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Unnatural Humans Chapter Four

Hey, there guys I'm going to be posting a lot of chapters today since I don't have anything to do so enjoy :)
Oh and there are some things in this chapter nothing too extreme just something between
Jade and Adrien. If you are not comfortable with that you can skip that part

Flashback: Before the End of the year bash

"Jade hurry up...I wanna get a picture of you before Adrien gets here" My mom screams from downstairs as I'm touching up my makeup.

I smile at the thought of Adrien. My boyfriend of almost two years now and I'm still crazy about him. My thoughts drift to last night and what we did together. We had decided to celebrate our anniversary early since we weren't going to be with each other on our actual anniversary. Adrien has an away game to welldge view high and I have a match the same day. I turn my focus to the medals and trophies on my shelf over my desk decorated with gold accents to match my room. I don't know what it is about gold but I have always loved the color ever since I was a kid. I never liked another color other than gold, it just appealed to me more than any color I've ever seen.

I look back at my medals and feel a sense of pride in myself. I have always loved to win and I'm so competitive to get gold that I worked harder than any other kid at the dojo. I have always wanted to learn how to defend myself since I was a little kid so my dad enrolled me in these classes when I was seven or so and I just fell in love with them. The next year I signed up to be apart of their dojo and the rest is history. I have been with them for almost ten years now and I wouldn't change it for the world. I have met some of the most amazing people that I could have ever met and I am internally grateful for that.

A smile forms on my lips as I finish up putting on my lipstick finishing it off with some gloss for a pop. I rub my lips together and then look in the mirror running my hair through my curls to loosen them up a little. When I'm happy with the way they look I grab my clutch bag and head down the steps of my house. My house is simple yet elegant and I love it. My parents moved into this house a little before they adopted me so I have been in this house my whole life and I know every single nook and cranny in this house. Mostly because I made most of them over the years. As I descend the stairs I can hear my parents talking to a familiar voice that belongs to a young man that I happen to date. When my silver heel touches the last step everyone's eyes snap towards me but, I only meet one pair of eyes. Those hazel eyes meet my blue ones and I feel complete.

Especially when a smile forms in his perfect lips revealing that perfect smile of his. I almost fall off of the steps when my knees buckle just looking at him. Adrien just warms my heart and I love him for that.

I get down the stairs and I am immediately embraced in a hug from mother squeezing the life out of me. "Oh my god....honey you look so pretty!" she says while swinging me around the room. "Thank you, mom." I say not being able to breathe.

"Casey...honey you're killing her"

My dad chimed in, putting a hand on my mom's shoulder to stop her. She finally puts me down but not without giving me a big sloppy wet kiss on the cheek.

"Ughhh, mom." I say wiping my now wet cheek off, earning a laugh from Adrien. Now it was Adrien's turn to greet me, he gives me a peck on the cheek and grabs my waist which sends chills down my spine. For some reason, Adrien was the only one that could touch me and It didn't feel weird, it has always been like that.

"Okay now love birds... let us get a picture of you two before you leave." My dad says while picking up his camera to take a few pics of us. I rolled my eyes and so did my mom. He always insisted on taking photos with that old thing instead of taking it with his phone like a normal person.

" Mr. Kingsley...why do you always insist on taking photos with that old thing?" Adrien says while laughing. My mother and I laugh along with him while my dad just rolls his eyes.

"For your information...Adi.. this camera is one of a kind and will still be around even after we're dead...and so will these photos, now come so I can take this photo of you two." Adrien's smile drops, he absolutely hated when my dad called him Adi. I always said I liked it but, my dad always used it to shut him up when he wanted to. I smile just thinking of all the times he has said it.

My dad takes a few photos with his dinosaur for a camera and my mom takes some with her phone. After they are done we say our goodbyes and Adrien and I head out the door. When we get to the car my parents yell out if the door in unison "Have fun and don't do anything illegal!"

I give them a little wave to say I heard them and I hop into Adrien's car. Adrien drove an F150 Ford truck from the 1980s. I don't know the exact year but I do know he loves this truck more than life. It's blue which is his favorite color with white accents. I wonder if he loves this truck more than me. I mean it could be possible and I know some guys who do love their car better than their girlfriend.

"What are you thinking about?" Adrien says breaking me from my thought.

"Huh" I reply looking at him. He gives me one of his million-dollar smiles and puts his hand on my thigh. He then licks his lips looking me over. He smiles to himself putting his focus back on the road. I bite my lip knowing what he is thinking, that I wore his favorite color like last night. I had planned this outfit out for a whole week making sure it was the perfect outfit. I had found this navy blue silk tie-up dress two days ago at the mall and I knew it was the one. It was like a slip dress but you could tighten it in the sides to make it shorter or longer.

