The Road Less Traveled

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Chapter 9

The days flew by and it was finally time to get answers from Sara who’s lawyer was of course Natalie. The boys and their parents stood in the back behind Bella, Dimitri and their lawyer the best in the whole country Ryder Rylon. Natalie looked like she was about to shit bricks when she saw him in person in the room. “Oh my god Mr. Rylon it is such an honor to meet you.” She said trying to shake his hand. “Sure let’s begin.” He said pulling out the chair for Bella Thank you Rylon. “It’s Ryker to you.” He told her in her ear. Only being about eight years older than her but felt forever in her debt for getting him started and going this far. She meet him first day of college. He felt like they were close friends. She just smiled and nodded to him.

“Ok Ms. Jones do you understand why my client has brought you here today?” Rylon asked. “Apparently I broke some kind of contract her and the company she works for have with the school.” She said trying not to be snippy. “Why does she phrase it as the company you work for?” Rylon asked Bella. “That’s what they believe.” She whispered back. “I don’t know where you got that she works for the company Ms. Jones my client legally owns up to almost half of Dolton Industries, and you did in fact break their HIPPA and main section of the contract your school had with her, but the school did not just break the contract it was you who broke the contract with also the school see you violated the schools contract about going through personal records and or information where as you were not entitled to you broke the same violation twice.” Rylon said.

“I didn’t know I was doing that when I did it.” She snapped back. “Well let’s start with why my client and those who were effected by your actions are here in the first place. Why did you take their contracts and read them in the first place?” Rylon asked as he looked up at her. “I felt Ms. Alderman was violating her own contract using favoriteism with the Knight kid seeing as she just started a relationship with his older brother, it felt wrong. It felt like it was possibly cheating other players on them team of a chance.” She stated. “Well first off if you had ever actually went to one of their games this boy shands down deserve this scholarship I got thirty college scouts to back that up right here in writing I got five different reels and four years worth of academic evidence that back all those facts. So your personal opinion is irrelevant to actual facts. So I believe you just made you first lie in the court room.” He said flatly.

“Second thing I want to know is why is Ms. Palmer your lawyer? Ms. Palmer are in fact the main lawyer or representative for the school?” “Yes I am.” “So you infact know and have read what all school personal are bound to when they sign their contracts as they get hired on so this being your friend you know for a fact she broke both of them and would be find severely and would lose her job. Why if she is in fact your friend looking over some information here would she not be informed of this?” Rylon asked. “What a minute you knew I would get fined and fired by taking those stupid files? Than why the hell did you make me grab them for you?” Sara yelled at Natalie. “What do you mean by made you grab them for her remember you’re under oath here Ms. Jones.” The mediator asked.

“You want the truth, well so do I. All I did was fall crazily in love for a guy who doesn’t want me and I did everything I could think of to try to get his attention and I am not the only one Ms. Freaking Palmer. So one day some guy that doesn’t even get along with him comes up and tells him I said a bunch of things to scare off a woman he kept trying to go for who doesn’t even appreciate him. So the guy my heart beats for and Natalie crush here comes and tells us to stay away and that I’m being crazy and it will never work anything they can to rip our hearts out and that’s when we realized if Xavier never opened his damn big mouth than none of that would have ever happened in the first place. So Natalie said the best way to get back at him would be to out his relationship to Bellas boss so his brother could lose the full ride to college and his slut of a girlfriends could lose her job! I stole the files and gave them to Natalie I never even read them I didn’t understand what I was even supposed to be looking for!!! Sara snapped.

“You knew all of this though didn’t you. I lost everything I lost Nathan, my job, and anything else I could have for savings to pay this damn fine and it’s all thanks too you!” Sara said as she jumped on top beating the hell out of Natalie. Natalie swinging back to her. “You could keep your damn mouth shut just like your damn legs you freaking slut.” Natalie said as they beat on each other. “ENOUGH! BALIEFF!” The mediator hollered Ms. Alderman what is you would like to do with this mess?” He asked. “Well first I want it on record that Ms. Natalie Palmer is a stupid lawyer if she failed to see that of the contracts for the boys were not company related given the fact none of them had one logo or seal connected to it. They were clearly personally written.” She said making everyone in the room laugh at her.

