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Unnatural humans Chapter Nine

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Easton's POV

"Easton...what the hell!" Bella yelled at me as we watched the girl we just saved body slump against the back of the passenger seat of our work van.

"What?" I look over my shoulder at Bella. I knew she was pissed at me for using that power but, I couldn't help it. I couldn't take the screaming anymore. If I witnessed that any longer I was gonna snap. This was the worst part of the missions, having to try and calm them down when we clearly just saved them. I would rather give up the thrill of doing these missions than, having to listen to that one more time.

Bella just looked at me with wide eyes. Her mouth was slightly parted in awe. I don't think she actually thought I was gonna do that but, clearly she has never met me if she thought I was gonna listen to her or anyone for that matter. I stood up and turned around to fully face her so I wouldn't have to crane my neck to look at her anymore. Her eyes flickered between me and the unconscious body right behind me. I really didn't know why she expected me not to do it. I mean I have this power so why not use it and so what if I put someone in a coma, he shouldn't have made me mad and plus I knew how to control it I just really didn't like him and I didn't want to kill him because I knew Bella would scold me for the rest of our lives. She might be mad at me right now for the whole coma thing but, that will pass like always. Bella's face hardened when she made eye contact with me, this time holding it.

"What...the...actual...fuck...is wrong with you?" Bella said through gritted teeth.

"Oh..a lot" I said with a smirk on my face. I heard Dawson snort from behind me. This wasn't something that was new to him or anyone for that matter. Bella and I were always in an altercation about something..I guess that comes with the whole being siblings package. I would say people were even annoyed with how often we fought about things. Bella was always the one with a conscience on these missions. She was the voice of reason and I was that little annoying devil on your shoulder telling you to do the complete opposite of what she was saying. Granted, sometimes what she was saying was completely correct but, even though I knew that I would sometimes purposely do something wrong to get on her nerves. I roll my eyes and throw my head back.

"Did you really expect me not to do that" I said looking at the unconscious girl on the floor then back at Bella with a straight face.

"Yes!" She said in a 'duh' tone. Her eyes widening even more if that was possible. "After what happened last time...I would expect you to listen to me!" Bella exclaimed. I guess she had a point but, my stubborn ass was not about to admit that. I hate admitting when I'm wrong. I don't know what it is but, ever since I was a kid I just hated it. I knew my power was dangerous and could possibly kill. I knew I had to be careful with it at times or things like last time would happen. I just needed people to stop telling me things I already know then, maybe I wouldn't have such an attitude with them.

"Look-" I say grabbing the bridge of my nose and taking in a sharp inhale. I squeeze my eyes shut trying to compose myself so I didn't sound as if I had an attitude with her. " I know I made a mistake last time...but, it's not like..I'm gonna stop using my power after one mistake." I look her directly in the eyes. I could see her eyes soften a little. She looked off to the side letting out a long breath and bit her lip. That was something she always did when she was thinking. After sometime she looked back down at sleeping beauty on the floor and then back at me. I wanted so bad to listen to her heart to see what she was feeling but, I promised her I would never do that . She thought it was an invasion of privacy when I did that to her so, I didn't.

"Fine." Was all she said before pushing passed me to get into the passenger seat next to Dawson. I let out a deep breath and walk over to the other side of the van to sit down. I knew this was gonna be a long ride from just how quiet we were. We were driving to the safe house set up here in little Brooklyn just in case we were being followed. It would be hell if we accidentally brought a grim to the institute. I sit right across from sleeping beauty. Her body was completely stiff while her head was dropped down, her chin touching her chest. I pop my knees up and rest my elbows on them. I take this time to listen to her heart to make sure I didn't accidentally kill her.

"Boom boom....boom boom"

Her heart rate was perfectly fine and I let out a sigh of relief, resting my head on the van wall behind me. I close my eyes as the lack of twenty-four hours of sleep finally catches up with me. I definitely needed at least a few days of sleep when we got back the the institute but, sadly I knew that wouldn't be the case. I would most likely have to deal with the mistress up my ass again and then show around the new girl over there. I just needed one day to myself but, that was just wishful thinking. I was always running around after new students trying to make sure they were fine or I was on a mission. Worst of all I had to deal with Robin. She was probably furious with me for what happened last night and I was not ready for that argument when I got back to the safe house.

