Unnatural Humans Book 1

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Unnatural Humans Chapter Six

It's like my mind wasn't in control of my actions and without thinking I jumped out of Nora's moving car. My feet felt like they didn't even hit the grown with how fast I was running towards the flashing lights. The sirens of the cop cars were louder then I imagined. I never would have thought I would be this close to a cop car in my entire life so I never really prepared myself for what I would do if I were. Everything is a blur as the tears cloud my eyes as I approach the site of the car being pulled out of the water but, before I can get to the car I am snatched from behind pulling me away from the car.

"Get your fucking hands off me!" I scream trying to get out of the grasp of whoever was dragging me from all of the disarray.

"Ms...I can't let you do that" the unfamiliar voice tells me as I am fighting out of his grasp. The unknown man twists my body around to where I am facing him and as I see who it is I calm down just a little but, not enough to stop fighting to get to that car. His uniform confirmed he worked for the police department but I didn't recognize his face. He looked about my age but a little bit older. He had light brown hair almost dirty blonde, his hair was on the longer side but not long enough to reach his shoulders. He was obvious taller than me seeing as my face was to his chest. He was slim but looked like he carried himself well. He seemed familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on it in the split second I was focused on him and not the scene in front of us.

By this time they had successfully pulled the suv out of the water and that's when I saw it. The white and blue bumper sticker for James B. Quim highschool my parents had put in their car my first day of highschool.

I don't really remember anything after that, only that it had felt like my body had been slammed into an entire building and my body just went limp. My legs had lost all mobility and all I could do was fall into the arms an unknown wanderer.

3 months later.....

Its been 3 months since my parents died. I don't know what's worse, that my parents are no longer here or that I feel like I could have done something to help them.

Some people think that I was happy the only family I knew was dead and I can see why. For some reason I couldn't even cry at their funeral I just stood there and to come to think about it I can't even remember the last time I cried. I was never a really big cryer and now I feel guilty. God what is wrong with me I couldn't even cry at my own parents funeral. I just stared at the lifeless bodies in the caskets trying to imitate my parents spirited lives. I couldn't move from my seat like I was glued to it, Hell I didn't even speak on behalf of them. It was as if my mouth wasn't listening to my mind and just wouldn't speak. I looked like a sap just sitting there. I don't even think I blink more than 20 times during the service. I just feel completely numb and like I have no purpose in this world anymore.

You know I find it funny how at a time of grief and despair that everyone seems to be your friend but as soon as that "grieving" period for them is over then they go back to their lives as if nothing happened to someone they called their friend not too long ago and now they want nothing to do with you and just erase you from their indefectible lives as if they have no room for a sad person from time to time.

Then out of no where they will come up to you and ask how are doing or how are you feeling as if they have been there all through the bad and ugly. I took me until I had no one else to talk to in these short 3 months but, for me it feels like an eternity. The first few weeks were like I was drowning in pain, I would wake up and there would be a split second where I would forget about my parents passing and then it would all come rushing back to me like a new wound had been opened up all over again.

After my parents funeral I was put into the system since I am technically still a minor and that's when it finally hit me, I finally I was never getting my parents back and that they were really gone. For the past 2 months I have been staying with the Grahams and the most I've talked to them is a couple of sentences and an awkward smile here and there. Kimmiline or kimmy ( as I call her) works as the secretary of the police department here in Brooklyn and Mr. Graham is a teacher down at James Quim.

I always used to see Mr. Graham during school. He is the cool teacher, the teacher who's friends with everyone and all the girls are jealous of his wife. He used to give me lunch money when I forgot to pack the night before...and now I'm living with him. To say it's kinda weird is only the half of it. I feel like I'm charting into forbidden territory as I live here. I mean I never would have thought I would be in this situation of having to live in basically a strangers house. I mean sure I saw them around town but to be living in their house and invading into their personal space is something I'm not used to doing and to be completely honest, I don't want to live here,don't get me wrong their house is literally one of the most beautiful works of architecture I have ever seen in my life and they are definitely the most sweetest people I have ever met but, I want to sleep in my old bed. I want to sit on my couch with holes on either side of the arm rest where I picked at them until they were so big they were impossible to ignore. I want my room back where there was a loose board in the floor where I would hide all of my treasures so no one could find them. I want my kitchen back where the tile would chip if you stepped on it the wrong way.

I want my family back.

Woop woop guys another chapter finished. What did you guys think and pls tell me what I can do to improve my writing or just make the story better in general. I would really appreciate that. I also would appreciate if you vote on my book and comment. I hope you enjoyed this chapter guys

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