“I don’t want her to be able to work for the high school again any company I do business with will black list them from trying to apply I don’t want the hundred thousand dollar fine from Ms. Jones I actually would like to fine Ms. Jones as well as Ms. Palmer fifteen thousand dollars for each recipient that was or could have effected by loss of the scholarship I have in fact brought them all here with me today.” Bella said using her hand to show the boys who just waved back. “Bells are you sure you want to go that low so you have any idea how big he fine actually is for each person?” Ryker asked her. “It’s not about the money Ryker it’s the fact that they got something out of her and the truth we got what we came here for. She will be paying the boys, we know why she did what she did, and what good would it do to bleed her dry of what she doesn’t have? She already has no respect for anyone including herself. She lacks modesty severely, they both do. What good would it be to take what she does not financially have?” Bella said as she started to stand up. “That’s our wishes. What say you?” “Court grants request on be half of Ms. Aldermans scholarship winners, the school has requested termination and has been granted. Ms. Palmer and Ms. Jones will have to serve up to a good three weeks of jail. As per contract Ms. Palmer herself drafted up. Bailiff take them away.” Meeting adjourned. Have good day all.

As they were all out side the kids were stoked they were going to get another fifteen grand because of one crazy lady’s actions. “Bella are you sure you want to give the money to the boys?” Mr. Patterson asked. “Don’t you think you’ve given enough?” His wife added the other parents nodded in agreement. “These boys got wronged in such a bad way. They got called out of their last few hours of their high school life. They we’re told and made believed that something they earned their own was going to be stripped from them for no real reason other than jealousy and because someone decided to date a person. Do you remember their faces they way they looked thinking everything they worked hard for just waltzed right out the door? I do. They deserved more than this, but I believe this will teach them a lesson.” Bella said.

“I want them to be smart with their money but I also think you could take a little and go crazy why don’t you guys use this for a family vacation or something. All of you deserve a big nice break every now and than. Hell even if it’s just rafting down the river for a day. Disney land. Anything you’re little hearts desire before you go off and become adults, in college over an hour away, where you wont be able to see your parents everyday.” Bella said to them making the kids feel sad as reality set in with her words. “Bella, hey I wanted to catch you before you go I have something for you here. Now I go tto leave for Delaware tonight for a couple of weeks, so here you go happy birthday love bug.” Ryker said handing her a medium sized gift bag and a kiss to the cheek. “Well thank you.” She looked down it to find three cartons of fresh strawberries, and Ferro Rocher’s candy in it. “Awe you do love me, you know me so well. Fly safe love.” “Will do call me later and not for work.” He said as he hugged on Dimitri. Trying to hurry to the cab.

“Did any of your friends not become successful in college?” Cameron asked coming up her smirking. “Nope we busted out ass for about six years and this is what happened we couldn’t have done it without each other either.” Bella said happily trying to keep Dimitri hands out of her bag. “Come share you greedy little twat waffle.” Dimitri said trying to get in her bag. “No you’re a twat waffle it’s mine.” She said as they ran around like kids making the parents laugh. She ended up sharing with everyone. “I’m shocked you actually got something simple for a present. You’ve been getting so pretty wild things.” Dante said with a chuckle. “Anyone who knows my Bella knows how simple she really is. This girl loves food, and little things like reading she loves reading her theme is Tim Burton Movies for her party, she is about as plain jane as they come. It’s the people on their high ass horse who make it out to be bigger which she hates.” Dimitri said. “IS there anything about my life you don’t want to share.” She joked. “You want me to start sharing secrets?” He asked with attitude. “Hell no. Welp it’s time to go thank you all for coming we will see you later. I will see you Sunday.” She said happily to the Knight family.

It was one week before Bella’s birthday. Being Sunday Xavier’s family came and was inside and outside the house and the pool. Xavier thinking he was alone was singing along to the radio ‘Suffocate’ by J. Holiday. Bella walked in looking at his some of his aunts his dad and two of his uncles just watching him smiling deeply. They never thought they would ever see a side like this come from him. He was a man lost in love, and finally happy. They couldn’t be more grateful for everything Bella has done to him, all of those things that money could never buy. He looked up realizing he was caught. It didn’t faze him one bit though as he kept singing along to the song playing. Taking Bellas hand spinning her around the kitchen in front of everyone they were lost and caught up in their own little bubble. It was starting to get dark. Everyone was starting to settle in as the movie was almost over from the huge projector outside enjoying the summer evening. Until the car pulled up.

