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02 || Rivals

A long figure stumbled out into the open empty pavement, steps wobbly and body shivering from the cold atmosphere around him. His lips trembled and he felt chills run down his body.

Shaking hands made way into his jacket and grasped the phone tucked in. His fingers immediately pressing on the contact named ‘Jiminie❤’

Taehyung sighed when Jimin didn’t answer his call.

He shivered again when a gust of wind blew all over him, waving over his long curls of inky hair.

Taehyung frowned when his eyes fell on the secret apartment ie the place from where he had just ran out, not wanting to get devoured by the Predator named Jeon Jungkook.

Taehyung closed his eyes loving the feel of cold wind on his face and suddenly a thought occurred when three faces popped up in his mind.

Jungkook, Jimin and Himself.

Where did it all go so wrong? He thought bitterly but before he could muse more on the topic, Taehyung was abruptly blinded from the bright lights that came from a car moving towards him.

He closed his eyes tightly trying to clear the dark spots, His head ached from the after effects of alcohol and bright light.

“WHO THE FUCK IS THAT? STUPID BASTARD I-” He growled but his voice immediately froze when he took in the familiar figure of a certain dark haired boy getting out of the car.

“Jiminie” Taehyung whispered and His husband smiled widely, opening his arms invitingly.

Instantly Taehyung ran towards the older and wrapped his arms tightly around Jimin’s neck, hugging the officer tightly like a koala. He inhaled the familiar scent of leather and lemons swiftly feeling all his worries being blown away.

“Aww Taehyungie did you miss me so much that you can’t literally stop crushing me to death?” Jimin choked out and Taehyung gasped, hastily moving his arms away to let the older breathe.

Jimin smiled kindly but Taehyung knew, he knew from the moment his eyes laid on his husband that something was wrong.

And like fate telling him, his heart whispered what the problem was.

Jimin’s eyes narrowed as his eyes fell on Taehyung’s exposed neck where a night purple bruise was formed.

He gritted his teeth snarled “DID JEON DO THAT?”

“Huh? What?” Taehyung asked confused but then his expression turned furious when he saw the bruise on his neck.

“Fucking hell, That stupid rascal.” Taehyung mumbled raspily but then turned to Jimin, with his puppy eyes in display.

“I swear chim, This was not consensual!” Taehyung said frowning, worried that Jimin would not believe him.

“Ofcourse I know that! I already knew he would’ve done something like this form the moment he called me saying that he left you here.” Jimin grumbled angrily not noticing how Taehyung’s eyes widened.

‘He called Jimin for me? But why? I was so rude to him, why did he call Jimin and ask him to pick me up then?’ - Taehyung thought his heart warming a little but not enough to break the ice that was around the name ‘Jeon Jungkook’

“I am sorry chim.” Taehyung said softy hugging the older tightly, trying to get some warmth into his cold body.

Jimin smiled amused but wrapped his arms around Taehyung and rubbed his back slowly trying to give him some of his own body heat.

Taehyung hummed softly when he felt his body getting warmer but Jimin spoiled the whole mood by asking the question he dreaded the most.

“Why did you drink Tae?!”

Taehyung pulled away from his husband to look into his eyes.

Jimin’s face held a strict expression making Taehyung know that there was no way to explain.

He shivered a little and said “I am tired, Lets talk this tomorrow please.”

Jimin frowned but he didn’t argue as he had already felt how cold the younger’s skin had become. But he knew that they had to have a serious talk, if not now then some time later.

“Okay Tae, Now come get inside quickly. I don’t want you to catch a cold” Jimin said worried and Taehyung gave him a bright boxy smile and swiftly climbed in beside his husband.

They drove away silently not knowing that a certain someone was watching with with dark eyes.



Unknown’s POV

“So this guy came out of that specific house?” a raspy deep voice asked

“Yes Mr. Lee.” A soft voiced woman said

“Interesting. Didn’t think that Jeon now took his sluts into his own house.” the raspy voiced man said with an amusing smirk on his face

“No sir, I don’t think it was just a random hook-up” she said seriously

“Why so Miss Park?” the man asked raising his eyebrows and it made him look so handsome that the woman blushed a little and said “Its because the person was later picked up Officer Park Jimin.”

“Ahh Officer Park. What has he got to with jeon? I thought he hated criminals?”

“I don’t know sir, I need some time to figure out the history between them.”

“That’s okay, Get me the information in two days.”

“Whatever you say sir”

“And also Miss Park, as Jeon ever had a lover so something like that?”

“Nothing that I know of sir. From the whole time I’ve been working here, this is first person he brought to his home”

“Ahh, It looks like I may have finally found Jeon’s weakness” He said smirking and sipped his wine thinking of various ways to make his rival beg on his knees

Ahh revenge was always so satisfying.

Wasn’t it?

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