Unnatural Humans Book 1

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Unnatural Humans Chapter three

"That was weird" I whispered to myself trying to piece together what just happened. I could have sworn he was staring back at me and as soon as I saw him I got a weird feeling almost like I always did when I'm alone but it was worst. He couldn't have been staring at me, could he? No. I laugh at myself. I was always so quick to jump at the worst and freak myself out even if it wasn't that serious.

Maybe it was like that, maybe he was just staring out into space and I just happened to think he was staring at me because I know for a fact he couldn't have been staring at me. See there I was again freaking myself out when he most likely wasn't staring at me. My train of thought was cut off by a red solo cup being shoved into my face. The perpetrator is non-other than Nora who already looks to be a little tipsy. "Why don't you have a drink in your hand missy!" Nora practically screams in my ear, almost busting my eardrums.

"Great now I'm deaf," I say as I take the cup from Nora.

"Your welcome!" she screams again in my ear, making me cover my ears.

"Great now I think I'm actually deaf Nor....thanks so much." I say sarcastically while taking a sip of my drink. Which was a bad idea because as soon a the substance hit my throat it was spewing right back out into the cup. I look inside the cup seeing a weird brown mixture of god knows what.

"Nora what the fuck...are you trying to kill me!" I scream putting the cup down. Nora just covers her ears and says

" God...now you're the one screaming."

Well...she doesn't really say that it just comes out as a laugh but, I think that's what she was trying to say.

"Nora I'm serious....what is this?" I say examining the contents of the cup. Turning it slightly around to see the bottom of the cup. Nora just shrugs and takes a sip from her cup.

" I don't know... I just mixed random things that I saw in the kitchen." She says between sips. I scrunch my nose up at her words.

"Are you serious...you really are tryna kill me huh"I say pouring the liquid in the cup down the sink and washing the remains out.

" Wow...I can't believe you figured it out so fast...I'm gonna have to find a better way next time." She says with a straight face.

" Shut up" I say between a laugh with a smile on my face. This is what I meant by when I said that I like parties. Just because when I'm alone I'm left with my thoughts but, When I'm with friends...I don't think about that stuff at all. I don't think about my birth parents or why they could have possibly given me up. I don't think about my life could have turned out if they didn't leave me on the beach that's day wrapped up in nothing but a blanket. The least they could have done was leave a note. Why didn't they leave a note?

Was I so much of a mistake that they couldn't have left a note or something. See there I go again, getting my lost in my thoughts and disappearing from the world around me and going into my own. I hate it when I do that because it's so hard to come back to my world and most of the time I'm never fully back into the real world only half and that right there scares me.

Nora snaps her finger in front of my face getting my attention. "Huh" I say giving her my attention. Nora Leans her head back in frustration

"I'm gonna take that as a sign that you weren't listening to anything that I was saying." I shake my head to clear my thoughts " o..of course I was listening to you...I-I heard....every word you said" I said the last few words sounding more like a question than a statement.

"Oh really"

Nora says challenging me. I nod my head knowing dang well I didn't hear a thing she just said. " Okay then...what was the last thing I just said" she said testing my honesty. At that moment the smart Alec comes out of me.

I cross my arms over my chest and say " Well technically... the last thing you said was...and I quote-" I say putting my finger up. " was...what was the last thing I said...see I was listening Nor" Nora throws up her hands and lets out a loud groan.

" Your impossible" she says laughing. She was about to say something else when she is cut off by a loud scream coming from the back of the house. The whole house stands still which says something because you barely even think about how loud this music is. Someone turns the music down lower as everyone's curiosity gets the best of them and all of that curiosity quickly grows when we see no one other than Lilli Young storming from the back of the house with her shirt in her hand pushing everyone in her sight to the ground. You wouldn't expect her to be that strong since she is so little but that girl packs a punch. Take it from someone who got punched by her one time in P.E. In 9th grade during a lesson on defense in case you ever got attacked. I had a bruise on my arm for a straight month because of her and it hurt like hell.

Not even a second later you see Adrien running after her while putting in his shirt. His long black her more messy than usual. " Hey... babe wait I-I didn't mean it...wait"

The scene that's playing out in front of me immediately brings back memories that I wished would have stayed locked away in the deepest and darkest part of my mind.

That was the ending of that chapter I hope you enjoy.
Ooooh what do you think happened with Adrien and Lilli
And what do you think the memories were that Jade remembered

Until next time,
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