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Unnatural Humans Chapter Eight

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I stared up at the tall man with wide eyes. He looked down at me and the only thing I saw was black soulless eyes. There was no white in his eyes, just black like a demon. I was frozen in place...I had never seen anything like that in my life. I never even knew eyes could look like that. I swallowed the lump in my throat. At that moment...something changed in his eyes. I don't know what it was but, it felt like I couldn't even look away. I wanted to run but, I couldn't...I wanted to scream but, I couldn't.

I was stuck in place.

It was like I was put under a spell. I could feel the fear I had in my body slowly leave as I stared deeper and longer into his eyes. I felt like time had slowed and when I tried to scream my mouth wouldn't open. My mouth felt wired shut and my throat felt closed...my legs felt weak all of the sudden like I had been standing on them for hours and desperately needed to sit down or I would collapse. My eyes felt heavy and my breathing slowed. I don't know how I felt like this right now. My mind was racing but, my body was as calm as ever. The man stepped up closer to me and even though I knew I should step back my body just physically couldn't. The next thing I remember was him lightly pushing my shoulder.

His push was so light but, my entire body just collapsed and I hit the floor. The minute my eyes disconnected from his my body loosened up and I could control myself again. I tried to let out a scream but, it came out more like a squeak. My body was so weak like I hadn't eaten in weeks. I knew I had to get away from them even though I could barely move. I placed my arm in front of me to try and pull my body forward. I barely moved an inch and it felt like I had used all the energy I had left. I tried again but, didn't go anywhere.

I heard laughing.

I was so focused on getting away I almost forgot the reason I was on the floor right now. I couldn't comprehend how he did it but, that didn't matter right now. I turned my head a little to look behind me, expecting to see two men but instead I was met with one. "What the actual hell was happening right now." I thought to myself. I started to panic more, not knowing where the other guy was. I started to try and crawl faster. I tried to scream again but, it came out no more than a whisper. The laughing behind me grew louder. This bastard was enjoying me trying and failing to get away from him. I pulled myself up another inch but, my hand felt something other than the cold floor it was supposed to.

I felt leather.

I peered my eyes up from in front of me. My entire body started to shake as I was met with leather boots. My head dropped due to me not having the strength to hold it up anymore. I felt the mysterious man shake my hand from off of his boot. I had no idea how he got in front of me so fast but, my mind was preoccupied with too many other things to think about that right now. I felt immense pressure on my left hand. That pressure soon turned into throbbing pain as my brain registered what was happening. My hand was being crushed by the man's leather boot. He stepped so hard on my hand I thought my fingers would snap like twigs. I wanted to let out a whimper of pain but, my body felt so heavy and tired I couldn't do anything at this moment.

My forehead was touching the cold marbled floor and my eyes felt so heavy, that I could go to sleep at any moment. I didn't know how no one could see this happening. It wasn't like I was in a secluded area...I was in a school for God's sake. I know there has to be someone skipping class or an administrator walking the halls at this moment. So why did it feel like the school was empty? I didn't even hear teachers talking to their students in class....it was just completely silent.

I felt the pain in my hand relieve a little as the man lifted his leather boot off of my hand the slightest bit. He chuckled at the sight of me...I could tell there was a smirk on his obscured face, even if I was looking at the floor. The sharp pain quickly returned as he kneeled to get closer to me. He took a long slender finger and lifted my head off of the ground to look up at him. He peered down at me just staring like he was admiring me. His eyes lit up with that glimmer again as he stared deep into my half-closed eyes. I know what you're thinking, I took karate for ten years why am I not fighting back and kicking his ass and I want to so bad but, I physically couldn't. My body felt so heavy...I couldn't move a muscle on my body.

"He likes the fighters" is all I heard before everything went completely dark.