"Easton...Easton" I heard my name being called faintly from beside me. I had went to sleep earlier than usual because of the mission the next morning.

"Mmh" I mumbled half asleep. I could hear the faint humming of a tv in the room we were in meaning we must have still been in the living room of the safe house. A second later I felt a light peck on my neck directly above my collarbone. When I didn't respond I felt another kiss just below the first one. I moved my head a little signifying that I wasn't in the mood for anything right now. I just really wanted to sleep. I felt a cold hand start to trace up and down my chest. I went to grab her wrist to stop her, when all of the sudden she jumped on my lap straddling me.

"Babe..I'm not in the mood" I whispered but, that didn't stop her. She dove her head into the crook of my neck basically attacking it. At this point I was getting seriously fucking annoyed.

"Babe." I said a little sterner.

"C'mon east....I'm in the mood" she said lust coating her voice. My eyes were still half open due to the deep sleep I was in. She trailed kisses up my neck and stopped just below my ear. I lifted my hands from my side and placed them on her waist as a way to get some space between us.

"Robin...I'm not in the mood..so can you get off me." I spoke trying to push her off of me but, she wasn't budging. I never liked using my powers on Robin. She knew that and so she would take that to her advantage sometimes. She then started trying to kiss my lips. She cupped my cheeks with her perfectly manicured hands and started giving me little pecks on the lips.

"Babe..." I said between kisses. She then deepened the kiss. I obviously wasn't kissing back but, she wasn't getting the message. Her hands started trailing down my face to my neck, then my chest, then my stomach and finally, to the waist band of my sweat pants. I just really wanted to sleep and I knew she was going to be mad at me for this but, I had to in order to get her off of me.

"Goddamnit Robin..get off!" I said pushing her off using not even an once of my power to push her on the the couch beside me. She flung off of me and as soon as I sat up and turned to see her face I knew she was gonna pick a fight. I also knew I wouldn't get anymore sleep tonight.

To be honest the whole thing could have been dealt with before it started but, when Robin is in the mix it's always going to be blown out of proportion. We had sat on that couch all night just arguing. At one point I started to tune her out which made her more mad, which also made her bring up other topics from past arguments. We have been together for almost four years so you better believe she had a lot and I mean a lot of past topics that she wanted to bring back up. I still had a headache from last night and I just knew it would get worse once we got to the safe house. Just thinking about it made my head hurt worse. My eyes snap open as I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up to see Bella standing over me, shaking my shoulder to wake me up. I didn't even notice the van had stopped because I was so deep into my thoughts.

"We're here." She said taking her hand off of my shoulder and pointing towards the now open van door. There stood the two story safe house cabin we use for missions in little Brooklyn. I groaned as I got up, mentally preparing myself for what was to come as soon as I step a foot into this cabin. Bella walked out of the van walking towards the cabin. Dawson had already made it inside and I was hoping he took the newbie with him but, when I looked at the ground my suspicions were sadly confirmed. There she was...sleeping beauty was laid out on the floor. She had somehow managed to fall over probably from Dawson trying to Tokyo drift every single turn he came across. I chuckle at the ridiculous position she was in. She somehow managed to fall on her stomach and her right cheek was smooshed against the floor. Her lips were slightly parted and her arms were stiff by her side. I bend down to move her hair out of her face so I could check her breathing. I then noticed the small bruise on her forehead, no doubt caused by me. I was contemplating throwing her over my shoulder but, I don't think that would be good since she was probably already going to have a headache from me knocking her out. So I stood up and hopped out of the car turning around so I could face her. I reached into the van and picked her up bridal style. Her head fell back and her arms fell to her sides. I turned around closing the door with my foot and then making my way up to the cabin. I climb up the wooden stairs making sure to not hit any of sleeping beauty's limbs on the way up. I see Bella left the door cracked open for me so I kicked open the door and walked in.

