The tribulations of a werewolf's heart

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Lola is a hot head 17 year old and like all girls her age, she wants love. She knows that in a few months she will find her fated mate but she is ready to experiment. Enjoy the troubles, heartbreaks and joys of Lola before she finds the real meaning of true love.

Romance / Fantasy
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"I don't want to see your face ever again jerk!"

"Lola please baby..."

"You disgust me." I snarled.

I stomped out of the hall of our pack house leaving Blake behind. I honestly loved that dickhead but we were like fire and ice. Sometimes we would clash and it would often end up with me storming out.

My body was radiating fury as I found myself outside. My cheeks were flushed red and my emerald green eyes were bloodshot. I could feel my chocolate brown hair flying around my head from the rage like some anime caracter.

My wolf was huffing at me in my head. She found my outburst at Blake to be ridiculous. Maybe, but the jerk forgot about our date again to watch football with Davon and Jeremy. Fuck them too.

I heard footsteps coming my way and a giggle indicating that it was my best friend. I lifted my gaze to the ocean blues of Lilah. She was biting her bottom lip to stifle another laugh and I rolled my eyes at her.

"Blake and you split up again?" She asked visibly acknowledging my angry state.

"I'm so done with him right now." I said repressing the urge to say urgh.

"You say that every week girl. You two are such opposites. I don't even know why you keep trying."

I arched a brow at her and giggled. The answer to that was pretty obvious. My friend could be so thick sometimes.

"He's hot obviously." I said.

I thought about the tall 17 year old and yeah he was fucking hot. He was the future Gamma of our pack and had raven black hair and hazel gold eyes. His muscles were toned even if he still had room to grow. I could picture the perfect male he would become and the thought was enough to send a shiver down my spine.

Lilah shook her head at me clearly fed up with me. She was the kind of she-wolf who wanted to wait for her true mate. I respected that but I could not help wanting to experiment. I had always loved to experiment. Well, I do say that but my first boyfriend had been Blake and here we still were.

I sighed and wanted to facepalm myself right now for being such an idiot. Time to find a new man and this time I meant it. I was done with little idiots who had no time for me.

"Say Lil." I said with a smirk. "What do you say we hit the bar tonight?"

"I'll say we're underage?"

I rolled my eyes and sighed before linking arms with my best friend.

"Not to drink silly. To dance!"

She beamed at me as we made our way to my parents' house.

"Definitely then."

We giggled all the way and two hours later we were almost ready. I checked my phone to see that Blake kept texting me and I was so frustrated with him a growl escaped my lips. Lilah popped her head out of my closet to look at me sprawled on my bed.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Blake." I sighed. "He keeps texting."

"Tell him to go fuck himself."

I giggled. Little Lilah was never the aggressive one but she seemed fed up with him. So was I really.

Me: Blake. Sincerely go fuck yourself. Yours truly *emoji kiss*

Blake: You'd do a better job at it babe *wink*

Damn the bastard made me laugh. We never did more than kissing though. My body was for my mate and as much as I wanted to experiment, sex was out of question. My wolf agreed. No one but our mate.

Me: *roll eyes* On my way to the bar to find another guy. Looks like it's just you and your hand tonight.

I locked the screen of my phone and grabbed the keys of my beautiful car that were on my nightstand. I stood up from the bed and looked at myself one last time in the mirror.

I was wearing a short black dress with black heels. The dress made all of my curves show and I loved it. I tied my hair in a ponytail and put on light makeup, only eyeliner, mascara and gloss to make my pink lips pop. I felt hot af.

Lilah exited the closet and she was wearing a pastel pink dress that complimented her fair skin and light blond hair. She had let her hair free and put on as much makeup as me. We were not that much into makeup anyway.

We drove to the bar on the pack lands which was only 30 minutes away from my house. I could see that the entire highschool was here already dancing in rhythm with the music as soon as we entered the bar. Lilah and I made our way to the dancefloor where we met our friends.

After greeting them all, I noticed that there were people I did not know at the counter. Did we have a visiting pack?

My dad was Alpha but since I was not his first born, I did not really care about the politics. That was all for my big brother David. I was happy with it actually. I was not allowed a lot of things because I was my father's daughter but I knew that when I turned 18 and found my mate, things would change. Lilah tugged at my arm to bring my focus back on her.

"Something wrong?" She asked.

"Nah. Just thinking that there are people I don't know. Must be a visiting pack."

She nodded and we resumed dancing. We danced as if our lives depended on it and after a while, I felt two strong arms on my waist. I was about to give the guy a piece of my mind when I was met with a broad chest and toned muscles that were clearly not the ones belonging to a teenage boy.

I lifted my gaze to be met with purple eyes. Yes. You read it right. They were an odd shade of blue that looked purple. The man in front of me was tanned and had tattoos on his muscled arms. He was wearing a white shirt with navy jeans and black boots. His jaw was sharp and his face symetrical. He had short chestnut hair that were curling on top of his head. He was gorgeous and older than me but not by much if I had to assess his age, I would say he was 20. He offered me a crooked smile and he asked with a deep husky voice.

"May I have this dance?"

I smirked. This hunk was probably exactly what I needed right now.

"Sure. If you tell me your name first."

He chuckled and nodded. That was a nice sound. I could not wait to hear more.

"I guess it's fair. I'm Diego."


He smiled and offered me his hand which I took gladly. He pulled me close to his body and I wrapped my arms loosely around his neck while we started dancing. His hands found their way to my hips and they were big enough to engulf them completely. My wolf purred in my mind. That was a big boy just the way I liked them.

"What brings you here tonight Lola?" He said in my ear his hot breath making me crazy.

"Fun." I answered.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. He was so damn gorgeous my hormones were all over the place.

"I hope that you're not disappointed then." He said with a smirk.

"Mmm... Not yet." I smirked.

He arched a brow making me giggle. He was not expecting a woman to talk back. Well, he was in for a ride with me.

"Someone has high standards." He chuckled.

"Everyone should."

"How old are you to be so exacting?"

"I'm 17 but I've always been exacting big boy."

He chuckled and his eyes actually twinkled. Such an odd colour but so mesmerising that I found myself drowning in a pool of purple. He was leaning on me when we heard a growl.

I turned around frowning to find Blake. Really? I sighed and rolled my eyes at him but he was not looking at me. No. He was looking at Diego.

"Get your hands off her." Blake growled.

Diego tilted his head to the side pulling me closer to his firm chest. He seemed to enjoy it because he smirked while Blake radiated rage. I could not help but frown at the future Gamma.

"I'm not your property Blake." I growled.

"You're my girlfriend."

"Not anymore." I sighed. "I dumped your ass. Remember?"

Blake was livid and Diego's smile widened. We were interrupted by another growl and this one radiated Alpha all over. I beamed at my brother before I jumped in his open arms. He was looking at Blake and then he fixed his emeralds same as mine on Diego.

"She's my sister. She belongs to none of you so stop acting stupid. Diego, your pack is waiting for you."

"Diego is an Alpha?" I asked my brother.

He nodded without looking at me. Well well. Yummy.
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