I awoke to my body hitting a hard surface making my body jolt up which was a bad idea because my head immediately hit another hard surface. I cursed under my breath as I lift my hand to rub my throbbing head. I had the worse headache I have had in my life and to make matters worse I just hit my head hard. While lifting my hand I realize something very frightening....my hands were tied together. I start to panic..moving my body around this small space. My mind quickly puts the pieces together of where I am. I hear the loud engine of a car racing down what seems like a gravel road because of the sound of the ground beneath me. I'm in the trunk of someone's car with my hands and legs tied together. My body instantly goes into panic mode...I start screaming as a jolt of pure adrenaline races through my body. I was still pretty out of it since I just woke up so my screams came out more of an inside voice. My voice was scratchy and it physically hurt to try and talk. My heart rate speeds up making my chest rise and fall heavy. I could barely breathe because of the limited air supply and my body not letting my lungs get enough air. I start to kick and hit the inside of the trunk trying to bring any attention I could to it. Hoping that someone would hear me. After about two minutes of kicking and hitting the metal confinement, I stop seeing as it was doing nothing to better my situation. I close my eyes trying to calm myself down. My dad used to tell me that the only way we can make rational decisions in a time of crisis was to remain calm. So that's what I did. I tried to calm myself as best as I could, searching my mind for some type of solution. Then something clicked in my mind. I suddenly remembered a safety seminar we took a couple of years back in school. The instructor had told us that if we were ever stuck in a trunk for any reason that there was always a safety release on the inside of the trunk.

I reach my hands up and blindly feel around for the safety release. I couldn't see anything because of the darkness that surrounded me but, I still tried to find it. My fingers feel around the soft interior of the trunk to find my only means of escape from this trunk. My heart sinks as my fingers find the hole that the safety release should have been. He must have cut it to make sure I couldn't escape. I hit the roof in anger, letting out a frustrated scream. I hit the roof over and over again, the anger taking over my body. At this moment another idea blinked into my head. I scooted back as far as I could from the headlight that was by my tied ankles. I scooted back until my head met with the side of the trunk. I brought my legs back as close to my chest as I could and used all my strength to kick the headlight to try and kick it out. This was a long shot I know but, it could work if someone was behind him on the street I could stick my feet out and they could see I was in the trunk of his car. My feet hit the light but, sadly nothing happened. So I kicked again...with no progress I just started kicking as hard as I could over and over again. I was kicking so hard that my head was hitting the wall of the trunk. Finally, I heard I crack signaling that I was close to kicking the light out. Luckily the car had been driving in a straight line for the past ten minutes so nothing was interrupting my attempt to escape. I started kicking even harder if that was possible. With every kick, I was hearing a crack and pop of the headlight loosening from its fixed place. I kicked again and with this time the light popped out of place and was one more kick from flying out completely. I brought my legs up as far as I could...preparing to finally get out of here but, when my legs shot out to kick the headlight the car took a hard stop making my body suddenly roll towards the back of the trunk and hitting it with the force of the stop. My legs barely miss the headlight..hitting the part of the trunk directly next to it.

My body stiffens when I realize the car stopped. I hear shuffling in the car as the ignition is turned off. I swallow the lump in my dry throat as I stare at the entrance to the trunk in anticipation of what's to come. I hear the door open and heavy footsteps walking around to the trunk. My heart starts racing more as I hear two more sets of footsteps walking towards the car. My body starts shaking when I hear two voices right outside of the trunk, separating myself from them. I couldn't hear what they were saying because of the trunk muffling their voices but, I could tell they were arguing of some sort. My body jumps when one man hits the top of the trunk and starts laughing. I sat there for no more than five minutes waiting to see what they would do until the trunk popped open. I cover my eyes because of the light the invaded the dark trunk. When I finally look up I see three men standing over me with a mask over their faces concealing their identities.

"He knows how to pick me." One man says under his mask. They were all staring at me like I was a new toy under the tree on Christmas morning.

"This one's a fighter." says the man who kidnapped me in the first place. One chuckles under his breath, slightly shaking his head.

"She doesn't look much like his type." He says crossing his arms over his chest. My eyes jump between them in panic as they talk about me like I'm some sort of animal he just picked up at the local pet store. My entire body was in shock...my mind was racing through all the possibilities that could happen to me. I had tuned out everything they were saying as I was trying to figure out a way to get out of this predicament. I could start screaming and hope someone would hear me but, then if I was in a secluded area which I probably was then I would be wasting energy for nothing.