When I walked in the first thing I see is Jesse sitting on the couch watching some kind of romantic comedy movie. She was sat with her legs crossed and a bowl of popcorn between her legs. She looked over the couch to see who had walked into the door. When her eyes landed on me, they trailed down to see the unconscious girl in my arms. She rolled her eyes as she turned her attention back to the tv in front of her.

"What happened to her?" She asked, still fixated on the movie she was watching.

"Easton happened." I snap my gaze towards the open kitchen that connected to the living room. In there was Bella shuffling around presumably trying to find something to eat. Jesse scoffed, stuffing a handful of popcorn in her mouth.

"Figured." She said with a mouthful of popcorn.I roll my eyes walking towards the stairs to bring the girl in my arms upstairs so I could put her down until she woke up. I walk up the stairs but, before I get to the top I call over my shoulder.

"You shouldn't eat with a mouthful Jess...wouldn't want you choking!" I yelled with a half smile.

"Suck it!" She yelled back. A smile evident in her voice.

"If only you gave me the chance!" I say back. I heard a loud laugh from down the stairs. Jesse was the only one I could mess around with like that and not get offended by anything I said. I would like to think her and I had the closest friendship out of everyone in our group. I laugh to myself, shaking my head as I made my way down the long hallway towards the only empty room in this cabin. There was five rooms in total. Robin and I always shared a room so there was always an extra room for people we saved on missions. I reach the door and turn the knob to open it. The door swings open and I walk in flipping the light on in the process. This room was smaller then the others since it was at the end of the hall. I think we all collectively agreed this would be the room where newbies slept because of how small it was. I make my way over to the bed moving the sheets back so I could put her in the bed. I place her down hallway on the bed at first so her legs hanged off of the bed. I bent down and started to untie her shoelaces when I heard another heartbeat other than her's in the room. I turn my head still undoing her shoelaces to be met with who I was dreading seeing this entire day. Robin was standing in the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest. Her foot was tapping on the floor. This annoyed me very much because it always sounded like drums being hit repeatedly to me. She knew this would get on my nerves and did it on purpose to annoy me and I would be lying if I said it wasn't. I suck in a sharp breath as I try and control my irritation. I try to distract myself from the sound by continuing to take off sleeping beauty's shoes.

I managed to get the first shoe off, placing it by the bed. I clenched my jaw as the noise really started to get to me. I hurriedly yank off her other shoe and place it by the other. I stand up and pick up her legs from off the bed and place them under the cover.

"So this is her." I heard Robin say from behind me as I place the cover over sleeping beauty's waist.

"Mhmm" I murmur focusing on what I was doing. I kept my gaze on the sleeping girl in the bed other than turning to look at Robin.

"What happen this time..did she pass out from shock or some shit like that?" She asked. I could tell she was uninterested in whatever I was about to say. She just wanted to irritate me by not just getting to the real topic of what she really wanted to say.

"Actually no...I had to use my power on her." I say this time turning to look at her.

"Really-" she tilted her head to the side and raised an eyebrow. Here it comes...the start of yet another argument.

"Like you did on me?...or did you hold back a little." She said in a condescending tone.

"and there it is" I mumbled to myself. I took a deep breath preparing myself for how ever long we would have this argument. "Robin...I barley used my power on you and it was only because you weren't listening to me when I obviously said I didn't want to have sex with you last night." She rolled her eyes at me.

"Oh so now you don't want to have sex with me....is that it?" She said throwing her hands up in the air. I scoffed at disbelief of what she was saying.

"Do you really think because I didn't want to have sex with you last night......automatically means I don't want to have sex with you ever again?" I asked shaking my head. Sometimes she really surprises me with what goes on in her head.

"Umm...Yes." She said in a deadpan. I blinked in utter disbelief. I really couldn't believe her right now. I honestly really think she must be pulling a joke on me or something because something like that was not coming out of her mouth but, yet at the same time a part of me wasn't surprised either. I just started walking towards the door walking around her.

" I don't have time for this." I laughed. It wasn't a "oh my God...this is so funny" laugh, it was a " Oh my God...this seriously cannot be happening right now" laugh.

