Bright Screws

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The Bright Screws. A British biker club. They know what banter is. They respect others unless they step out of line. This is the British biker side. They work differently to the Devil's Dragons. What happens when Bethany moves into the house directly next door to The Bright Screws and complains about their parties, mayhem and annoying behaviour. Who's eyes are watching her. All that needs to be mentioned is sexual erotic dreams. Bethany is a woman who only knows what normal sex is. So what will happen when she meets a man who knows more about the subject than she does. What about when he tests how much she will be willing to do?

Romance / Erotica
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Meet the biker club

Welcome to the new series. This one will be long like the Societa Oscura so be ready.

I hope you like it.

"Get your fucking hands off me man." Looney shouts at Raddish pushing his tall body off him. Looney is seventeen and has just received his badge to become a full member of the Bright Screws. Raddish is two years older than him. The two of them always bicker and fight each other.

"Pack it in the pair of ya." Drizzle shoves Looney as he walks out of his office. Looney laughs before giving Raddish an evil glare. Drizzle is the president of the Bright Screws.

"Sharp, Tango, Raider and Marshal. Go out and grab that bitch Kasie. It's time for her to speak. I don't want no bullshit answers. She either tells us honestly or we ditch the job. Get me?"

These bikers aren't the same as the Devils Dragons. They know what banter is. They also work differently. All the men stand around in black jeans, black Hartley Davidson boots, black round neck t shirts with the biker shop on them and black hoodies with their club on them. Tango twirls his Harley keys on his ring finger and whistles. All the men stand up and walk towards the black door that they enter through.

Their clubhouse is in between two three bedroomed houses on a residential street. The complaints that they receive can be high especially when other clubs show up and they have parties until the early hours of the morning. No metal fences surround their property and they don't have gates. It's a path which leads to each house down the street which includes their pub and club house. Twenty bikes, all Harleys are parked outside the door directly next to the black window at the front of the premises.

All the men walk out of the clubhouse and throw their legs over their bikes as the school up the road is released. Children walk with their parents past their club and they smile as a couple of year sixes stop and touch their bikes. Some of them do their handshake that the bikers taught them. Usually it would be classed as disrespectful to touch another man's bike but the men at the Bright Screws don't mind. They're only kids in their eyes and they want them to go to them for help at any given opportunity. They don't want them to be avoided because they look scary which happens frequently. Especially with women.

"How old do I have to be to join your group?" One of the year sixes asks. He's in his Rainbow Academy uniform and Marshal laughs.

"Sixteen kid. You have many years to go yet. Come back then and I'll get you in." The young boy smiles. He wears his blue jumper, white shirt, grey school pants and black shoes. He has a black coat on and carries his blue school bag. It has the school logo on it.

"Promise?" He holds out his pinky finger and Marshal laughs nodding his head. "I promise." He wraps his finger around the boys and the boys mother stands behind him with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Tyson come on. Leave the poor man alone."

"He's not a bother. Honestly. Ask me anything kid and I'll tell you alright. Oh and be good for your mother. We don't accept boys who are nasty to their parents. You should go to bed on time." The young boy nods his head as Marshal talks twisting himself around. His bike is parked front to the building. He winks at Tysons mother. She giggles.

"His bedtime is seven o'clock." Tyson's mother tells Marshal. She has blue tight jeans on with white converse shoes and a black cropped coat. She holds her keys to her home in her right hand and stands with her weight shifted to her left foot.

"Seven o'clock. If your mother tells me that you haven't been going to bed on time then I won't allow you to get in our club alright." Tyson nods smiling and his mother looks down at him. She strokes his head. The two of them have brownish blonde hair. Her son is the spitting image of her.

"No xbox. When I tell you to get off then I mean it." Tyson's mother tells him and Marshal stands up lifting his foot up and over his bike. Turning around he walks over to them.

"Ooo. I'm not sure that will go down with the other men here Tyson."

"Why?" He looks up at Marshal innocently and Marshal notices that the woman is reading the writing on his black hoodie.

"Tango and Looney play the PlayStation."

"I will change." The boy shouts and Marshal laughs looking down the street. The road is starting to clear up. All the school buses have now passed, taxi's have left and the road is no longer chocker block.

"I'm joking kid. Off you go. Enjoy your night love." Pushing his hand inside his pocket, Marshal takes out a twenty pound plastic note and holds it out. "Get yourself a bottle of wine. On me." Marshal smiles and the woman shakes her head. "No thank you. I'm sure you need that money."

"Yeah and I'm sure you need to put your feet up and relax tonight. Take it. Don't make me post it to you because I will. Plus it's a Friday so why not?"

"Are you sure?" The woman stares up at Marshal through her brown eyes and Marshal nods his head as she holds her hand out. Placing the note in her hand, he steps back. "I'm sure. Enjoy your night the two of you ok."

"Thanks again." The woman glances over her shoulder as she walks away with her son Tyson. Marshal watches as they walk away together.

"Are we heading out or should we sit here and stare at the fucking wall?" Tango asks Marshal who laughs.

"Head out."

"Finally!" Raider rolls his eyes and Marshal throws his left leg over his Harley. They kick start their bikes reverse out onto the street and drive off. Their bikes sound like thunder roaring as they ride away slowly two each row.
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