I was feeling way better than I did when I first woke up in this trunk so, I knew I could get out of this if I tried. They probably didn't know about my fighting skills so I could surprise them but, I didn't know how many people were here and I was still very much tied up so I wouldn't be able to run. I had to find a way to untie myself without them noticing and the only way I could do that is if I was alone. Their eyes were still focused on me so, I couldn't do anything right now. I just stayed quiet..at this moment I wasn't as scared as I was when I was first kidnapped I was so focused on escaping that my mind didn't let the fear creep into my body.

I don't know when but, at one point they looked away from me to continue their conversation like I wasn't there. I took this opportunity to start loosening the rope around my ankles. Luckily, the rope wasn't tied that great so it would be easy to loosen it so, I could escape. I started twisting my feet around to loosen the rope. I was doing this slowly to not bring attention to me so I could do it as long as I could before they turned their attention back to me. I think I must be the most unlucky person because as soon as that thought crossed my mind all three men turned to me simultaneously. I quickly stopped what I was doing and looked up at them.

"We should probably take her in...huh." One man said sighing to himself. The other two men nodded and hurriedly moved out of the way so he could pick me up. I didn't fight him as he threw me over his shoulders. I knew I wouldn't get very far-seeing as my legs were still tied together plus I needed to see how many people were here first before I could plan my escape. I take in my surroundings as I'm being carried to whoever they were carrying me too. All I could see was what looked to be miles and miles of nothing, just open space. I bite my lip knowing I couldn't find cover in time to be safe. While being carried into what looked like some sort of warehouse, something shiny caught my eye below me.

I looked down at whoever was carrying me, waist to see a small black Swiss army knife sticking out from beneath his belt. I small smile curls on my lips when I see the knife. I didn't know how I was going to get this knife but, I knew I had to get it one way or another. I took a mental picture of this man's black army boots so I knew he was the one with the knife. We step into the rusted warehouse and the elevation change makes my face almost hit his back. I take in my surroundings hoping to see my way of escape. I turn my head so I could see better and was not just staring at the ground. I could feel the blood rushing to my head due to how long I had been upside down.

We walk past five closed rusted doors before he stops at an open one. My body swings a little as he turns to walk into the room. I take this time to notice that we were alone. The two men he was with must have walked off when we entered the warehouse to do other things while this man dealt with me. He bends down a little when he makes it into the room and forcefully places me into an old wooden chair that was placed in the middle of this dingy room. He quickly unties my hands so he can tie them to the chair I was sitting in. This man knew what he was doing unlike the other man while he was tying my hands to the chair. I winced as he tightened the ropes around my wrists. Once he was happy with the knots he swiftly made his way to my feet to tie them to the chair. "So much for loosening the ropes." I thought to myself. He tied my feet to the chair so fast I couldn't even try to fight back if I wanted to.

He finished with my feet and then stood up and left. He slammed the door behind him making me jump from the sound. There was a little window on the door so I could see him standing right outside of the door. I wiggle around in the chair trying to loosen the ropes around my wrist and with no luck, I stopped trying to get out of the ropes. I looked down contemplating what I should do next. I couldn't loosen the ropes around me and I obviously couldn't just ask the man to untie me...and if I did manage to get out of these ropes how was I supposed to get out of here with that man guarding the door. I needed to get him to open the door but, how was I supposed to do that and get out of these ropes. I searched my mind for an answer and when I found it I groaned at how stupid it was. I looked down to see what type of floor I was on...I whine as I see the floor is concrete.

"This is definitely going to hurt" I whisper to myself. I take in a deep breath preparing myself for what I was about to do. I had only seen this done in the movies so I didn't even know if it was going to work. Without thinking any further so I wouldn't psych myself out of doing this, I leaned forward as far as I could with these restraints around me and threw myself back as hard as I could making the chair lose its footing and fly back with me in it. I loud snap fills the room as the chair hits the floor. I holler as I hit the ground to bring more attention to me trying to escape.

The chair shatters into a million pieces due to my weight. I swiftly free my hands and untie my feet before he realizes what was happening. My body was filled with so much adrenaline I didn't feel the impact but, I knew I would in the morning because of my stupid yet, effective decision. I quickly shuffle up and run beside the door crashing into the wall, trying to get there as quickly as possible. I kept a piece of rope in my hands and wrapped it around my wrist to use as my makeshift weapon when he entered the room. The door bursts open and just like I expected he runs into the room seeing the mess I made.

