Rival Gangs

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Chapter 10

Warning: this chapter includes violence!

Sienna’s POV;

Wait what???? What is he talking about??
I look towards Xander looking at me with full rage, his body shaking with anger. Looking at him now is frightening, now I know why people are so feared by him.
Then I think the guy who’s name is Aiden says,

“How is that possible? Her name is Sienna Garci-”

He was cut off by Xander’s father.

“It’s a fake name, to hide her identity and who her parents are! Her real name is Sienna Lorenzo.” He says my last name with such venom. After he says that all eyes are on me, he stares at me with so much hatred in his eyes.

“What! Are you all crazy?! My parents would never do that!” I shout. They couldn’t. My parents would never kill anyone innocent.

Scar's POV;

When Sienna began to protest saying she didn’t know anything, and her parents wouldn’t do that. That’s when I knew she wasn’t lying, she really didn’t know what happened in the past between both of the families. I look towards Xander who looks fuming but at the same time hurt, his whole body was shaking with anger. I could tell he was hurt with the look in his eyes, but he quickly hid it with anger. He started liking Sienna and now this happens. I know for a fact he is not going to go easy on her, he’s going to make her pay for her parents mistakes. This is what happens in the mafia life, your parents make a mistake, you have to pay for it.

Xander harshly grabs Sienna’s arm and starts dragging her away. She screams in pain from the wounds since she’s not supposed to walk. I quickly walk behind them as Xander starts taking her to the basement. This is not good. We only take our enemies or someone from their mafia there, to torture them until they talk, and then kill them. The fact that Xander is taking her down there is bad, it just shows how angry he truly is. Xander drags her towards a cell, but Sienna just stands there not moving an inch, and her face emotionless. Xander picks her up and throws her in the cell, which makes her cry in pain. I could tell her stitches just ripped by the sound of tearing.

“If you even think about escaping this cell, you will have a bullet in your head!” Xander tells her threateningly.

I start to walk towards Sienna’s cell to see the damage. But before I can even do that Xander starts dragging me away. When we get back upstairs to the main living room Xander goes up to his office and slams the door shut.

Aiden walks up to me and says,“This isn’t good. He’s going to go on a killing hunt. He always does that when this sort of thing happens. I’ve never really seen him laugh or joke around, but when Sienna came he started becoming human and started living for once, instead of just working.”

“Do you think Sienna knew? About what happened in the past?” I ask Aiden.

“No I don’t think so, but at the same time she could be lying.” Aiden said hesitantly.

“You know she kind of looks like you. I mean, the hair, the eye colour.” I look at him with an ‘are you serious’ look.

“What? Just saying. Trying to lighten up the mood all of you are just looking fed up.” Aiden says with his hands in surrender. Aiden has always been the fun one from the three of us. He likes to party a lot, too much sometimes. But whenever we tell him to take a break from partying he always says, ‘you only live once, make the most of it’, so there really isn’t any point in arguing with him, because he always wins.

I head down to the basement to check on Sienna. When I get down to her cell I see her rip the sleeves of Xander’s shirt and wrap it around her wounds. While she was wrapping it around her leg, the one she had wrapped around her arm was already soaked in blood. I quickly run upstairs to get Isabella.

“Isabella!” I shout through her door.

“Come in!” She shouts.

“Isabella can you come with me to the basement? Sienna’s wounds have re-opened.” I ask.

“Ok.” She agrees and we head down to the basement. Once we got there, I see Sienna laying on the floor unconscious since she was starting to lose a lot of blood. Isabella goes in there and stitches up Sienna again, and we leave the basement.

An hour later I hear loud footsteps going down the hall and into the basement. I crack my door open to see Xander going down there. I rush out of my room and follow him. By the time I got down I could hear arguing and Xander’s hand in the air, but before he can slap her I stop his arm from hitting her.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!!!!!" I shout in anger. He’s not thinking!

"She's lying!! Why are you defending her? You're the one who said that there was something off about her!!" He fights back. I may have said that, but I can smell a liar from miles away. If she was really a betrayer she would’ve told him everything he wanted her to say.

"No she's not lying! Yes I said that earlier but look at her now!” I look towards Sienna and see fear evident in her eyes.

"Does it look like she knows anything?!! She would've told you before you put her in the cells if she knew! Just because her parents have done that, it doesn't mean she knew anything about it, nor she is a part of it!!!" I continue. He needs to come back to his senses. He’s not thinking clearly. Xander leaves without saying another word. I turn towards Sienna and see her sigh in relief.

“Are you okay?” I ask. She nods her head and I can tell she’s still in shock and still scared.

“Thank you.” She says in barely a whisper.

“No problem.” I reply and start walking away, but she stops me and asks,

"Why did you help me?" To be honest I don’t know why I helped her. I feel this sort of strange connection towards her, but I can’t describe it.

"Because I knew you weren't lying, I can tell if someone is lying. You look like you truly don't know anything." I explain to her and leave the cell.

I woke up to screaming and crying in the middle of the night. I turn my phone on to see that it’s two in the morning. I quickly rush downstairs and grab a blanket not caring that I don’t have a shirt on. I get downstairs and the screaming and crying gets louder, and I figure it’s coming from the cells. When I got down l walk towards Sienna’s cell, I see her shaking and crying uncontrollably. I quickly open up her cell since I have a spare key. I rush towards her and wrap the blanket around her and see that she is freezing cold.

"Shhh it's okay, you're okay. Calm down." I try to calm her down, but she doesn’t and carries on shaking. I quickly pull her into a hug, she hugs me back and cries into my arms, I just hold her there until she eventually falls asleep. I don’t know why, but I feel the need to protect this girl. She looks like she’s been through a lot. I eventually fall asleep with her by my side still hugging me.

