Rival Gangs

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Chapter 29

Sienna’s POV;

Tonight is the night.

After a week of training, me and Aiden came up with a plan to attack one of Vincent’s warehouses’. I didn’t need as much training because my dad had already trained me. If anything happened to me then I would know how to protect myself.

Right now I am getting ready for the mission. I am wearing a black crop top with black leather pants, along with black knee high boots. I have paired it with a black leather jacket and my hair is in a high ponytail.

After getting ready I head out to the armoury room. There I see Aiden and… Scar? What is he doing here? I keep gawking at both of them confused until Scar clears his throat and says,

“Sienna.” Shit! He used my full name.

“Heyyy…Scar!” I say nervously.

“Seriously Sienna?! An attack on the Salvatore’s?! Do you know how dangerous this is?!” Scar yells pacing around the room.

I look at Aiden and he just shrugs.

“Seriously Aiden? You told him.” I say glaring at him. I see him gulp. Glad to know I scare him.

“Don’t blame this on me. He forced me to tell him.” He says and I sigh.

“I know. But I’m not just going to sit here and let them get away with it. This also involves Mateo not only Sebastian and Vincent. This is also my chance to get back at Mateo. Please Scar, let me do this.” I say.

“Fine. But I’m coming with you.” Scar sighs and I nod my head. I walk over to him and give him a hug, he hugs me back and I say,

“Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me chipmunk. I just want my little sister safe.” He says and we pull away from the hug.

“I’ve got a question though.”

“Who else knows about this mission?”

“Only Evelyn.” Just as I say that Evelyn walks through the door.

“Hey Evelyn!” I greet and she comes over to give me a quick hug.

“So I’m guessing since Scar is here, he knows about the mission?” She asks and I nod my head.

“Okay. Please be careful on this mission okay? There’s only three of you, stick together at all times.” She says and we all nod our heads. Aiden and Scar turn around to gather the equipment and the weapons we are going to need, while Evelyn pulls me aside.

“Sienna this is for you.” She says and hands me a silver dagger.

“I used to use this dagger when I used to go on missions. It’s one of the sharpest daggers in the mafia world. It will come in handy.” I stand there in shock.

“But how do you have this? There are only two of these and only of the biggest assassins had this, and that’s the Ghost.” Evelyn just smiles at me and I take a step back.

“No way. You were the ghost!” I say and she just smiles and nods her head.

“Why did you give up?” I ask.

“Well, after I had Xander, Sophie and Ryder I didn’t think about going on missions. But I did go on one the day Xander was shot, I stole one of the venom killers shipments that they had actually stole from us first, and killed 100 or more of their men.” I stand there in shock. 100 men? All on her own?

“Wow.” I was speechless, Evelyn just chuckles.

“There was no way I was going to let them get away with shooting my son. My kids are my life, they may be all grown up now but they will always be my babies.”

“Sienna! Come get your weapons.”

“Here, place the dagger inside your boot. Therefore, it will be safe and no one will notice it.” I place it inside my boot, luckily it had a safety case and then go toward the table with the guns on.

I pick out on of the best guns and place enough bullets inside. I put the gun on safely and place it on my belt.

“Please be careful.” Evelyn says one last time and we head out.

We take the black SUV and drive off. Scar is the one driving and I took shotgun while Aiden sat at the back.

“Did you guys already go through the plan one last time?” Scar asks and we nod.

“Yeah. We thought it was best if Sienna went in first since she has the dagger that Evelyn gave, while both me and you stay right behind her in case something happens. Once we have killed all the men inside and outside we’ll blow the place up.” Aiden explains.

Once we get to the location we park a bit further away so they suspect that we are here. We were near an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere, inside a forest. This was one of Vincent’s biggest warehouses which is why it’s very hidden.

We start walking into the forest, occasionally hiding behind the trees if we heard footsteps or any sounds.

Once we get close enough and the building is in view, I take out my gun and then off the safety while Scar and Aiden do the same. Luckily we bought the silencer for the guns so they don’t make a sound when we shoot.

There were at least 10 men guarding the outside. All three of us aim at the guards and I notice that 4 of the guards were dead.

“Wait!” I whisper.

“There are only three of us. How are 4 of the guards dead?!” I whisper yell. Just then we hear rustling behind us. We immediately become alert and turn around and point out guns to the direction the sound came from.

Just then we hear more rustling behind us and see that all of the guard outside are dead. All of us look at each other and then we hear more rusting from our side. We turn around and see..

“Boo!” I jumped in shock and quickly covered my mouth before I screamed. We see Sophie stood there in her assassin outfit, which is similar to mine.

“What the hell Sophie! Don’t scare us like that!” Scar says.

“What are you doing here Soph?” Aiden asks.

“Well duh, I followed you. I saw you guys leaving the hospital and knew that something was up. You guys wouldn’t leave for no reason. Plus this is my twin brother we’re talking about, like hell I won’t get revenge.”

“Ok, fine, you can come.” Scar says.

“I wasn’t going to take no as an answer anyway.” She says to Scar who rolls his eyes.

“Aiden can catch you up with the plan.”

“What? Why me?” Aiden says while crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at Scar.

“Because I can’t be bothered telling her. So stop acting like a child and tell her.” Scar says simply and gives a sarcastic smile towards Scar. I have to hold in a giggle at how these two are bickering.

“Scar, you can tell Soph. Stop your bickering because we don’t have much time.” I say and look at the two while I drag Aiden along with me.

We wait behind the tree, until Scar finishes telling Soph the plan.

“Ok, so me and Sienna will head in while both of you stay behind us?” Sophie asks as they walk toward us.

