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Not into Boys

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“Aish its really hard to teach if brats these days don’t even know the meaning of acting!” Jin grumbled as he drank his hot coffee swiftly, burning his tongue in the process.

He yelped loudly at the pain but was soon offered a a cup of cool water by his sweet saviour, Kim Namjoon. He gulped the cool water slowly and felt his burned tongue calm down a bit.

“Thanks Joonie” Jin said smiling sweetly

“Anything for you, handsome” Namjoon said winking making Jin flustered

“Ugh can you stop making Jin blush?” Mr. Min Yoongi, the music professor said with a disgusted look on his face as he sat down with his lunch in front of them.

“Oh really Hyung! I’ve never complained when you make Jimin flustered” Namjoon said pouting

“Ahh really now that you told me, I have not seen my Jiminie for a long time? Its weird that I have not seen him since morning as he always comes to visit me, whining cutely about many things. Have you guys had him your classes?” Yoongi asked seriously

“Nope” Jin and Namjoon said firmly

“Aishh I am worried about him, that mochi might try to beat up somebody not even thinking for a second that he is a male omega!” Yoongi said worriedly “Taehyung and I has pampered him too much, I hope he doesn’t do anything reckless.”

“Nothing will happen Hyung as Taehyung always scents Jimin with his alpha scent so I don’t think we need to worry about any hormonal wolves attacking him.”

Yoongi hummed still not satisfied but he temporarily forgot what he was thinking when a bright ball of sunshine made his way into their table all the while smiling widely automatically relaxing the tense mood on the table.

“Hello there Namjoon, Jin and my grandpa friend! How was today?” Hoseok asks as he takes his place in between Namjoon and Yoongi.

“How many times have I told you not to call me that?” Yoongi says huffing but he soon turns serious and asks “Hobi, Have you seen Jimin today?”

“Yeah he was there in my dance class but I don’t know why, I felt like he was troubled as his dance moves were all a bit stiff and body posture tense.” Hoseok said seriously

“I knew it! Something is not right or else my mochi would have come to me during my classes to grumble about how hard its to live without me pounding into him daily and cute things like that right.” Yoongi said casually

Hoseok laughed awkwardly while Jin gawked at Yoongi open mouthed.

“What?” Yoongi asked confused

“Umm Hyung I think its TMI” Namjoon said pursuing his lips

“Oh? But I didn’t even tell the more spicier things he used to say. Like once he asked me to rip his clothes off and-”

“AHHH My pure virgin ears!!!!!!” Jin screamed closing his ears unconsciously catching the attention of everyone around them causing him to blush embarrassedly.

“We all know that no inch of your skin is virgin, Jin” Yoongi said smirking but it soon turned into a wide gummy smile when he saw the two new people who had entered the cafeteria

Hoseok chuckled when he saw Yoongi smiling like that and said without looking “Taehyung is coming right?”

Both Namjoon and Jin turned around to see the sweet sight of an amused Taehyung walking towards them followed by a pouting Jungkook who looked like he was whining.

“Hello Hyungs! How were your classes?” Taehyung asked smiling as he sat down near Yoongi and Jungkook near him.

“It was all the usual Tae, Kids these days don’t even know the meaning of acting and they come to learn acting.” Jin said frustrated

“So its the usual, brats being being brats?”

“Yeah” Namjoon hummed

“But where is my sweet brat like Hyung?” Taehyung soon asked immediately making everyone except Jungkook go stiff by the question.

“What happened? Is something wrong?” Taehyung asked seriously

“The truth we actually haven’t seen Jimin either.” Namjoon said honestly “And Yoongi was just talking to us about how Jimin didn’t even come visit him.”

“That’s impossible. Jiminie can’t live a day without troubling Yoongi Hyung for even a second.” Taehyung said Jungkook didn’t like the prominent frown that was etched on his best friend’s face.

“Hey stop worrying I am sure its all fine” Jungkook whispered soothingly rubbing the other’s nape.

Taehyung closed his eyes and hummed trying to think like Jungkook but he really was getting worried about his hyung.

