The Road Less Traveled

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Chapter 8

There was a knocking on the door. Xavier rolled over from Bella and got up to answer it. It was his landlord a sweet little eighty-five year old women who lived next door named Lola. Xavier had been renting from her since he moved out when he was nineteen. He did everything for her. Took her shopping helped her fix things she kept rent reasonable for him. Her kids lived about three states away, and her husband passed two years ago, she just found out she was getting in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. “Good morning Ms. Lola how you doing today. Come on in. Xavier said happy to see one of his favorite ladies.

“No that’s ok I can’t I just wanted to come and tell you the news. Since my kids found out I’m in the early stages we talked everything out and I don’t want to be a burden to you dear, so I am moving this week back with them. I am selling both houses to two nice families who are paying way over market value so I can have enough funds to settle myself the way I need to be settled. I hate to do this to you Xavier but you hae to be gone by Friday.” She said with a few tears in her eyes.

He came up and hugged her tight. “It’s ok Lola I understand do you need any help with anything?” He asked. “Nope I am packed up and leaving today I just couldn’t leave you with out thanking you and saying good bye you have grown into such a wonderful man and I am so proud of you.” She said kissing his cheek and he helped her into her uber to the airport. Walking back in he saw her all dressed in a tank top and joggers. “You heard everything didn’t you?” He asked scratching the back of his head. “Yup.” She said going to the kitchen to get some water.

“I guess I better call in and start packing see if Damien got anything open.” He said running his hands through his face four days to be completely out of his house. He felt totally blindsided but he wasn’t upset about he understood Ms. Lola position. He didn’t have a lot of things anyway and all his furniture needed to be thrown out, the only thing he would be able to take salvageable would be his clothes and his bed. Everything else was far too run down at this point. So basically he just needed a trip to the dump in a u-haul.

“What if you didn’t you didn’t call Damien?” She asked looking down at her cup. “What you mean baby? You want to drive up and see him? You need him again too?” He asked looking at her. “No, that’s not what I meant. Xavier do you really love me?” She asked. “So much more and beyond babygirl.” He said coming up to her wrapping his hands on her hips. “Can you see a future with me? You know like down the road and stuff do you see me there?” She asked him scared to look him in the eyes. Taking his fingers holding her chin up to look at him deeply. “After all this time, past couple years I could never see or hope for future with out you in. Hell baby you can ask anyone I’ve been hooked on you for years now, these last couple months just made it worse. I have got it a whole new level of bad for you Bells.” He said leaning down to steal a kiss.

“So than move in with me.” The words just flew out of her mouth catching him off guard. “What?” He asked softly. “I mean we’re going to eventually down the way anyway right? Is this something you would want? I wasn’t trying to put pressure or anything. It’s just I love my house but I love it so much more when you’re in it. I sleep better when you’re around.” He cut her off kissing her deeply. “Breath Bells. I would love to move in with you as long as you’re sure you’re ready for that. I am going at your pace with all this because this is new for me too. I’m just playing off you baby.” He chuckled out. “I only need my clothes, and the only thing worth taking would be my bed but we aint going to need anymore right?” “Are you sure that’s all you want to take?” She asked a little shocked she had plenty of room.

“Bella I got this stuff used when I was nineteen. Baby that’s like second hand down owned for over nines years aint taking none of this with us.” He said laughing.” I guess I should call the guys and tell them I aint coming.” HE said a little sad. “Why aren’t you going?” “Bella you heard her I have four days to be cleaned out.” He said softly looking at her. “So? I am here. Look honey why don’t you go to work and I will pack all your clothes up and will take them to my place Dimitri can give me a ride and I can get my Navigator and get my suitcases and pack all your stuff and even get your toiletries. Are you absolutely sure you’re throwing everything else out?” She asked one more time. “Yes. I don’t want none of it, it can’t survive being moved around most would probably fall apart.” He answered back.

“Well I know a company in the next town who will come with a truck and move all your stuff to the dump. Their advertised everywhere and I know one guy from a meeting I had in town there. Here’s his card and everything they can have all this out in one day.” She told him. “You go to work and let me handle this here. I am basically off for two days anyway. By the end of the day everything will be taking care of. I will have the garage settled too. Do you trust me?” She asked. “I do. Alright fine I leave everything to you in one hundred percent full trust.” Xavier said in a bowing motion as his phone rang he quickly answered.

