Rival Gangs

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Chapter 27

Sienna’s POV;

“Come on! We have to get him to the hospital!” I hear voices around me but I can’t focus on anything. I see Aiden and Elijah picking him up and taking him away.

I was about to run with them, but I feel someone wrap their arms around my waist and stop me from going.

“He’s going to be alright.” Someone says behind me and I instantly know it’s Scar. I turn around and instantly fall onto the floor while crying. Scar is instantly there and I sob into his chest. I don’t realise how long I’m crying for until darkness takes over me..

I wake up and I see that I’m in the hospital with a IV in my arm attached to a dripper.


I immediately get up and pull the needle out of my arm and run out the room. As soon as I’m out, my head starts to pound and I start seeing black dots. I hold onto the wall near me until my vision is clear again.

“Where’s Xander?!” I ask and all heads snap into my direction.

“Sienna! What are you doing up?!” Scar comes rushing to my side.

“Where’s Xander?!”

“Chipmunk, calm down. He’s in surgery.”

“What did the doctors say?? Is he going to be alright?!” I ask. They all look at each other hesitantly.

“What? What happened?? Tell me!” I demand. Scar sighs and says,

“The bullet went through his chest, we don’t know if he’ll make it.”

It felt like time had stopped. I could hear people talking around me, calling my name, But my mind was in another place.

What if he doesn’t make it…?

“Sienna!” Someone shakes me out of my thoughts. I look up and see it’s my mom.

“Come on. You need to get some rest. You’re weak.” My dad says and takes me back to my hospital room. I was too lost in thought to protest.

“Bambina.” I look up and see my parent staring at me with a worried look in their eyes.

“He’s going to be fine, you know that right?” My mom says.

“You don’t know that. You heard what the doctors said.”

“I’ve known Xander since he was a little kid. That boy is strong, and as far as I know he will fight. For you.”


“We heard what he said before he passed out Bambina. He loves you, just like you do.” At this, my eyes widen in shock and disbelief.

“What..? I-I don’t love him. What made you think that?” I say with a nervous chuckle.

“The look in your eyes. We see the way you look at him, and the he looks at you. The way you were acting when he got shot and the way your acting right now, shows that you love him.”

“I care for him.”

“That’s not called caring bambina, it’s love. You’re scared to loose him. You want to talk to him about anything and everything, but most of all, you feel safe and comfortable around him.”

I-I don’t love him right…?

“This is something you need to figure out on your own, we will help you with anything else but this you have to do on your own. Try to figure it out.” My parents say and kiss my forehead before they leave the room.

After they left, Cora gave me some clothes to change into. I’ve been pacing outside the operation room, waiting for someone to give us an update.

“Mr and Mrs Knight.” My head snaps in the direction on the voice and see a doctor standing there.

“H-how is he? Is he going to be okay??” I ask.

“Is our son okay??” Xander’s parent ask from behind me.

“The bullet went through his chest to the point where it was too deep to get it out. But we managed to get it. The bullet went right past the heart, but luckily it didn’t hit any vital organs.”

“Answer the main question doc, is he going to be okay?!” Elijah asks.

“He lost a lot of blood. He’s in a coma right now, we don’t know if he will make it or not. It’s up to him to fight.” Isabella says walking out of the surgery room.

Please fight Xander…

“Can I see him?” I ask.

“Yes.” I rush over to the room Xander has been moved to.

I see him laying on the bed unconscious body on the bed. I walk over and sit next to the chair that was next to the bed.

“Please wake up.” I say in a whisper as more tears roll down my cheeks.

“Sienna dear, are you going to head home?”

“No, I’m going to stay here for the night. Is that okay?” I ask and Isabella nods her head.

The next morning I wake up and go find Aiden.

“Aiden, can I talk to you?” I ask. He nods his head and we head outside.

“Is everything okay?”

“I need you to train me.”


“You heard me. I want them to pay for what they did.”

“Sienna, you know I can’t let you do that.”

“Please Aiden. You’re my only hope, Scar wouldn’t let me do this. I want to make them pay. When Xander wakes up, he’ll kill Vincent in his own, I know that.”

“Sienna, you do know that he might not-“

“No Aiden. Don’t say that. I know he will wake up.”


“Okay, fine I’ll help you. But no one knows about this okay?”

“Okay.” I agree.

This is just the beginning Vincent..
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