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1 || Need to control


The music blares loudly around him as he made way through the sweaty dancing bodies, wearing a dark leather jacket and tight jeans. A cigarette stick in his mouth and two guns tucked on to the back pocket of his jeans.

The multicoloured lights in the dance floor flash against his dark raven locks and he sweeps them away from his face, to reveal the handsome face that was hidden. The crowd of drunk girls and boys makes way for him, stunned from hot he was. He smirked and walked through the crowd not giving a back glance to all those lusty stares he received.

But some bitches never give up.

“Heyy Daddy! Your baby girl has been really naughty today, Why don’t you teach her a lesson?” A tall blonde girl reeking from alcohol said clinging on to the raven haired.

He cringed and replied “Sorry slut, I already have my eyes on someone.”

“WHAT? Who could be more prettier than me?” The girl said fake pouting trying to look cute

The raven haired scrunched up his nose, utterly disgusted. He threw the clingy girl away and walked into the direction of the bar, where a sleeping beauty laid unconscious. He threw his cigarette away and quickly blew all the smoke away from his mouth.

He smiled at the sight of a messy haired Taehyung sleeping peacefully on the counter looking like a small baby.

He leaned closer to stare carefully into those beautiful long lashes, slender nose and pouty lips which looked juicy and delicious as ever.

“You really know how to tease me don’t you?” He whispered and wrapped an arm around the sleeping boy’s waist and pulled him closer to the raven haired.

“Hmm Jungkookie” Taehyung muttered and pouted sleepily

The raven haired licked his lips nervously trying to control his hormones. But it became even more difficult when Taehyung pulled the younger closer to him and cuddled him.

The irresistible scent of Taehyung hit the raven haired hard and it was really hard not to just smash their lips together and fuck the brains out of the older.

But Jungkook controlled himself because he didn’t want the older to hate him even more.

He sighed and carried the sleepy boy bride style, walking out of the bar ignoring all the stares again. Once they reached his home, Jungkook again carried Taehyung out of the car and into his room.

He laid the older beneath his white sheets, slowly peeling away his clothes until Taehyung was laying down only in his boxers comfortable as ever.

Jungkook smiled and patted himself for the good job and sexual control he managed to acquire.

But then when he was about to walk away, Taehyung groaned and woke up.

Jungkook turned around to see a gaping Taehyung looking extremely shocked from seeing his surroundings.

His hazel eyes then fell on a frozen Jungkook, the earlier confusion and shock being replaced by fury and hate.

“WHAT THE FUCK JUNGKOOK? Did you freaking bring me here?” Taehyung asked, eye burning with hate and anger

“Well I don’t know, this is my house isn’t it? Do you think an angel will transport you here?”

Taehyung gritted his teeth standing up from the bed and moving towards the younger, an annoyed expression fixed on his face.

“Why did you this? If your stupid brain has any dirty ideas then Mr. Jeon Jungkook you better get out of your nasty dreams as none of that is going to happen!” Taehyung said firmly his index finger pressed against the younger’s chest, right where his heart was.

But Jungkook was listening, his mind and eyes were distracted by an almost naked Taehyung in black boxers standing in front of him looking so good with his pale honey like skin glistening in the dim light. Oh how he wanted to devour the older...

However Taehyung immediately snapped his hands infront of the raven haired, snapping him out of his wild fantasies.

“My eyes are up here Jungkook” Taehyung said coldly

“I know, I know very well where every part of your body is Kim Taehyung because I am a nasty hoe who has been lusting for you my whole life, right?” Jungkook said tonelessly but his eyes were tearing up

Wait.. What was happening? Where did the jerk like Jungkook go? - The older thought

“J-Jungkook?” Taehyung asked confused, his defences crumbling down when he saw the tears filling the other’s bambi eyes

“Hey, Why are you crying?”

“It hurts. Hurts a lot when you behave like this with me” Jungkook said sniffling and Taehyung’s heart clenched at the sight

“Hey, I am sorry okay.” Taehyung lied knowing fully that he wasn’t wrong for behaving harshly with the younger after all he had done.