“Hey dad.” He said happily. “Hey we wanted to catch you before you went to work. The place you put the deposit down for your brothers party just canceled they double booked us and a wedding and they came first everywhere else is too booked and it’s going to be to damn hot to have it at home. What do you think we should do? Your mama here talking about going down to the lake. I don’t know if we can get a permit that quick that would fit us all they might be all booked out too.”

“Why don’t they just come do it at our house?” Bella asked simply. Xavier caught off guard hearing the term our house roll off her mouth was making his pants a little tight he loved the fact he was now going to be sharing a home and bed with her from now on. “Was that Bella? What she mean our house?” His dad teased. “Dad my place got sold, I got four days to get out and Bella and I decided to move in together. She has the house way out there on Moonlight Lane. She got a huge pool and a hot tub I swear could fit the whole damn family.” Xavier said making both of them laugh he put them on speaker phone.

“Kayla if you want we can do like a Luau out theme. We could do a bbq, and some tiki torches, have a bunch of toys for the pool get some cakes done from Ms. Ellie’s for all the boys. Wear some grass skirts cocoanut bras some lei flower candy things.” Bella said Xavier falling a little more in love with her opening her home last minute for one of his favorite people in the world Cameron. “Bella that sounds wonderful but are you sure you really want to open your home to a big group of people like this?” Kayla asked unsure. “I’m positive. Xavier go get ready for work or you’ll be late I want to talk to your parents for a minute.” “Alright baby.” He handed her the phone and took it off speaker phone.

“Well maybe we can come by later and go look at some decorations over at party city but I think everything sold out with only three days until graduation.” Dante said. “You see Bella we wanted to take him to his favorite place to eat so Xavier put down the deposit and they told him we weren’t allowed to decorate in there so we got some silly ones to put inside the house, but it won’t be enough.” Kayla said trying no tot get frustrated. “Don’t worry about a thing I have a lady I use for all my events on call to her and everything will be settled I would just need you here after the ceremony to direct what you want to go where. I am just the venue this is your kids party.” She laughed out.

“Bella honey, I don’ t think I will be able to cover the costs of your planner.” Dante said in a chuckle. “You don’t have to. I would love to cover it as a gift to Cameron it will be from Xavier and I. He was going to do it in the first place. It’s now his home too. I just need one favor from you guys, and I need it today.” Bella said trying to hurry off the phone. “ Well what do you need Bella. I need you and maybe a couple of your brothers to meet me at my place and help with a little project it will go by so much faster with you guys there, and it’s not for me it’s for Xavier. It will just be for a few hours.” Bella begged. “OK I can do that I will call them up just text me the address. Does Xavier know about this little project?” Dante teased. “Not the one you’ll be on.” She said with a smile. “Alright than our little secret; you sure you want to do all this?” “Yes I am. I will see you guys soon. Kayla you’ll get a call from Dimitri about the food you would like for the party so expect that later today.” “OK baby I need the phone back I got to go or I’ll be late it’s already seven thirty and I’m backed up at the shop.” He said kissing her deeply. “I will see you at home ok? You still got your key from yesterday?” “Yes, I do. Alright we gotta run dad I’ll call you guys later.” He said as he hung up.

“You sure you can handle all this?” He asked feeling bad, but grateful at the same time. “I got this baby.” Bella said with a smile. She picked up her phone. “We are working today come get me at Xaviers house.” “Yes Boss.” Dimitri said in his work voice. Picking up her phone she called and arranged two very large trucks one cleaning company she uses every now and than when she was in a hurry. Dimitri came and took her home to get some things to help carry his clothes back. She never touched her garage since she moved in it’s been completely empty so Dimitri swept it out. It was a three car garage. That had a door that connected to her kitchen. The only thing she had out there was a deep freezer, an ice maker, and another fridge. She never filled them all the way since it was normally just her unless she knew she would have company and than she would fill it with all kinds of drinks.

