Rival Gangs (ON HOLD)

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Chapter 32

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We spend the next hour enjoying each other’s company, mainly me telling him everything that has happened.

“I can’t wait to kill that f*cker!” Xander says, anger laced in his tone.

Eventually, the family came back into the room while I went to grab some coffee for everyone. Just then, Zack and Jace barge in through the door.

“We found them! They’re hiding in a bunker in the forest.”

Sienna’s POV;

I see Xander trying to get up, but I stop him before he can.

“Woah, what are you doing?!” I ask looking at Xander.

“What does it look like? I’m going to go kill that f*cker.” Xander says. I look towards his sides and see that is fists were clenched and his knuckles were turning white.

“Yeah, not gonna happen. You f*cking just got out of a coma! You nearly died! There is no way in hell you’re going to get out of this room.” I scold. Xander sends a glare towards me but I send one back.

“I agree with Sienna.” Elijah says.

“But Dad-“

“You won’t argue with me on this hijo.” (Son) Elijah says sternly and Xander immediately flops back down on the bed.

“Let’s go. Sienna, are you coming?” Blair asks and I nod my head.

Everyone starts to leave, just as I was about to walk away Xander pulls me back by my wrist.

“Please be careful. I love you.” He says while kissing my forehead.

“Don’t worry, I will. I love you.” I say back and I see the shock written all over his face.

“Say that again.”

“I love you.” I say with a smile and I see the biggest smile on his face.

“Okay okay, I got to go.” I say with a small giggle and try to get his grip off my wrist, but of course I can’t.

“Okay fine. Be careful.”

“I love you!” He shouts as I walk out of the door. I start heading outside where everyone else were standing outside the SUV’s. Since I was already in the assassin outfit Sophie gave me,I didn’t need to change or gear up.

“Ya’ll ready? Because we are about to take this son of a b*tch down.” Elijah asks, and we all nod our heads.

“Ok so, let’s make groups of 5’s so it’s easier to search for them rather than being alone. So let’s have the Lorenzo family, which will be team 1, in one SUV. Then Sophie and Ryder you’ll be with your mama and I.”

“But dad, I’m perfectly fine on my own-“
Sophie tries to object.

“You’re not arguing with me on this Sophie.” Elijah says sternly.

“Fine.” Soph gives in.

“Anyway, since Xander isn’t here, Aiden you come with us and that will be team 2. Then we can have Leo, Zara, Blair and Blake go together (team 3). Next we’ll have both of our snipers, Savannah and Jace go to an area where they have a perfect view of everything going on, therefore if they try to escape, they can just shoot them.

But make sure you don’t shoot them near any vital organs, I want them alive. We’re going to give them a slow, painful death. Zack will watch us from the control room and warn us if anything is wrong.” Elijah finishes saying.

“Okay, let’s go!” We all head into each of the SUV’s and head off.

“Please be careful during this mission bambina.” My dad says.

“Dad I think you’re forgetting that I went on a mission with Sophie before.” I say with a small chuckle.

“I know I know, but still! Same goes for you Scar please be careful Hijo.” (Son)

“I will papà.”

We come to a stop and see that we have arrived at our destination. We park a little further away so they don’t suspect anything. We get out of the car and meet up with the rest of the team.

I check my gun and see that I only have a few bullets left from the previous mission. I head back into the car and grab extra bullets, and of course the dagger Evelyn gave me. I head back and see everyone was waiting for me.

“Ok so I think the Lorenzo family should head In first.”

“There are guards surrounded outside the gates as well as outside the house. Get through them before you make it inside.” Zack voice comes through the earpiece.

“While the Lorenzo’s are handling the guards outside and while they are distracted, Leo and Zara can head in first. Straight after them Blair’s group can head in while we go and find Vincent.” Elijah finishes.

Me and my group slowly start heading up to the gate but not too close.

When I get to a spot, which is a perfect aim to shoot one of the guards, I grab my gun and shoot him straight in the head.

“Nice aim chipmunk.” Scar says while ruffling my hair, even though it’s in a ponytail. I send a glare towards him but he just chuckles and I roll my eyes.

The shot seemed to have alerted all the guards outside. I send a second shot towards the other guard, the bullet goes through his chest right where his heart is.

All of the guards grab their guns and look around to see where the bullets came from. While they were busy looking around I sneak up behind one of them and hit my gun on top of his head. As soon as he turns around I send a punch right towards his jaw then another one to his nose and mouth.

He easily falls to the floor and I see his nose starting to bleed and his busted lip. He tries to get up but I dig my heal into his abdomen hard enough until he starts coughing up blood.

I turn around and see the rest of my family doing the same with the rest of the guards. I let him be because I know he will eventually die because of losing too much blood.

Suddenly, I hear a gun shot and I see that one of the guards was aiming towards me, but before the bullet can touch me I quickly move out the way. But I wasn’t as fast enough because I look towards the side of my arm and see a slight scratch there because of the bullet.

“Sienna! Are you okay Miele?!” (Honey) my mom comes rushing towards me. I see my dad and Scar are trying to keep the guards distracted. Scar sends me a looks saying ‘are you okay?’ And I nod my head and give him a thumbs up.

“Sto bene mamma, fidati di me. È solo un graffio.” (I’m fine mom. Trust me. It’s just a scratch) I try to reassure her.

My mom gets out a rag from her pocket and ties it around the wound to stop the blood.

“Let’s get back and help them mom.” I say and she nods her head.

We get up and see a few guards had already surrounded us in a circle with their guns pointing at us.

Since the guards were distracted by us I see the rest of the team heading inside.

My mom and I look at each other and give a slight nod to each other. As soon as they pull the trigger and shoot, me and my mom duck down. Instead of the bullets hitting us they ended up shooting the guards around us.

We starts heading inside the gate and we see more guards towards the entrance of the door and around the mansion.

I grab my gun and shoot each one of the guards right in between their eyes. I realise I don’t have as many bullets left, so I grab my dagger from my boot and sneak up behind the guards. Once I see that they aren’t paying attention I stab one of them in the heart and another one in the abdomen.

My dad comes up to me and says,

“That’s all of them. Let’s go see what the commotion is inside.”

I take a deep breath and we head inside.


Hey guys! I’m really really sorry for not uploading in a long time😔. Life has been really tough recently so I couldn’t get round writing. But I hope you guys have enjoyed this chapter. Love yall💕 and really sorry again!
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