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Unnatural Humans Book 1

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Jade or Jay (as she likes to be called) Has just lost her adoptive parents and has shut her self off from everyone, even her best friend. Easton is what you would call a grade 'A' asshole. He loves annoying the crap out of everyone he meets, especially his friends. What happens when an incident at Jade's school forces Her and Easton to meet, changing Jade's fate forever. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *DISCLAIMER*: The first few chapters are rough because I started this book when I was 12 and I don't feel like writing them over again but, my writing gets better because after all these years I'm finally finishing this book so bare with me. NEW CHAPTERS EVERY WEEKEND OR MONDAY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO ARYANNA FINCH

Romance / Action
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Unnatural Humans Chapter one

~~~~~~~~~authors note~~~~~~~
Hi, this is my first story so it might be a little rough. Don't worry I get better at writing. (Well I think). I started writing this when I was in middle school and decided to finish it because I honestly really love this book and its concept. So these first few chapters are what u wrote in middle school and I just fixed a couple of things like the spacing, etc. Also, these first few chapters will be significantly shorter than the rest since I wrote them so long ago.


Heavily unedited


Unnatural humans institution or U.H.I
For short is an institute for the unnatural human...mutant as they call us and yes, mutants are real, I had to find that out the hard way.

I'm Jade Kingsley and I'm seventeen. I'm a senior at James B. Quim high school in a little town right outside of Brooklyn. My life is about to turn....well, as cliche as it is upside down. It all started at the beginning of my senior year, I was well-liked around the school kind of like the girl who could talk to anyone and it is not awkward. I had the highest GPA in my class and was planning on having a good year to finish off high school.

"Jay...how is it that you're going to leave me to go to the most prestigious uni in Brooklyn?" My best friend Nora had commented as we were headed towards the big glass doors for our first last day of high school. Nora and I had been best friends since kindergarten when she punched "snot-nose" Calvin for cutting a piece of my hair off of my head during nap-time. To this day I don't understand why she did it. Granted I cried for the rest of the day but I was a weird kid. I never wanted anyone to touch me cause when they did I always got this weird feeling.

I had always been like that even now Nora knew not to touch me that much because I would always get lightheaded and even sick.

" I don't know maybe because I study-" I say jokingly pushing her shoulder slightly as we reach our lockers. "And besides...I'm not going to leave you..you'll be right by my side kicking down our dorm door at uni."

"Yeah right-" Nora rolled her eyes. "I'll probably go to a community college like my mom did and get pregnant at 19....so I'll have to drop out to take care of a baby I didn't even want all by myself cause I couldn't keep my legs shut." I slapped the back of her head

"Don't say that...your mom has done her be-" I wasn't able to finish that sentence because Nora cut me off.

"Enough with this melodramatic scene let's skip to the real part...are you going to Chris Signos party tonight?" This was typical Nora. Dodging all of the important questions going for the stupid questions. It's kind of like a coping mechanism.

"I don't know I-"

"what do you mean I don't know...you never miss a party-" Nora makes a very dramatic gasp. "What have you done to Jade Kingsley," she said playfully.

"shut up I've just been having this bad feeling...you know...like somethings going to happen." My skin crawls as that feeling intensifies.

"Like what, " Nora said turning to face me after putting her books she didn't need in her locker.

"I don't know but, it feels like somethings going to happen something....bad," I said finally closing my locker and started walking to my class, Nora following suit.

"Maybe you're just nervous to see Adrien-"

"NO" I practically screamed earning a few stares from people close by. Adrien and I had been dating since freshman year when he almost set my hair on fire in chem. I thought Adrian was the one but, instead, I found him trying to eat Lilli Young's face and that broke my heart. It happened at the end of the junior year. I don't have any idea when he started cheating on me but, I knew that that would be the only time even if I did love him. If he cheated once he would do it again.

"I don't know....maybe your right" I sighed looking down at the ground I brushed the feeling away as best as I could and went to class. The day was just like any other first day at school new friends, new teachers, new classmates, and so on. The most exciting thing for me is going home and relaxing I had had a long day and had successfully avoided Adrian the entire day...now that I was proud of it.

When I got home I went into the kitchen to grab a snack before going to my room. As I opened the fridge I noticed a sticky note on it

" Jade me and your father are going to the movies for date night. See you when we get home
Ps. You can go out with Nora but not pass 12. Xoxo mom :)".

I took the sticky note off of the fridge after just grabbing water and having a few sips. I balled up the sticky note, throwing it into the trash before climbing up the stairs to my room. My room was small I liked it that way because I lose things a lot. My walls were grey a color I often chose for things like furnishings. It was a simple color that could always be changed and that's what I liked about it.

I kicked off my shoes and fell face-first on my bed. I must've fallen asleep because the next thing I knew the doorbell was ringing non-stop and the clock on the nightstand said 10:00. I quickly climbed out of bed and trouted my way downstairs

then...there it was again, the feeling I had this morning getting out of bed and at my locker talking to Nora but, this time it was stronger like someone punched me in the stomach. As I stepped closer to the door I felt it more and more, like I was going to pass out. I grabbed my dad's old baseball bat that we keep by the door and gripped it tightly. "Who is it?" I ask in a shaky voice.

"It's me....open the damn door it's freezing" I sighed in relief at the sound of Nora's voice.

"Oh, it's you," I said opening the door.

"who did you think it was?" Nora asked out of curiosity. I noticed two shopping bags in her hand as she walked in and closed the door behind her.