The pool itself could fit an easy close to one hundred people in it. It was amazing. There was a huge bar and grill set up with it, and what looked like a single bedroom filled with Couches and a T.V. She needed to remind herself to have it stocked for the party with some ice coolers. After sweeping out the garage and leaving all the doors open to air it out she locked the rest of the house up. Texting Dante to be there about lunch time. When she got back she snapped pictures of Xavier’s garage and saved them to her phone. Ok she told the four men I need this whole garage loaded and sent to this address, before noon. I need everything from the inside thrown into the other truck he wants it thrown out. I need this whole place sparkling clean by the time they are done.” She said to the three lady cleaning staff, and the eight different men who came with the trucks.

Dimitri took everything from both bathrooms and Bella cleaned out his room than they went and put everything back into the Navigator and all his stuff fit in one car in one trip. Looking at each other they started on the next couple steps. Picking up her phone she called Darla. “There is my favorite person it’s been to long my darling.” She said in the phone. “Please tell me you have something for me to do I am bored.” Darla said with a dramatic tone. “Actually I need a complete Luau themed high school graduation party for five teenage boys at my house and I want everything you can get a hold of whether we can use it or not. I want it done and set up ready to go by Thursday.” Bella said in her business tone.

“This is why I love you Bells you keep me on my toes done and done my darling now who is my boss for this event? Kayla, Dante, and Xavier Knight. The guests of honor are Cameron Knight James Patterson, Oliver Phillips, Mason Davis, and Lucas Damico. Whatever they want they get it no questions, no excuses it gets done.” Bella said nicely. “You got it babe. I am already on it send the address and I’ll be there? Do you need the clean up crew to?” “Yes I will.” Bella said as she hung up. “Ms. Bella we are all done the men said looking they were starting to sweat a little. “Ok you guys will follow me, and you guys how much do I owe you?” She asked smiling sweetly thankful for their help. “Well with the fees to dump our fee and tax it’s five hundred and fifty we took three trips Bella.” “Ok, do you accept tips?” She asked sweetly as everyone else had left her alone with the main driving man as they got ready to follow her. “Yes, we do.” “Alright here’s twelve hundred thank you so much for doing all this I can you in the future?” “Yes! Please do.” He said shaking her hand.

Walking up to the cleaning ladies. “I’m not coming back her today please lock up when your done so how much would I owe you?” “Well I would say about two hundred and fifty for the full clean our and the carpets and all.” Bella put a thousand in her hand. “Thank you for coming out I appreciate it.” She said shaking their hand. “Ok boys please follow me to where you will help me unload all this.” Pulling up to her house she saw Dante and his four younger brothers, they were looking around just admiring her beautiful home. “Thank you guys so much for coming to help I’m so sorry for the short notice though.” She said coming up to hug them all.

“You have a beautiful home Bella.” “Thank you Dante I worked hard piecing it together I still got such a long way to go. You know it was a four bedroom I had two more added in since I moved in here.” She said proudly. “You’re garden is incredible, I’ve never seen one so big and so organized. I love all those fruit trees.” Roman said. “Which ones you got out there?” Roman asked. “I have a couple of different apples like Granny Smiths, Red, and Fugi. I like to bake with those. Than a couple of peach, lime, lemon, avocado, and a few cherry trees. You can help yourself to whatever you fancy. OK so gentle men these wonderful men are going to unload this truck and I have just finished sending you pictures of the way Xavier had his garage set up I would like to recreate all that in here. SO knowing Xavier the best please help piece it back like how it was. You guys put it where ever these men say please. I will be with Dimitri putting Xavier’s things away.” Bella said happily.

“Why do you have all of Xavier things?” Isaiah asked looking at his brothers who looked confused to. “Oh Xavier and I are moving in together it was kind of a spur of a minute choice but we thought it out pretty well. Thank you for the help guys, the kitchen is right through that door please help yourself to anything in the fridge that goes for you guys to she hollered at the movers who smiled greatly at her.” Once about two hours came and gone she made her way out there with Dimitri who was on the phone with Kayla taking down everything she wanted food wise and drink wise for the party. Kayla had hung up trying to order all five cakes for the boys.