Bella got up knowing who’s car it was. Unsure of who it was who followed him in. Walking up to hi while everyone else hung back. “Jaxon. I wasn’t expecting you so early or well in this case late. My birthday is not for until Saturday.” She said happily accepting the hug and kiss to the cheek. “I know beautiful but I had some time opened and I couldn’t wait to see you. I just got into town I have even brought a little present I hope you won’t kill me for. I couldn’t help he came down o propose a deal and honestly I love it I think it’s the smartest thing I could ever do. So after much thinking we decided to come down and talk it over with you. I didn’t think you were going to be running a whole theater in your back yard do you mind if we go somewhere and talk?” Jaxon asked.

“We can go to the porch it would be rude to leave my guests.” She said turning to walk to the porch. “Yes, I’m sure they all are lovely.” She heard from a voice that always made her skin crawl. “Keith, never expected you to come out here. Be careful now you might get your shoes dirty can’t have that.” She said in a bitter mocking tone. “Whatever happened to hi grandpa it’s great to see you?” He said walking up hugging her. “I raised not to lie. That’s what happened.” “Yeah I remember that was one great thing you learned well. Welp let’s get to the porch so we don’t make any scenes in front of your guests.” He said in a curious tone.

“Cut the crap Keith why are you here?” Bella asked Xavier and his family noticing how uncomfortable and loud she was getting he got up and was making his way over to her. “Well always the straight shooter aren’t cookie. It’s simple you are turning twenty-six and I don’t want to die and leave you completely alone. So I came to Jaxon he’s a friend someone you know and family you love and trust and asked if they wanted to combine our businesses in marriage. You and Jaxon get married and take over for all of us. I came to Jaxon because Corban is out of country. He happily agreed. So now just need you to gather your things and we can start getting everything ready.” Keith said clapping is hands together happily.

“What the hell are you talking about? Jaxon why the hell would you agree to this? Why would you do this to me, and YOU! It never ends with you does it? I will never let you marry me off to anyone specially for business.” “I only agreed to this Bella because I love you and on some level I think you know I do. I’ve been crazy for you and over you for years, but you can never see me past friend. My family loves I love you we get along great, and always have a great time together we know everything about each other already tell me why this is such a bad idea?” Jaxon started getting loud back.

“I don’t love you Jaxon I’m in love with somebody else I’m with somebody else.” “Who?” Jaxon asked in disturbing voice. “Me.” Xavier said coming up from the side and wrapping his arms around her. “You guys are on a whole other level of crazy if you think I’m just going to give her up to you two. Whatever crazy deal you had is off.” Xavier said in a firm deep voice keeping her tucked into him. “Who the hell are you?” “I’m her boyfriend and have been for almost six months. If either one of you actually took any part of her life you would have known that.” Xavier said in a dark tone. “What pray tell is it that you do to be able to land my granddaughter what you say your name was?” “Xavier I own the mechanic shop in town. I am able to be with her because I listen, care, respect, love and I’m there for her. More than can be said about any of you two she’s been here six months with me and a lot during the last four years and neither one of you have ever shown your face until now, until you want something from her. That aint what family is about. You already know that though don’t you?” Xavier said looking into her grandfathers eyes.

“What is this Bella are you with him to punish me like your dad did with your mom?” Keith yelled at her which even pist Jaxon off.” “Hold the fuck up old man. You aint going to be yelling at her about her mom. You can just fuck right off.” Jaxon snapped at him standing in front Bella a little now. “Get off my property and never come back.” Bella said as she rushed up and smacked the hell out of Keith right across the face. “Fine but don’t come crying to me when you need help.” “Never have before why start now?” She sanpped back.

“How could you do this to me Jax how the hell could you bring that man to my door step what in the world made you think that was going to go over well.” She snapped at him Xavier reeling her back in to his side before she decked this guy too. “I told you Bella I love you and I’ve been wanting this forever. I can give you everything you want or need and more, what does this dude have that I don’t I mean damn Bells we’ve been tight for eight years what does he have that I don’t? He snapped. “ME! Jaxon he has me because he gets me. Its not all about the damn dollar here with them or him. That is whole family right there in the back yard. This is what I need. You know deep down you could never be able to live out here and be as simple as I like to be. I don’t like those damn parties mama Gracie makes us go to, to be socialable. I like to lay around in my fat pants and eat Chinese food to old Jerry Lewis movies.” She took a deep breath.

