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Every story has its own hero and villain, And its always the hero that wins. Like all the fairy-tale, even this story has a hero, a villain and an erratic love triangle. But who will you support? The Angel or the Devil? Kim Taehyung is torn between two sides, Which will he choose?

Romance / Action
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Taehyung and Jimin have been friends with each other since they were five years old and there was a certain spark between them as they grew up.

And now at the age of fifteen as an official teenager, Taehyung knew that he had a very prominent crush on Jimin.

They both like each other but haven’t spoken a word about it.

Everything should’ve gone well, Jimin and Taehyung would’ve confessed and lived happily very after but a certain someone entered their lives, messing it up and giving everything a new meaning.

Jeon Jungkook a nasty rich brat who everyone hated entered Taehyung’s school, rumours spread wide around the school about his bad boy habits and all the good children ignored him to avoid getting in trouble.

Like all the people, Jimin also started hating on Jungkook because he really despised arrogant people with money and those who did not follow the rules.

Jungkook was the type of person to break all the rules just because he was bored and that made Jimin disapprove him.

While in reality Jungkook was deeply hurt that no one made even an effort to talk to him or be friends with him.

It hurt him that everyone just assumed or judged him without even getting to know him. But on the outside he kept his cool and acted like a cool cold guy that made all the girls squeal.

He rolled his eyes and continued walking down the hallways looking down, his heart aching and loneliness filling his insides.

Jungkook collected his food and sat alone in a cafeteria table while everyone around him sat with their friends and started whispering loudly on seeing him sitting there quietly.

He sighed and looked around feeling bored.

Suddenly his eyes caught a certain person who was laughing and talking cheerfully to a bunch of people.

The person was really cute and he had a really beautiful smile.

‘What a weird smile but its so beautiful though..’ Jungkook thought as he watched the boy flashing another happy boxy smile.

“Give us a sexy pose V, the future model of our country!” A tall broad shouldered boy said playfully

‘V? Was that his name?’ Jungkook thought musingly as he watched the boy’s eyebrows raise

“Who should I give it too?” The cute boy asked

“Look at that girl and give her an intense sexy stare” The broad shouldered guy said pointing at a random girl who was on the table beside Jungkook’s

V looked up and his eyes locked with Jungkook’s dark ones instead of the girl he was supposed to look at.

They stared into each other’s eyes intensely, neither breaking the eye-contact.

V suddenly licked his lips, a suggestive look in face but immediately looked down when the younger looked more deeper into his eyes. Jungkook on the other hand was feeling something he’ve never felt before, his throat when dry on how sexy the boy looked.

The broad shouldered boy coughed and Jungkook looked away, feeling his heart beat racing.

“What was that Taehyungie? You know he is not a good kid! Don’t talk or look at him again. Okay?” The broad shouldered guy scolded and Jungkook felt his the aching pang in his heart.

“Okay eomma!” The cute boy said laughing and Jungkook felt himself loving the musical sound of it.

“You brat! Don’t call me eomma! I am not having lazy kids like you.”

“Fine, now why don’t you guys go? I thought you had a project to complete with Namjoon’s team? You won’t want to be late, right Jin?”

“Arghh I almost forgot about that!” Jin said his ears red and immediately ran in the direction of the library, the rest of the group following him.

Jungkook sighed and felt disappointed that even the cute boy had judged him without knowing the truth.

‘I guess everyone is the same’ He thought sadly and walked through the empty hallways towards his car, footsteps echoing through the area.

Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder and Jungkook turned around only to gasp in surprise to see that it was the same cute boy he had seen in the cafeteria.

‘What is he doing here?’ Jungkook thought as he watched the older carefully ′Is this some kind of prank or bet?′

“Hello there!” The boy greeted with a huge smile on his face

“Hi?” Jungkook said back, still unsure of what was going on. I mean why would anyone talk to him?

“My name is Kim Taehyung, Its a pleasure to meet you.” Taehyung said and held out his hand

“Jeon Jungkook.” Jungkook said a bit coldly while shaking hands.

“So would you like to come with me to eat some ice-cream?” Taehyung asked with sparkling bright eyes and to be honest who can reject those pretty eyes.

“Uhm sure?” Jungkook said quietly but Taehyung heard it and beamed

He immediately pulled Jungkook with him towards a nearby ice-cream parlour, the skin ship feeling foreign to Jungkook.

“Which flavour do you want Jungkook?” Taehyung asked sweetly

“Uhm Vanilla.”

“Great! Two scoops of vanilla and butterscotch please!” He said smiling and thanked the lady when he received the ice-cream.

Jungkook stayed quiet and observed all of this. A small smile spread over his face when he saw Taehyung starting to ramble about how good the ice-cream tasted.

He sighed and watched the older eat ice-cream and it really was a beautiful sight.

But there was still a question in his mind which he soon blurted out.

“Why did you talk to me?” Jungkook asked straightforwardly

Taehyung looked taken aback at first but then smiled and replied “Why? Can’t I have a new friend?”

“Who would want to be friends with me?” Jungkook said scoffing

Taehyung frowned and smacked the younger head “If you say or think low of yourself again then I will tickle you!” He said with a threatening face and Jungkook immediately quietened up

“Okay but don’t you dare attack me.” Jungkook said with mock seriousness and they both broke down laughing

Taehyung stopped laughing and watched the younger smiling. He then leaned forwards and squished the raven haired’s cheeks

“Ow.” Jungkook groaned but let the older play with his cheeks

“You’re so cute Kookie!” Taehyung said with sparkly eyes and Jungkook gave him his bright bunny smile

“Aww and you have a bunny smile!” Taehyung said clapping his hands excitedly

They both giggled and continued talking happily together but then suddenly the door opened and in walked Park Jimin with an annoyed look on his face.

“Taehyung! What are you doing here with him?” Jimin asked sharply

Taehyung flinched but smiled when he saw Jimin.

“Heyy Jiminie! Look I made a new friend! Kookie meet Jimin, he’s my childhood friend and Jimin meet Kookie and he is the sweetest person I’ve ever met.” Taehyung said smiling excitedly

Both Jungkook and Jimin stared at each other, not liking each other from first sight.

But Jungkook being the whipped boy he is smiled fakely and said “Its nice to meet you Jimin”

“Like wise” Jimin said with a forced smile.

Thunder cracked in the sky and it began to rain heavily.

And that’s how the story began with a love triangle form the start.

Who do you think Taehyung will choose?

The Angel or The Devil?

Fate is smirking.

Oh how fun this is going to be.

Taekook or Vmin?

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