“Wow you guys this is amazing. Thank you so much I think he’s going to love and it’ll mean so much more knowing you guys helped.” She said looking at everything was sparkling and shining at her. Walking up to the main buffed guy while the rest of them got in the truck ready to leave. “So thankful you guys came and helped get all of this done so fast. Truly thank you what do I owe you? “ “Well it we charge by hour about twenty-five, than the truck fee is one hundred we been with you from about nine a.m to two pm. So you’re looking at about two hundred and twenty-five I say.” “Do you take tips?” “Yes man I do for the guys.” He said deeply. “She gave him an envelope that had about twelve hundred like the other guys. “Thank you Ms. Alderman I know they appreciate it. The best tip I could think of though would be if you let me take you to dinner.” He said trying to sound seductive. “That’s going to be a hard no, I need to go make dinner my boyfriend will be home soon.” She said flatly. “Worth a shot. Thank you again Ms. Alderman.” He said as he got in the truck and left.

“That was almost hard to watch.” Noah said as they all bust out laughing. “Now how can I pay you guys for your beautiful work?” She asked looking at them. They all looked at each other confused. “We didn’t come out here honey to expect anything from you. We came because you said you needed help. That’s what this family does, sweetheart we help those who ask for it.” Dante said flatly. “I appreciate that deeply you guys are very lucky bunch.” She said rubbing his arm. “However if you have your heart dead set on payment. It’s going to be hot as hell this Sunday, maybe if you and Xavier are open to it we could have the Sunday dinner here let kids go nuts in the pool or sprinkler.” Dante said. “I think that sounds fun. Done. You know Thursday y’all can go over and check the grill and bar set up and tell me anything you think we’re going to need.” After talking for a bit they left and Bella decided to grill up some steaks on the stove, with mashed potatoes and gravy, and some roasted veggies. Pulling the dinner rolls out of the oven she had everything platted and ready for him on the table she made up and a jug of sweet tea on the table.

She heard the door open and shut. Feeling arms wrap around her from behind, Xavier snuggled his face into her hair and neck. “I’m home.” He said in that deep husky voice placing kisses on her neck, holding her tight. “Yes, you are.” She purred back. “Damn honey it smells so good in here what did you do?” He asked washing his hands and coming around the table. “Baby you didn’t have to do all this, you’ve done enough today. I swung by my place and its spotless and empty so is the garage. Maybe we should talk about where we going to put it all.” He said looking dead tired. “No need, it’s done. You get the right side of the dresser and the right side of the walk in closet. Your guest bathroom stuff is in the first bathroom going down the hall, your bathroom stuff is in my bathroom set up just like you had it at home. She said. “Thank you so much I can’t believe you got all of this done in one day.” He said shaking his head laughing a little blown away.

“I had a lot of help.” she said as they finished their meal. “Especially with this. Come here.” She said taking his hand. “Every man needs his own work space, I never come out unless it’s for these three things or the storage space up top for holiday decorations.” She said as she opened the garage door. Xavier mouth hung open. “It’s huge! Everything is exactly the same. Damn look at all the space in here. You seriously don’t use any of it.” He said in shock remembering her never coming out here. “You seriously did all this just for me.” He asked amazed at how one day changed so much for them. “Well your dad and uncles did this because I didn’t want to mess up your stuff.” She said and Xavier looked like he got a little teary eyed coming up to hug her and swing her around their garage laughing and kissing her deeply. He made his way backed to the house and locked up. “Where are we going?” She laughed out being carried on his shoulder now.

“We going to go Christine our shower baby.” He said as slapped her butt. She couldn’t contain her laughter slapping his back. He made sure to turn on the water and quickly stripped them both he ended up ripping her dress and panties. “Hey those get expensive it’s hard to find my size.” She cried out. “I’ll order you new ones.” He said picking her up legs around his waist and bringing her into the water kissing her deeply. Placing her down gently he took the shampoo bottles and started to wash her hair as she was soaping him up both looking at each other lovingly, taking their time exploring every inch of each other.

Getting drunk in their kisses. He took her left leg and hung the back of her knee on his forearm. Being over twice her size in every way possible it was easy to do. He bent down a little making it easier to line up to her core and in one swift motion he was thrusting into her at a steady pace. Catching her breath she was clinging one had to his shoulders, and one hand gripping his hair, as her was leaving little love bits all over her chest as her back was arched for him to have better access. They both reached their release rather quickly. Against the shower wall. He took the soap and cleaned her off once again. Taking her out of the shower they dried off quickly. His erection already springing back to life he picked her up by her thighs and carried her to the bed and placing her slowly down. Kissing her all the way down to her naked core. Making eye contact with her. “I’m dying to taste you baby.” He said in that deep husky voice, as he slid his tongue up and down slowly through her folds.

