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"Do you think they will ever come up " Adeena whispered looking at Ajax for an answer. *WOOF, WOOF, WOOF* He barks at her as if to let her know that he doesn't know and also Hope's not . Lying on a mattress in the corner of the room was Ajax staring at it's owner with so much love and compassion. "But what if they do ?" ,she asked again sobbing . "What if they come up the attic next time ?" . Where will I be able to hide ?". With this she drops down on her knees and cried out her heart hoping someone would hear her scream or see the sorrow in her eyes. BROKEN is a story formed on the bases of fiction but filled with pain sorrow hatred ...................................and maybe love. You will weep and you will laugh then you will cry out of joy .

Romance / Other
Judith Owusu
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Chapter 0ne

☆Let's get out of that habit of telling☆ people " Well,that's still your mom . That's still your dad . That's still your sister . That's still your brother." TOXIC is TOXIC. Whether it's family or not . You're allowed to walk away from people who constantly hurt you . You are allowed to.

Have you ever had a day that you wish to stay in bed because you have no idea of what was ahead of you. Adeena thought as she layed on her bed with her eyes closed.

"You'd better get up before mom wakes up Deena".

Adeena jerks up from her limited slumber as her sister speaks walking towards her windows pulling the blinds open. She stares at her sister smugly wishing to be just like her,then maybe their parents would love her just as they did her sister ,Adelina.

Her sister was everything she wishes to be ,now and in the future. Standing at a whooping height of 6'0 at only 21 years. Long platinum blonde hair styled to perfection accentuating her lovely heart shaped face . Upturned electric blue eyes with thick lashes ,thin lips and a pointed nose all which makes her porcelain flawless skin stand out more.

Adeena sits there staring at her twin like a creep with a smile playing on her lips.

"Deena ,please get up", Adelina hissed at her sister who seems to be in a trance while staring at her . She knows fully well that Adeena wasn't comfortable in her own skin which she often at times tries to bring her out of it to no avail.

It took a few minutes before what her sister said settle in her brain.

"Oh shot ",

She jumped out of the bed quickly scurrying down the two flights of stairs to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Adelina laughed at her sisters antics before following her to the kitchen. She sat on one of the kitchen stools .

"What are we having for breakfast Deena?", She asks as she chews on an apple .

"Omellete ,bacon,um ,um and the usual stuff" ,she said to her .

"Then you better hurry up before the wicked witch from the south comes flying down here" ,Adelina said referring to their mother not knowing that she heard all the banter between the girls when she came down to check on the food .

"You foolish bitch", Mrs Alderigde marched forward and grabs a hand full of Adeena hair causing some of the cooking oil to splatter on the younger females hands. She turned her around and slapped her hard .

"Whom were you referring to as the wicked witch ",she seeths and kicks her stomach which makes Adeena fall to the ground pleading with her mother to let her go.

"Mom, I'm sorry . I didn't mean to. Please",she pleaded shielding her face from the blows from her mother .

"What did you just call me you useless brat?" .


"I am madam or Mrs Alderidge not mom to you",


Adeena sobs silently as her mother continues to beat her . I wonder if I am even her child . Am I right? She is Adelina's mother that means she is also my mother right but why would she do this to her child? How can a mother favar one child and neglect the other . We are sisters for christ sake. She so wanted to scream those words to her mother but she couldn't bring herself to do so . With all the pain and ache all over her body and the most unbearable pain of them all was the pain being caused to her already bruised heart.

"Get up and finish with the food . Stop being weak. Oh gosh you infuriate me", wither a final kick to her stomach Amora Alderidge Walsh out of the kitchen with a satisfying fired look on her face .

"Oh and I want a chai latte with my breakfast", she barked at the broken girl who did nothing but nod her head in response for the fear of infuriating her mother even more.


The three lettered word which she can never find an answer to no matter how she racked her brain.

Is it because she looks like none of them? Or is it her ginger red hair or turquoise eyes. No,no,no,it can't be that my eyes aren't too appealing. They are almost protruding out of their sockets like a zombie's.

"Hurry up girlie",Sandra said breaking her out of her thoughts. Adeena wiped her tears away and stared at Sandra who was ascending the stairs with the other girls carrying cleaning equipments.

Even maids in this house have some form of authority but never me . A sob escapes her lips as a single tear fell from her eyes.

After setting the table she proceeded to wah the dishes before going to her room,her safe haven,her sanctuary. The attic. The only place she felt safe in the entire mansion. Her mother will not dare come up the attic to inflict pain on her since she fears that the spiders and the other tiny little devils would latch into her skin.

Very funny indeed but she,Adeena Innes Alderidge was made to sleep there at an early age when there were more rooms in the mansion that even the maids and butlers had their own rooms which were cosy and warm.

Life is indeed unfair,she thoughts.

"Adeeennnaaa", her mother shouted from the dining room. She rushed towards the woman who now looks like she could kill her. She looked at Adelina who had and apologetic look on her face. Adeena knew that her sister would do anything for her but she just couldn't watch her mother hate her sister like she did her.

So she gave her a small assuring smile.

"What is this?",Amora asked her pointing to the cup of coffee in front of her.

"Madam,it's the chai latte you requested for", she replied softly.

"I asked you to make this", she screeched and throws the hot liquid on her making Adeena scream in pain clutching her shirt.

"I clearly remember asking you to make a cherry vanilla milkshake this morning. Pathetic whore,you can't even get simple instructions correct", Amora says.

Felix sat there watching the exchange between his daughter and his wife but he could care less. You'd think that as a father he would protect his child but he hated Adeena as much as his wife did if not more.

Looking at her brought back painful memories he wishes to forget but because of her presence he is being reminded of it daily.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply trying to calm down his nerves.

Why did you have to look just like............
No,no,no. Not again.

He opened his eyes abruptly reached for his cup and took a sip of his macchiato which he spat out as fast as he drunk it.

"Adeeeeeennnnnnnaaaaaa",he screamed.


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