Unnatural Humans Book 1

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Unnatural Humans Chapter Five

Present-day: At Chris Signos's party

Now thinking back on that night, I don't even know why I had sex with Adrien. I obviously knew I didn't want to, I knew I wasn't ready to give that up to him, so why did I?

Adrien runs After Lilli trying to catch her arm. I think about how he did the exact thing with me, not too long ago. I think about how he said the same thing to me while I was running away from him, tears filling my eyes.

"Come in Lilli...I swear I didn't mean it!"

Adrien says finally catching her arm. Everyone's eyes are on them and right now the only thing you can hear other than Adrien and Lilli is the low melody of a song I wasn't familiar with. I feel a tap on my right shoulder, I turn my attention to Nora who's attention was not on the scene that was playing out in front of us. No, her attention was on me. She leans down so her mouth was by my ear.

"Hey...looks like there's trouble in paradise" she laughs but, soon stops when she sees the look I was giving her. She knew to shut up when I gave her that look. It was like an unspoken rule between us. I would always give her that look when she was going too far because she didn't know when she was and right now was an example. Lilli looks straight at me, No like literally at me in the eyes.

Like if looks could kill, I would literally be dead right now. I have never seen Lilli like this. She looks so vulnerable and broken and I don't know why but, I feel for her. Even if she did cheat with my boyfriend. She looks genuinely hurt and I guess I know how she feels from experience.

"You know you did" is the only thing she says before storming out of the house with tears streaming down her face

" What the hell are you looking at!"Adrien screams at a random boy making everyone return to their original states of partying before. My mind is racing. Why the hell did she look at me before saying that and why did she look like she wanted to kill me. I literally have done nothing to her other than exist but, other than that I can't think of anything else. In reality, I should be the one looking at her like that...I mean she did help my ex-boyfriend cheat on me so...what did I do wrong.

Adrien walks back to the back of the house and slams a door making everyone jump. My body runs cold with the realization that...I don't want to be here anymore. I don't even wanna be at a party anymore. I don't feel safe here anymore and...I feel more vulnerable than I feel when I'm alone. I turn around to face Nora. When she sees my face she immediately knows what's going on. Nora knew me like the back of her hand. It's always been like that ever since kindergarten.

"We can leave if you want to" Nora says putting her hand on my shoulder

"What" I say pulling a look of confusion on my face. I never liked making people do something they obviously didn't want to, and in this case, it was Nora leaving this party.

"Look...we just got here okay" I say trying to convince her to stay. Now it was Nora's turn to look confused

"What...No we haven't." Nora says pulling her eyebrows together.

"Yes we have-" I say but, more like a question and not a statement. "We've only been here for like 30 minu-"

"No we haven't...we've been here for almost and hour and a half" Nora says cutting me off.

"No we haven't...I was literally just outside for like ten minutes" Now I'm Getting really confused.

" Jay....-" Nora says taking my hand in hers "you were outside for almost an hour.....I was coming to check on you when I saw you talking to Adrien and I know how you are when you want to talk to someone alone, so I didn't come outside" Nora is right, I don't like being interrupted when I am talking to someone alone but, her interrupting me then would have been greatly appreciated.

The thing I can't wrap my head around is how I was outside for almost an hour. A laugh escapes from my lips. It wasn't a forced laugh more like a "I don't believe you-" laugh if that makes sense. " Your lying." I say this time smiling at Nora but, my smile quickly falters when she pulls out her phone and sure enough the time read 12:30am. My eyes widen as I realize what time it is.

"Shit" I whisper under my breath.

I quickly grab my things and rush to the door. Nora quickly follows behind me, struggling to keep up with me.

"Why are you running" Nora says trying to catch up with me.

I don't answer her I just mumble a slur of curse words that I didn't even know I had in my vocabulary. I grab the door of Chris's house suddenly getting that feeling again. Why the hell was I getting this feeling all day and why is is getting worse? I think to myself.

" Jay why the hell are you walking so fast!"Nora complains.

Finally catching up to me as I step outside. I finally stop when she grabs my shoulder and turns me around to face her.

" My parents just told me to be at home by twelve....that's it" I admit. I could tell Nora didn't believe me she must think it's about Adrien. She gives me a dumbfounded look and I roll my eyes.

"It's not about Adrien...if that's what you think" I tell her as I start walking towards the car again.

"Uh huh.. and pigs can fly" She laughs, obviously not believing me like I said.

" Can you be anymore original with that one Nor-" I sarcastically remark as I reach Nora's car. Nora just shoots the bird at me and unlock her car. I put my hand over my chest to symbolize offense as I get in the car.

" You know Nor...That's one really hurt" I joke. Nora just laughs as she puts her keys and her ignition and turns them. I try to relax as the car roars to life but, I still can't.

I just feel so unsettled and I just want this feeling to go away as quickly as possible. Nora pulls out of the driveway and turns on the radio and 'You belong to me' by Taylor Swift starts to play. Nora immediately turns it up bopping her head to the music while singing along.

The only way to get to my house is by getting on the bridge that I absolutely hate. I always feel like it's going to cave in at any second while we're on it and I have a right to because it's made out of wood but, My family always think I'm just being over dramatic. My house is a thirty minute drive from everyone else's and it's on the smaller side from most of the community but, I love it and I wouldn't ask for another. I grew up there so I know every little nook and cranny hiding in that place. It's just refreshing to come home to something you know so well with the people you love so dearly.

Nora turns into the wooded area leading to that bridge and heads down the dirt path. I start to feel even more sick like I'm about to vomit any second and this time I really can't ignore the feeling. As we near the bridge we see the all too familiar blue and red lights emerging from the entrance onto the unstable bridge. Nora turns down her radio as she gets on the bridge trying to be nosy but, I couldn't focus on the scene while my body felt like it was going to collapse any minute. As we get closer to the accident we see hundreds of cop cars surrounding one area of the bridge and three or four news vans parked off in the distance.

Nora passes the scene and I could see firemen pulling something out of the water and as I realize what it is....my entire body goes cold.

Dun dun Dunnnn....what do you think happened and what do you guys think will happen next.

It's been a hot minute since I updated but here you guys go. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and what do you think Adrien did to Lilli.
Until next time, Aryanna
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