“I like when I talk to him and he not only listens he sits there and helps me figure it out. He knows when to step up and he knows when to back off. He knows when to speak, and when to be silent. He knows me Jaxon. Not just him, it’s like my heart and soul recognize him as mine. Like this is my special person. This is the guy that I have been waiting for. I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to get this feeling. I love you Jaxon I am just not in love with you and I can’t be with you the way you want. You have insulted me in every possible way tonight and Xavier and I would like you to leave.” Bella said crossing her arms rocking back and forth a little.

“Does he know about you? Does he know the real story of you yet? Is that why you’re here? Are you just like all the other damn low life leeches who come crawling up to her trying to get in her pants because of what she’s worth? You trying to use like all the those sorry ass guys before? How do we know if you’re being honest with her with your intentions? Bella not every is like us when we meet.” “Jaxon shut up, just shut up right now.” Bella rushed out. “What the hell do you mean look it’s not a shock she makes more than what I do. I’m not with her because she knows how to save. Money don’t mean shit to me.” Xavier snapped back.

“Oh I get it you tell me you in love with him but you still haven’t told him the truth. Dude you ever wonder how she was able to get half these damn shares after they we’re given to her man? It’s because she’s a fucking trillionaire. Now you going to what act like you don’t know , her rags to riches story?” Jaxon snapped yelling at him walking up to him, only to get stumbled back by getting decked across the face by Bella. “Get your raggedy ass off my property now Jaxon you broke the contract, my trust, and my heart and I don’t want to see you again. My lawyer will be calling you now fucking LEAVE!!!!” Bella snapped. “Bella I’m sorry I didn’t.” “LEAVE!” She snapped again tears flowing down her face.” Turning to look back at Xavier his whole family gathered around towards the bottom of the steps. SH etook a deep breath and was trying to gulp down her tears she knew was know pouring down silently.

“What the fuck is he talking about Bells?” Xavier said. “Is this about what you tried to tell me couple weeks back?” She nodded her head. “Honesty no matter how hurtful Bella.” Xavier said. “Ok. Yeah I guess it’s time. You don’t have to leave.” She said as his family started to walk away. “You have been so good to me I’m sure you could hear good story too.” Taking a deep breath. “The week of my eighteenth birthday I was getting thrown out of my house and leaving in my fathers car because my parents died days before and all the rent and bill money caught on fire in the car accident. I was working two jobs and graduated high school a week before my parents died. After work and my little birthday cupcake I played the lottery well two actually do you remember eight years ago they were both the highest they ever been the cash payout alone was both five billion dollars just for the cash payout. SO I played both with my last four dollars I picked random numbers and got my ticket. My first purchase as a legal adult. Than I went to sleep in my car and a rest stop. I had no friends they all left for college.” Taking another deep breath.

“Well the numbers got pulled and I won. The only winner I called and made an appointment to come in and give over my ticket which after I gave them a code on the ticket cleared as a winner. So the next day as I got down to the office late they pulled the other drawing and I won that won too. I won two of the biggest lottery’s in history. I took the cash payout option and received a check for ten billion dollars. I decided I was going to Vegas. There was a special little place that allowed me to gamble but only in high roller room because well let’s say money talks. I met Corban Dolton on a roulette wheel. We started talking and getting to know each other and than next thing I knew I was giving him advice he already knew so than I remembered I talked to another man who was having issues like Corban but in a different way I than saw him sitting across the table and Waved him over to greet him and told him about Corbans problem the two of them ended up making five deals thanks to me. I also kept putting five billion dollars down and I did in it in a creative way so you would hit the number in four ways. So four times eight times five billion times I don’t know four days. Equaled up to a lot of money. In those four days I applied online to college in Bellbrooke and Corban informed me that’s where he was from I have gotten to know his wife well in four days and I was able to help makes deals with about forty companies before I left they all gave me a really big check for my efforts.” She took a breath.

