Awakenings: Melinda

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Day 1: Melinda Williams


(Melinda) Emi? Where are you? I know you’re hurting. Please talk to me.

Émilie looked at it and shrugged. It couldn’t make things worse, at least. She took a deep breath and opened the messages app and typed down a few letters.

(Émilie) Mel.

(Melinda) Emi! Wonderful that you replied! I was really afraid you’d do something stupid.

(Émilie) Me? Stupid? Never.

(Melinda) Ha ha. Emi. You’re a pro at stupid.

(Émilie) Eat a sock. How d’you learn about… about that?

(Melinda) My brother is friends with… him. The guy. He posted about it on Instagram.

(Melinda) Also, Twiggy saw you power walking and crying your eyes out and you were coming from her place. We messaged and put 1+1 together.

(Émilie) Hold up, he posted about it… while… you know.

(Melinda) The guy’s not a first prize, Emi. I don’t know how… You know what, never mind. Emi, where are you? We’re getting special cocoa right now.

(Émilie) I don’t know. Somewhere in the 5th. I walked without looking. In the park. Near the river.

(Melinda) I know the place. Don’t move.

(Émilie) ok.

Émilie put the phone back in her pocket and leaned back and lay on the bench. She drew a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her breathing was still shaky, and she shivered involuntarily now and then, and her lower lip quivered. Her eyes welled up and tears pushed through the facade once more. “Nina…” she sobbed. “I thought we had something together. I really thought we were great together… I liked you a lot, Nina…” she sobbed into her hands. She drew a long stuttering breath and wiped her tears. “Was it something I did?” She asked the world at large. “Was it just you and… something? Did you want a dick inside you that badly? Was it all a lie when you said that I and toys would be enough?” she said and pulled her hair.

It took Melinda about fifteen minutes to arrive. She left her car a few blocks away and walked. She was dressed in warm black pants, a pair of long dark brown boots, a black, thick woolen jacket, and a bright yellow beanie. Her bright red hair flowed from underneath the beanie and her green eyes glinted in the fading light. She carried a bundle of knitting in her hands.

“Emi!” She yelled and waved at Émilie. “I’m here! See, here, I brought you this to warm you up, I knew you’d be here freezing to death!” She yelled. She walked to the bench and draped the knitting over Émilie’s shoulders and wrapped her in it. She kneeled in front of her and wiped the tears off of her face.

“Feel any better?” Melinda asked. Émilie nodded slightly and sniffled. “You look awful, Émilie,” Melinda said and smiled gently at her. “Do you wanna talk about it?” she asked. Émilie appeared to think about it for a second, then shook her head. Melinda nodded slightly at her and patted her arm. “Don’t worry, you need not hurry. Take your time. Tell me when you’re ready and I’ll listen,” she said. Émilie nodded at her.

“Thanks,” she said weakly and flashed a small smile at her. Melinda looked at her and blushed a little. She turned her gaze away and stood up.

“Can you walk?” she asked. “I’ll buy you a hot cocoa from the goth cafe downtown,” she said.

“Velvet and Razorblades?” Émilie asked quietly.

“Yeah!” Melinda said. “That’s the name of the place. They have amazing hot cocoas there. And you need one now,” she said. Melinda offered a hand for Émilie. “Get your French ass up and let’s go. My car’s just there,” she said and pointed toward the way she came from.

Hesitating, Émilie grabbed Melinda’s hand. Melinda smiled at her and pulled her up. She grabbed Émilie with both of her hands, pulled her to stand, wrapped her hand around her shoulders, and carefully started to lead her toward her car.

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