"Shit" he shouts as he looks around for me in the room knowing I couldn't have gotten far. I wait patiently behind the door waiting for him to turn his back to me. He turns back around to look for me around the room and I knew it was now or never...I run silently behind him and jump up on his back wrapping the rope around his neck.

Once the rope was around his neck I gave him no chance of reaction when I wrapped my legs around his waist so he couldn't flip me over him. He grabs the rope around his neck to try and loosen it but, I don't let him because I twist the rope so it's impossible to loosen it. He responds by stumbling back into the wall so I would hit it. I try my best to keep the rope as tight as I can so he wouldn't have the chance to escape my grip. I knew if he did he would probably overpower me and I didn't know when or if I would ever have another chance at escape.

I unwrap my right leg from his waist, taking it and wrapping it around the front of his right leg to make him lose balance. He falls forward landing on the concrete floor. He lands on his knees and I take this opportunity to wrap my right leg back around his waist and twist us in one swift move so we turned around on the floor so he was now on top of me facing the ceiling. I lock my legs around his waist squeezing to furthermore cut off his air supply. I was surprised no one heard all of this commotion going on in here because we were pretty loud. He started trying to elbow my rib cage and I moved ever so slightly so his elbow would hit the concrete. It takes a human three minutes to lose consciousness when choking so I just had to keep choking him until then.

After awhile his struggling started to get a little weak so I knew he was losing consciousness. I tightened the rope even more which caused me to groan trying to use all the strength I had to choke him out. He starts reaching back and trying to grab my head to hit it on the ground but, he was so weak that he barely got to my head before his body just collapsed on top of me. I held the rope in place to make sure he wasn't faking before loosening my grip around the rope.

I roll his heavy body off of me and sat there a second to let myself breathe. I turn over to reach for the pocket knife in his belt taking it from his unconscious body. I stand up slowly making sure no one was coming. I close my eyes to picture the warehouse remembering where we came in from. When I get my mental picture I stick my head out to see if anyone was out there. With the knife in my hand, I step out of the room quietly trying to not even breathe too hard, in fear that someone would hear me. I start picking up my pace when I completely step out of the room.

I didn't even realize how big the warehouse was when I first came in here. The rooms were way more spaced out than I thought and the hallway was way longer than expected. I stop in my tracks when I hear voices coming from just around the corner of the hallway I was in. I quickly duck behind a stack of boxes that were left in the hallway. I kneel opening the knife just In case I had to use it if they saw me.

My heart starts racing even more when I hear the voices getting closer and closer. I wait in angst as the voices get closer to me. I swallow the lump in my throat mentally preparing myself for if I had to use this knife. My heart almost jumped out of my body when I heard shouting coming from the other end of the hall. I looked back to see three other men running from out of the room I was just in, yelling for backup.

"She's escaped!" One of them shouted to the two men close to me. Both men simultaneously started running towards all the commotion. Luckily, the three men down the hall didn't see me hiding behind these boxes because of the way the hallway split. I watched as the two men run past me to meet the others. I take this chance to hurriedly sneak around the boxes, making sure to stay down so they wouldn't see me. I stayed close to the wall...trying to be as silent as possible. I finally got to the end of the hall and as soon as I turned the corner my body froze. I was met with I don't even know how many masked men down the hall just staring at me.

"There she is!" one screamed turning everyone's attention towards me who wasn't looking already. They all raised these weird-looking guns and just started firing towards me. I ducked almost immediately and started running the other way. Bullets were flying by me at lightning speed as I was running down the hall. I could hear yelling and running behind me but, I refused to look back because I knew that would slow me down. I was running so fast I started tripping over my own feet trying to get away from them.

I turned a corner and to my surprise, I saw the entrance of the warehouse. I picked up my speed still hearing the bullets behind me. I was so close to the door that I could see out of a crack because the door wasn't fully closed. My hand started reaching for the doorknob when my hand clasped around my arm yanking me from freedom. A Yelp escaped my lips as I was pulled into a room...as soon as I entered the room the door closed and a hand was pressed against my mouth to keep me from making a sound. I didn't even have time to register what was happening before I was pressed against the door and another body was pressed against mines. I was met with a man in a mask and my immediate reaction was to start squirming to try and get out of his grip. He pressed his body closer to mines to stop me from trying to break out of his hold.

