Rival Gangs

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Chapter 11

A/N: this chapter is short, it explains Sienna’s parents past and Sienna’s point of view on her parents.

Sienna’s POV;

I lay down on my bed lost in thought. My parents are the best people I know, they wouldn’t do something like that.

My mom, she is the most loving mother anyone could have. We have had some amazing moments together, she’s my best friend beside Cora. She’s kindhearted, caring, trustworthy, my mom is the most trustworthy person ever! If you tell her a secret and she gives her word,she would never tell a soul. But most of all she’s loyal. She’s loyal to me, my dad and the whole mafia. When it comes to the mafia, my mom is the strongest woman I know. She would put everything aside to keep her family safe.

My dad, he’s the best dad ever. He’s really caring, trustworthy and loving. Believe it or not but a bit soft, but don’t tell him that, it hurts his ego. He’s really protective of me, and when I say protective I mean really protective. One time in high school a guy asked me to prom, when my dad found out, he scared the poor boy to death. He may be the the most fearful mafia leader of the US but when I want to go somewhere, or want him to agree to something I do my famous puppy eyes, then he just has to agree, that’s his weakness. But let me tell you, his dad jokes are bad. But when he wants to be funny he can be. He has a habit of embarrassing me by telling someone new I just met, one of my most embarrassing moments. He loves teasing me. Someone can relate, right?

I love both of my parents a lot. They are my weakness and I’m theirs, they would do anything for me. If someone hurt me, they would go to the ends of the earth to find that person. My parents help a nearby charity that supports kids and elderly people who are sick or are homeless. We send donations of money, food, shelter and the best doctors to cure them.

My mom herself was homeless when she was younger. Her mom which was my grandmother had cancer. My mom was only a teen she tried her hardest to earn money for her treatments, but it wasn’t enough. She eventually passed when my mom was 16. My mom had to provide for herself and her sister. They met when my mom was 19 and my dad was 23, they met in an underground fighting club. My mom and her friends decided to go to an underground fighting club since one of the guys at her college invited her to go watch. Then she saw my dad fighting in the ring and he won. My dad was one of the best underground fighters there were. When my mom and her friends started to leave, she bumped into him, and according to them it was love at first sight. Too cheesy. But I have no clue what happened after that, or how my mom came to know that my dad was in the mafia. But my dad told me something about a big war that happened, but he didn’t tell me anything else and ended the conversation.

But I know for sure, my parents would never kill anyone innocent. Especially when my mom herself lost her mom.

Credit goes to Kara164. She helped me come up with this idea for this chapter! So Kara thank you!!😊
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