It was so perfect that I almost cried when I saw it. Actually, I think I did cry but, that's beside the point. I wanted it to be perfect for him and by the looks of it, it was. My focus shifts to the hands on my thigh. My heart is pounding out of my chest because of his touch and it only worsened when he started rubbing his thumb on the outside of my thigh.

My thoughts start drifting to last night. I had worn an oversized navy blue sweater with some black jeans with rips in them. Adrien has worn this white button up that was only buttoned to the mid chest showing off some of his chest. We had just finished eating and we're heading back to my house for a movie night when all of the sudden he pulled into a clear field filled with poppy flowers and jumped out.

"What are you doing?" I said laughing when he ran to my side of the car and opened my door.

"Come on" he said with the biggest smile I had ever seen on his face while pulling me out of the car.

" where are we going, Adrien?" I said a smile plastered on my face as well. He didn't say anything for a minute still pulling me through the field.

"Adrien." I said still following him when he didn't answer a second time I stopped dead in my tracks which made him stop with me. "Adrien...I'm not asking again, where are we going?"

he lets out a little sigh and turns around to face me. " I want to show you something...but it's a surprise okay" I roll my eyes

"Adrien you know I hate surprises." I say whining

"Yes I do...but, you will just have to suck it up"He says laughing. His laugh is so beautiful I think to myself. I couldn't imagine myself with someone else other than him. He is so perfect, my thoughts are interrupted when I slam into Adrien's back when he suddenly stops.

" owww... what the hell Adr-" I am cut off by Adrien shushing me. "What-" I start but quickly stop when I see why he was shushing me.

There sitting in the middle of the field is a whole flock of Finches my favorite birds. "Adrien What the hell how did you kn-" I whisper when I am again cut off by Adrien putting his finger over my mouth.

" Just watch-" he whispers in my ear sending chills down my spine. I comply and watch as the birds do their thing looking so cute. Then out of nowhere, Adrien says " Okay on my count" I look at him in confusion

"what" I whisper back to him. Then out of nowhere, he starts counting


"Adrien what are you-" I cut him off.

"3!" he screams and just starts running towards the birds full speed and before I can comprehend what he is doing I am being pulled with him running too.
The birds get startled and start flying all around us. We're being surrounded by birds swirling all around us and it's one of the most beautiful scenes I have ever seen. I know I look ridiculous because my mouth is wide open with shock. Then out of nowhere lips are being connected with mines and I don't know what else to do but to return the kiss.

Adrien deepens the kiss, wrapping his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck. Adrien is taller than me so I have to stand on my tippy toes. Adrien breaks the kiss only to whisper something in my ear "Jump" he says sliding his hands down from my waist. I do as he says and jumps into his arms and we continue to kiss. He carries me to his truck and lays me down. He starts to kiss my neck and collar bone but not going any further. I didn't realize what we were doing until Adrien started to slide his shirt off. That's when the panic started to set in. "Wait" I said breathless, trying to catch my breath. Adrien stops and looks me straight in the eyes. " what..." he says resting his hands on either side of me. "I'm just....-" I struggle to try to find the right words. " you know...t-that I've never done this with anyone before Adrien" Adrien just smiles and starts kissing my neck again this time going lower but, I stop him. He groans looking me in the eye "Do you not want to..." he says pulling a face that I've never seen him do " no... look it's just... maybe we should wait"

" I've been waiting for almost 2 years Jay...come on"

He starts kissing me again trying to take my shirt off but, yet again I stop him. He lets out another groan, this timeless playful than the last one. He rests his head on my stomach and slides his hands under my sweater resting them on my bare skin. His hands were cold and they put me on edge. Almost like they were unfamiliar and they didn't belong to the boy that I've loved for almost two years. " you're killing me here jay...-" he says into my stomach his breath hot in my skin. I sit up on my elbows and lift his head up so I can see him.

"Adrien...it's just that I don't think-" he cuts me off with another loud groan. This one was the worst one out of all of them. Almost like he was mad at me.

" Do you love me" he says resting on his elbows.

"Yes" I say without hesitation "but-"

"But what-" he says cutting me off again " if you love me you would do this with me" I could tell he was getting mad and I have never seen him like this in the entire time we have been together.

"Do this with me and..."

He stops, looking at me with puppy dog eyes. " and?" I say prompting him to keep talking. He slides up from my stomach to my face so that our faces are by each other. He leans down and kisses my neck by my ear.

"And...and I'll know you love me"

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