I wake up the next morning to see Sienna already awake.

"Are you feeling better?" I ask softly my voice still rough since I just woke up. I don’t understand how anyone can sleep here comfortably the floor is freezing cold and my back is aching.

"Yes." She replies her voice croaky.

"What happened last night?" I can’t help but ask. It looked like she was fighting her own demons.

"I don't want to talk about it." She says while fiddling with her fingers. I need to know, so I can kill whoever did this to her. But I’m not going to push her into telling me something she clearly isn’t comfortable in talking about.

"Do you have these nightmares often?" I ask her and she nods her head. I wonder who would’ve done this to give her this type of trauma, she doesn’t deserve it.

"When you're ready you can tell me what happened." I assure her.

“SCARRR!!!” I hear Xander’s voice boom through the whole basement. I quickly stand up and Sienna hides behind me. Wait what? Why is she hiding? She’s never scared of Xander, and always stands up to him. Hell she’s been the first one to ever stand up to him. Damn those nightmares really affected her.

When Xander enters the cell his eyes are burning with fire, and I can tell he’s pissed.

"What are you doing here?!!!" He says, raising his voice.

“She was having nightmares so I stayed here last night." I say in a calmed tone but I know he’s taking it the wrong way. He thinks I like her. The thought alone made me want to burst out laughing but I hold it in knowing this is a serious situation.

"You stayed with her just because she was having nightmares?!!!" Xander asks. How can he say it so casually? Like it’s no big deal.

"Sienna get out here right now!!" He commands her. Sienna hides behind me more, using me for protection. She’s really vulnerable right now I guess the nightmares really messed with her.

Xander strides towards us and drags Sienna out from behind me, she hisses at the pain from her wounds, but Xander doesn’t take any pity.

"What? So scared? Now that you have been caught you have nothing to say hm?" After Xander says that I can tell all her fear went away and her personality came back. Now I don’t need to step in, since I know she’s going to handle this well. "It's up to you to believe me or not but I've already told you I don't know anything about it. As for being scared, I had a moment of being vulnerable, so what? Everyone has their moments." I had to stiffle in a laugh after Sienna said that. Xander just looks at her dumbfounded.

“Let’s go Scar!” We start walking away when Sienna starts talking again.

"What? Got nothing to say? Wow, the Xander Knight speechless. Maybe I should put that in the headlines." In a speed of lighting, Xander charges towards her and pins her against the cold wall. He grabs her jaw in a painfully tight grip. She whimpers in pain and tries to break free. I quickly pull Xander back before he does anything rational.

"You and your parents will pay for this!!!" He shouts and that immediately sends her to rage, oh no this is bad! She walks towards Xander with fire burning in her eyes, once she’s in front of him she slaps him across the face with all the strength she has left. No one has ever slapped him except his mom.

"Don't . You . Dare . Touch . My . Family!!" She says in an ice cold tone. Xander looks like he is going to burst but before he can, I quickly pull him out of the room and take him back upstairs.

Once we got to his office, Xander starts trashing the place. He runs his hand through his hair, he usually does that when he’s frustrated or stressed.

“Xander calm down!” Aiden shouts. He stops what he’s doing and glares daggers at both me and Aiden.

“Calm down?” He laughs sarcasticly.

“Calm down?!! You expect me to calm down. After her parents killed my grandmother, who was very close me, and then their daughter turns up saying she doesn’t know anything about it. You expect me to stay calm?!!!” He shouts.

“We get it you like her but you need to calm the f*ck down.” I tell him. But I know for a fact he hates me right now since he saw me with Sienna this morning.

“Like her?!! I f*cking hate her!” Xander yells with full hatred in his voice. Xander was very close to his grandmother, more closer to her than his own mom. He used to tell her everything. Both of them used to play pranks on the whole family all the time. Xander was happy, but when his grandma was killed the monster in him woke up. He went on a killing spree, he killed everyone who crosses his path and who he thought had killed his grandmother. That was the day Xander lost all the humanity in him and he became cold-hearted.

Suddenly Cora bursts through the door.

“Where’s Sienna?!!” She demands.

“Cor-“ Aiden tries to call her but he gets cut off.

“No! Where . Is . She?!!!”

“Basement.” Aiden for once looks helpless.

Cora rushes down to the basement and we all follow her. Guards run behind her but she doesn’t care.

“Open the cell!” I demand the guards. They quickly fumble with the keys and quickly open it. Cora rushes inside and gives Sienna a tight hug to the point where she is struggling to breath.

Cora and Sienna talk quietly so we are unable to hear what they are talking about. Cora helps Sienna up and both of them start to leave the cell, only to bump into Xander.

“Where do you think your going?!!” Xander’s voice booms through the basement. Cora tries to convince Xander to let her go but I can tell Xander isn’t going to do that. But then Sienna speaks up.

“She’s right, I’m not staying here! You can’t keep me here forver! I’m leaving!” She yells in Xander’s face. Are you trying to get yourself killed Sienna?!

“Oh sweetheart that’s not happening.” Xander says in a calm tone but with a evil smirk on his face. This is not good. Xander walks up to her and slaps her hard across the face which nearly causes her to fall to the floor. I can’t believe that just happened and I couldn’t do anything to prevent it. Gosh I’m an idiot! I knew this would happen and I didn’t stop him from coming down here earlier.

Both of them push past Xander, and not a minute later gunshots are fired. Sienna collapses on the floor with two fresh bullets in her legs. He just shot her! Cora tries to wake Sienna up, but she is unconscious on the floor.

“What the f*ck Xander you can’t just shoot her?!!!” I yell.

“Who says I can’t?!” He archers an eyebrow and has that wicked smirk on his face, and walks off leaving Sienna in her own pool of blood.
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