“Yes.” I say and we both start cautiously heading inside. Just as we head inside I see that guns were pointed towards us. Me and Sophie look at each other as the men come closer and closer.

“As they come closer we beat the shit out of them them and then kill them.” Scar says from behind us. We both nod and get ready.

As the guys are just an inch away from us, all four of us duck under and knock the guns out of their hands. The man turns around and gets ready to punch but I duck as his punch misses my face.

I grab his arm and twist it painfully until I hear a crack, the man screams in agony. I grab my gun and shoot him in between his eyes and he lays there lifeless on the floor.

I do the same with all the other guys that were around me. Just as I turn around I see a gun pointed straight towards my head. If I move now, I won’t survive.

Just then, the guy is on the floor. I see that Sophie had pulled him to the floor by his leg. I dig my heal into his chest and he yells in pain. I feel some movement behind me and see the guy who’s ready to punch me. I grab my gun and shoot him in between his eyes.

I see that the guard had Sophie pinned on the floor with his hand around her throat. I grab the knife that Evelyn had given me and slice his throat. The hold on Soph immediately loosens and he drops to the floor. I help Sophie up and she gasps for air.

“You okay?” I ask and she nods her head. She gets up and acts like nothing happened.

“Thanks. We make a good team you know.” Sophie says and I giggle. I nod my head in agreement.

“Ok guys I think that’s nearly all of the men. I think there are a few more on the other side of the building. How about Sophie and Sienna head back there, while me and you set up the explosives.” Aiden says looking at Scar.

“F*ck no! I’m not leaving them alone.” Scar says.

“Them huh?” Aiden says while wiggling his eyebrows. Am I missing something?

“Shut up Aiden. Who knows how many men will be there.”

“Scar. We’ll be fine, I promise.” I try to reassure him.

“Fine. But please be careful and keep the earpieces turned on at all times.” He says and me and Sophie start walking towards the other side of the building.

“I saw that you had mom’s blade.” Sophie says.

“Yeah, she gave it to me right before the mission. I still can’t believe your mom was the Ghost.” I say and she chuckles.

“You know. she hasn’t let anyone use that blade. I have the other one, mom kept that one safe, not even Xander or Ryder could touch it. It shows that you’re special.” Sophie says while smiling at me.

Just then I hear something behind me. I quickly grab the dagger and aim it towards the man. It hits him directly in his chest and he falls to the floor. I walk over and pull the knife out of his chest. I quickly wipe it with a rag that was on the floor.

Once we get to the other side, we see that the area was heavily guarded. We grab our guns and start shooting in all directions. There were at least 100 men, we kill at least 70 of them before I realise that I have ran out of bullets.

F*ck. I grab the dagger and sneak up behind one of the guards and stab him. He falls lifeless on the floor and I do the same with the rest.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.” Sophie says. We step over the dead bodies and quickly rush to the front of the building.

“We’re on our way.” I say through the earpiece.

“Ok, we’ll start the timer on the explosives.” Scar says back.

Once we get back towards the front, Scar grabs our arms and drags us out.

“There’s only a minute left. We have to get out of here.” He says and all of us start running towards the car. Once we get inside, the building blows up, luckily we got out in time. We had parked the car further away from the building so it wouldn’t catch on fire.

“Lets head home.” Aiden says. We start driving back in comfortable silence. I can’t help but think, I killed lots of people today and I don’t even feel bad for it. Is that a bad thing?

“You know Sienna, you should come with me on missions. You sure know how to kick a**.” Sophie says and I chuckle.

“I think I’ll stay away from missions for a while.” I say.

“Fair enough.” Sophie says with a smile. I see Scar looking at Sophie from the rare view mirror, just as Sophie notices, he looks away. Aiden was the one driving and I took shotgun meaning both of them were at the back.

I look towards Aiden and ask him with my eyes what that was, and he just shrugs. Oh, he knows something. I’ll be sure to interrogate him later.

I see that we are pulling up to our driveway and the whole family and team are standing in the doorway.

“Oops, looks like we’re in trouble.” Sophie says.

“Ya think?” I say while unbuckling my seatbelt. We get out of the car and walk towards the very angry parents.

“Hi mom and dad….” I say as I walk towards them.

“Sei fuori di testa?! Sai cos’era potuto succedere?!” Oh f*ck she’s mad. (Are you insane?! Do you know what could’ve happened?!)

“Calm down mama, she’s fine. I was with her.” Scar says.

“E se vi facessero male entrambi?!” Dad says. (What if both of you got hurt?!)

“Ma non l’abbiamo fatto. Vedi siamo a posto. E poi eravamo armati fino in fondo.” I expain, to try and calm them down. (But we didn’t. See we’re fine. Plus we were fully armed)

“Okay fine. But please don’t scare us like that again.” My mom says as she comes to hug us.

“And let us know what your going to do next time, so we don’t get worried sick.” My dad says joining the hug, so it’s a family group hug.

“I know, and we’re sorry.”

“Ti amiamo.” My parents say. (We love you)

“We love you too.” Me and Scar say. We pull away from the hug and see everyone heading inside the penthouse. We all sit in the living room until Elijah says,

“So what exactly did you guys do?”

“Well we killed over 200 of Vincent’s men and blew up their biggest warehouse.” Aiden explains.

“Wait. So how did you mange to do that without them hearing you?” Leo asks.

“We took the silencer for the guns.” I say.

“That explains it.”

“Weren’t there any surveillance cameras?” Zack asks.

“To be honest, no. It was just heavily guarded.”

“If we’re all here, then who’s at the hospital with Xander?” I ask and everyone looks at each other. I rush over to the SUV while everyone else gets into the other cars.

Please let him be okay.


2462 words, that was a long chapter to write😅. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this chapter! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
Love you guys!💕


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