“Why did you start hating me?” Jungkook asked wiping away his tears

“HOW THE HELL CAN YOU ASK THAT AFTER YOU ALMOST TRIED TO KILL JIMIN??” Taehyung yelled extremely furious and anyone at the point would be running for their lives because an angry Taehyung wasn’t someone you would want to face if you want to stay alive.

“I tried to kill Jimin because I had a deal with an another gang. Its not my fault that your Jiminie is being an extremely nosy officer an digging dirt on many underground mafias.” Jungkook said his tongue pressing against his inner cheek.

He was so annoyed at that midget because he had something that Jungkook would never have.

Taehyung’s love.

“Oh really. Fine Answer this, If some of your stupid mafias come and give you a contract to kill me then wi-”

Before he could complete he was was pushed onto the bed roughly, Jungkook climbing above him on top of him.

“What the heck” Taehyung said shocked, his hazel eyes widened

Jungkook smirked at the view below him but his expression soon turned serious. He leaned closer, his nose nuzzling against Taehyung’s neck.

The older moaned softly when Jungkook licked and sucked on his sweet spot.

“Stop you jerk. Are you crazy? I am a fucking married man Jungkook. Stop doing stuff like this.” Taehyung said and tried to get up but was immediately pinned back on the bed by Jungkook’s rough hands.

“You’re not going anywhere baby, not until I am done with you.” Jungkook whispered deeply, his warm breath hitting Taehyung’s exposed skin sending soft tingles down his spine.

“I-I am not one of your girl toys Jungkook, I am a freaking marr-” Taehyung started but was soon interrupted by Jungkook’s hands clamped down on his mouth, shutting them.

“Oh shut up sweet heart, I know that you’re married but that minor thing will never stop me from trying to make you mine. You know I never get time to be so close to you because mostly that midget will be there next to you or I would be in a situation where I can’t control my hormones once I get your scent. Surprisingly I am controlling quite well today and you should be thankful that I am not taking advantage of your juicy ass, baby.” Jungkook said and booped their noses together. “You’re so cute when you’re not being a growling tiger but what can I do, my heart is so whipped for your tiger side that it won’t stop doing whatever it can to bring that side out. I love you so much and it hurts that you’re not mine. But I know Tae, I know that one day you will love me back, love me so much that you would even stand up against that midget for me.”

Taehyung scoffed but it came out muffled because of Jungkook’s palm against his lips but the raven haired very well understood what he did.

Jungkook snorted and asked “Do you really hate me Tae?”

Taehyung nodded rapidly from underneath, Jungkook chuckled and asked “If you hate me so much Tae, then why did you lie and tell Jimin that Jackson was the one who tried to kill him? Why did you not expose me darling?”

The older’s eyes widened and he looked away, ears burning red showing that he was embarrassed to be exposed like that.

“So my dear Taehyungie, can you still deny that you still have some feelings for me?” Jungkook asked smirking

Taehyung frowned and threw Jungkook away from him. He then picked up his clothes and wore them quickly.

“Why? Are you embarrassed to admit that you have feelings for me?” Jungkook teased but actually on the inside he was tensed and so nervous about what the older’s answer would be.

Taehyung chuckled mockingly and said seriously “Fuck yes I admit it. I have feelings for you and those are platonic ones because I still consider you as my friend Jungkook. And since I don’t want you behind the bars, I haven’t even told Jiminie that you’re a fucking Mafia leader of the gang he has been doing researches for so long.”

“You know what lets stop talking, Jimin must be really worried by now so I am walking out of this door and lets pretend we never met tonight.” Taehyunga said sighing and walked out of the door failing to see the bright evil smirk that lit up on Jungkook’s face.

“Oh my sweet little Taehyungie you think you will escape from me so soon? OH na na baby because I won’t leave you alone till you become mine and mine only.” Jungkook whispered to a photo of Taehyung he always kept close to him

He smirked and continued

“I wonder what Jimin will say when he sees the big hickey I created on your neck today.”

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