Rival Gangs

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Chapter 3

Sienna's POV;

As soon as we got home, I went to my room to go and take a shower after a long eventful day at work. After I come out of the shower I see a dress laid out on my bed. It is a light rose pink tight silk dress with thin straps on the shoulders and reaches mid-thigh which shows my curves. I quickly get dressed and put on my silver heels with a matching silver bracelet. I style my hair into long loose curls. Cora walks in wearing a black off the shoulders dress which also reaches mid-thigh along with her black heels. Her hair tied back in a loose bun with loose curls along the side of her face.

"Damn girl!" Cora says when she walks in.

"You look AMAZING!" I exclaim.

"I'm surprised you picked a decent dress." I say.

"I knew you wouldn't wear something too revealing and if I did I knew you wouldn't come." She says crossing her arms.

"Anyway are you ready to go?" I ask.

She nods her head and we leave the house. When we got there the club was already packed with people, some dancing and some getting drunk. Me and Cora head over to the bar and order some tequila shots. After having a couple of shots we headed over to the dance floor, let's say I was already a bit drunk. After about 10 minutes of dancing, Cora comes up to me and says "The guy has been staring at you for the past 10 minutes." She whispers yells in my ear.

I quickly turn around to be met with familiar dark blue eyes staring at me. I look next to him and see that same guy that was with him in the café, he had Blonde / brunette hair and blue green eyes like me, hm strange. I look back at Mr arrogant and see him still staring and see that he's angry, no, pissed. When isn't he.
I just roll my eyes and keep dancing to the best. Just then a guy walks up to me and starts dancing with me, now that I look at him he isn't bad looking but not as good as the arrogant guy who I still don't know the name of so Mr. Arrogant for now. Eww what the heck stop thinking about him, I mentally slap myself and keep dancing. Within the next second the guy I was dancing with was knocked out on the floor, the crowd started gathering around to see the commotion. I just look in disbelief and meet eyes with Mr.Arrogant with a fuming face and flames in his eyes.

I try to leave but he quickly grabs my arm and starts dragging me out of the club. I try to fight him off but he is too damn strong and I'm too drunk to protest, I look at Cora who looks helpless and has an apologetic look on her face.I tried to make an effort to get out of his grip, I was about to punch him when he least expected it but I was quick enough to dodge my attack. He grabs both of my hands and drags me out. As soon as we get outside the fresh air hits me and I start to sober up. When I look over by right I see a very pissed off Mr. Arrogant:

"Why did you drag me out?!!" I ask angrily.

He just stares at me until he says something that makes me even more angry..
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