Being sensitive from the over stimulation he already caused. It was hard not to have her whole body react to the sensations he was putting her body through. He took both legs and draped them over his shoulders parting her thighs wider so he could have better access. He started his torturous work licking, sucking, nibbling, and playfully kisses eating her like a starving man. He took one finger and entered it within her curling it around while he started sucking and licking her clit. Making her body shake a little knowing she was getting close he added a second finger into and still kept at her clit, as she called out his name as she came undone. Trying to get herself free form his hold he held her down to ride it out make her whole body shake even harder. Wiping his mouth quickly he came up to her kissing her deeply.

Getting so wrapped up in each other again. “Where did you put the condoms baby?” He asked in her ear. “Drawer on your side of the bed towards the back on the first drawer. Quickly opening it up the dim lighting showed like a few boxes of them were dropped in there. Laughing to himself wondering just how long these were going to last, he was already addicted to her. Quickly putting it on he slide her down to the bed to where her butt was on the edge of the bed he took both legs and bent them around to him as he started to thrusting into her right over her. He was not going to last long being wound up from the meal he just had, her scent still lingering on him. He took his fingers, using them to pinch and rub her clit as he thrusted deeply.

“Xavier, Baby I’m.” She couldn’t finish her sentence Lost in the sensations he had rolling her through her, clutching the comforter on the bed so she could hold onto something. “That’s it baby, give it to me, milk every last drop baby girl.” He growled out to her as the both let go together. Catching them both by surprise they rode it out for a couple minutes. He pushed her back on the bed a little. Getting a rag he, getting rid of the condom he came and cleaned her up. Pulling down the covers her held her close to him. “Your spoiling me Bells.” He said as he kissed her neck as he spooned her. “How?” She laughed. “You going to get me all used to coming home to a home cooked meal, by a patient loving woman, giving me the time a day, better yet the time of night. A man could use to that.” He’s voice was so addicting to her. “You better, this is our home now. I want you to get used to all that and more.” She purred. “You better watch it now. You keep up this game right here, you aint going to be able to walk in the morning.” He said nipping her ear lobe. They drifted off to sleep easily as they were both spent.

Thursday came in a blink of an eye she was wearing a lovely summer Dark blue halter top dress that was neither to fancy nor to dress down, working well with Xavier’s Dark blue dress down t-shirt and dark washed jeans. They met up quickly with the rest of his family as they were all excited to see the last on in Xavier’s house be out of high school. Kayla and Dante did their best not to cry as they called his name. Xavier’s family did their best to contain their laughter. The girls and the guys had tears in their eyes. They asked for everyone to stay seated the whole time but Bella and Dimitri managed to make there way into the center aisle for all five boys getting their diplomas shaking hands with the principle security coming up to them.

Bella and Dimitri looked at each other than looked to them. “I know you aint here for me because you going to need a hell of a lot more help than just you two.” Bella said in calm quiet voice. “What, what you going to. I know you better walk that ass back over there, unless you want to be fired home skillet. We done anyways. I know after all that mess this school has already made with the investors you don’t want to be making it worse now right?” Dimitri said with his attitude. They put their hands up in surrender backing away. “That’s what I thought we done anyways way to go boys!” Dimitri yelled like a proud daddy grabbing Bellas hand and running back off the field and next to the family who had the whole crowd laughing. “What?” She asked looking at Xavier who was shaking his head at her. “Baby they wanted us not to do that.” He said just falling in love with her even more. “Oh fuck them, parents wait eighteen years for this moment and we ain’t missing out because they want us to pay twenty bucks a pop for their crappy pictures when I can make better ones.” Bella said making their whole group laugh again. “I know that’s right.” Dimitri said looking proudly at his phone showing James parents the great shot he got.

Kayla and the other aunts and uncles decided to head straight back and check on the set up with Xavier’s group of guys. The girls took everyone else to lunch. It was about twelve and the party was to happen at four. Walking up to the house everyone was in shock they had four dual waterslide bouncy house things, with two slides and a pool at the bottom. Tiki torches everywhere it looked wonderful a limbo bar huge speakers and a DJ, the bar had two bartenders, to give you anything you wanted. The caterers were in grass skirts and Hawaiian t-shirts.