My hands started flying everywhere trying to get a hit on this guy but, he managed to twist me around so the side of my face was squished against the door and he had a grip on my wrist so I couldn't move. For some reason, his grip felt ten times stronger than anyone else's. He looked like he was barely trying yet, the grip he had on my wrist said otherwise. He leaned his head down to my ear due to the very much height difference.

"Stop moving...I'm not going to hurt you." he whispered in my ear. His voice sent a shiver down my spine. It was deep and it had this sort of rasp to it as he had just woken up. He sounded like he was threatening me more than trying to calm me down. His voice sounded like he was more annoyed with me than like he wanted to help me.

"Your grip on my wrist says otherwise." I whisper back knowing if I didn't we would get caught if he was trying to help me which I highly doubt. I tried again to shake his grip and he just pushed me more into the door.

"Well if you stop trying to fight me...maybe I'll let you go!" He says a little bit louder but, still in a whisper.

"I find it very hard to believe you're gonna let me go if I stop fighting you...you're probably just gonna tie me up again...huh." I say against the door.

He scoffs turning me back around to face him. I didn't look in his eyes afraid of what might happen if I did. I didn't want another repeat of earlier. He takes a long slender finger and places it under my chin. He lifts my head so I was looking directly into his eyes. I take this time to look at his eyes. They weren't pitch black like the others.

They were bluish-green...

He slowly removes his finger from under my chin reaching for the mask covering his face. My eyes follow his every move as he slowly pulls down his mask. My eyes follow his hand and it's that moment that I realize it's littered with small intricate tattoos. His hand pulls down the black mask revealing the rest of his face.

The first thing my eyes noticed was a semi-long pinkish scar on his right cheekbone, starting just below his eye and ending in the middle of his cheekbone. He has high cheekbones and plump lips. I could tell he had tattoos all over his body. He had dirty blonde almost light brown hair and to say the least ...I think he might be one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen in my life. I take this moment to realize how close we were to each other. My face was inches away from his and he just stared at me with no emotion on his face. I craned my neck to be able to look into his eyes.

He had this intimidating look in his eyes. I break eye contact when I hear running right outside of the door I was pressed up against. He places a finger on my lips signaling for me to not make a sound. He looks into the small window that was on the old rusted door making sure the coast was clear. After about thirty seconds he looks away from the window and back to me. He steps back away from me releasing me from his hold. He crosses his arms behind his back as he steps away from me...a smirk curling onto his lips.

"See...if I was going to do something to you by now...I already would have." he says. I stay completely still pressed against the door like he was still holding me up against it. I let out a breath I didn't even realize I was holding and drop my head to collect myself. I then remember I had the pocket knife on me and go to reach for it. When I don't feel the knife in my pocket that I had it in I start to panic. I must have dropped it or something when I was running away from all those masked men.

"Looking for this?" the guy that pulled me into this room says. I look up to see him twirling it around in his hand taunting me.

"How did you-" I start to say in disbelief as to how he managed to steal that from me. "A magician never reveals his secrets" is all he says. The humor in his voice is very evident as he starts throwing the knife up in down.

"So...who were you planning on using this on-" the guy says still throwing the Swiss Army knife in the air. "Because it couldn't have been me-" he places his other hand on his heart, his voice was laced with fake hurt. "I'm the guy trying to save you."
I scoffed, it wasn't like I wasn't scared out of my mind, I was...I was fucking terrified. This was more of a defense mechanism. I don't know what was wrong with me but, when I was in terrifying situations like this I was either dead silent or sarcastic as hell, and usually, the sarcasm that kicked in at the wrong times like this one.

"Well if you're trying to save me then why are we still here?" I say looking around with my hands in the air. The mystery guy just starts laughing like legit fucking laughing out of nowhere. He was laughing so loud I was sure he would bring attention to us in this room. His laugh was unlike any other I had ever heard. It was dark but, you could tell that it was his real laugh and not a fake one as some people do around others. I could see his stomach flexing under the black long sleeve shirt he had on and his Adam's apple was bobbing up and down. He threw his head back as he continued to laugh. I honestly have no idea what I just said that was so funny...This was a matter of life and death and he was laughing his ass off. My jaw flexed in anger as I saw him laughing.

