Rival Gangs

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Chapter 24

Xander’s POV;

As soon as I heard Sienna scream, I ran like my life depended on it. When I got near the entrance where I heard the scream, but she wasn’t there...

“SIENNA!!” I yell, in hopes of her telling me she’s okay and she’s there.

But she isn’t...

I turn around and see that the Venom killers have gone too.

Where are you baby…??

“Where is she?! Where’s Sienna??” Her mom comes and ask on the brink of tears.

“She’s not there.” I say in barely a whisper

Just then Marcus comes and throws a punch to my jaw, and I stubble back.

“I thought you said you would protect her?! What happened to her huh? Where is she?? She’s gone! Because of you!!” Marcus yells and I don’t interrupt him, I know he’s right.

This is all my fault..

“Marcus! Calm down! It’s not his fault! We only have Vincent to blame for this!” Chantelle says still on the brink of tears, but staying strong.

Now I know where Sienna’s strength comes from.

Just then my phone rings from an unknown number.


“Ah Xander! How are you?” My fists immediately turn white from hearing Vincent’s voice.

“Where is she?!!”

“Oh you mean this pretty little thing. I have to say Xander, she is really pretty not to mention hot.”

“Let’s video call shall we? So you can see your pretty little girl helpless.”

Vincent changes the call to video call and I see Sienna, tied up to a chair with ropes which have sharp bits of glass in them. The room was dark only a tiny lamp lighting up the place.

“Sienna!” I say, loud enough for her to hear.


“I’m here amore.”

“So, Xander here is the deal. You give me your mafia and you get this pretty doll back. If you don’t give me what I want, then this girl here..” he says waving the gun near Sienna’s head.

“Will be dead. As simple as that.” Vincent says, and a loud gunshot is heard.

“Sienna!!” Scar yells.

“Now now. Calm down Scar. She’s not dead yet. So if you don’t give me what you want, be prepared to never see Sienna again.” He says giving an evil laugh.

“You have until midnight tomorrow.” And the calls ends.

“Boss!” Zack runs back into the ballroom.

“Did you manage to track the phone call?!” I ask.

“No. Those f*clerks knew if the call was over a minute we would be able to track them.”

“F*ck sake!” I shout, running a hand through my hair.

“Let’s head home and figure out how we’re going to get her back.” My mom says. Everyone starts to leave but I notice Scar just standing there and staring towards the ground, with no emotion on his face.

“Scar, are you okay?” I ask walking up to him.

Of course he isn’t going to be okay idiot!

“My damn little sister has been taken by our biggest rivals! Does it look like I’m okay?!” Scar yells, about to break down but doesn’t.

I give him a bro hug and he immediately breaks down.

“What if we don’t find her?”

“We will.”

We pull away from the hug and he wipes away his tears acting like he didn’t just break down.

Once we get home, I quickly walk into my office and slam the door behind me. I sit down on my office chair and just think.

This is all my damn fault. If I never bought her into my life none of this would’ve happened. I shouldn’t have been so selfish. I bring trouble wherever I go, but, I couldn’t help myself. She was the light to my darkness.

Ever since my grandmother was killed, I stopped living like a human, instead I became a merciless monster.

“Xander.” The voice breaks me out of my thoughts.

“Leo?! What are you doing here?” My cousin Leo walks in. He lives in Italy, and is a year older than me, He owns his own mafia too.

“Where’s Zee?” I ask. Suddenly there is a gunshot sound.

“Here I am. You really thought that if he came I wouldn’t come.”

“Jeez, you really know how to make an entrance.”

“You know me lil bro.”

“We’re the same age for goodness sakes!”

“Twins.” I correct with a small chuckle.

“No need to remind me Xander.” Leo says with a sigh and I just chuckle at him.

“So, how are you holding up?” Leo asks.

“You’re really asking him that?? The love of his life is missing! Course he isn’t going to be okay.”

“Woah. Who said I love her?”

“You might be able to fool everyone else, but not me. You can see it through your eyes and the way you talk about her.”

I don’t love her, do I?

Just then everyone walks into my office.

“Ok so we need a plan to get her back.” Leo says.

“You’re right. So, my mafia is already on your side.”

“Thanks Leo! The Russians are on our side too. Which is Damon and Azalias mafia.”

“Ok so, we already have 2 mafias on your side including yours 3. We’ll definitely be able to take them down.”

“We just need to find out which mafias are siding with him.”

“I’ll try to find out.” Sebastian says and I nod my head.

“Let’s all go to the conference room.” I say and we all head there.

“Ok so-“

“Wait, hold up! When we were on the video call, did anyone recognise the place they were at?”

Everyone in the room shakes their head.

“I know we couldn’t see much, and I’m sorry to bring this up, but the area looked really similar to the place where your grandma was killed.”

“Xander?” I hear voices around me but I completely shut them out. I feel my knuckles turning white from holding the arm rest tightly.

“Xand-“ I hear someone say before I walk out of the room.

I head over to the gym and walk over to the punching bag. I don’t even bother putting my boxing gloves on. There are so many thoughts running through my head.

My grandma was shot in the same exact spot where they have taken Sienna? How dare they! What if we don’t find her? What if I get there too late? What if she hates me? She never wanted to get involved but that’s what I did!

“Xander!! Stop it!” Leo comes and stops me and I instantly hug him. And I break down. I never cry, but here I am crying my eyes out.

“We’ll find her Xander. Trust me, we’ll get those f*ckers.” Leo has always been like an older brother, and I appreciate him for that. I pull away and wipe my tears.

“You don’t tell anyone about this okay?”

“Secret’s safe with me bro.” He says with a chuckle.

“Ok now you need to get cleaned up, everyone is still waiting in the conference room.”

“Let’s end those f*ckers.”

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