“There you are my darling I was having so much fun with the flame throwing guy are you keeping them they are wonderful.” Darla came up kissing her cheeks. “Oh are these the five sets of parents? Ok my loves tell me what you like what you don’t I have other things in the other trucks we can alter anything you want. The food on the lists are underway. Will you be needing alcohol that is one thing I did not get yet. If you do I can get the car services to keep five vehicles to drive everyone home safely.” Darla asked.

“You do that?” Mr. Phillips asked. “Of course, my favorite here doesn’t let no one who drinks at any of her events drive home one drink or not, or you lose your keys, seeing as this is a party of high schoolers I left it all non alcoholic for now.” Darla said happily clapping her hands together. “I think it’s best that way.” Kayla said everyone else nodding in agreement. “I think everything looks wonderful just the way it is. Mr. Davis said. “Well everyone go look around, see if there is anything you want changed than you can go home and change and get ready. Security will be here by three thirty. The fields are open in the back so the valets can drive the cars around and park them as so the guest won’t tare up your field.” Darla said. “Thank you, perfect as always Darla.” Bella said hugging her tightly.

“Bella are you sure this is ok, I mean this is incredible really above and beyond. How much is this going to set back though?” “Xavier don’t worry about the money you let me do that. Besides I am allowed to throw a party for the scholarship winners through Dolton Industries as a congratulations things and thanks to us suing Sara, I can use this as a tax write off so basically the way I write t up it’s all free I only half to pay Darla for her time, which she gives me fifty percent off so I think all this has costed us about one hundred and fifty out of our pockets.” She said Xavier looked at her like she was crazy. “Are you serious? You only have to pay one hundred and fifty dollars for all this?” Xaiver said a little loudly. “Bella I don’t know how it is you do things but honey I wish you would teach me.” Hailey said looking around drinking a virgin pina colada. “Baby the deposit itself at the other place was three times that much. You’re freaking incredible. Baby who the hell is that?” Xavier asked looking at a man who came pulling in with a Ford 250 Heavy Duty hunter green four door brand new truck with two brand new jet skis attached to the trailer.

“Oh my god Zebby what are you doing here? How do you always find me?” Bella asked as the girls came walking in with all the kids and Cameron and the boys. “Well hello to you too my angel. Another truck came parking behind him, but the driver did not get out. “What’s going on here?” Zebby asked. “My boyfriends baby brother just graduated high school so were throwing a party for him, his friends and their families.” She said proudly. “You have a boyfriend? Like an actual person of the opposite sex, who you like date? You? I got to see this. Hey girls.” “ZEBBY!!! They all screamed running up to hug him. “Baby?” Xavier asked as the guys all looked around confused. “Zebby here is the boyfriend roll call. Leah’s boyfriend Zain. Riley’s boyfriend Jayden. Maddison boyfriend Draven or Dre’. This is Xavier my boyfriend. Now what the hell did you drag on our yard and why do you have a ride?” She asked crossing her arms. “ Well apparently you have saved Mr. Wiltmen like five point seven million dollars using Travis so he thought since you living out here now you could use these on the lake. Than he wasn’t sure if you had anything to tow them so here you are Darling everything you need pink slip everything just waiting for you to put your name on it. Hey don’t give me that damn look Bella I told him you wouldn’t care for this materialistic crap but aint no on one ever listen to the Zebby.” He said all dramatically.

Zebby was a half Spanish half Italian yet all redneck man about ten years older than Bella. “Ok thanks Zebs I’ll figure something out thanks.” She hugged him good bye and Turned to Xavier. “Does this happen a lot random gifts like this just poppin gup in our yard. Is this like a normal everyday thing? I just need to know what to expect.” Xavier said looking a little lost. “You should have no expectations than, because hell baby I never know. Do you need a new truck? I meanI’m keeping those jet skis, there is a separate shed in the back that can fit bug ass boats if we wanted we can put them in there, but honey I don’t need the truck. Do you need the truck?” She asked scratching her head.

