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He's a hot, arrogant CEO with a jawline that could cut DIAMONDS!!💎 She's his stunning but naive personal assistant.  What happens when their feelings are exposed bare on a Silver Platter?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 : Here we go

August 31st, Saturday

8:35 am

Right now I’m in my older brother’s office, on his computer looking at my new apartment in New York. Which was surprisingly cheap for being in a city known for being very expensive. In the midst of the silence, a knock appears at the door.

“Knock knock”

“Come in!”

“Hey, are you sure about this Rowan?”

“I’ve already got an apartment, and I already got the job, so yes I am serious about this.”

“Ok but, I will always have room for you”

Hearing my brother say that with a smile on his face, made me feel like I’m exploiting him. And after everything that happened. My brother David has been my rock my whole life, and these past few years have been the best because of him. Don’t get me wrong I have gotten jobs in the past here and there but none of them really lasted because well-

“Mommy mommy mommy!”

That, well that, my daughter. A little curly-headed brown-haired girl with dark brown green-ish hazel eyes appears in the doorway.

“Love, are you already?”

“No!” She surprisingly shouted

“Mommy I don’t want to go”, Stephanie and Josie are here, and they’re my friends I don’t wanna leave,” She said with her little scrunched-up face.

“Hey! What about me? I’m here too” My brother said with a dramatically hurt voice.

Lovey holds one of her little hands to her mouth, and starts to chuckle. ”you too Beefy”. Beefy/ Beefcake is a nickname I gave my brother and now Lovey calls him that.

“Hey who taught you that!” Lovey runs out of the office, with my brother chasing after her while she’s yelling Beefy Beefy.”


10:01 am

“Are you sure about this?”

“Dav, I’m sure,” I say with a smile on my face.

Sigh, “Ok, fine call me when you get there,” he said sadly.

“Well give me a hug before you go k” he opens his arms out wide to give me one of his famous bear hugs.

“K” I hug my brother tenderly. This is going to be my last bear hug for a while, I’m going to miss him and my niece and nephew.

“Lovey” I shout “It’s time to go Mija, come on.”

“I’m coming mommy” I see her little purple converse coming down the stairs. And she slightly runs over to me and looks at me with her puffy eyes, Obviously caused by crying. A frown appears on my face. I crouch down to her level. “My love I know you want to stay but we can’t, ok?”

“But why.”

“Because we need to learn how to live on our own and I already got a job," By the looks of her face she is not happy. David Crouches down beside me and says to Lovey.“ Kid you’re going to go to a new school, and you're going to have so many new friends that you’ll be too popular to remember us, so chin up pup.” I start to see a smile appear on her adorable face.

“Ok, then Bye Beefy” she runs over to my car in a hurry while laughing.

“Hey!” I laugh at my brother.

I don’t think anyone knows how much I adore hearing that little thing laugh. I love her so much I can't express how I feel. She was my best mistake.


9:30 pm

Coming from Indiana to New York is a new type of struggle, but we are finally here. And thank everything that is holy that I got furniture from IKEA when we were in Indiana, and brought it here a week early. But I didn’t get anything too crazy tho, just the essentials. Two-bed frames, side tables, hangers etc. I’ll save the decorating for later.

After first coming into my new yet slightly shabby apartment, I put my sleeping child on my old dark grey couch, while I was taking the suitcases in the building and up to our new apartment, that happens to be a two-bedroom apartment, open plan concept, one bathroom a little bit of a dicey neighbourhood but nothing too crazy. So we're good.

“Well, here we go”

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