A Touch Of Miracle

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The one who died 5 years ago comes back to life. Is that even possible? It is said that spirits cannot leave the world because they have an unfinished business. What was the reason he came to life? Was it a confession or to find the reason of his death?

Romance / Fantasy
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Working in a publishing house keeps me busy and makes me focus on my work. The memories which are hard to forget still comes back and haunts me even though they are good memories. Still, I am afraid to face it. I still remember that day, the day which changed my life.
It is said that if someone confesses under the Maple tree in the fall and take a leaf with them will stay together forever. I always believed in that myth but August never did. He is my childhood friend or should I say my first love and my current crush. His parents confessed to each other in the fall season so named him after it.
He always said that he wanted to change his name but he also said that this name proves true love of his parents but an accident took his father's life, he stopped believing in the Maple tree.
I don't know if the myth is true or not but I do know that the Maple tree has been alive for 500 years, so it must have seen a lot of couples and that must be a reason why people believe in it. It is the only Maple tree in our village which has green leave in summer and red-oranges leave in winter.
It is my earnest wish that someone could confess to me under it but I already have someone in my mind.
Something in me tells me that August feels the same way but is hesitant to take a step forward.
The day finally came when he was going to tell me about his feelings but I guess we were never meant to be. I waited for hours under the Mapel tree but he never appeared. Later, I heard he fell off the cliff and died. My wish, my love it never came true. After all this time I have been working in the publishing office to forget about him. It has been 5 years and I still cannot forget about him.
Stuck in the past, never accepting the fact that he is gone.


"Hey! Have you completed the formatting?" someone knocked on my desk. The office has always been in a mess but it never bothered me though.
"I have a name." I said in a low voice.
"What? Oh! See you are so bold. You are only a temporary employee, so stop zoning out and concentrate!" she shouted at me. It is not a new thing for me. Since I have decided to move into the big city and work in a busy company, I did this to myself.
"Going after married man is all she knows!" she murmured to herself but I know it is for me to hear about it.
Yes, I did date a married man but that was a mistake. After August left me, I was not able to smile again but this jerk was a bit clumsy and made me smile even it was for a second but who knew he was married and on top of that, the one he married was none other than my boss.
"Now complete your work, Newbie." she shouted again.
"Maia... Maia that's my name." I said.
"Okay, Maia! Please hand over the work in my cabin."
That's it!
I don't know but my heart feels heavy and I cannot take it any longer!
I completed my work and handed in my resignation with the formatting. I came back to my messy and small apartment. I came to the city because I wanted to forget about August but it feels like the memories are still with me. Even in this hot weather, I can still remember, he called me under the Maple tree but he never made it. Still thinking about makes me burst into tears.
To distract myself I turned on the news. I found something unbelievable. The Maple tree in my village, has turned red in summer!
It has been 5 years since the last time I saw the tree.
Should I go back? Will I be okay?
Thinking over it for the whole night, I didn't realize that I was already at the station the next morning. There is no turning back now. All I can do is go back to my home town and recall the past.
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