“Baby as awesome as this brand new truck looks, I love my truck. I’m not letting you give me a new truck that thing got to be like what almost hundred thousand dollar truck look you can see the on star and internet shit from here. I don’t need nothing that damn fancy baby.” Xavier said wrapping his arm around her. Looking around the yard. Eyes landing on someone perfect for it. “Ok. Well how about we give it to Cameron honey he’s going to college and he’s going o teed a car. I mean I have to pay for transportation for all five anyway instead of giving him the ten thousand check for a car just give him the truck as a gift.” “Baby you can’t seriously be thinking to give Cam a truck like this? It’s too much?” “It’s way to much Kayla and Dante said.

“Ok, let me paint you a picture form your parents perspective. This truck has on star on the top which means if anything happens to the truck or your son he will be getting help immediately and he won’t be alone through it. This car has a back up camera to help hi park and be safer coming out. It has internet access he won’t be getting lost, he’ll have help he needs with Bluetooth connection so he can safely speak to you or help. You can even locate him where ever he is through the insurance drive safe program. Now if I give him a check and he can make the monthly payments to get a decent car, or he can take this one for free and give it a god home. It’s tough it’s strong and it will last.” Bella asked. “If you don’t give it to your brother than you need to find something else to do with this truck.” She added.

“This girl argues almost better than me because she hit every damn nail on the head. Xavier if you want to gift this truck to your brother we’re ok with it. After all his safety needs to come first and your woman is right about all of it.” Kayla came up kissing Bella on the head. “You too good to us baby.” She said walking back to Dante. “Are you sure honey?” “Xavier do you trust your brother?” “You know I do.” He said back sadly. “I know better than anyone else here how scary it can be to let go and have to trust other people on the road, but you can’t let that fear hold him back.” She said looking at him. Nodding his head. “Ok, well give him the keys later no one tell him. Mom here’s all the paper work you guys need to do.” Xavier said handing the envelope to his mama. “The boys and I are going to go parks and take down the trailer babe.” He said taking the keys and kissing her cheek. “Alrighty.”

The party went on and as soon as it got dark the five boys grabbed their parents and Dimitri and Bella and opened their eight letters a piece they each got in to all the schools they applied to together tears were just pouring off their face. “So tell us which one is the magical school that gets blessed with your presence?” Dimitri asked arm around Oliver and Luca. James spoke up. “We want to stay close to home so were going to the university down south about an hour away. We going to Phoenix’s y’all!” He roared out as the guys and everyone else cheered for them. “Ok, well I am proud of you that it why Bells and I have something for you. Bella.” “This party is not from me at all Cameron it’s from your family. I am proud to give you your first check of ten thousand dollars. I thought maybe you guys could use this for transportation. You will get another check in about two weeks to cover your starting fees, like housing and tuition. Than in another two weeks you get another check to get books, laptops, and anything else you will need. However you can get probably get great cars with this.” She said handing the four boys except Cameron a check. “My gift is I chose from the greatness of my heart to match Bella’s check of ten thousand dollars because I want you to get a great car and insurance and appliances for it. We are proud of you we watched you five come along way in four years.”

Cameron looked happily at his friends. Xavier came up wrapping an arm Bella. “Cam you alright.” He asked knowing he probably felt left out only one there with out a huge check for an eighteen year old in his hand. “I got into college today with my crew I’m awesome man.” He meant it. “Well Bella and I have one more gift to give you.” He said as Cameron was in front of him. Xavier held out his hand to Cameron who caught the keys. “What’s this too?” Cameron asked confused. “That.” Xavier pointed to the new truck behind them. Looking back and forth at them. “Are. Are you serious dude? I mean the party was more than enough man look at this is crazy amazing, are you sure?” Cameron asked tears in his eyes. “You deserve it. The whole family proud of you. You worked hard for this Cameron I find you on the wheel drinking one time though man your life is over.” “Don’t have to warn me man.” He was squeezing the life out of both Bella and Xavier. Jumping back to his friends to show them. They all got in looking around in it.

The party went until eleven than the clean up crew came. The whole place was spotless in less than two hours. “You are truly the master. Why did the parents seem a little confused when they left though.” Xavier asked. Stripping down to his boxers for bed. “I asked them to bring their boys in for the mediation suit against Sara. I want to know why she pulled the stunt that she pulled and the boys asked to be there because they want to know why too.” Bella said. “Ok baby you let me know how that goes.” He said kissing her and holding her close. Why would anyone want to hurt those poor boys. Bella asked herself as she feel asleep.

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