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Two people. Different worlds. One thing that brings them together. Cole Dawson. The son of the world's most famous chefs. Everyone seems to think that because Cole goes home with a girl every two weeks, it's expected that he sleeps with them. They're not completely wrong but, they're not completely right. He just wants to get away from the media and be himself. Anna - Lee Monroe. The girl who everyone seems to hate, because of her sarcastic attitude. But with her father trying to make her life hell, she needs to find comfort somewhere. And that seems to be at school where she doesn't need to be looking over her shoulder at all times. When these two cross paths at the most inconvenient time, this causes problems for both Anna and Cole.

Romance / Action
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My head felt fuzzy waking up to darkness and seeing only one window to the side, and a door right in front of me. I tried moving around only to realize that I was sitting in a chair with my hands tied behind my back and my feet tied to the ends of the chair.

After about ten minutes of trying to get out, the door suddenly opened causing me to squint because of the bright light. Reopening my eyes, I saw two persons enter the room. The one to the left of me had a female silhouette, which seemed familiar, and the one to the right was a man’s figure who was rather tall and bulky.

“You know, I thought you’d be stronger considering everything your father put you through,” a very familiar voice said to me with a small chuckle. “Do you know why you’re here Anna? Do you know the trouble I’ve caused just to get you?” the voice continued

“Jenna?” my voice was quiet but, with the silence, it was like I spoke into a microphone.

“My dear sweet baby cousin, it’s not Jenna, it’s Jamie. Have you forgotten about me?”

“Jamie? Forgotten about you? I thought you were dead, everyone thought you were dead. We all went to your funeral and saw your body in the casket and I cried for you. We all did. Ho-how are you alive?”

“It’s not time to ask questions sweetheart, first I want you to listen, and then you can ask your questions after, understood?”

Her voice was so low and threatening that I nodded my head with a small ‘yes’ fearing what would happen if I asked another question.

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