The Fragility of Fate

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• Completed • • Highest Ranking #2 Paranormal October 2020 • • Highest Ranking #4 Romance October 2020 • Miesha thought she'd found the one. The other half of her soul blessed by the Moon. But cunning and cruel, he is a master of disguise. Stolen from her one true mate, the catalyst causes a chain reaction that she never sees coming. Gabriel is an Alpha, scrambling to salvage his own pack after internal rebellion leaves it reeling in chaos. Finding the truth is never black and white, and what he finds is nothing like he expected. And what he learns is beyond anything he could have foreseen. Because sometimes fate works in mysterious ways. And sometimes when fate hangs in the balance, you find what you were really fighting for all along. A few disclosures: Strictly 18+ readers only due to adult content and strong language. Mature and highly explicit scenes. All work is original, do not copy. Please like and comment, I'd love your feedback!!

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Author’s Note

Although I have envisioned this story in my own mind for a very long time, this is my first time writing a novel. For many years I have enjoyed writing poetry, but this is a whole new experience for me as a writer.

I wanted to create a story that explored the power of femininity and masculinity within the Werewolf genre, where abusive relationships are not romanticised. There are explicit sexual scenes, strong language and mature themes, but I have framed these in respectful and consensual relationships. In effect, this story deliberately dabbles with some common cliches and plot lines from the Werewolf genre but adds a twist which I hope you find more satisfying and less predictable than typical Werewolf tales.

I am passionate about ensuring that my writing has zero tolerance for toxic masculinity, where an abusive male changes for the 'right' woman over time. This narrative is particularly prominent within the Werewolf genre. I believe it sends the wrong message to younger and more impressionable readers and in no way represents the reality of abused women in our world. This is a novel where male and female characters are represented in healthy ways. That said of course, stories need an antagonist... There will be set backs, adventure, action, violence and gore, because it's got to have a bit of spice, right?! This is a werewolf novel after all...

All chapters are between 1000 - 2000 words and each chapter is divided between the perspectives of my two main characters. Each perspective is highlighted by their name at the commencement of each chapter. I have written this how I wanted to and hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading as I have had in writing it.

Please vote, comment and leave feedback. It only takes a few seconds, but means the world to a new writer and validates the huge amount of work and time I invest in this story.

Thanks so much, and... Enjoy xo

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