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Alpha Alex

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Chapter One

One month later.

“Lara do I have to go to this stupid ball?” I complained. It had been a whole month since Alpha Sam found his Luna and broke my heart. This was going to be the first time the pack was going to meet Luna Madison. The Starblaze Pack finally had a Luna.
“Ams it’s Luna Madison’s ball unmated and Alphas from all over America will be here. You never know you might find him tonight.” Lara sighed looking dreamingly into space.
“Can’t I just stay in bed and hide?” I replied trying to pull the blanket over my head
“No! come on, let’s get ready. Plus I think Lexi is getting is getting cabin fever, from being pent up” Lara remarked forcefully pulling the blanket off the bed.
‘Yea come on, Amy we need to get out of here I’m going stir crazy. I’ve let you wallow long enough. Lets go get glammed up and pretty and find our mate’ Lexi demands stomping her paw.
“Ok you two. Its 10am we have plenty of time to get ready. Also, I will just don’t blame me if I leave early, and Lexi I promise to take you for a run. Lets see if I have any thing to wear” I murmured. Got up from my bed and skulked over to my closet, opening and browsed though my dresses. I pulled a sapphire blue knee length dress with silver lace detailing drawing eyes to the cleavage on the bodice. “This will do.” I laid it out on the bed ready for later.
I picked up my workout bag before strolling downstairs and wandering out the door. Our town was average sized but want hidden away from the main cities. I always thought of it like a commune, of which our apartments were on the outskirts of. Only those that were invited were allowed into our town based in Northern Montana, our pack was smaller than those in the rest of the area. Our village was surrounded by a beautiful dense forest. One road in type of deal.
As I walked toward the forest, I could feel Lexi’s excitement grown. As I neared the forest edge, I found a bush to undress and put my clothes in my workout bag. I closed my eyes and shifted it was painful as I hadn’t shifted in weeks. Lexi, my beautiful golden beige wolf scented the warm spring as it rippled through her soft golden fur.
‘Its good to be out of that hovel.’ Lexi complained as she stretches and yawns
‘Yea, yea lets go then’ I retorted
Lexi took off into the forest. The beat of her paws, deep pants, the faint trickle of water and the quiet chatter of the forest creatures the only sound around. I love the solace of the forest. We spent hours running and smelling all the scents.

‘Lets go for a swim Amy’ Lexi turned and headed toward the sound of the spring’s pool near by. ‘Ok but make it quick it will be lunch time soon, and Lara will be wondering where I am.’ I huffed.

We came across a natural spring waterfall with a lovely deep pool, deep in the forest. We dived into the cool crisp waters. Lexi felt more like an otter than a Wolf frolicking in the clear waters. It was peaceful and serene.
Then the wind changed Lexi took a deep breath before going to dive. ‘Something isn’t right do you smell that Amy?’ She said puzzled.
‘Yea I smell that, somethings not right’ I replied. A twig snaps In the distance.

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