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Alpha Alex

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Amy Maze's world is turned on its head, will her true love come to save her before it is to late

Romance / Erotica
Jadulae Wolf
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“Come on, Amy lets go! We are going to be late.” Lara screamed from the bottom of the stairs. “I’ll Be there in a minute.” Amy huffed as she rolled her eyes. Glancing in the mirror making sure she looked perfect.
Amy had deep green eyes that would change with her mood, Her skin was alabaster white with auburn shoulder length hair. She wore a sports bra and leggings that sat nicely on her light athletic curves. Amy was a short 5’4 frame. Picking up her workout bag with her spare clothes in, before gliding down the stairs.
“Alright I’m here now lets go” Amy exclaimed with wide eyes and a bit of sass. Lara was Amy’s best friend other than her wolf Lexi. Lara was a 5’8, athletic, tan, blue eyed mousy blond beauty. Amy had known Lara her whole life they were inseparable.
”You know you don’t need to look pretty at training. Your probably going to get all sweaty and gross before he walks in anyway.” Lara sniggers as they walk out the door of the small three bedroom abode they share.
Their home was a modern weatherboard apartment. Painted stone grey with black and white accents on the outside, with a small veranda and fenced yard out front. Inside was a large kitchen lounge area, with warm cream walls and grey accents. A fire place stood solemnly on one of the walls, with a large leather couch in front, with dark wooden floors throughout the house. The bedrooms were cosy all the same size enough to fit a queen bed and draws the walls were a clean cream with a large window to allow the sun in. Their Alpha, Sam had just upgraded all the houses, for the pack wolves that were unmated and were 17 and over.
The Girls started running towards the pack-house
“Oh shit! we are going to be late.” Lara grimaces. The girls ran to the middle of the small town where the large building stood. As they walked in sheepishly a pair of eyes glared straight at them.
“You ladies are late! Care to explain?” The low rumbling voice coming from Alpha Sam. Alpha Sam was a handsome 6’8 tall 20 year old. His tank top and his training shorts showing his ripped muscular body. His strong chiselled features complemented his body. Light blonde hair crowned his head in 2 inches of lush locks.
‘Oh were in deep this time’ Amy’s wolf, Lexi whispered in submission.
“He’s here already?” Amy mind-linked Lara in shock
“He normally doesn’t come in this early?” Lara replied puzzled as the girls glanced at each other.
“Lara get in your group, I will deal with you later. Amy follow me I need to talk with you.” Alpha Sam commanded.
Alpha Sam and Amy walked into the pack-house to his office. Alpha Sam’s office was a medium sized room, with a large window that overlooked the training grounds. Large bookcases frequented the walls stacked with books on different subjects. A stunning oak table in the middle of the room a laptop and various file and papers sat upon it. The walls a calming shade of navy blue with black accents and curtains. Gorgeously polished wooden floors ran throughout the house.
“Amy, take a seat” Alpha Sam sighed, as he gestured towards the grey chairs in front of the desk. He lent into her, his hands on the arms of the chair. He brought a hand to graze her cheek as he turned from her an run his hand through his hair. “Amy, I cant let you keep on getting away with this shit.” he grimaced.
“We also cant keep meeting in secret any more. I have found my mate Amy.”
That one word. That one word that she knew would change everything. Tears started to burn in her eyes. She had hoped he would never find his Luna so Sam could be with her. She had one more year till she would be able to scent her mate. She had hope it was Sam, but it looks like everything was crashing around her.

One more year to her 18th birthday.

This was the day everything would change.
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