"Oh so you don't wanna have sex with me then." She called after me as I walked towards the door. I squeezed my eyes shut as I could feel another headache coming on. I just kept walking because at this point if she kept talking my head would explode but, with just my luck she followed me out the door and slammed it behind her. She grabbed my shoulder and stopped me in my tracks.

"Easton I'm talking to you!" She practically yelled. I had no choice but, to turn around. I seriously didn't know why we were in this fucking pointless argument.

"Keep your fucking voice down before you wake her up!" I whisper yelled, pointing at the door that had an unconscious girl just behind it. She looked taken aback by my language but, I couldn't help it. I had a splitting headache already and it just slipped out.

" So you're cussing at me now." She laughed. I threw my hands up in the air and made an entire three-sixty.

" Are you fucking kidding me right now-" I said looking back at Robin. "There is no winning with you is there...first, you're mad at me for not having sex with you last night and now because I cussed at you-" I said pointing at her. " Just because I didn't want to have sex with you last night doesn't mean I just automatically don't want to have sex with you ever...God Robin why can't you get that into your brain" I say jabbing a finger at my head to emphasize what I was saying.

" So why didn't you have sex with me last night?" She asked stepping closer to me. She was obviously still not getting my point. We were still in the hallway outside of the door. I grabbed the bridge of my nose and rubbed my eyes.

" I was tired Robin...I was obviously sleep." I murmured. I placed my hand on my hip and shook my head a little. I ran a hand through my hair to get it out of my face. My head was pounding at this point . I really needed something for it and she was not making it any better.

"Is-is there another girl..is that it? " She mumbled. I could see tears prickling at her eyes. My mouth physically dropped open.

"Sure Robin...I magically found time to cheat on you while having to stay up twenty four-seven trying to deal with newbies and missions." I said sarcastically. I could tell she didn't like me saying that because her chest started to rise more heavily. I was about to say something else when a small noise caught my attention. My eyes snapped towards the door that was behind Robin. I had tuned Robin out focusing on whatever made that noise in the room.

"Robin." I said with my finger in the air trying to get her to stop talking so I could hear what was going on in the room.

"Oh....I know you are not fucking trying shush me right no-" I cut Robin off with putting my hand up to get her to stop talking.

"Shh" I said focusing more on the sound in the room. When I didn't hear anything in the room for a second I started towards the door.

"Shit." I muttered as I realized the room was too silent. I didn't even hear a heartbeat. I yanked the door open and my suspicions are confirmed when I see the window by the bed completely open and sleeping beauty was no where to be found.
Jade's POV:
Five minutes earlier-

"Jade" I could hear my name being whispered in my ear. The person was so close that I could feel their breath on my cold ear.

I felt cold....

Why was I cold? Did someone leave the air conditioner on or something. Did I leave my window open last night? I don't even remember getting home last night...I don't even remember leaving school.

My bed felt different.

Prickly even....

"Jade" I heard the whisper again. This time it wasn't as soft as before.

I tried to move but, my entire body felt stiff. Like I had been sleeping for days. It felt like someone was crushing my chest and it was hard to breath.

"Jade!" The voice said again this time screeching in my ear. My eyes snapped open to be met with all white ones. I started to panic as I realized I wasn't in my bed. I was in a field of some sorts and I was lying on dark almost black grass. The heavy presence I felt on my chest was indeed someone straddling my chest. They were pinning me down by my wrist and the more I struggled the tighter their grip got. This someone was male and he seemed oddly familiar. I couldn't quite place him in my mind and that scared me.

"Jade." He said in a singsongy voice. A smirk formed on his lips.

"Wake up Jade!" he said as I struggled in his arms.

" Wake up!" He screamed pushing my body into the grass which made the grass sink like a cushion. The grass quickly swallowed my body whole encasing me in a dark abyss. I was trapped just below the grass. I didn't even have time to react when the ground under me suddenly collapsed sucking the breath out of me. Before I knew it, I was free falling into complete darkness. My arms and legs flailed in front of me as I was falling to what I presumed was my death. I don't know how long I was falling before I hit a hard surface knocking the life into me.

