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Not into Boys

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"I am straight Hyung!" "Then why do you keep staring at him?" - - Taehyung and Jungkook are Alpha best friends waiting for their mate. But what will happen when they find out that their mate is actually each other? Things are about get rough, Buckle your seatbelts and prepare yourselves to see how two boys discover their sexuality through lot of dramas, jealousy and sexual tensions.

Romance / Fantasy
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It was a normal day at Bangtan College. Professors were teaching whatever they know and nerds were listening attentively while at the same time copying it down perfectly. And the rest of the normal average minded kids tried to pay attention but ended up either doodling at the corner of the open page or exchanging gossips with their classmates.

However, interrupting all these ordinary activities came an extraordinary loud snore which made everyone in the class freeze, fully aware of what was about to come.

The jocks smirked and took out their phones ready to film while popular girls aka the sluts pushed forwards their chests and angled their bodies in a seductive manner.

Suddenly the awaited call (or should I say scream?) came.


Everyone turned their heads towards the said boy’s slumped figure in the back, observing how the drama unfolded.

Jungkook snapped open his eyes, still feeling sleep lingering on his body. He yawned loudly and asked blankly “What did you say?”

“I asked whether you were sleeping?” Mr. Lee said fuming and if this was an animation then you would see the steam rising from his ears.

“Of course, I was before you decided to open your mouth and scream,” Jungkook said boringly and turned towards the jocks filming “Stop doing that now if you love your bones” He whispered in an icy voice that send shudders down their spines.

The said students immediately stopped recording and looked sideways as if they weren’t even present in the class.

“JUNGKOOK! Is that how you speak to your elders?” Mr. Lee asked angrily, the veins on his forehead throbbing

“I speak to everyone like this only so you’re not an exception Mr. Lee and can you stop shrieking like a little girl who lost her candy? It's so damn irritating and I think I am starting to get a headache because of you.” Jungkook said scoffing


“One, You’re not going to give me detention if you want this job and I know how much you need this work because Mrs. Lee won’t be happy if you didn’t bring money home from time to time... Secondly, Even if you give me homework I have these nerds who will do them so you see your threat is pointless, professor,” Jungkook said smugly

“Ahh this brat..” Mr. Lee sighed heavily as he knew that he couldn’t punish Jungkook because of his rich connections with the school and every word he said just now was true. His wife would leave him if he lose this job.

He sighed once again knowing that there was only one solution left “Sit down and Chang please go and call Kim Taehyung from the PE class.”

The said kid immediately ran off to call Kim Taehyung, the only guy who Jeon Jungkook ever listened to.

It always created huge gossips on how Jungkook always listened to his best friend no matter what the other says and if anyone wants to see the rare nice side of the cold Jeon Jungkook then you should sneak a look at him whenever Taehyung is around.

Jungkook and Taehyung’s unique friendship was quite well known around the campus, also it didn’t help that Tae was also the College Heartthrob. Many girls were behind him but he would just date them for fun and break up the next day. His longest relationship was with a girl called Sara and that lasted only two weeks.

There was also a gossip shipping Taehyung and Jungkook together but it never got anywhere as both the boys were fully from head to toe straight. No matter how much students tried to ship them together it never worked as their feelings for each other were utterly PLATONIC.

The class had turned silent in the meantime and Jungkook sat down, no one noticed the small smirk slipping into his face.

Suddenly Yugyeom, a classmate turned towards him and asked with worried eyes “Aigoo Jungkook-ah wasn’t that a little too much?”

“Nah I should’ve been ruder.” Jungkook replied arrogantly

“But why do you do this always? especially only on this period?” Yugyeom asked curiously

“Mind your own business, stop nosing around Jerk.” Jungkook spat

Yugyeom gulped feeling hurt from the other’s harsh words. “B-But I th-thought we were friends?”

The raven-haired snorted and replied “Who the fuck said that? Let’s make this clear, I have only one friend and here he comes”

Right on time, the doors opened and in came the one and only, Kim Taehyung bringing in his fresh scent of lavender and cologne. His long brown hair was swept by a black bandana and he was wearing a loose black shirt, which reflected his pale skin brightly. Jungkook’s dark orbs immediately fixed on the tall brunette who entered with such a powerful glow around him that the students around him looked down afraid of the intense gaze they might receive.

Kim Taehyung was a king, there was no doubt in it.

He nodded his head politely towards Mr. Lee and asked “May I know why I’ve been called here, professor?”

Yeah, unlike Jungkook, Taehyung was polite and extremely respectful towards everyone around him. But his kind and sweet side was only for his family members and friends.

“I am sorry to trouble you again Mr. Kim but Jungkook here is misbehaving again and I am helpless. Please attend this class along with him so that I can teach properly, And I will speak with Mr. Yang about interrupting your PE class again.” Mr. Lee said with an apologetic smile

Taehyung sighed and looked really pissed. He thanked the teacher and slid next to the seat beside Jungkook’s.

Jungkook smiled a little and leaned closer to the other, whispering “Was I late, Tae?”

Taehyung smirked and replied “Nah, right on time as always. That Yang was just about to start the exercises.”

“So you owe me one again” Jungkook muttered teasingly

“I know, what does my Kookie want?” The brunette asked expectantly

“Kookie wants to have ice-cream with his busy best friend, Do you think that will be possible.”

Taehyung pretended to think and murmured seriously “Your homework is pending kook, I haven’t taught you the new concept yet.”

“But I want ice-cream” Jungkook whined softly

“Fine but after that we’re studying, I want you to pass pabo!”

“Good boy.”

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