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Unnatural Humans Book 1

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Unnatural Humans Chapter Two

I jumped off of the hood as fast as I could ignoring the splitting headache I had. I tried to walk.... no run into the party but, something stopped me. Maybe it was curiosity or maybe it was his voice telling me to stop, it was always his voice, wasn't it. That was something I told myself when we were together. How I asked myself what was it that made Adrien the way he was in my eyes, The way I idolized him when we were together and I think it was his voice.
I think that's what made me turn a blind eye to all of the signs. Maybe...maybe.

"Jay...wait!" he said catching my arm.

"Don't call me that" I said through gritted teeth, trying to pull my arm away from his grip.

"Can't we just talk...I...I need to explain myself-" I cut him off with a forced laugh.

"Explain yourself...Explain yourself!" I said letting it all out but at that same moment remembering I was at a party.

"Adrien what is there to explain....you cheated and you got caught, so don't try to explain yourself..because I got all of the explainings I needed from seeing you making out with Lilli young". Adrien's grip on my arm tightened and at that moment something came out of my mouth that I never imagined I would have to say to Adrien ever.

"If you don't let go of my arm right now...I will break every single one of your fingers one by one and watch you scream." Adrien dropped his hand to his side as quick as possible his face contorting into anger.

He licked his lips chapped from the cold. I didn't even realize how cold it was talking to Adrien. Maybe another effect of being by him, like we were in our world and nothing else mattered. Something bubbled inside of me, and this something didn't feel human. I always felt this way when I got mad but, right here at this very moment, this feeling was multiplied by a thousand. It felt like if he said one more wrong thing or just said something in general I would snap like a rubber band on its last life.

Adrien took a breath to compose himself, probably sensing he needed to calm down too but, he didn't get another word out of his mouth before I said

"Adrien....don't-" I said trying to find the right words to say to him. "Adrien don't try to make up an ass excuse just to save yours." my voice was trembling like an earthquake was happening in my body. " I can't hear that right now...and if you did love me you wouldn't have even let her suggest making out with you" a single tear fell from my eye on to my cheek. I know I shouldn't be crying over him but, it's hard....really freaking hard.

"Look I just wanted to say-" Adrien again was cut off but, not by me. He was instead cut off by a honey-blonde, blue-eyed princess, and yes of course you guessed it he was cut off by the infamous Ms. Lilli Young hugging him from behind and kissing him on the cheek. I looked between Lilli and Adrien in disbelief. Of course, he would bring her to this party, and of course, she would choose this time to come up behind him to hug him, right in front of me.

"Hey baby....you ready?" she said looking straight at me, obviously trying to make me jealous (and to be honest it was kind of working.)

I scoffed, just when I might have given him a chance at talking she walks up. Adrien slightly pushes Lilli off of him just enough to put some distance between them.

"Look, Jay-"

"don't call me that" I said this time my voice was very stern.

" sorry...-" he said so quick that I almost didn't catch it. " look...jade can we talk later maybe?" I just rolled my eyes and walked inside. I was freezing my butt off out there and finally stepping into the warm inviting house. I don't know what it was about parties, how whenever I walked into one, all of my worries just vanished away and I know that is kind of backward how I should feel this way when I'm alone but, when I'm alone I feel a sense of worry like I'm being watched and at least at a party I can slip away from that person's gaze anytime I want. (Hmm maybe I'm the only one who feels like that.) besides, I just wanted to party anyway. I wanted to just clear my mind of everything bad going on in my life right now and let loose but, why couldn't I? Why couldn't I shake this feeling that something bad was gonna happen? It was like a pain in my stomach and it was subtle but, not enough to where I couldn't feel it.

"Well...well..well...if it isn't the prettiest girl in the world" I rolled my eyes, typical Owen he was always hitting on every girl within a 5-mile radius. I can't tell you exactly what he is going to say and it's not very original. I turned to face him with an uncontrollable smile on my face. That's another thing Owen did, he was always bringing smiles to everyone's face and that's what I love about him.

"Hi, Papa Bear" ( papa bear was the nickname everyone called Owen in middle school and I guess it just stuck) Owen pulls me in for a hug.

"you know I hate that name." Owen said while hugging me. I pull away still smiling

" oh you know I can't stop calling you that name...it just fits you so nicely." Owen has dirty blonde hair that looked brown in certain lighting. He's very tall, almost seven feet to be exact and was very muscular. I always thought he should have been a basketball player but he does wrestling instead. Compared to me being only 5'4 I looked like a midget next to him and so did everyone else.

Owen and I talked for awhile to catch up since I haven't seen him since the end of junior year. I knew he wanted to ask me about Adrien from the look of restraint on his face the whole time we were talking but, he didn't and that is another reason why I loved Owen so much. He knew how to respect others business and not pry like some people do.

After my talk with Owen I found out some really interesting stuff from him. Like how he has finally got a girlfriend and this is such a big deal because this is is first girlfriend ever. I know I said he was such a big flirt but, he never didn't anything more than that and that was really surprising to me that he finally did. I didn't get to meet her since she wasn't here yet but I will for sure later.

I was walking to the kitchen to get something to drink from the kitchen when something caught my eye. There leaning on the wall was a very lean but still muscular boy staring at me.With what looked to be dark brown to black hair peeking out of his hood just staring at me. I couldn't see his face because something that closely looked like a ski mask was covering everything but his eyes.When he saw that I saw him he quickly focused his gaze on something else. Something felt off about him, maybe because the quick glimpse I got of his eyes made me freeze up in terror, like if I lost sight of him he would do something bad....or maybe he already did it.

Ayyy another chapter.
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