Rival Gangs (ON HOLD)

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Chapter 33

Sienna’s POV;

We head inside I look down and see all the blood around the floor with drained bodies. I step around them and take cautious steps into the living room.

“Wait, did you hear that?” I say and stop in my steps.

“Hear what?” Scar whispers to me.

“Shh listen.” We all listen carefully and then hear voices from the basement. We cautiously head down the basement stairs and realise it’s probably where they torture their enemies.

Once I open the door, which leads down to the basement, I immediately get goosebumps from how cold it is down here. Once we get down there, we all sneak round a corner to hear what’s being said.

“Looks like your pathetic little friends didn’t come to help you all out.” I see all of them tied up to the chairs in the room surrounded by men, while Vincent, Sebastian and the person I loath more than anything…Mateo, they all hold a gun towards them.

Luckily I came prepared and bought a few syringes filled with a drug that will make them unconscious for a few hours, so we wouldn’t need to shoot them and make our job easier.

“Guys.” I whisper to catch the attention of my family.

“Here. In these are filled with a drug that will make them unconscious.”

“That was smart chipmunk.” Scar says with a proud smile.

I sneak up behind Mateo while Mom sneaks behind Vincent, I grab the syringe that I had in my boot. Once I get close enough I inject him in the neck with the needle, while mom does the same to Sebastian and Vincent. Before the other men in the room could shoot us, we all aim our guns towards them and the men instantly fall to the floor, dead.

We rush over to the everyone else and untie them.

“Thanks guys.” Sophie says.

“Now all we need to do is drag these fat a*ses back to the car.” Aiden says while looking disgustingly at them. God it smells disgusting in here, probably because of all the dead bodies in the room.

“Guys you need to get out of there. There is a bomb that’s going to blow up in a minute. Hurry!” Zack’s voice comes panicked through the com.

“Ok,this will only work if we al work together.” Scar says and we all nod. The hardest part about this is going to be getting up the stairs, not that I care that it will hurt them, but the fact that they are grown men and dragging them up a staircase does not sound easy.

“40 seconds.” Zack’s voice comes through the com.

We drag them up the stairs as fast as we can before the place blows up.

“Sienna you head in front of us to open the door.” Mom says and I nod moving in front of them.

As soon as I open the door which leads outside the basement, there were at least 100 men standing with their guns pointed towards us. Sophie, Mom and Evelyn come and stand beside me since the others are holding the guys.

“Drop them.” One of them men say while pulling the trigger but not shooting. Is he stupid? He says it like we’re scared of the damn gun.

“20 seconds.” Zack’s voice comes out panicked.

“We need backup.” I mutter quietly into the ear com.

Next thing I know, the door is being broken down by everyone else and gunshots are fired. We all grab our guns and start shooting like everyone else. Some of our men drag Mateo, Sebastian and Vincent to the car.

“10 seconds. Guys get out.”

Once it’s the last of them we try to head out as fast as we can, killing anyone whose left.


All of a sudden someone grabs me from behind and I let out a scream.


My screams are muffled by the gunshots heard around the house.



I elbow the guy in the abdomen and he groans in pain. He tries to land a punch towards my jaw but I grab his arm and twist it until I hear a crack. He falls to the floor and screams in pain. Pathetic.


I shoot the man and start running again.



I nearly make it outside and see everyone there while the last of them nearly make it out.


Come on nearly there..


I hear a loud blast and the house is set onto fire. The power of the bomb knocks me over and the last thing I hear is a screeching bleep sound in my ear, and my vision goes black.



Hey guys! I’m really sorry again for the late chapter, I’ve been having school exams and I’ve been having to stay late too. But hope you enjoyed the chapter!

Love you all!
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