My body shot up at the sound of a loud bang. It had sounded like someone had slammed a door and whoever had done it was Definitely not happy. I grabbed my chest like I was just brought back to life. I gasp for air as I looked around my unfamiliar surroundings. I started to panic, throwing the cover that was on my body to check and see if anything had happened to me. I sighed in relief when I saw that I was still fully clothed and fully intact. I looked around the room again trying to see where I was. I was in a small room that looked to be a cabin of some sorts.

My entire body jumped when I heard what sounded like a female voice right outside of the door screaming at someone.

"Easton I'm talking to you!" My mind went into overdrive as I tried to find my means of escape from whoever the my were. I was not about to be kidnapped again. I looked behind me to see a small window just above a night stand with a lamp on it. I slowly crept out of the bed placing one foot on the floor at a time. I didn't want to alert them that I was awake so I got on my tippy toes and make my way to the window. I carefully reached over the lamp that was on the nightstand to try and unlock the window. I successfully managed to unlock the window and so, I went to move the nightstand when I accidentally hit the lamp with my elbow making it tip over. I reacted as fast as I could catching it right before it hit the ground. I let out a breath I didn't even know I was holding, setting it down in the ground beside me and slowly slid open the window inch by inch until there was a hole big enough for me to squeeze through. I peeked my head out the window and just as I was about to step over the window seal my hand that was holding me up slipped and I made a small yelp before catching myself with my other hand. I subconsciously covered my mouth even though the yelp that escaped me wasn't even that audible. You would have to have super hearing to hear that.

At this moment, I realized how high up I was. I also realized I don't have any shoes on and only socks....this would be a fun run. I slowly climbed down the window making sure to be extra careful so I wouldn't fall and hurt myself. I don't know how but, I reached the ground in one piece and as soon as my feet touched the grass I started sprinting towards the wooded area by the cabin. I didn't know where I was but, I really didn't care I just knew I had to get away from whoever was in that cabin. My luck must be really out of it today because as soon as I made it past the lake next the cabin I was engulfed with a pair of two long arms and before I knew it, we were rolling on the ground. I could hear others yelling in our direction. Whoever had tackled me had ended up on top of me pinning me down. They were straddling my chest pinning my wrist and I was struggling under them.

All of this felt like some weird deja-vu.

This person was so much stronger then me that I couldn't even move. I was helpless....

"Calm down!" He screamed at me. Other people started running up behind him and stopped when they saw he had me pinned onto the grass. I turned my head to look at them. There stood three girls and another boy all out of breath as they finally made it to us. I recognized two from the van but, not the other two girls. I was trying so hard to get out of this man's grip but, it was like I had a hundred men pinned on me and he definitely wasn't a hundred men.

Easton I think that's what his name is, was looking down at me. I could tell just how mad he was with one glance at his face. I don't think he liked me trying to run. I don't think any of them did.

"You just don't quit...do ya!" Easton whispered to me. I stare directly into his eyes. I don't know why but, I got the urge to headbutt him and so I did which was honestly a bad idea because he didn't even move for one but, it really fucking hurt. Why I didn't think first before doing it, I have no idea.

"Mother fhhh-" I said squinting my eyes shut in pain. That would definitely bruise later. They just all stared at us as he pinned me down and I tried to get out of his hold.

"Easton try and calm her down." Bella said from behind him. Easton looked over his shoulder and scoffed.

"Cant you see I'm trying!" He spat. He turned his head back around to look at me. We stared at each other for a few seconds. Our breathing heavy because of everything that happened as he searches for a solution.

"Jesse...imma need you to do your thing." He said still looking me in the eyes.

"East...I don't want to scare her anymore than she already is." A girl behind him that I presumed was Jesse said.

"I second that." Bella said while raising her hand in the air. Easton rolled his eyes, mumbling something under his breath.

"Just do it." Easton said as he started to release the grip he had on my wrist. As soon as I went to start hitting him something caught both of my wrist catching me midair. I look over to see grass wrapped around my wrist. The grass had magically grew and wrapped around my wrist. My eyes widen as I try to pull from the grip of the grass. The grass quickly pulls my arms back to the ground securing to my spot.