"Oh...you're funny-" he says collecting himself. He still had a hint of laughter in his voice. "You think we're just gonna walk out there with hundreds of guards looking for your ass." He steps closer to me which made me press against the door even more.

"And I thought you were supposed to be smart." he whispers. I swallow the lump in my thought trying to keep my breathing in check.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I murmur in confusion. He dips his head down sniffing and rubbing his nose in the process. His head shakes a little like he was chuckling to himself.

"You have no idea." he says looking back up to me. Before I could ask what he meant he reached behind me and in one swift movement opens the door and catches my arm before I fall back. He then swings my body around so I ended up behind him instead of in front of him.

He kept a hold of my arm as he started running towards the entrance of the warehouse. I didn't protest because I knew he was hoping my only way out of here. All I wanted to do was get out and then I could freak out about who and where this man came from. He runs out of the door still holding me close behind him. I quietly celebrate as we reach outside and I feel the gravel under my feet. I knew we wouldn't get out easy but, I was just grateful to at least be able to see the sun again.

My predictions were right when I hear shouting from behind us which was followed by a string of bullets. We both duck as we were being shot at. Then out of nowhere the mystery guy just stops which makes me slam into his back. We were still being shot at so I had no idea why he just stopped running in the middle of all this chaos. All of the sudden the bullets and shouting just stopped. I quickly realize why we and the bullets had stopped.

I peeked over the mystery's guy shoulder to see a man holding his hand in the air. He was tall and lanky but, still gave off that killer/ mob boss vibe and it didn't help that he had a mask covering his entire face unlike everyone else whose masks were only covering the lower half of their faces. The mystery guy slowly turns around to face me and to my surprise, he didn't look scared at all he had a smile on his face. Not a real one but, more of an "oops we got caught" kinda smile.

I was starting to think everything was a joke to this guy and that he wasn't fully aware we were literally about to die right now. He leans down towards my ear and I shiver when his breath meets my skin. "When I say to I want you to duck..ok" I nod..not knowing what else to do at this moment but, to listen to what he had to say. He smirks and looks up behind me and surveys our surrounding. I look around in confusion as to why I wasn't hearing any bullets being shot towards us and when I do my eyes go wide. Everything and I mean everything was just frozen in place. I couldn't even believe my eyes...my breath hitches in my throat as I look at everything around me. Bullets were frozen in midair and when I looked up I could even see birds frozen too.

"What....the...fuc-" was all I could say before I was cut off by the mystery guy screaming for me to duck. My body reacted in an instant crouching on the ground with my hands over my head. As soon as I hit the ground bullets started flying everywhere like they weren't just frozen in midair.

I started screaming as I could feel bullets fly right by me. All I could hear was the sound of guns being shot and the shouting of masked men. They were shouting in pain so, I look up and soon regret it as I see a man get shot right in the head. My eyes go wide as I see the small silver bullet pierced his skin. He hit the ground in an instant. I feel my entire body go cold as I couldn't believe what I had just seen.

I couldn't take my eyes off of his lifeless body. His eyes were still open as the hole between his eyes seeps of blood. With the way he felt, I could see right into his eyes. I soon realize that the mystery guy was not by me anymore so, I look up more to see where he was. My mind was racing and I couldn't process what was going on. I start to panic when I don't see him anywhere. I mean if he was telling the truth then he was here to save me and right now I didn't see him anywhere.

I duck my head back down not wanting to see what was going on anymore. I don't even know how long it was before the bullets stopped but, when they did I felt two big hands wrap around my arms from behind me and pull me up with ease. I could barely stand on my legs due to the shock I was in. I look up to see the mystery guy running while dragging me. I look back in front of me to see a white van with its door open not too far from us.

A girl stuck her head out of the van's opened door screaming for us to get there. I was in so much shock that I couldn't even hear what she was saying. Her screams sounded muffled like I was underwater. I slowly started to gain control of my feet again but, I was still tripping over them every step I took. When we made it to the van the mystery guy all but, threw me into the van jumping into it with me. When I got into the van the same girl that was screaming from the van came into my line of vision. She started screaming again for whatever reason and closed the door of the van. I looked over to see a dark-haired boy in the driver's seat of the van. He turned around and yelled right back at the girl while putting the van in drive and looking back at the road before stomping on the gas driving off from the warehouse.