"No one....hey what are those for?" I asked changing the subject quickly.

"What these-" Nora said looking at the bags " These....are our clothes for tonight" She holds them up.

"Oh no!.. I forgot about Chris's party tonight Nor...Look I don't think I can go". Nora looked at me like she was ready to kill me

"You don't think you can go." Nora said placing the bags on my coach.

"yeah, I-" I step back a little.

"I have spent over two hundred dollars on these outfits for tonight" Nora cut me off.

"Two hundred!...god Nora what is wrong with you... it's just a party." Nora rolled her eyes

" But, it's the first party of the year we have to make a statement" She emphasizes 'have', practically screaming in my face. I wiped my eye dramatically

" I think you just spit in my eye"I state.

"Oh would you just shut up and put on the clothes....were gonna be late"

"But, Nora I don't feel good." I said in a whiny voice trying to make her take pity and leave me alone for the night.

" Put on the clothes." Nora said with so much venom in her voice that it would make a snake shit its pants.

"Okay!" I said putting my hands up in defense.

I quickly took the bag out of her hand that I thought was for me and ran upstairs to my room. Once I got upstairs I went to my room and closed the door behind me. I dumped the contains of the bag on my bed. I never liked it when Nora bought my clothes. It wasn't that they were ugly or anything like that it was because of how short they were.

This time she got me a black bandeau top with some black pants. I like the outfit just not on me. I never liked my body... I was always too skinny but, could never gain weight.

I put my brunette hair into a loose low bun and put on some mascara. I also pair two belts with my outfit and 3 gold necklaces with some white sneakers. I walk downstairs still feeling the feeling and gasp when I see Nora's dress she was also wearing. She was wearing a very short, might I add, mini dress with some black wedges and she looked stunning

"you like?" she said doing a little twirl.

" yeah-" I breathed out "you look beautiful"

"thanks!" she said with a big grin on her face walking towards the door. She opened it and walked out.

I grabbed my jacket and walked behind her. When I touched the door on Nora's car I felt like I had hit my head hard on something like a dashboard. I couldn't explain it like that. All I could say was that it was a very sharp pain and it had left my head splitting.

"Mmh." I said grabbing my temples

"Are you okay?" Nora asked one foot in the car

" Yeah I'm fine-" I waved her off. "just a headache". I slipped into my seat and put my seatbelt on.

The whole ride to Chris's house was nothing but Nora yapping like a puppy dog about how she was gonna win Chris's heart over with her funny jokes and killer smile

....yeah right she would never get the courage to even look at him.

By the 26th joke that Nora was gonna tell Chris I had already tuned her out. I was thinking about my parents...which unfortunately lead me to think about how I found out I was adopted. I was ten or nine somewhere between and I had told my parents about the dreams I had been having for a while of a woman. I never saw her face but, for some reason, she seemed so familiar to me. She was humming a song that I had heard plenty of times before but, never knew where from, and in this dream there was always a loud bang at the door and the woman would always scream, that's when these men would come in. I never see what happens next, the dream always stopped right there. I could always remember the woman's voice soft but, powerful at the same time...her voice was beautiful.

As I told them about my dreams and what I thought they meant I could see their faces harden. Like this was something they didn't want me to know ever and that's the part that hurt to know that they were probably never gonna tell me and they thought that I would never find out. They had said they had found me on the beach wrapped up in a towel balling my eyes out. Wailing and screaming and was surprised when no one had found me yet. They had taken me in, and adopted me, thought it was a blessing from God because they couldn't have kids. I never knew why my real parents gave me up but, that doesn't matter to me. My parents were the ones who raised me, biological or not I was still their daughter.

"Jade, Jade, Jade!" Nora screams in my ear.

"what?" I said snapping back into reality. The annoyance in my voice was evident.

"Were here" She points to Chris's house

"Yeah, I can tell all the lights are blinding me and the music I busting my eardrums from here." I said sarcastically.

"Hey come on... it's not that bad...well maybe a little..you coming "

"Yeah." I said while unbuckling my seatbelt. I stepped out of the car and immediately was hit with a burst of wind. It felt like I was drowning gasping for air and this time when the feeling came back I had a vision of a car that looked exactly like my parent's car. The car was hitting the water and just like that, I felt like falling over as it all hit me at once.

"Jay...come on it's freezing" Nora was trying to warm herself up hopping on one foot to the other.
"It's okay...ill catch up you go find Chris in There." I said while sitting on the hood of Nora's car trying to catch my breath.

"Are you sure...jay you don't look so hot"

"I'm fine...I'm just getting that feeling again-" I closed my eyes this time and laid back on her hood. "I'm just drowning- I mean trying to catch my breath...don't worry about it go have fun"

"Are you sure cause I can take you home" Nora got closer to me touching my thigh. She quickly jumped back when I flinched under her touch. She mutters a quick sorry and then sighs.

"If you say you fine then I guess you are." she says unsure of herself. Nora walked inside and I stayed on the hood of the car for about ten minutes. When I heard footsteps approaching I became alert. But when I heard my name being called by the voice that I knew the most I froze ......Adrien.


Dun Dun Duuuun

Okay well, that was my first chapter of unnatural humans don't worry it gets better and exciting secrets will be spilled.

And lies will be told

I need to stop okay hope you enjoyed and don't forget to comment and vote

Oh! Almost forgot

I try to post every Friday or weekend.

Yours truly,
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