I feel big hands grab either side of my face, forcing me to look into his eyes.

"Look...we are not going to hurt you." He says in a stern tone. He leaned closer to my face so he was the only thing in my line of vision. My eyes snapped back to my restrained wrist. He shook my head slightly to get my attention again.

"Hey-" he said a little louder so I would look at him again. "Look at me." Easton lightly tapped the side of my cheek making me look into his bluish-green eyes again.

"I promise...we are not here to hurt you." His voice was barley over a whisper so I was the only one who could hear him.

"So...can you stop running away from us...because frankly I'm getting fucking tired of it already." Easton raised his eyebrows.

"Wh-who are you people?" I murmured. He chuckled lightly, looking back at the people behind him and then back at me.

"If you stop fighting us and trying to run away...maybe we can explain everything to you...how does that sound?" He sat up on top of me and let go of my face. He was straddling my waist and placed his hands on his knees. I honestly don't think I have a choice in the matter seeing as somehow my wrist were being restrained by grass.

"I don't have a choice do I?" I looked around at all of them.

"Nope!" Easton said popping the "p". He took this time to stand up over me dusting himself off. I pondered over my options in my head. I could say no and just possible stay here all night or I could just hear what they had to say. Obviously, I took the ladder.

"Fine" I breathed out just ready to get off of this prickly grass. I could hear everyone behind Easton let out a sigh of relief that I finally stopped fighting them. I looked up to see a smirk curl onto Easton's lips. He stuck out his hand to help me up. I felt the grass release my wrist going back to its original state.

"Good." Easton said wiggling his fingers as a way to tell me to hurry up and take his hand. I reluctantly took his hand and he pulled me up like it was nothing. I let go of his hand as soon as my feet touch the ground. He started walking ahead of everyone trying to get into the cabin as quickly as possible. Dawson followed him first, then a blonde girl that I didn't yet get her name followed with her arms crossed over her chest. I just stood there watching them one by one walk off into the direction of the cabin. Bella and Jesse started walking too but, when Bella saw I wasn't behind them, she stopped and turned around walking back to me slightly shaking her head.

"You're gonna need to come inside if you want us to explain-" she said placing a hand on my shoulder. she started walking which forced me to start walking as well. She looked down at my feet and then her eyes trailed up to the clothes I was wearing.

"You're gonna need a shower from all the running you did today." She laughs as we make it back to the cabin. "Sorry about the tackling....Easton doesn't know how to be gentle sometimes." She jokes while she opens the door and leading us in, closing it behind her. Everyone was seated in the living room on the couch. Dawson was on the left of the couch with his elbow on the arm, resting his head on it. Jesse was next to Dawson with popcorn in her lap and Easton was sitting next to her with the blonde girl in his lap. It was safe to assume they were together or something just by the way he was holding her waist. Bella walked ahead of me and sat next to Easton. I stood in the doorway staring at them. They all looked around my age with Bella and Jesse looking the youngest out of all of them. They all stared at me waiting for me to sit down in a chair that was in front of them. I slowly take a seat in front of everyone. I look everyone in the eyes and my knee subconsciously starts bouncing up and down. I swallow the lump in my throat before speaking.

"Who are you?" I say pushing my hair behind my ear. No one speaks for a minute everyone was just looking at each other seeing who would speak first. Finally Easton cleared his throat leaning forward a little bit.

"We're something called Unnatural humans...and we were sent here from The Unnatural humans institution or "UHI" for short" my eyebrows furrow together in utter confusion.

"I'm sorry...what?" I ask. Leaning forward in my seat a little.

"We're mutants" he says sitting up. A laugh escapes my lips as I look at all of them. Did he literally just say mutants like as in magneto and professor X or was I hearing things. I must have been hearing things. My laugh gets louder as this information in my brain processes but, I quickly stop when I see the serious look on everyone's faces.

"Holy shit...you're serious" the smile on my face falters. Everyone nods in unison. They literally must have been playing because I know for a fact mutants aren't real....right?