“I don’t know Jungkookie, I am really concerned.” Taehyung said a small pout forming on his lips

“How about we go and search for him? I will help you.” Jungkook said softly and smiled as he watched Taehyung’s eyes light up.

“Really? Then lets go now please”

Jungkook nodded and pulled Taehyung onto his feet. They both walked out to search every class after saying goodbye to the hyungs.

Hoseok shook his head and said “Every time I see Jungkook’s sweet side when he is with Tae, I feel like shooting myself. I mean can someone really be so cold and sweet at the same time? Remember that time when he was going to hit me and if Tae hadn’t come at the right time then I would’ve had a sharp mark on my face.”

“Yeah it does make me wonder what Tae did for Jungkook to treat him so specially.” Jin said curiously “I would have considered the fact that he was in love with Tae but that would be impossible since we all know how much straight he is”

“Whatever he did is none of our business but what we all know that an angry Jungkook is unstoppable so lets try not to piss him off” Namjoon said sighing

Suddenly Yoongi stood up and left the table without a world leaving everyone bewildered.

“What happened to Grandpa?” Hoseok asked confused

“He must be going crazy from not seeing his mate for so long” Namjoon said understandingly “Also Yoongi hasn’t marked Jimin yet so its impossible to know if his mate is safe or not and all these thoughts might be suffocating him.”

Jin hummed and said “I still haven’t understood why Yoongi hasn’t marked Jimin yet. I mean they’ve been dating for almost three years, No true blood Alpha can wait so long. How is he doing it then?”

“It was actually Jimin’s wish to be marked at the night after their marriage as he wanted the whole thing to be special.” Hoseok said smiling “And do you think that whipped grandpa will say anything against his mate’s wish?”

Jin chuckled and shook his head.

“Oh wait I forgot to ask what are you doing here Namjoon? Shouldn’t you be at the company?” Hoseok asked confused

“Oh that, Yoongi only asked me to come here saying that he had to discuss something important after everyone comes and I don’t think that is going to happen soon as Jimin is still missing”

Jin nodded and they continued talking about random things until Hoseok suddenly snapped his head towards the right to see an exhausted Lisa running towards him.

“Baby?” He asked confused

“Hello Hobi, there is an emergency.” Lisa said panting

“What happened?” Namjoon asked seriously

“Its Jimin.” Lisa whispered and her eyes were filled with tears

“What’s wrong?” Hoseok asked, fear filling his heart

“Someone marked him.” She said and tears started falling down.

Oh no.

This is not good,

A furious True blood is not something they wanted to deal with right now.

“Where is Y-Yoongi?” Jin asked worriedly

“Its alright Yoongi doesn’t know about this but there is a bigger problem than Yoongi.” Lisa said crying

Jin frowned. What was worse than an Angry True blood Alpha?

“Its um J-Jungkook” She stuttered trembling

“Fuck, what happened?” Namjoon said gulping

“Taehyung and Jungkook reached on time to find Jimin sobbing under a huge Alpha who was forcefully marking him and the scene made Taehyung so mad that he pulled the Alpha away from his brother, slapping the bastard’s face in the process. But what went wrong is that while Tae and Jungkook tried to calm Jimin down, the bastard horny Alpha hit Taehyung with a rod on the head as a revenge for hurting his ego.”

Jin trembled as he listened to the story “No no no no no” He chanted fearfully

“Oh my moon goddess, Jungkook has let his wolf take control hasn’t he?” Namjoon said shuddering

Lisa nodded and Hoseok let out a loud gasp.

This was lot worse than an angry true blood.

“There is one more bad news.” She said biting her lips

Hoseok groaned and asked “What is it?”

“JK is furious and he not letting anyone near to V which is not good as the bastard wolf had hit Taehyung in his human form resulting in a large loss of blood. If he was in his wolf form then it would’ve healed easily but since he is unconscious in his human form its not possible. We need to take him towards Rose immediately before the wound gets worse but it is impossible when JK is not letting anyone close to him or Tae.”

Oh sweet goddess,

Tae’s life was in danger and JK has come out after almost two years.

Why do all bad things happen at once?

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