I felt two hands on my cheeks yank my head back towards them. My head snaps in the direction it was being yanked to be met with steel-blue eyes. A girl with curly brown, almost black hair, and brown skin was talking to me. I couldn't tell what she was saying....the only thing I could think to do was freak out and that's exactly what I did.

"Wh-Who are you people?" I say shaking out of the girl's grip. I start trying to stand up in the middle of the moving van. I wasn't in the right mind to be making sane decisions and I think they knew that. I quickly regret my decision as we hit a sharp turn I quickly lose my balance and fall back onto the floor of the van.

The girl quickly comes to my aid trying to help me up. I don't let her touch me though. I start hurriedly shuffling away from her moving to the other side of the van.

" Please stop panicking..we're trying to help you" she says in a calming voice. My entire body was shaking as I was frantically trying to find a way to get away from these people.

"Don't touch me!" I warn still on the floor.

"You're safe-" the girl starts to say before I cut her off. "Who are you!" I scream. The girl stops knowing I wouldn't let her touch me unless I knew I was safe.

"Look-" she starts, putting a hand on her chest.

" my name is Bella-" she says pointing to herself. "This is Easton-" she points to the mystery guy who saved me from the warehouse. He was standing in the corner of the van with his arms crossed in front of his chest, with a blank stare on his face.

"and that's Dawson." She points to the guy driving the van. I look around at all three of them my mind racing with all the possibilities of who these people were.

" I don't know who you people are but, let me tell you I-I know karate so if you try something I will hurt you!" I say trying to show them that they couldn't mess with me. I tried to sound strong but, my voice was shaky as hell, and not to mention I looked like a total mess. I heard a laugh coming from behind Bella and I turned my attention to the boy I think she said was named Easton to see him laughing. Bella looked behind her too to try and see what he was laughing about

" Easton..shut up." she says turning her attention act to me. She opened her mouth to speak but, was cut off by Easton.

"I'm sorry...I'm not the one trying to console her when she doesn't want to be consoled." he says pushing off of the van wall that he was leaning on.

" Well what the hell am I supposed to do...let her fucking die of shock!" Bella says turning back around to look at Easton.

"No...but, I could you know." Easton says snapping.

"Oh hell no-" Bella says standing up. "Do you remember what happened the last time you-" Bella mimics Easton.

Easton rolls his eyes "Oh come on..it wasn't that bad"

"You put the guy in a fucking coma." Bella crosses her arms over her chest. Easton laughs.

" Hey it wasn't my fault...he made me mad." Easton runs a hand through his hair.

Bella pulls a face of disbelief . "made you mad...you were supposed to be interrogating him!" She says throwing her hands up in the air. I watched in confusion. I had no idea what they were talking about and I don't think I wanted to know.

"I told you not to leave me alone with him" he says shrugging.

"We were gone for two minutes" Bella says putting two fingers in the air. Easton throws his hands in the air, shaking his head.

"Two minutes too long I guess." I heard a snicker from behind me. I turn my head to see the guy she said was named Dawson smiling to himself. He was slightly shaking his head like this was something they did all the time.

"Look...I won't put her in a coma." He says more like he was joking than being serious...I turn my attention towards Easton and Bella again.

"And how do you know that?" Bella asked with her hands on her hips.

" I just do." is all Easton says before he starts making his way towards me. Bella starts trying to hold him back as he starts sticking his hand out trying to touch me. I start scooting back trying to get away from his hand as quickly as possible. I don't know what he did to that man but, whatever it is I don't want to be in that same predicament.

"Dude c'mon don't do it...can't you see you're scaring the poor girl." I turn my head to look at Dawson who was still facing the road as he drove to wherever our destination was. This was the first time I heard him talk since I was in this van. His voice wasn't as deep as Easton's but it was deep. He didn't have that rasp like Easton, his voice was more smooth. I turn my head back around to be met with those bluish-green eyes again.

"Easton don't!" That is all I heard before his fingertips met my forehead and I felt a pulse of energy through my skull hit my brain making everything go black.
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