" We don't really like to be called Mutants though." Bella perks looking at Easton. I blink in utter disbelief. They were dead serious right now.

"Ok...where are the cameras!" I say looking around. Everyone else looked confused. Bella's eyebrows knit together.

"Do you seriously not know?" She looks at me.

"Know...what?" I lean back into the chair I was sitting in. I look around at them again this time locking eyes with Easton.

"About what you are." Easton says keeping eye contact with me. My entire throat goes dry. My breathing becomes heavier. A nervous smile crept onto my face.

"What am I?" I ask not one of us looking away from each other.

"You're one of us." He says with a deadpan look on his face like I was supposed to know what he meant. A forced laugh escapes my dry lips.

"So...what you're telling me..is-is that I'm a mutant and that you guys are mutants..." I trail off. Easton nods his head.

"Yes...you're a mutant." I shoot up out of my seat and start pacing around in front of them.

"Look-" I say stopping to face them. "You guys obviously got something wrong because if mutants are real...which I find that hard to believe...I-I am definitely not one." I look around at all of them. My mind was racing all over the place. There was no way and I mean no way they were serious right now and if they were serious why were they acting like I am supposed to know that I am a mutant.

"We don't get things like this wrong." Easton says rubbing his thumb across his bottom lip.

"And plus with the grims going after you...then you're definitely one of us." The blonde on Easton's lap states as she wraps her arm around Easton's neck.

"Grims?" I question.

"They hunt and kill us." I turn my head in the direction of Dawson who just said that. Jesse reached up and smack Dawson in the back of the head.

"Ow..what the hell was that for?" Dawson asks while rubbing the back of his head.

"You could have eased into it." Jesse says, stuffing popcorn in her mouth.

"Well excuse me for cutting to the chase." Dawson crosses his arms over his chest leaning into the couch. I stand there still confused as to who they were talking about. Bella sighs placing her hands on her thighs.

" They call themselves Grim reapers but, we just call them grims for short." She says getting my attention.

" They kidnap mutants and kill them or brainwash them to become killers like them." Jesse chimes in. I look down at the ground grasping onto whatever information I could.

"and how-" I started to say but, was cut of by the blonde that I still didn't know the name of.

"How do they know you're a mutant." She completes my thoughts. I nod not really knowing what else I could do.

"Same as us....they have mutants who can sense others." Easton says. I sit down in the chair behind me, my legs felt almost numb all of a sudden and I couldn't stand anymore. I lean forward and place my head in my hands rubbing my face in the process. My right leg starts bouncing up and down again, as I look at the ground between my fingers.

"This cannot be happening." I whine to myself. I take my time to process this information. I run my hands through my hair and look back up at them.

"Okay...so how does this work then?" I question. Bella smiles as she realizes I was finally believing them....wait why did I believe them. To be honest as crazy as it sounds this wasn't the most outlandish thing I have ever heard in my life.

" Well-" Bella starts off. "First we have a team of the mutants we told you about that track down others like us...then they contact the head mistress-"

"Head mistress?" I cut her off.

"She is over the entire school...she's the one who sends us on these missions after she gets word of a new mutant in the Brooklyn area or close by." Jesse says answering my question.

"She is kinda like a second mother to all of us." Dawson chimes in. I rub my temples as I feel a headache coming on.

" guys...she looks a little pale.." Jesse says about to get up to come to my aid. I put my hand up to signify I was okay.

"I'm fine...this is just kind of a lot to take in." I did feel like I was about to pass out but, I just needed to hear the rest of what they had to say.

"Anyways...We were given your picture and location like we always are but, just our luck the grims got to you first" Easton says pushing the girl off of his lap to stand up. He walks up and stands over me. He places his hands on his hips looking down at me.

" We know this is a lot to take in." I nod my head agreeing. I look up at him. I place both of my hands in my hair and blow out a shaky breath.

"You guys are serious....aren't you?" I ask one more time. I could feel the tears swelling up in my eyes. I already knew the answer and they knew that. I just couldn't wrap my head around this.

And to be honest...I don't think I ever would.

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