Rival Gangs

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Chapter 12

Sienna’s POV;

When I wake up, I look around and see that I’m back at my apartment. What happened? How did I get here?

“Thank god you’re awake!” Cora comes into the room and relief instantly washes over her face.

“How did I get here?”

“Scar carried you. After Mr.Knight shot you, Isabella quickly stitched you up and we snuck out of the penthouse.” Cora explains and sighs.

“Wait what?!!! Xander is going to realise! He’ll kill Scar! Is he out of his damn mind?!!!” I start to panic, I can’t have him get killed because of me.

“Sienna, calm down!! He knows what he’s doing. Plus he knows you weren’t lying about not knowing what happened in the past, you’re innocent in all this, you had no right to be in there.” Cora says trying to reassure me, but I still feel on edge.

“Now that you’re out of that horrible cell, Isabella said bed rest for at least a week, meaning no walking and no working.”

“But-” she cuts me off.

“No excuses!!” Cora says sternly. Cora has always been the ‘mom’ from the both of us. But when it comes to partying, you can’t stop her.

It has finally been a week of bed rest and I can now walk again. The days were spent, me and Cora watching movies and gossiping. Scar would occasionally come by and ask how I’m doing. Apparently he had convinced Xander to let me go, since I didn’t have any part in what happened and was innocent. Tomorrow I go back to work. Honestly I am happy to go back, staying in bed all day and being able to do nothing gets really boring.

The next morning ~

Once I arrive to the café, my co-workers ask how I’m doing and we get to work. When I’m finally on my break, I head to the lounge room where Cora is also having a break. I walk towards her and sit down at the table she is at. Our lounge room is a decent size for all the employees. We have a bar which is basically a long table across the wall with dark wooden stools, facing the wall. We have two sofas beside the door, and we have about 3 round tables with 4 chairs around them, which are a dark blue and white.

“Hey!” I say.

“Hey! Ugh why did we have to come back here again?? My feet are exhausted.” Coras groans and sighs. I know what she means, Wednesdays are the most busiest days of the week, and today happens to be Wednesday. Just then Scar walks up to our table.

“Scar, what are you doing here??” Cora asks.

“I thought I’d drop by. How are you doing Sienna?” Scar asks.

“I should be asking you that. What were you thinking when you snuck out of the penthouse to take me back to my apartment?!! Xander couldn’t killed you!!” I shout.

“But he didn’t, I’m alive aren’t I?!” He arches an eyebrow. Does he seriously think this is a joke? I look at him with an ‘are you serious’ look.

“I’m fine Chipmunk. He didn’t hurt me. I’m his right hand and his best friend, he wouldn’t hurt me, even if he wanted to.” Scar explains which calms me down a bit.

Wait! Did he just call me Chipmunk? I start to glare daggers at him and start punching him.

“Woah! Calm down Chipmunk!” He grabs my wrists to stop me from punching him more.

“Chipmunk?!! Really?!” I glare at him and he chuckles.

“What? It’s cute and it suits you.”

“Are you calling me short?!!” Unbelievable. I’m not that short, am I?

“Yes.” He says with a wink. Oh, I swear to god, I’m going to-

“No no no! Calm down Sienna.” Cora stops me from punching him again. He starts walking away but not before saying,

“That name’s staying, Chipmunk!” He winks and walks away. Ughh. Two can play this game Scar.

After our break me and Cora head back to the counter, but I stop dead in my tracks. There he is, the guy who made my life living hell for a week, Xander Knight. What is he doing here? How dare he show up after everything he has done. Let’s show him who’s boss.

“What the hell are you doing here?!!” I say anger clear in my voice.

“I’m the owner of this café, what would you expect? Of course I’m going to be here!” Xander replies oddly calm, but you can tell he is frustrated.

“You call yourself the owner, yet you’ve never turned up. Hell I’ve never seen you here, reason why I never knew you were my boss. I always thought Lucas was the boss of this place, he’s the one who has kept this place running, since you’ve never turned up.” I explain in an annoyed manner, there surely has to be a reason he is here.

“For your information, I’m still the owner of this place, whether you like it or not!” He’s hiding something.

“Now, get out of my sight!” He yells. I scoff and walk off.

Why was he calm? A week ago he hated my guts, and now he’s acting calm like nothing happened? Something is off. I’ll let that thought slide for now. Back to work.

“Hey! Listen, I’m going to go to my parents house for the weekend. Will you be okay on your own?” Cora walks up to me and asks.

“Of course! I’ll be fine. Tell your parents Hi from me.” I reply back.

“Sure thing!”

We close the coffee shop and say our goodbyes, and I head back to the apartment. Once I get back, I head to the shower and go to my room to get changed into some comfy pyjamas. My room has white walls all around and bedside tables on either side of the bed, I have a seat cushion at the end of the bed with a grey blanket at the end of it. I chose a fluffy white crop top with grey shorts which has white polka dots on them. I head into the kitchen which has nice white coloured counters and cupboards. We have a small round table in front of the white marble counter. I grab a snack and head into the living room, which has a grey U shaped sofa, a coffee table in the middle and the Tv a couple inches away from the table. We have a bunch of fairy lights to light up the room, and make it look cozy. I sit down and turn on Netflix.

Half way through an episode there is a knock on the door. Who could it be at this time? It’s almost midnight. When I go to open the door, 4 men in masks barge in and walk up to me.

“Who are you guys?!!” I ask in a fearless tone.

“Mr Salvatore sends his regards!” One of the men says, and punches me in my abdomen and I fall to the floor. I try to fight them back but there are too many of them. All the men start punching and slapping me until they
knock me out cold. I could feel one of them place a letter in my hand, and then hear the door slam shut. I was to weak to open my eyes and read it, and eventually I lost conscious.
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