Corban and Gracie stayed in touch the whole time with me while I put myself through college and I met Leah, Melody, Riley, Maddison, Nacho, Ryker and so many other people along the way. Fighting with my grandfather about being friends or being with anybody below just like my father did. How else am I supposed to be my parents grew up with nothing in orphanage. I made the best with what I had. I couldn’t stand having all this money and watching people suffer. So I go ta business degree and I got out there and met people and made them money, or I invested into them and they paid my back in shares, or actually paid me back. After a couple years my net worth just kept doubling to the point where I am right now as of three days ago worth one hundred fifty trillion dollars rounding down.” Taking a breath looking around as everyone faces dropped.

“Once people found out back than I was worth a lot of money and had no family they all I guess saw me as a meal ticket I got used for everything. People wanted money, or contacts, or things I could probably help get them. I was respectable rich lady in the business world, everyone saw that as wife material and thought I’d fall for them because they thought we were seen on the same league or whatever but we weren’t. I’ll never be in the same league as them, because in reality I am just a girl who got lucky picking ten numbers a week after a lost everything I need in life. None of that will bring my family back. I busted my ass in school trying to educate myself. My life is not some damn road many people venture on and some choose to just jump off half way through it. It’s not one that gets to be traveled very often but it’s the one I have to go down.” She tried to stop the sobbing. “Because I don’t than who will. If I stop now how do families like Callens get any help or hope. How do people who are capable of great things Like Cameron and the boys get the push they need to get out there. How does a soldier get back the leg that the government help take from him. Who helps the kids in the burn units or cancer wards be able to get up the next day knowing there are people out there who actually care even though the people I work with don’t! I should have told you Xavier. I know and trust you and I know you are so different but I was scared this would scare you off or something. I want to believe this won’t change anything because it’s only money it’s just silly paper.” She sobbed

“But I know ow important that silly paper is after living in cars. I just was to scared to tell you because in my heart I know your different I just wanted to be sure how you felt about me, because even though I knew I wasn’t I didn’t want to be wrong.” She said looking at him “That’s it that’s my pathetic little road less traveled story. That is everything I have left holding back from you; and well now them too.” She said waving her hand at is family behind him. She was envious of that at that moment because no matter what happens he would always have a herd of people standing behind. She had her small group but in a small way it wasn’t the same.

“How could you keep such a big thing from Bella?” HE asked a little hurt. “Not just about the money but everything? That road you call your life is not pathetic it’s heart breaking. You didn’t think I needed to know your grandpa is still grabbing suitors for you? You said you haven’t spoke to the little prick in years how does he or Jaxon even know where you live? They never been here and you told me they didn’t have the address. How’d they know to come out here?” “I don’t know I am not a hard person to find when I work with in the company Xavier they do forward paperwork sometimes to the house. Hell you even signed for it he said he went to Jaxon not papa Corban, only because papa Corban would tell him to shove it like he did five other times before that. Corban and Gracie would never do that to me. I can’t believe Jaxon did, He knows I’m with you, I bet anything he just didn’t think you would be here. Like you said they haven’t been around me without work for six months.” Bella was pleading with him.

He went to turn and walk away grabbing his keys from his pocket. Than he stopped. Wrestling with the voices in his head. She believed he was different and he promised himself to always show he was. If that was the case why would he leave her right now after dragging her heart through the mud in front of his family in front of his everything leaving herself to be vulnerable in front of all these people. Placing his hands on his head he walked in a small circle still arguing in his head. How the hell can I be mad at her for money she own and earned for eight years before we even met? It’s just fucking money. There was so much more she needed and he promised himself to be the one to give it to her. If he seriously couldn’t see a future without her in it than he needed to be ok with this and let this go. In time everything will work itself out but was he really willing to lose her by walking away after being honest about her horror story? If he walks away right now when he knows she emotionally needs him right now he could lose her can he do that?”

Turning back around tossing his keys on the table next to her. He pulled her into a hug as she cried silently as his face was in her neck. “I need time to settle in with all this. I’m not going to walk away from you when you already breaking though. I love you too much to let you keep breaking alone Bells.” Xavier said pulling away from her kissing her forehead resting his on hers. “We all do honey.” Dante said holding Kayla to his side. “For what it’s worth I am sorry if you any of you feel lied to.” She said sadly. “If you feel to lonely there Bella you could always adopt me.” Sean and Hunter said earning slaps against the head. Making everyone laugh. “Let’s call it a night Babe. I need to hold my women close to me and adjust a little bit.” Xavier said as everyone left. By morning things would have a new outlook and quiet down, or at lest he thought.”

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