Rival Gangs

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Chapter 17

Xander’s POV;

When Sienna’s parents clarified what had happened, relief washed over me but also guilt. I put Sienna through so much, just because of her parents. I didn’t listen to what she had to say first, instead, I put her through torture and hell.

When I lifted Sienna up in my arms, I could tell she didn’t like it, but I wasn’t going to budge. Once we got into the house, Scar gave Sienna some painkillers, since Isabella told us to give her some once we got home. I start to hear the conversation about Scar’s past. I can’t believe the fact that Scar is Sienna’s brother. No wonder why they always got along, and here I was being jealous. Wait, jealous? Me? Jealous? Pftt yeah right! I don’t get jealous.

It’s nice to see Scar finally happy and have a family. I know he would never admit it, but he has always wanted a family that loves him. I’m happy for him and I can tell Aiden is as well. When I hear the other part of the story my attention easily snappes back, and I realise there is a rat! Whoever it is I’m going to give them a slow torturous death!! They had planned this from the beginning! They wanted me to hate Sienna! My blood starts to boil just as the thoughts of my grandma with a bullet between her eyes laying lifeless on the ground.

Everyone starts to leave the room leaving me and Sienna alone, I try to calm my breathing making me seem normal. Once we got to her own room that she would be sleeping in, she gasps in shock. When she says she loves the room, I can’t help but smile. I’ve never seen anyone get excited over little things. I decided to give her her own room just because I know she hates me right now because of all the torture I put her through, and to be honest I don’t blame her, anyone would’ve reacted like that or even worse. The next morning I walk into the kitchen and kiss my mom on the cheek good morning. Sienna comes down minutes later and I can’t help but look at the outfit she’s wearing. She’s wearing a black off the shoulder top with light blue ripped jeans. The jeans stuck to her long, tan legs like second skin.

I head over into the control room and see Zack working.

“Hello boss.”

“Found anything yet?”

“Nothing. It’s like they disappeared into thin air.” Damn it! How can they just disappear like that?!!

“Check the camera footage at Sienna’s apartment.” I look over onto the screen and see nothing suspicious. However one of the scenes were cut.

“Someone hacked the security footage just before they attacked her.”

“F*ck! I want you to keep looking!” I order and walk out.

When I walk into my office, I see Anna sitting on my desk in an outfit which barely covers anything. She looks disgusting!

“Hey baby!” She walks up to me and puts her hand on my chest and I immediately back away.

“I’ve noticed you’ve been very stressed lately.” She says trying to seduce me which is degrading.

“What the f*ck are you doing here?!!! No one is allowed to come in here especially you!!”

“Oh come on baby....! Let’s have some fun.”


“Is this because of her?!!! She is nothing special! Have you seen her? She looks like she’s been sleeping on the streets her whole life! You need a real woman, not some b*tch!” My blood immediately starts to boil.

“What the f*ck did you just say?!!!” I yell and she flinched at my tone.

“I think the only b*tch here is you!”

“She doesn’t even love you!!!! I do-“

“You only love me for my f*cking money!!”

“Baby that’s not tru-“

“Get the f*ck out!!!!!” My voice booms through the whole office and she scurried away.

I spend my whole day in my office searching and looking to see if I could find anything useful things about the venom killers. But nothing! I head out of office to get some fresh air to calm me down, but then I feel someone bump into me. When I see Sienna smiling I can’t help but ask what has gotten her so happy, curiously takes the best of me and I ask,

“What are you smiling about?” I ask.

“That’s none of your business.” She says and earns a death glare from me. She find herself answering my question. Good.

“I went to the cafe to see my friends and then Lucas asked me out on a date.”Lucas asked her out on a date. Lucas asked her out on a date. He asked her out, even though I told him that she’s off limits!!! I’m going to kill him!!!

She’s not even yours. The thought in my head says.

I walk away and head into the gym. I start punching that bag with all my might. Until Aiden comes to stop me.

“Dude!! What the f*ck?!! Calm down!!!” He stops me from punching the bag more. I look at my knuckles and they have scratches and smeared blood around them.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” After Isabella had wrapped my knuckles in bandages, Aiden started throwing questions at me.

“What the hell where you thinking?!!”

“What an earth has gotten you so f*cking angry?!!!”

“I’m stressed nothing else.” I say blankly, but he can obviously tell I’m lying. He gives me the ‘I don’t believe you’ look.

“It’s about Sienna isn’t it?!”

“Not everything’s about her!”

“Make things right before it’s too late. Even if you might not admit it, but you look at her in a different way than you have looked at any other girls.” Aiden says and walks out.

He’s right. I have to make things right again.
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