Rival Gangs

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Chapter 15

Sienna’s POV;

Oh hell no! Who does she think she is?? I jump out of Xander’s grip ignoring the pain, and walk up to the bimbo.

“Who do you think you’re calling a b*tch?!!” I say angrily.

“Obviously you!” She looks me up and down with disgust.

“There isn’t anything to like about you. I mean if you want Xander, he doesn’t go for your type. What would a guy like Xander do with a girl like you?” She scoffs. Oh no she didn’t!!!

“Listen here b*tch, I don’t understand why a guy like Xander would go for a bimbo like you. I mean everything is fake, your body is fake, looks like you got a lot of plastic surgery done, and your personality sucks. Your just a desperate girl who wants attention, since no one gives you it.”

“Xander baby! Look what she’s saying to me, aren’t you going to say anything?!!!” She says in a high pitched tone trying to act sweet. Two-faced b*tch!

“As a matter of fact no I’m not! Sienna has a point, we slept together once which meant nothing. I made it clear it was a one time thing and you agreed to it, yet you keep claiming me as your boyfriend. Your just a desperate h*e that wants attention!”

“Xander baby you don’t mean that, I know you love me.” She says in a sweet voice which is really starting to irritate me. Xander scoffs and says,

“When have I ever said that?!! I think you misheard, because I made it damn clear we were never a ‘thing’ and it was just a one time thing! Get that through your head!!”

“Is this because of her?!! I’ll get rid of her and we’ll live happily ever after, and this b*tch won’t be able to do anything about it!!”

“Did you not hear what I just said?!! We were never an item never will be!!”

“You heard him, now run along will you, we have better things to do, If you know what I mean.” I say with a wink and her face gets red with anger.

“You’ll pay for this!!!!” She says and storms off.

“So...” I turn towards Xander who has a smirk on his face.


“You were jealous.” He says.

“Me? Jealous? Pftt no. I only said that to get rid of her, she was being so damn irritating and someone had to put her in place.” I wasn’t jealous was I?

“SIENNA! XANDER!” We hear our names being called from the living room. Just as I was about to walk away, flinching at the pain it caused me when I tried to walk. Xander walked behind and picked me up again. I didn’t protest this time since the pain coming from the bruises and deep cuts were unbearable. Once we got to the living Xander placed me down on the sofa, and sat down next to me. Just then Scar walks in with pain killers in his hand and some water.

“Thanks!” I say softly and he smiles. Just when Scar turns around my parents gasp in shock.

“Y-you’re a-alive?!!”

“S-scar i-is that you?!!” My mom asks stuttering since she’s in shock. Hold on! They know Scar??? How, and why do they seem so shocked?

“U-uh how do you know my name??” Scar’s asks in shock too. He seems confused. But why? I thought they knew each other.

“S-scar why are you saying that?? Don’t you remember us??” My mom asks.

“Mom? Dad? What’s going on??” I question. I’m so confused right now.

“Bambina remember that time we told you the story about a little boy who got killed by our enemies?” My dad says softly.

“Yes. You said he was my brother.” I say with my voice cracking. I remember when my parents told me the story, I was heartbroken that I never got to meet him.

“The boy was in a car and there was a bomb planted at the bottom of the car. He was in the car with the driver coming back from his friends house, and half way through the car journey the bomb blew up. The car was flipped over, the driver was dead and the boy was missing. I told my whole team to search for him, that night the his body was in a sack sent to us with a letter saying,
‘Hope you enjoy your gift.’ That night we were heartbroken, he didn’t deserve it. He was only 6, a little boy.” My dad explains the story with a tear sliding down his cheek. I’ve never seen him cry.

“Wait, wait!! That little boy was your son??”

“Yes.” My parents say in unison.

“When I was 7 me and dad found a boy underneath a car that exploded so we took him to the hospital and then found out he was in a coma. After he had woken up he lost his memory. The doctors said it is a temporary amnesia but that wasn’t the case, he never got his memory back.” Xander says softly. Wow I’ve never heard him talk like that.

“W-what??” My mom gasps.

“Y-you don’t remember anything from your childhood?”

“N-no.” This is the first time I have seen Scar look scared, ever since I have known him he has always been tough and never shown his emotions.

“But mom, dad. What does this have to do with anything??”

“S-scar y-your o-our s-son, a-and
S-Sienna is your s-sister.” You have got to be kidding me!! This whole time Scar was my brother and I didn’t realise?!! How did I not see the resemblance between us?!!! He has my moms blond/brunette hair and my dads’ blue green eyes like me. No wonder why I felt a connection to him, it was a blood connection. Why didn’t I listen to what everyone was saying? There is a long pause, the room was dead silent you could hear a pin drop.

Just then Scar says, his voice cracking trying to hold the tears he wants to let go.

“Why did you stop looking for me?? Why did you give up??”

“We mourned you Scar. We thought you were dead. The boy in the bag looked exactly what you looked like when you were a little boy.” My dad explained, his voice sounding broken. Just then Scar walks up to me and helps me off the couch and hugs me tight, but not enough to hurt the cuts and bruises on me. I could feel a lonely tear drop from his eye onto my shirt, realising he was crying. I hug him tighter and then see his shirt stained with my tears, realising I was crying too. My dad and my mom join our hug.

“Woohoo!! The family reunites!” Aiden shouts making us pull out of our hugs, I realise mom and dad were crying too. He says holding his phone and taking a picture of us when we were hugging.

“What did I tell you?!!! I knew you looked alike!!” That makes everyone in the room chuckle. Scar goes to hug mom and dad.

“We love you Hijo.”

“I love you too.” They pull away and Scar comes to hug me again.

“I love you chipmunk.”

“I love you too old man.”

“Did you just call me old man?!!” He says with a serious face.

“Yes.” I say with a smirk on my face.

“I am not old!! I’m only 3 years older than you!!” He stomps his foot on the ground like a little kid. That just makes me laugh harder.

“Oh you think that’s funny?!! I’ll show you funny.” He walks up to me and pushes me on the couch and starts tickling me. I laugh hard trying to say stop between laughs. Suddenly all my pain vanishes. I’m finally happy.

“S-stop!” I say while laughing.

“Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!!” I say and he stops immediately. I try to catch my breath, and sit in the sofa. After I catch my breath I say,

“You’re the one who started it, it’s only fair if I get you back. But your face was hilarious.” I laugh again.

“Yeah yeah, keep mocking me will you.”

My parents walk up to us and say,

“I’m glad you two are getting along.”

“They have been glued to the hip ever since they met each other.” My parents laugh.

“Congratulations Scar!” I’m guessing Xander’s mom says and comes to hug him.

“Thank you Evelyn.” Scar says hugging her back. Then Aiden and Xander come up to hug Scar. I’m happy for you man! You deserve this.” Xander and Aiden say.

“I hate to interrupt but we need to talk.”

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