need to know. I know who my grandparents are. My parents biological parents. I know who they are. I even have contact sometimes with my dad’s dad but I try to avoid it as much as possible he is not that good of a man.” She said getting a little shaky.

“OK baby slow down take a breath and start at the beginning.” Xavier said sitting her next to him on the bed. “Ok well the simplest story is my moms parents, her mother gave her up because she was against abortions and she was raped. My mother was the product of a rape so her mother couldn’t go through with an abortion, but she wasn’t able to look at her either. She just turned twenty when she had her, so she was raped by nineteen.” She took a deep breath

“My dad’s mom she was always trying to tie down one rich guy but he wouldn’t marry her I guess so she took off. She didn’t know she was pregnant never told him but she ended up dying of drugs and told the orphanage and his real father by the time he turned eighteen. He came down and tried to get my dad to go home with him, he would pay for college and all that parent stuff, only thing is he didn’t want the baggage of my mom. See she was beneath him and poor and didn’t fit his image of what Aldermans are supposed to be. So my dad being so in love with my mom turned him away. Said he went eighteen years without anyone else helping him out, but her couldn’t go one day with out my mom. So when I was born he started to pop up here and there randomly. I was just someone he could help try to marry off to make his business better. My parents weren’t going for it. He still stand randomly in touch. Still trying to make me see the good in marrying his type of people. We don’t really get along. He’s an ass. So other than him I have no biological family. It’s just me and whatever family I made for myself along the way.” She said looking down at her hands.

“Wow so he’s really going to hate me than.” Xavier said with a deep laugh. “I think your dad sounds like smart man babe. He knew exactly what he needed, and he held on to it with both hands. That sounds like a great man to try to be. The way you talk about them. I can see a lot of all of that in you. YOU truly are their daughter. You should be proud of that and them. They came up form nothing and were still the richest people around.” He said pushing a hair behind her ear. She had tears that’s slowly feel. “There’s another thing you should.” She had to take deep breathes. “Another thing you should probably know. It might change things a little bit.” She said trying to calm herself down.

“Bella stop. Breath. Don’t tell me. Not right now anyways. If it is this difficult and this hard to get out you are not ready to tell me yet. If it could change things right now I don’t want to know just yet we just had an amazing weekend. I don’t want anything else to make you this sad. Did you cheat on me, or is there somebody else?” “God no. Hell the thought of any one except you touching me makes physically sick.” She said shocked at even the idea. “Ok did you lie to me about anything recently?” I have never lied to you and I won’t.” “Are you sick or dying?” “No.” “Are you leaving me, or moving away?” “No, I am not.” “Than Bella it’s not something we need to deal with tonight we can come back to it ok baby. I think the grandparent story was a big enough step for you tonight. Let’s just lay down and you let me hold on to you for awhile?” He said as he pulled down the covers inviting her in. “OK.”

Putting his arm around her waist as he spooned her close to him. He couldn’t feel happier. She was opening up to him, about personal things. His family loved her, she loved them. Hell he even got season tickets to the Broncos the best thing he got tonight was a place in her home and her heart. He needed to remember to give her his spare key in the morning. He never thought he would know what to do on how to be a boyfriend honestly. With Bella everything came like second nature he couldn’t believe someone like her, is with someone like him. He struggled a little but with the scars growing up, but he always more than enough to keep him going. Bella didn’t have half as much and look at her now. He was going to make sure everyday she is with him she knows how much she is loved and wanted and he was going to do everything he could to make sure she never felt that alone again. No matter what else he has to learn he knew deep down. She was it for him. He would take a page form her dad’s book, and not let her go. Never, not without a fight.

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