Rival Gangs

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Chapter 23

Sienna’s POV;

“What about this one?” I ask the girls.

“Nah. Too plain.” We’ve been shopping for at least 4 hours now and my feet are killing me.

“Why can’t we just pick a dress and then go??” I ask.

“Because it’s an important ball.”


“Here, try on this dress.” Sophie hands me a stunning dress. It is a black long, flowy shaped dress. It has black lace along the long sleeves and lace at the top to the waist. It has a slit on the side of the dress to show my legs and heels.

“What do you think?” I ask, as I walk out of the dressing room.


“Ok. Let’s go pay now.” Blair says.

I head back into the dressing room and get changed back into my original clothes. We head over to check out and just as I’m about to pay, Sophie stops me.

“Why are you paying?”

“Because I’m about to buy the dress?”
I ask, confused.

“Well, Xander is paying, he gave me his credit card.” Sophie says, holding up the black card that Xander tried to give me earlier.

“I told him not to give it.”


“Because I can pay for my own things.”

“Hey. At least you don’t have to pay. This is the first time boss has lent us his black card. Might as well make use of it.” Savannah says.

“She’s right! That annoying brother of mine never lets us use his money. Looks like he made an exception for you.” Sophie says and winks. I look down to hide the blush on my face. What? I never blush!

After paying for the clothes, we head back home, just realising that it’s already 4pm.
Once we get home, I head into my room, while the girls head over to theirs.

I freshen up, and then do my hair and makeup. I decide to curl my hair and make two little braids and tie them at the back, while leaving some curls on the side of my face. I change into my dress and smoothen it out. Just then, the girls walk into my room.

“Damn, girly! You look hot!” Cora says.

“Wow girls you look great!!”

“We know.” Savannah says, while dramatically flipping her hair back. We all laugh.

“Ok, let’s head downstairs.”

We all head downstairs, our heals clicking against the tiled floor. Once we get downstairs, everyone is there waiting, including my family.

I immediately spot Xander in his black tux with his hair parted to the side, looking hot as ever. Everyone hears our heels clicking and looks towards us. I look towards Xander and see him already staring at me in awe.

He walks up to me and lends out his hand for me to take. I take his hand, and he helps me down the rest of the stairs.

My parents walk up to us and say,

“You look beautiful, bambina.” My dad says and gives me a kiss on my forehead.

“You look beautiful, honey.” My mom says and gives me a hug.

“You fit each other perfectly.” My mom whispers in my ear. I nearly choke on air and my mom pulls away.

“What are you talking about mom?” I ask, trying to act clueless.

“You know what I mean Sienna.” My mom says giving me a wink.

“What are you two talking about?” Xander asks.

“I’m thinking the same thing.” My dad says, looking at both me and my mom.

“N-nothing. No need to worry about it.” Gosh, why did I have to stutter??

“Ok. Let’s head out guys.” Aiden shouts.

Everyone starts walking towards their cars, leaving me and Xander the last ones to leave.

“You look beautiful.” Xander whispers in my ear from behind. My breath hitches in my throat, and he walks away like nothing happened.

“Let’s go, mi amore!” Xander shouts, breaking me out of my daze. I walk up to him and give him a glare, but he just chuckles, making me roll my eyes. We head into the car, while everyone else heads into the other car.

In the car there is me, Xander, Cora, Aiden and Scar. While the parents are in one car and everyone else in the other. We chat about random things until we get to the place where the ball is being hosted.

We get out of the car and walk into the building. The ballroom was large, with a huge chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, and tables with a names labelled on them. While the other was filled with snacks. Across I could see a mini bar, with other mafia leaders talking.

“Glad you could make it!” A man closer to the age of Xander came over to greet us. He pulled Xander into a bro hug. There was a beautiful women standing next to him. She had straight brunette hair with blue eyes.
Xander goes over to hug her next, but I get this weird feeling in my stomach, that makes me want to pull her away from him.

You’re jealous. My subconscious says.

No I’m not. I don’t get jealous.

You are so jealous.

I put her into the back of my mind, so I can’t hear her anymore.

I’m still here dummy. I thought I put her into the back of my mind?

We’re humans idiot. You can’t shut me out.

I really need to stop reading those werewolf books.

“And who’s this young lady?”

“Damon, this is Sienna, Sienna this is Damon and his wife Azalia.”

“Nice to meet you.” Damon says.

“Damon!” Someone shouts him over.

“Enjoy!” Damon says and walks away with his wife.

Some other mafias come to have a talk with Xander about business stuff, which I didn’t really pay attention to. Just then, slow dance music starts to play.

“May I have this dance?” Xander asks while holding his hand out. I don’t need to think twice about my answer.


Once we head over to the dance floor, I place my hands around his neck while his goes around my waist. We get lost into the dance.

Then, gun shots are heard…

We quickly pull away from each other and Xander quickly pulls me behind him. Xander grabs his gun and starts shooting.

“Well well well. Look who’s here.” We hear a male voice from behind us. Our whole mafia and Damon's mafia have their guns pointed to the others who have their guns pointed to us.

“What do you want Vincent?!!” My dads voice booms through the ballroom. All the other mafias had left, it was only Xander’s mafia, my family, and Damon's’ mafia.

“Well let’s see. There are many things I want.” Vincent says, eyeing me up and down. I start to feel uncomfortable under his gaze,, but I don’t show it. My parents and Xander’s parents stand in front of me, like a shield.

Vincent chuckles an evil laugh and says,

“Aw, trying to protect your daughter Marcus?”

“How do you know that she’s my daughter?!” My dad asks through gritted teeth, I see his fists clenching and unclenching until they’re white.

“Well, you see I know a lot about your family, and Xander’s.” Xander was about to go and punch Vincent,, but I stop him and whisper,

“See what he wants, then you can do whatever you want.” Xander listens to me and steps back.

“How?!!” This time Elijah repeats. I can tell he’s just as angry as my dad.

“Well, that’s for me to know and for you to never find out.” Vincent says with an evil smirk on his face.

Then a sound of a gunshot is heard and someone groaning in pain. I look behind me and see that one of Vincent’s men had shot one of our best men.

More gunshots were heard from all three mafias’.

Everyone starts getting their guns outs and hell breaks loose.

“Sienna quickly run to the car! Zack will be there!”

“I’m not leaving you!!”

“Sienna! Go! Stop being stubborn for once!” Xander yells while shooting the other mafia. I look into his eyes and see the Xander, that everyone is afraid of.

I take my heels off and make a run for it, dodging every bullet. Once I get to the entrance, I see the car in the near distance.

Just before I can make a run for it, someone grabs me from behind, before I can scream they cover my mouth with their hand. I trash around and try to put up a fight,, but it’s no use. His grip on me gets tighter, and suddenly I feel something painful going inside the side of my neck. I scream out in pain, enough for everyone to hear.

“Sienna!!!” I hear my mom shout.

“Sh*t! Quickly take her to the van! I’ll distract them! GO!”

And then my world goes black...

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