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Sometimes love is hard right?.Some people keep saying it's fun but the truth is it's hard and painful,chaotic and confusing.When you love someone the world will judge you and will try to tear that love apart,but if you truly love someone,you don't care what people say,do or feel, you just follow your heart.Love makes us do crazy things, Sometimes in relationship,there is someone that needs to be the super glue just to make that love or person won't go or fade away,But what if the glue was already empty?What if both of you gave up and end up being "STRANGERS"?....

Romance / Drama
Charice Aquino
Age Rating:

My Life Before I Met Her

I'm Malachi Monroe I'm 18 year old and this is my life before I met the girl who change me,before I met this girl I am a phycho,bully,badass man.Trying too look scary haha,when I met this girl I felt my heart beating fast do you know what is love at first sight?yes I felt that when I saw her,I feel like she's the girl that I'm gonna be with until the last day of my life but....

Something is bothering me,I can't love her ,why? Because she's in love with another and I can't love her because her family is my family's enemy,at first I fighted it I stopped falling in love with her but it still hurts me seeing her with another man.....

At first I still can force my self to stop falling for her but everytime I see her beautiful blue eyes that symbolize the ocean,and her angelic and beautiful face,my heart is beating fast,nervous and I can't get my eyes off her,while looking at her he catches me before I look away I was so embarrassed at that time and run awkwardly......
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