Rival Gangs

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Chapter 26

Xander’s POV;

“So, here’s the plan.”

“We will have men surrounding the place, while Blair and Sophie go round the back to check if it’s safe to go in, they will tell us through the earpiece. We will have Zack hack the surveillance cameras to see what’s going on inside.

Savannah and Jace will be hiding, just in case anyone escapes they will have a clear shot to get them back. Ryder and Zara will be guarding the front to make sure no one comes in or out.

While Scar, Aiden, Leo and the adults will come in with me. Cora will be waiting outside with the rest and she will be the one to call the paramedics if Sienna is hurt.

Once we are inside we will kill any of the men that are there. If it starts to get messy, send the Italian mafia in for backup. We will only give them the mafia if we get Sienna back.” I explain.

“Is everyone clear of the plan?”

“Yes boss.”

“Good. And remember, Vincent is mine to kill.” They all nod their heads in understanding.

“Now, everyone go get ready and meet me at the front of the house in 10 minutes. You’re all dismissed.”

I make my way to my room and grab everything I need.

“Do you think the plan will work?” Aiden walks in and asks.

“It better. We are going to get her back no matter what.”

He nods his head and we leave to where everyone is meeting.

“Everyone ready? Everyone’s ear pieces working?”

“Yes boss.”

“Let’s go.”

During the drive there I couldn’t help but think. Is she alright? Did they hurt her? Just the thought of her hurt alone, made my grip the steering wheel until my knuckles turned white.

“Park the cars further away so they don’t know we are coming.” I say through the earpiece.

Once we get there everyone grabs their guns and takes them off safety. Sophie walks up to me and hugs me and I hug her back.

“Please be careful.” I say in a whisper.

“I will. Love you.”

“Love you too.” I go to Ryder and do the same thing. We might fight, but they are still my siblings and I would do anything for them.

“Everyone ready?”

“Let’s get my daughter back.” Marcus says.

“The coast is clear, you can send Blair and Sophie in.” Zack says through the earpiece. I nod my head towards the two and they head inside, while we all take our places.

“Ready?” I ask through the earpiece.


I cautiously walk in and grab my gun. There were men scattered everywhere, I shoot the first guy I see which catches all the mens attention. Just then, Scar, Aiden and Leo walk in and start shooting with me.

“Well well well, look who’s here.” I hear a voice behind me and I feel something cold against the back of my head.

I slowly turn around and come face to face with Adrian, Vincent’s right hand.



“Where’s Sienna?” I ask adding the coldness to my voice.

“I thought you were smarter than that Xander.”

“Where is she?!” I ask through gritted teeth.

“U really thought she would be in this room?” He says with a sickening laugh.

“I will say this one more time. Where.is.she?!”

Just then his phone rings.

“About time.” Adrian says.

“Shut up Adrian!” Vincent says through the phone.

“I want the mafia first, only then you will get your precious girl back.”

“Not gonna happen a**hole! Sienna first!”

“Kill him Adrian.” And then the call hangs up.

As soon as the call ends Adrian grabs the knife and aims it at my chest, but before he can do that I grab his wrist and snatch the knife out of his hand and twist his arm until I hear a crack.

Before he can even blink I have my gun in my hand and I see his eyes getting wide.

“Goodbye a**hole.” I say with a smirk on my face and then shoot him between his eyes.

I turn around and see dead bodies everywhere from the shooting.

“Let’s go.” I say. We start looking around to try and find a secret room.

“Xander, I’ve found it!” Leo says.

I walk up to him and barge in through the door. I see Vincent and…

“Sebastian?!” But he just smirks no sign of shock on his face.

“You have got to be f*cking kidding me!”My voice booms through the whole room and my fists are clenched tightly.

“Can’t believe you didn’t figure this out sooner Xander.”

“How could you?! I thought of you as my own damn brother!”

“Well you didn’t need to do that. You killed my brother, so why should I side with you?”

“Your brother was a f*cking human trafficker, seller drugs, women and children! He deserved to die!”

“Shut the f*ck up! Enough!” Vincent yells, looking at both me and Sebastian. I look at both of them carefully and see the resemblance.

No way.

“No f*cking way!” At this, they both chuckle darkly.

“You’re his f*cking son?!”

“Glad you figured that out. Now, onto more important matters. Have you got the contract papers, that will make you hand over the mafia?” Vincent asks with an evil smirk on his face.

“Not until you give Sienna back.” I say my tone cold. She’s not in the room anywhere!

“Papers first.” Knowing he won’t give up, I hand him the papers and I see him smiling in glory.

Just then someone walks into the room. I’ve never seen him before.

“What the f*ck are you doing alive?!!” Marcus yells. Now i know why he was so feared when he was working with my dad.

“Marcus, Marcus, Marcus.” He says with an evil smirk on his face, just like Vincent and Sebastian. Another brother?!

“Where’s Sienna Mateo?!!” At this he grins widely.

“Well you see she will be coming with me. She’s mine after all.”

I think the f*ck not!

I walk up to him but I feel someone dragging me back. I see that my dad is holding me back, I send him a glare but that doesn’t do anything.

“Don’t mess the plan up. I know you’re mad, but wait.” This was the damn Ex Sienna was talking about. I just want to rip him up, limb by limb. I see Scar going behind everyone in order to find Sienna while everyone’s distracted.

I see Sienna coming out with Scar, how I just want to go and hug her and tell her everything will be alright. Just then Mateo notices them and you could practically see the smoke coming out of his ears.

“This is for my brother Xander.” I see Sebastian pulling a gun out and aiming it at Sienna but before he can do anything..

Sienna’s POV;

“Sienna, watch out!!” I hear a scared voice ,but before I can make any move, a gunshot is heard. I shut my eyes for the impact, but it never came. I open my eyes and see Xander standing in front of me.

He took a bullet for me…

He falls to the floor and I’m instantly by his side.

“Why would you do that idiot?!”


“No! Don’t talk! Save your breath!” I say between sobs and I just realised I was crying.

“I’m going to die anyway.” He says breathlessly.

“No you’re not!”

“I love you.” he says before going out cold.

“No! Please wake up!”

“Please..” I say while crying uncontrollably.

This can’t be happening..

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