Rival Gangs

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Chapter 13

Xander’s POV;

I walk down to the basement and see no one there. Where’s Sienna?! I storm upstairs in with burning rage.

“SCAR!!!!” I shout. My voice booms through the whole penthouse. My whole family comes into the living room to see what’s happening, since they have come to stay with me for a while.

“Hijo what’s wrong?!!”

“AIDEN!!!” Where is he when you need him.

“Hijo what’s going on?!!!” My dad asks again raising his voice. (Translation-Hijo =son)

“Xander what’s wrong?!!” Aiden runs into the living room and asks.

“Where’s Sienna and Scar?!!” I ask angrily.

“What do you mean? where has she gone?!!!” My dad asks angrily enough to get my attention.

“She’s not in the cell anymore!! Neither is Scar anywhere to be found!”

“You have got to be kidding me! You can’t even keep a girl in a cell!!” My dad scowled at me which angered me more.

“I shot her two f*cking times!! She had a bullet in each leg! There is no way she can walk, plus she was unconscious when I left! Unless...”

“Liam go check the security footage!!” I yell at one of the lower member guards. I am in no mood to play games. How the f*ck did she escape?!!

“You f*cking shot her!!!! Why?!!!” Sophie speaks up and everyone turns towards her.

“She was trying to leave!!”

“It was obvious she was damn innocent!! She obviously doesn’t know what happened! I know for a fact deep inside of you, you know that’s true. Get your sh*t together because your acting out of anger, and that’s not a way to solve problems.”

She’s right, I am acting out of anger, I’m not thinking clearly. Sophie has always been the one to talk some sense into me, even though I’m older by two minutes she acts the smarter one. She has also been the calmest one from all three of us. Me and Ryder can’t control our anger, we got that from our dad. However my mom is calm in these type of situations, just like Sophie.


“What did you find?!!” I ask angrily.


“Spit it out!!!” I yell getting irritated.

“S-scar snuck Sienna out of the penthouse a-after you sh-shot her.”

“Show me the camera footage!!”

“F*CK!!!” Why would you do this Scar?!! I storm off into my office and slam the door shut and think about what to do next. Just then Aiden walks in with Scar behind him.


“Before you even say anything, I did the right thing! She was innocent in all this!! She never knew what happened in the past and yet you f*cking torture her for her parents mistakes!! What the f*ck is wrong with you?!! You know for a fact that I can tell if anyone is lying. When I told you, you should’ve believed me and let her go! So I did the right thing! I knew you weren’t going to let her go anytime soon, so I took matters into my own hands! So now that she is gone, let her go!!” Scar explained.

“She could be putting up an act!! We’ve only known her for what? Two weeks?!” I say.

“X, for once I agree with Scar. He’s right, she had nothing to do in all this. You’re just lashing your anger out on her! You can’t bare the fact that she is the daughter of the people who killed your grandma. Just because her parents made the mistake, doesn’t mean Sienna is like them!” Both of them try to talk some sense into me, but I still don’t trust her. I get my phone out and dial a number.

“Logan. This is Xander, I need you to spy on someone. I need you to tell me everything she does throughout the week. Her name is Sienna Lorenzo. I’ll send you the details. Bye!”

“What the f*ck?!! Why did you just call Logan and tell him to spy on Sienna?!!!” Aiden shouts. Logan is our private investigator. We usually call him if we want details on someone and see if there is anything suspicious.

“If he spies on her, we’ll know for sure if she is innocent or not.” I say with a smirk on my face.

“You are f*cking insane!!” Scar yells.

“Just doing my job.” I say with a wicked smirk on my face and with amusement in my voice. Let’s see of you’re really as innocent as you say you are principessa.
(Translation-principessa = princess)

It has officially been a week since Sienna escaped. Logan has kept me updated on what she has been doing, and said that she hasn’t left her apartment. Probably because she can’t walk since I shot her.
Today is the day she goes back to work since it’s been a week. I go into my closet and pick out an outfit for the day. I chose a white t-shirt with black jeans and a black leather jacket.

“Aiden!” I shout when I head downstairs.

“What’s up?!”

“I’m heading to the coffee shop to grab some documents.”

“The coffee shop?!! You never go there. You usually let Lucas handle it.”

“I’m still the owner. Anyway, I’ll be back in an hour.” I head out the door, to avoid anymore questions. To be honest I’m not going to the coffee shop to grab some documents. I know the little spitfire will be back at work today. I don’t know why but I want to see her and hear her angelic voice. It’s been a week since I’ve seen her, hell I’ve never craved to see anyone nor want to hear their voice.

I head into my car and drive to the coffee shop. Once I enter everyone turns towards me and fear is clear on their faces. I love the effect I have on people.

“Stop staring!” I shout at everyone.

“Lucas!” I call him over.

“Boss. How can I help you?”

“How has the business been?”

“Good as always.” Lucas replies

“You can go.” He nods his head and walks away. Just then I see Sienna walk out of the lounge room. Once she sees me she stops dead in her tracks. I could see Logan in the corner of my eye sitting at one of the tables. I look towards Sienna and see her walking up to me with fire in her eyes.

“What the hell are you doing here?!!” Even though she’s angry her voice is like an angel. Event though I will never admit it I miss her attitude and her presence overall. Snap out of it! I quickly compose myself and say,

“For your information, I’m still the owner of this place, whether you like it or not!” I say in a cold tone. I know she hates my guts, just by looking into her beautiful eyes.

When she says that she never knew I was the boss and I never have turned up to work, I knew she had caught on that I had been lying. But I don’t show her that I have been caught.

“Now, get out of my sight!” I yell, she scoffs and walks off. I walk over to Logan and he stands up.

“I want you to keep an eye on her tonight.” He nods and I walk off.

Later that evening ~

“Boss!!” Logan storms into my office out of breath.

“S-sienna..” He says out of breath.

“What about her?!!” I yell

“She has been attacked!”

“WHAT?!!!” I shout.

“Who attacked her?!!” I yell out in anger.

“I don’t know. There were four men who had their faces covered. Whoever they were didn’t want her to know their identity.” F*ck!!

“Go call the team and tell them to meet me in the living room.” I grab my gun and head downstairs.

“Xander what’s going on?!!” Scar shouts.

“Sienna has been attacked!!”

“By who?!!” Sophie asks.

“I don’t know. They had masks to cover their faces.”

“Hijo,it could be a trap.” My dad says.

“Why would it be a f*cking trap?!!! Those four men wouldn’t attack her for no reason. It wasn’t people from our mafia nor her family’s, that’s a fact that I know!!” I yell.

“Everyone get in the car we are going to Sienna’s apartment.”
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